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After reading my article in my last essay titled, "WWII Situation", I realized you might ask, "Why didn't Japan take Hawaii when they attacked Pearl Harbor?"

The answer is easy. That Japanese carrier force was sent for one purpose and that was to severely damage or disable the US Pacific Fleet, which would require taking out at least two of our three Pacific Fleet carriers that were shown at anchor in the news reel footage but were not there when Japan attacked. Those carriers were the single biggest reason why Japan staged that attack.

People, the fact that the US Military parked those two carriers where they did, took the pictures with those two carriers in those extremely vulnerable positions right next to each other as easy targets, and then moved both of those two carriers, while releasing that footage as "news" about how the Military grouped the ships and planes together because "they were afraid of sabotage attacks by Japanese civilians living in Hawaii", which grouping things like planes and ships that tightly together is the last thing you should do to protect them from such an attack because, if a saboteur did get through and cause one plane or ship to catch fire or explode, it would damage or destroy the other nearby planes or ships, should be considered evidence that this was all a set up to get the US into that war before it was too late.

Admiral Yamamoto saw through that sucker punch and was the only one of Japan's top generals and admirals to vote against the attack. He felt it was a trap to destroy their carrier fleet because he knew that no officer would do anything as stupid as making their ships and planes such easy targets and then provide the intel with "news" film footage needed to design and carry out such an attack

Did you also know that we kind of sort of let the Japanese know that we had stopped the northern Pacific naval patrols that made it possible for Japan to sneak their carrier force to stage that surprise attack on Pearl Harbor?

Also, did you know that the very first Japanese planes to enter the Pearl Harbor airspace to attack the ships went to where those two carriers were in the pictures, saw they were not there, and then started attacking the battleships?

Those planes were assigned the task of taking out those two carriers before anything else.

When Japan realized that none of those carriers were in Pearl Harbor, you know, after their first wave returned and reported it but after Japan had already launched the second wave of attacks, they cut the attack on Pearl Harbor short by not staging the scheduled third wave attack against Pearl Harbor, retrieved their second wave planes, and got out of there because they found out the carriers were not in Pearl Harbor and the Japanese didn't know where those carriers were. Those US carriers could have staged a surprise attack on the Japanese carrier fleet at any moment and that caused the Japanese to retreat to fight another day.

They realized that all of those ships BUT the carriers being too nicely positioned for an easy attack and kill could have been a trap to lure in and destroy the Japanese carrier fleet so they quickly got their fleet out of there before a potential trap could be sprung on them.

Japan obviously did not go there with their carrier fleet to take Hawaii because they didn't also take an invasion task force, only their carrier force to remove the threat of the three US carriers from the Pacific PLUS the US still had bases and troops with planes and ships at the Philippines, Wake Atoll, Midway Atoll, Palmyra Atoll, and Johnson Atoll that could have entrapped the Japanese on Hawaii preventing them from getting more troops and supplies, especially munitions.

Before Japan could safely take Hawaii, they had to remove the threat of the US forces in the Philippines, Wake Atoll, Midway Atoll, Palmyra Atoll, and Johnson Atoll and secure those naval bases with ground, navy, and air troops.

The Japanese carrier task force was only there at Hawaii to destroy the two US carriers and as many of the US's other combat ships as possible and withdraw back to Japan for the next phase of their actions while the Japanese forces on Taiwan destroyed the US planes on Clark Air Base so the Japanese Navy, with the aid of their carrier force, could take the Philippines, which they did very quickly.

They also had a Japanese naval invasion force in the Marshal Islands that took Wake Atoll a few days later removing that threat but first only after being repelled by the forces on the atoll and then bringing in a carrier to help them attack and defeat those atoll forces, leaving only the Midway Atoll, Palmyra Atoll, and Johnson Atoll and the three US carrier threats.

Gee, you don't think Japan planned all of those offensive moves in advance, do you?

Then they planned to fight their way across the Pacific Ocean to the east taking out US Naval bases one at a time and using those naval bases for their offensive against the US and to aid in invading the US and Canada.

