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Upper Class Trash

The brilliant, all knowing, all wise, highly educated, grossly overpaid Euro-American upper class trash thought it would be a good idea to topple the government of Libya, which has created a flood of immigrants fleeing the death and destruction brought to Libya by the toppling of their government, which is having very serious and adverse economic and social effects on the European countries which toppled the Libyan government. Because of this heavy influx of immigrants, increasing numbers of the "united" countries in the EU are building fences separating them from the other EU countries they are supposed to be united with.

Ah yes, the wisdom of the world hard at work making things worse for everyone.

Man plans, God laughs.

BTW, the sanctions against Russia could cost the EU over 100 billion Euros and 2.5 million jobs. Oh yeah, more great thinking by the natural elites.

Whose side did you say Obama is on?

Man plans, God laughs.

Just in case one of my readers has not figured it out, eugenics and depopulation are just elitist code words for genocide. These are just words being used by the elitist upper class trash as nice sounding ways of saying something very evil in order to get more people to accept the idea of butchering billions of people globally. There is nothing nice and everything evil about the people pushing such evil ideas.

It looks like, even with the Russian deal, Greece will default on their loans from the EU, you know, wipe the debt slate clean and start over again with Russian money, just like the US and rest of the socialist nations will have to do following the soon coming wars. Hey, it is the best thing Greece can do for Greece and the commies are not above doing it.

There has been more than 5 billion Euros withdrawn from Greek banks by June 22, 2015.

So, after Greece burns the rest of the EU and exits, who do you think will be next to leave the EU, Germany or Britain?

And you think we are not going to have to dump all of the US laws and start over with Biblical Laws?

Just think about the insanity of the laws passed by the upper class trash over the last decade and the mess it is causing in our lives with homosexuality, transgender, and other things forcing irrational changes on everyone because of a few nuts. Our legal system has become such a mess no one can fix it without starting over.

The American RINO

The RINOs insist on forcing us to vote for their man, Jebberwocky Weed.

They try to intimidate us into voting for their RINO candidates like McCain and Romney by saying that not voting for the GOP RINO is voting for the Commiecrat candidate but, if me not voting for the RINO is a vote for the commie, then isn't me not voting for the commie a vote for the RINO and since I am voting for both by not voting for either, who am I voting for?

No one because they didn't give me anyone to vote for, they only gave me people to vote against.

Why don't they just run Stalin against Mao and see who votes for either?

Only the liberal commies will vote. Oh, hold it, they already are. Voting for a liberal Marxist is voting for a liberal Marxist regardless of which party they belong to and I won't vote for a liberal Marxist, I don't care which party they belong to. A traitor is a traitor.

You think I am wrong?

The GOP is right now passing the same liberal laws the Commiecrats want to pass, you know, common core, illegal immigration, Obamacare, Obamatrade, and such.

Or how about RINO, Karl Rove, saying that the ONLY way to stop the gun violence is to repeal the second amendment and outlaw guns and then said that he doesn't think it is the answer?

Hold it, he already said it is the ONLY answer. The filthy RINO and his RINO pals are getting ready to take your guns away from you because they are part of the problem.

Talk about a slight of hand, while you are worrying about the Commiecrats taking your guns away, it is going to be the RINOs who take your guns away. While you are watching the criminals on the left, the posers on the right will take your guns.

Then what about Boner's (yes, I know I spelled it wrong again) war against conservatives? Gee, who wages war against conservatives, liberals?

Now Super RINO, Jebberwocky, is telling us that he is for carbon reduction or climate change? Is this RINO for anything conservative?

Jebberwocky and Hilarious are political twins and the upper class trash gets what they want either way.

So, how is that pagan democracy god thingy doing? Still worshiping democracy instead of God?

The Pretenders

BTW, I hope you realize that Dolezal being a poser black and a liberal with other liberals supporting her proves to you that liberals are rarely what they claim to be and should cast doubt on Obama being a Christian because he said so. This absolutely amazes me, experts believing anything liberals claim when it is so obvious and has been proven so many times that liberals lie about anything. If a liberal says it, it is a lie.

For example, the experts naively believe Obama is a Christian simply because he says he is a Christian in spite of that fact that Obama obsessively helps Muslims, even terrorists, and ignores the persecution of Christians by Muslims or that Obama truly cares about and is trying to do what is best for the US in spite of the fact that everything he does hurts the US. Oh no, it couldn't possibly be what our lying eyes tell us, that Obama is a radical devout Islamist Muslim working to destroy America just because his actions say so because, after all, Obama SAID he is a Christian and is trying to improve America. So all of the experts keep making the false assumption that Obama is not an evil Muslim terrorist working to destroy America, which leads to the false assumption that Obama is just really stupid.

Other News

Now they are having a debate over the Confederate flag. Can we say more distractions by the very evil and devious upper class trash?

Oh no, we don't want the people paying attention to the things that really matter like the war Islam is waging against us and our government corruption.

Is it possible that by golfing in drought-stricken Commiefornia, Obama is mocking the liberal commies in Commiefornia? Is he saying, "I really don't care about you liberal commie traitors, eat dust."?

Turkey is using ISIS to defeat the Kurds, whom Erdogan fears. That is why Turkey is permitting arms to pass through Turkey to ISIS and why the Kurds (with no help from Obama) just cut that flow of arms from Turkey to ISIS.

They are calling Dylan Roof a conservative but they are also calling him a neo-Nazi (socialist) and anti-American plus he was heavy into drugs, which is not conservative but is liberal. It doesn't matter that he belongs to the GOP because the GOP has also been taken over by liberals, A.K.A. RINOs and Liberal-tarians.

Hilarious Clintstone denounced "white privilege".

Does that mean she is going to give all of her wealth to non-whites?

Don't hold your breath, talk is cheap with liberals. You can't believe a thing liberals say.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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