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Mark and I have had some interesting discussions about the obvious fact that lefties are immature like children or are not emotionally and mentally maturing or growing up. He sees that they are acting like teenagers into their 20's and 30's and I see that they are acting a lot like spoiled 2 year old children who, if they don't get what they want, they throw a tantrum. I think we are both right.

It seems that research is showing that we are right because lefties are not growing up and maturing, they are remaining spoiled children and this has to be at least in part because people don't make their children grow up by having them take on responsibilities, do chores, work to earn money, or anything else we had to do while growing up that helps young people mature.

Because of these and other things, the younger generations are not maturing, want to be taken care of by others, and many are even lazy with no dreams or goals in life. They don't want to have children, every job is boring, and they insist on a fantasy "utopia" with a commie government changing their diapers.

I wonder if the upper class trash and their academe planned this with their lefty child psychology crap in order to get these younger people to not just be willing to submit to the rule of the upper class trash but to want the upper class trash to take care of them, requiring the younger people to submit to the upper class trash rule.

I would not put this past the upper class trash and their lefty academe.

BTW, I think that at least one reason why the sheeple keep wearing masks, even after the mandates have been lifted, is because they don't want to admit they were played for suckers by their lefty leaders so they keep being played for suckers so they don't have to admit it.

This video is from a great sarcasm channel that regularly hits the lefty nail on the head and this one is especially good so I decided to share it with you.

BTW, remember that I have been telling you that one reason the upper class trash are working to set up a global dictatorship is so no one can run away anywhere to get away from the upper class trash rule and taxes? Remember that I told you that the lefties were using Biden's $6 trillion "infrastructure program" to fund their global dictatorship until their global dictatorship can start raising money with global taxes? Remember that I told you that, because Biden's $6 trillion program failed, the upper class trash were making a grab for power to set up their global dictatorship now anyway?

The upper class trash just started a 15% global tax on all corporations.

Now, who is going to pay that tax?

You are because the rich don't pay taxes, they pass them on for you to pay so, even without Biden's theft program, you are still going to fund the startup for the upper class trash global dictatorship.

You better wake up because this is all going on right now and developing very quickly.

Remember that I have been telling you that this power grab is by the Euro-American royals lead by the British Royals?

This video shows these world leaders "being hosted by the Queen of England" in England, you know, answering and reporting to the Queen. Gee, what a coincidence.

Everything is happening just like I have been warning you for years.


A lot of people see bicycling as a partial solution to the "Climate Change" problem but I am wondering what them making all of these carbon fiber frames, wheels, and other stuff is doing to the environment, you know, just like all of those carbon fiber windmills are creating pollution.

Are they doing more damage than cars especially with them not lasting half a long as the old steel frames and equipment? Where are they going to dispose of these bikes and their carbon fiber equipment, they can't be recycled?

You have to understand that those carbon fiber frames, wheels, and parts are weakened by sunlight and the road vibrations causing them to shatter in crashes or even from just hitting a pot hole hard within just a few years or less, requiring they be replaced, creating more pollution, where as the old steel frames last for decades and even a century or more.

It would be interesting to see some research done on this.


Why are the lefty upper class trash trying to stop an investigation into the funding of the Wuhan Lab? Maybe they don't want everyone to find out that China has not being lying, the virus was made in the US, taken to the Wuhan Lab from the US, intentionally released by the Wuhan Lab as their front to sabotage Trump, and then was intentionally spread around the world to seize control and power?

That is what it really looks like and that could put a lot of people in prison.

Mega Wealthy

This burns my butt. You keep seeing that the mega wealthy are doing things like building reusable spaceships or other very expensive projects. What they are not telling you is that they are getting most of that money they are making look like it is their money, from you in government grants and subsidies, which is just free tax payer money.

"Why dey is so smart, dey is so adventurous, and dey takes really big risks...with YOUR money!"

They are risking very little, if anything, of their own.

Remember that I have told you that the upper class trash use government to launder your tax dollars into their pockets?

Some of the ways they do that is by getting money from the government in such ways as free grants and subsidies they use to spend on whatever they want.

This video shows you that some of those companies are now using your laundered tax dollars to buy up houses at above market value so you can't buy the houses and to drive up the prices on houses so you can't buy houses and can't pay the land taxes so they can buy your current homes from you for the land taxes.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash have completely corrupt our governments and are now turning those corrupt governments and your own taxes against you to impoverish and enslave you?

Remember that I warned you that the lefty commies are trying to grab all of the land so the only place you will have to live will be by renting their properties from them so they can have absolute control over you?

That is what they are doing and the video explains it.

Believe me yet?

Remember that they trained me to manage their corruption and I recognize it when I see it.


