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I can't stand lefties because they are such deceptive and evil liars and frauds who hate the truth. They will say anything to get what they want regardless of who gets hurt.

I just saw a meme saying that you are pro life until you wife is found to have a fetus that has no kidneys or brain and will die before it is born to justify making abortion legal so tens of millions of young mothers can murder and butcher tens of millions of perfectly healthy babies in just the US so the lefty organizations like Planned Parenthood can make tens of millions of dollars selling dead baby body parts.

I could not begin to count the times I have seen the left dream up terrible sounding and extremely improbably fairy tales to justify them getting what they want, when there could be medical exceptions made for their terrible sounding and improbably fairy tales, while still protecting the lives of the healthy babies.

But, hey, the lefties know the stupid people fall for such cons every time so they just keep pulling those cons and the stupid people keep falling for them. The lefties are so evil.


I have noticed that the lefty dictatorships in other countries where they have already taken most of the guns away from most of their people are happening faster and the upper class trash are consolidating power faster. It is the US that is lagging behind because the upper class trash are afraid of armed citizens. They kind of don't want to get their brains blown out.

Just look at countries like Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand at how fast and easy they lock their people down and take complete control over the people with no valid justification.

"Hey, we found a parakeet which has a strain of virus that is a 127th cousin to COVID 19. LOCK.THE.NATION.DOWN.AND.THROW.AWAY.THE.KEYS!!!!"

People, it is clearly about power, control, and money. It has absolutely nothing to do with science.

Upper Class Trash

This video shows that, yes, the upper class trash really do meet and plan out their evil agenda. They really are intelligent enough to work together or conspire to do their evil deeds. This is not a myth and the upper class trash have been doing this for thousands of years. Surprise, surprise, the upper class trash did not suddenly become so stupid they don't know to meet and plan things out. There really are conspiracies on this planet and their incessant move towards globalism proves it. People, globalism IS a conspiracy.

What? You thought they all accidentally and coincidentally decided at the same time in the same place to do the same thing by setting up a global dictatorship? Really?

Gee, what a miraculous magic coincidence. "Oh no, they never actually met and talked about it."

Fighting Back

Remember that I have been telling you that you need to join a militia and organize to fight back and keep your freedoms and rights?

This video shows you how to do that and that it doesn't take a majority to succeed. Ben tells you what I have been telling you for years.

It works and he proves it.

Continental Drying

Without them realizing it, the makers of this video show you some of the proofs for my scientific hypothesis I call "Continental Drying". Do like I have done for more than half a century and pay attention to the ruins of former great agricultural communities lying in vast, dried up desert sands with absolutely no water for even growing weeds.

Most of the ruins for the ancient agricultural communities of Egypt are now in bone dry deserts than can't even grow weeds. Egypt has dried up that much in just the last 3.5 thousand years.

If you really study these desert areas, you will see many of the greatest cities from 1,000 to more than 3,000 years ago sitting in completely dry areas just like they show you a few of these cities in this video and there are thousands of such cities worldwide.

The question I started asking was, "Where did all of that water go?" More than half a century of research has taught me that our continents are drying up and it is now reaching critical mass with the upper class being completely oblivious to the problem because they believe bull crap dreamed up by college professors about it being caused by over farming areas and the upper class trash are too busy trying to steal more money to care.

People, those were once the greatest agricultural communities on this planet and now they are so dry they can't even grow weeds. Think about that.

"Why, we humans caused it."

No, this has also been going on in areas with limited to no farming by humans and it is simply because the water is draining and evaporating off of our continents faster than precipitation is putting it back, unlike the way we are still taught it happens in classes. Contrary to what they teach in colleges, the precipitation DOES NOT completely replace the water drainage and evaporation and has not for thousands of years. Archaeology proves that to be true.

Just look and think about these and many more pictures like them.

Then you look at the hundreds of archaeological sites from about 20 to more than 300 feet under water that, at the same time, were major seaports and ask, "Where did all of that water come from to cover up these seaports?" Connect those dots, baby.

Yeah, it gets pretty obvious that the academe are missing the boat big time on this one and this is a real crisis but it was not caused by humans so they continue to miss it. I already explained years ago what has been causing this. All of our continents are NATURALLY drying up and we have the technology to stop it but it wouldn't make our upper class trash more wealthy or give them more power over you so screw that.