When the Japanese carrier force failed to get the US carriers at Pearl Harbor, the Japanese sent their carrier force to aid in the invasion of Midway and Alaska and, just in case one or more of the remaining US carriers showed up at Midway, so the Japanese carrier force could destroy the US carriers, which would have given their carriers almost free reign of the Pacific Ocean.

When the Japanese lost the carrier battle at Midway Atoll and then lost Gradalcanal, it destroyed their plans for staging their easterly offensive against the US and put Japan on the defensive.

Also, remember that I told you that the US Military had been watching, studying, and learning from the Japanese during Japan's conquests of Asia and the Pacific?

Partial proof of that is that, from the beginning of the war, the US used the same types of fighters, bombers, and torpedo aircraft on their carriers the Japanese were using and had proved in combat. The US already had the same types of aircraft squadrons on their carriers as the Japanese before they ever engaged in combat with their carriers. Gee, what a coincidence.

Believe me, the US had already broken the Japanese codes before Pearl Harbor and knew what the Japanese were doing.

The more you look at it, the more obvious this gets.

Now do you better understand why the Navy puts so much stress on carrier fleets and not just surface ships?

A carrier fleet that includes surface ships is much, much more powerful than a fleet of just surface ships. This should also tell you why all of our amphibious invasion fleets use "assault ships", which are a combination of a troop ship and a small carrier that is as powerful as any other carriers in the world, to provide aerial support for the attacking troops.

Then you should also understand the true might and power of the US Navy with 12 "super carriers" (and we are building more) and 10 "assault ship" carriers, giving the US Navy the power of 22+ carriers, of which, at least 12 are more powerful than any carrier owned by any other navy in the world. The US Navy has the carrier power of about 25 to 30 times more than any other navy just with her carriers, forget the rest of the fleets in the US Navy, which make the US Navy more powerful than any other navy in the world in so many ways that there is no naval competition right now.

People, the US Navy has more carrier power alone than all other navies COMBINED! Add to that that the US Navy planes have a far greater range (the carriers can sit outside the range of the planes for other carriers and attack their carriers) and greater payload so they can do more damage with each attack because of the way the ships are designed so the planes can launch with more fuel and weapons plus aerial refueling capabilities and superior electronics warfare equipment than any other navy.

Also remember that all US super carriers are nuclear powered so they can go for at least 25 years without refueling and none of the other carriers are so they have to stop or slow down to refuel about every 600 miles, especially since the fueling ships can't travel as fast as their carriers, which gives the US super carriers a significant advantage.

The most important question is, "Will our commander-in-chief permit our military to fight their best fight or hold them back?" That will do more to determine the results of a war more than technology.

The "scary" Chinese navy has two toy carriers with terrible aircraft and aircraft range and armament, a bunch of missile ships that have never been tried in combat, and submarines that we can easily track with our many satellites.

That makes another point. Remember from those videos, and if you have studied history, that the most common cause of defeat by an enemy was either a lack of intel or bad intel and then look at the US Military's intel system with more than 100 spy satellites (not including all other forms of intel) that constantly cover the entire planet all of the time so the US Navy can track all ships, including submarines, 24/7 and no other military in the world can do that so that the US Military almost always has the element of surprise on their side. HALF A CENTURY AGO, we could find any Soviet sub within a maximum of 2 hours with our satellites and we can do much better today, especially with the Chinese subs.

You can't begin to imagine what the US Military can do. All we need is patriotic officers in control, who will keep their oath and will stand up to a bad president to protect the people, Constitution, and nation, and we are OK. The problem is finding enough upper level officers who will keep their oaths and a good commander-in-chief.

BTW, I just love the Chinese fairy tale propaganda about how their larger number of missile ships and hypersonic missiles make US carriers obsolete.

Then why is China building so many carriers and trying to build one as powerful as a US super carrier?

"Once upon a time, in a galaxy called China far, far way, our missile ships defeated the entire US carrier force in spite of the fact that the US satellites detected our missile launches, the carriers took evasive actions, their ECM blinded and redirected our missiles, and their ship defenses finished off the few missiles that even got close to their ships, our missiles magically took out their entire carrier fleet because we put fairy dust in all of our missiles," said the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) while roasting in Hell because of the US ICBM counter attack.