Remember that I have been telling you that all of China's tough guy talk was just bluffing and China couldn't even come close to defeating the US military in spite of the over blown stories about their new weapons? Remember that I also told you that the left has been using China as a distraction?

This video shows how China just backed down to some of her previous threats because she was just bluffing to scare people, you know, just like I told you.

The greatest threat to the Republic of the US is not China or Russia but is the lefty commie traitors and I have been warning you about that for years. The US left are the only ones who can bring down the US and they are trying to do it right now. They are the greatest threat and enemy to the US Republic and American people. Everything else is bull crap.

BTW, please notice how the intellectually superior Chinese upper class trash leaders keep having mandates and programs that keep failing, you know, just like the Marxists in the US keep failing, even though we all know the upper class trash are intellectually superior to us and should be taking care of us, well, at least that is what they keep saying, while failing.

Man plans, God laughs.

These greedy, power mad Marxists all have the same problem in that they all think they are smarter than they are and that everyone else is dumber than we are.

Right now, I am very glad they are not as intelligent as they think they are but, then again, if they were that intelligent, they wouldn't be trying to set up a communist dictatorship, would they?

Sea Monsters

I just read a story about a lobster fisherman being engulfed but not swallowed by a whale that pretty quickly spit the guy out.

One thing I kept an eye on for a long time was about giant squid attacking small boats. It is something you have to dig to find out about (some people are literally covering this up) but studies show that this does happen, especially at night and entire boats go missing with an occasional boat being found without anyone on it.

It seems the squid wrap their tentacles around the vessel and drag it under water to get to their pray out of the boats the way octopi do with clams. I have never seen an article where anyone survived. It is just that either the entire boat goes missing with its crew because it was sunk or they find that boat without its crew after the boat bobs back to the surface.

It is pretty rare, maybe a few times around the world per year that they know of but then again, how many such vessels just go missing that they don't hear about.

From what I have been able to find out, it looks like the old sailors' stories from hundreds of years ago about sea monsters probably have some basis to them. It is even possible that things which existed in the sea but no longer exist may have attacked some of those old and small sailing ships. Most of the sailing ships before the 1700's were not very large so they would have been much easier prey for such things.

It is something to keep an eye out for.

There are still things in this world, especially in the oceans, that we don't know about. Over the decades, I have seen several cases where they captured dead plesiosaurs in the area of Japan but the upper class trash and their media keep that stuff pretty quiet because those are supposed to be extinct and would be a threat to their beloved religion of evolution.

"Thar be monsters in the sea, capin'!"


I think it is looking like the lefty media are trying to stuff Kruella's (Kamala's) butt under ye ole commie bus. She keeps screwing things up and everyone keeps getting all over her every time she does.

Don't be surprised if she ends up being impeached and Pelosi becoming the Vice President.

Hmmm, me wonders if maybe Pelosi is behind this?

Keep an eye on this because this is getting interesting.


Remember that I have been telling you that many of our courts have become corrupt?

This video shows at the end that certain members of Congress are trying to get the US Supreme Court to adopt stronger standards to prevent corruption but the head of the Supreme Court basically told them to stuff it.

Gee, you don't think the US Supreme Court is corrupt with its members possibly taking bribes, do you? Why else would they outright refuse to increase their standards or to cooperate with Congress to prove they are not corrupt? What are they hiding?


Remember that I told you that I expect shoplifters to learn to use the self checkouts to more easily steal?

In this video, by a cop, they address a little bit about shoplifting and you should pay attention to the statements about how much people shoplift because it is a lot.

You know that the shoplifters are going to figure out, if they have not already and I bet at least some have, that all they have to do is turn the product so the bar code is away from the scanner and they just got something for free.

How long will it take the greedy idiots running the stores to figure this out?


Remember that I taught you that the European Royal Family ruled the entire planet until a little over a few hundred years ago?

This map shows the different European Empires ruled by the different branches of the European Royal Family so that, collectively, they ruled the world but they were divided against each other and often waged war against each other so most people never realize that the European Royal Family actually ruled the entire planet just like I have been telling you.

Remember that the European Royals are all members of the same royal family, they are just different branches of the family. Today's royals, led by the British Royal Family or British branch of the Euro-American royal family, know that the royals collectively ruled the planet so they "want their planet and slaves back" and that is what globalism is really all about.

Do you believe me yet? Is it getting obvious enough for you?

Also, I have been warning you that the way the royals waged war against each other for wealth and power before, even within the last 120 years, after they get their planet back, you can bet they will wage war against each other again for control of their planet or a chunk of the planet, sending you to die fighting for their greed and lust for power by the hundreds of millions just like in the good old days.

Remember that I have been teaching you that greedy and power mad people can never be satiated because they can never have enough wealth and power. The current growing civil war within the left should be adequate evidence proving me right.

Do you get the picture yet?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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