What it would do is better than double the carrying capacity for our planet and not doing something about it is killing our planet because our upper class trash and academe are not obeying God and being good stewards of this planet.

Note that, as usual, in this video, they quickly went from looking at the problem to looking at the human problem that problem is causing instead of looking at the cause of this problem so they can actually solve this problem. They got distracted from what they should be talking about to talking about bull crap.

The solution to both of those problems is to take some of that water that used to be on the continents and is now in the oceans and put it back on the continents but they are not smart enough to see that.

"Hey, if there is enough water in the Nile, it doesn't matter whether Ethiopia builds a dam. Heck, they can build half a dozen dams." The fact that the Ethiopians are building a dam is just a distraction from the real problem, which is that the continents are drying up and have been for thousands of years. If anything, that dam will help slow the loss of water from that continent, which is a good thing.

This isn't just true in Egypt either. Look at all of the ruins for major ancient cities in deserts scattered throughout the world and that should tell you just how much more of the world was agricultural just 2 to 3 thousand years ago. You will find abandoned agricultural cities in deserts on every continent except for Europe.

You will also find underwater ancient coastal ports off the shores of almost every continent, some of them 300 to 400 feet deep. That much water has moved from our continents to our oceans in just about 2 to 4 thousand years. The evidence is overwhelming and everywhere.

If we just put about 200 feet of the water from our oceans back onto our deserts, we could reclaim the planet and feed better than twice as many people, within just a few decades. Just imagine almost all of the Sahara Desert being returned to being an agricultural area.

If people would turn back to God and seek the wisdom of God, God would solve our problems for us or show us how to solve them ourselves. But, "no, we are such smarty pants we don't need the wisdom of God to solve our problems, we can do it ourselves in spite of the fact we have never succeeded at that once in history". Heck, those geniuses can't even figure out what the right problem is much less the solution.

And you think the upper class trash are more intelligent than you? Really?

My farts are smarter than most of them.

The planet is dying and will take us with it, if we don't do something about it soon. The first thing Jesus will have to do after he wins the Battle of Armageddon is to heal the planet and our sun to save our butts. Jesus is going to have to quickly save us twice.


I keep seeing and pointing out the plans of the upper class trash pagans so you will know what they are trying and planning to do to you, to help your eyes open as to how evil these lefty pagans are. In their evil, black pagan hearts, they know the Bible is true and they love the idea of the prophesied one world government and the Antichrist ruling the world. They all wish they could be the antichrist and rule the world but the more risk averse are just hoping they can know, suck up to, and ride the coat tails of the Antichrist to increase their power and wealth. They WANT the Antichrist to come.

They are so greedy and power mad that they want all of that power and wealth they know the Antichrist will have. That is all they really care about, them being able to make themselves a very wealthy and powerful pagan god for just a little while but, in their minds, they believe they will rule forever because Satan's spawn are so simpleminded that they cannot ask, "Then what?"

After they get what they want, then what is really going to happen?

Oh, they pretend to be Christians to fool you into believing they are good guys with good intensions but, behind closed doors, they are evil pagans who only have good intentions for themselves and will even turn on and murder at least most of the other pagans for their own gain and you will soon see them do that. If you have been paying attention, you should have already seen them stab their own friends and accomplices in the back, shoving them under ye ole proverbial pagan bus.

They are ruthless, even with each other. If they were half as intelligent as they like to think they are and try to make you think they are, they should be terrified of them getting what they want because it will kill almost all of them. They will be turning other pagans' inner beasts loose on them and the world to cause massive death and destruction but they are so focused on gaining more wealth and power that they ignore the obvious ugliness of their greedy and power mad dreams, which, if achieved, will be their worst nightmares.

Know that, when I see them planning or trying to do some things, I know most of those things cannot succeed because of what God has shown me will happen, even though I tell you they are doing or trying to do that. Their biggest problem is that they arrogantly think they are smarter than they are, that you are dumber than you are, and they "will make it happen", which is why they keep failing and even looking stupid to the rest of us.

Man plans, God laughs.

When I read the news, I see them working to achieve their evil goals but I know this, that, and something else won't work, some other thing might or might not work, and this thing probably will work at least a little to get us to where God said we will get so I keep waiting for the hand of God to move and cause things to happen the way He told me they will happen.