Remember that my estimates are always conservative so it is actually much worse than this.


While I was taking a shower today, I realized that quite a few of my readers are probably the elderly or ill and I decided to share a little balance trick to help you keep from losing your balance and falling, especially in the shower.

First, you have to understand how you normally balance. You detect your upper body movement by relative and changing pressures on the bottoms of your feet, which send a message the full length of your body to your brain, which sends a message the full length of your body to your leg muscles to adjust support to maintain balance.

What you do to improve your balance is use one or both of your arms as a third point of balance because this will much more quickly and accurately detect any movement of the upper body and not have to transmit the message as far to the brain for the brain to send a message to your lower body muscles to alter support to maintain balance.

This little trick will easily increase your balance and control by at least 3 to 5 times as much and more quickly to help people (not just the elderly) to maintain balance and decrease the potential for falling.

For example, when in the shower, especially with your eyes closed while shampooing your hair, keep one arm or elbow in contact with the wall. That will detect much, much smaller movements much sooner and get the message of upper body movement to the brain in less than half the time maintaining much more accurate and better balance, decreasing your potential for falling in the shower.

I just love biology and sports sciences, especially kinesiology. I use them every day in many ways to help prevent and solve problems. I also hope that information will help prevent a few of your bones from breaking.


Have you wondered why the left sees conservatives as their greatest threat and not Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, or others of that kind?

Because conservatives are the people who pose the greatest threat to their commie dictatorship AND the lefties are in bed with the others.

Maybe, if you are their greatest threat, they are your greatest threat?


One of the biggest reasons why the European Royalty had no trouble with using other people as slaves for thousands of years and still have no problem with it is because they taught their children that the peasants and especially other racers were not true humans but were half animal so it was alright to treat the lower classes as animals because the royals were raised to believe our ancestors were animals.

I became aware of this as a child when I learned that is why they called American Indians savages because, in the eyes of the royals, they were not true humans, they were animals.

Hey, I had American Indian friends. I knew better.

Unfortunately, most of the royals still believe this today, which is why they have no trouble in wiping out millions to billions of us with their "justified" genocides to depopulate their planet. To them, they are just culling the herd of their live stock. That is all you are to the evil members of their family, not the good members, you are just their live stock to do with as they please including culling the herd. You are not human, you are just another animal and the herd has gotten too big.

You think the royals don't think they are superior beings to you and that you are just lowly animals they can do with as they please? Then why do they call themselves elites?

BTW, do you know why there are very few attorneys fighting for we, the people?

Until a few hundred years ago, the Royals were the only ones who could read or write and for thousands of years, they were the ones who wrote the laws, which means they were the attorneys, hint, hint. They were ALL of the attorneys.

Most of those top legal firms today who got dem duh right degree from duh right unkneebursity, they are run and staffed by the royals and don't care about anything but themselves and their bank accounts.

Think I am wrong?

Then why do they just stand by watching the upper class trash destroy our nation, enslave us and, even worse, write the laws and fight the court fights to enslave us? Uh, because they are also royals?

People, without these legal firms, the lefties wouldn't be able to write the laws they keep passing to enslave us, they couldn't fight the court cases to enslave us, and couldn't fight our court cases to stop them from enslaving us. These corrupt lefty royal attorneys are the royal front line troops in this war against us and our freedoms and they have been waging the war to get their colonies back for the last 200+ years. The lefty attorneys are their Special Forces teams, who make it possible for the upper class trash to do what they do.

BTW, I am noticing that increasing numbers of conservatives are getting really angry and, with people like homosexuals, transgenders, feminists, and others trying to force us to be like them, these angry people are definitely becoming less tolerant of these lefty people. The conservatives gave these groups a chance live peacefully with us and, in return, these groups are oppressing the conservatives and ticking them off at those groups.

It turns out that what these groups really wanted wasn't for them and their sins to be tolerated so they could just "do as they will" but to be able to force their sins on you so you will be like them because they actually hate normal people. If you ain't one of them, they hate you.