I know that God is permitting everyone of you to have another chance to stop your evil and get right with Him before He causes the axe to fall and punishments to begin because He is a patient and just being and God. I get so tired of this evil that, just like the Bible says, I keep looking up to Him and asking, "When, Lord, how much longer?"

It isn't if what God has told us will happen, will happen but, when and only God knows that.

God tells us what will happen but not when or how we will get there. I used to try to figure out which of many potential routes God will use to get us to the fulfillment of those prophesies but He always surprises you by pulling something different out of His hat that we wouldn't think of so now I just wait, trusting and believing in God, while watching for signs of Him getting us there. It takes a lot of patience and faith to be a man of God, a lot.

Spoiled Rich People

I know that I have been out of touch with today's daily living technology with me fighting for my life in poverty but I am absolutely amazed at how rich and spoiled most people are on this planet right now. I see the wealth of the people I used to coach and coach against, I see the wealth of people out recreating for a living, and I just saw an ad for a really big camping tent with three separate bedrooms and a big living room with inflatable furniture. It had an inflatable table with a flat TV screen on it for camping.

They are watching TV out in the woods instead of watching wildlife?

For Pete's sake, when you go out into the wilderness to get in touch with nature, you are not supposed to take half of the city with you. Increasing numbers of you people go out into the wilderness to "see nature" and never even get a glimpse of it because you are still distracted by your cities that you take with you.

It is like Bezos with his super duper yacht. Just how much of the ocean and sea life do you think he really sees while partying inside that massive aquatic palace?

He is hiding in a big floating city and you can bet that he sees almost nothing but the inside of that floating city he is hiding in.

People have become so spoiled by technology that they can't go to the bathroom without making a video of it or telling the world about it on FB. I look at today's cruising sailboats and they look like high tech mini cities floating around with solar panels and windmill generators to power their city toys instead of enjoying the aquatic life.

Too many people around the world have too much to lose to stand up and fight for your freedoms, which is why you are letting the upper class trash get away with stealing your freedoms. Your luxury is the price you must pay for your freedoms and too many are not willing to pay that price because, for you, it is really high.

No people in the history of this planet have had the luxuries many of you have right now, not even the richest of the rich from just 60 years ago had the luxury many of you enjoy right now. That means that the price for you to fight for your freedoms is higher than ever and higher than most of you are willing to pay. Therefore, just like God told me years ago and I told you, you will at least briefly lose your freedoms until enough of you lose enough luxury to where you will be willing to fight for your freedoms.

Around this world, we have become spoiled rich people. But, hey, don't worry, God knows how to solve that problem by letting the upper class trash steal enough from you so that enough of you will no longer be spoiled rich people.

And you wonder why God is letting the upper class trash and their puppets get so much of what they want?

So they can steal enough of what you have so you will fight back. Hey, the less you have, the less you have to lose.

God has let me know that a big part of the reason why He wants me to build that castle is to be a test to see if I will walk away from more luxury to do His will than most of you will NOT walk away from to fight for your freedoms and rights. Think about that test.

That is what God did with Job. God gave Job massive luxury and wealth here on Earth that was temporary and then let Satan take that luxury and wealth from Job to test Job to see what was more important to Job, his temporary luxury and wealth on Earth or God's eternal love. After Job passed that test by choosing God over his temporary luxury and wealth, God blessed Job with much greater luxury and wealth.

That is a picture of our tests in relation to God and eternal Paradise. We are all being tested as to whether we will chose our temporary luxury and wealth on Earth or God's eternal love for us. If we choose our temporary luxuries and wealth over God, we are also choosing eternal damnation without God but, if we choose God's eternal love, we are choosing eternal Paradise with God having told us that He has planned things for us in Paradise that "has never entered into the heart of man" or far greater eternal luxury than is possible on Earth.

That is why I have spent most of my life telling God that all I want is a little cabin in the woods near a stream and pond where I can grow my food and spend some time with Jesus, when He has the time to spend with me. To me, the greatest luxury I can have is the time I get to spend with God, you know, the being who created me in love. Nothing can be more wonderful than that.

Your choice, choose wisely because it is an eternal choice that you will only get one chance to make.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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