You have to understand that you not doing their sins makes them feel guilty and to get rid of that guilt so they can feel normal, they have to either force you to commit the same sins or get rid of you, you know, send you to their reeducation death camps, where you will either become one of them or they will kill you.

Also note that they feel threatened by you because they know that what they love to do for "fun" is so evil that, if you find out the entire truth about them and their activities, most of you will hang them. Therefore, they want you to commit the same crimes so you won't get angry at them for committing those crimes and hang them.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you that the media tell you what they are told to tell you?

This video gives a small sample of that, even for Fox News.

The lefties just keep proving me right, don't they?

What this revelation doesn't show is that her bosses are making her say what they have been ordered to make her say. Her bosses are also doing what they are told to keep from being fired and having to give up all that money they are making.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

These evil orders for telling you lies come down from the very top or the upper class trash and this takes place in all media owned and run by the lefty upper class trash.

Yes, people, there really are conspiracies against you by the upper class trash, which is why ALL of the lefty run media use the same "talking points" for the same news stories. Those journalists didn't all come up with the exact same talking points for every story all of the time by magic accidence and coincidence, unless you are a coincidence theorist who thinks all of your lefty leaders are too stupid to know to work together to do the same things at the same time in the same place and you are stupid enough to keep voting for people who you think are that stupid.


This video shows that "thousands of students" were involved in massive protests in China recently.

What should this tell you?

There is an anti-government movement in China because you don't get that many people showing up to protest or riot without some kind of organization getting that many people to be in the same place at the same time. Someone in China is trying to overthrow the communist government and they are making their move right now because they sense weakness with all of the economic, military, agricultural, and other problems weakening China.

Basically, some underground organization smells the blood and is going for the kill.

This is good news because, China is showing that she will be involved in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to invade Israel so that many of her top leaders will be in Damascus when God destroys it so that the Chinese Communist Party will suddenly be weak and disoriented, which will open the door for this organization to free the people by finishing off their commie government.

Me gets a feeling that God might be about to set at least some of the Chinese people free for at least a little while and possibly break China up into two or more nations. I would not be surprised to find out later that the US Military is somehow involved in this. Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I told you that Fauci's butt is being shoved under ye ole commie bus?

This video is now telling you what I have been telling you for at least a few weeks, which is that Fauci has become ye ole sacrificial lamb for the left, which makes me wonder what are they hiding.

Remember that I told you last year about 3 college professors, an MD, and a college student who were all arrested by the FBI for transferring or trying to transfer biological materials to Wuhan Lab and the MD was arraigned in court last fall? Are these trials about to begin and expose Fauci and others for crimes concerning this? Was the great Fauci the villain all along, you know, like I have been warning you?

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, part of the reason that Fauci's butt is going on ye ole commie bus is because this mess has exposed the corruption of the lefty media and they are trying to find a way out of their troubles they created for themselves by lying to the people.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

New Law

This new law they discuss in this video should be of concern to everyone because it is worse than the hate crime law and designed so they can arrest anyone who disagrees with their lefty commie government dictatorship and it needs to be challenged in court immediately. This law is the left consolidating power to finish establishing their US dictatorship so that, if you in anyway are against anything they do in using the US Government to set up their global dictatorship, they can just arrest you and silence you.

New Channel

You know I love science, especially biology, and I just found a new YouTube channel called the "Vet Ranch" by a very good veterinarian that shows you how he heals strays and then adopts them out. He has almost 3 million subscribers so I was thinking that some of you may also enjoy his channel and, who knows, maybe a few of you will adopt a few of the animals he helps or help him help those animals. Enjoy.

BTW, many vets would just kill the animals this vet helps, you know, "put them out of their misery" for a hefty fee.

I also want to share something that I learned the hard way. My last ex-wife had one of those white, long hair dogs (I can't remember the name right now because of my illness) that get hip dysplasia when they get to a certain age, she took it to a vet, he told her to "put it out of its misery", and they just killed it.

A long time ago I rescued the same type of dog here that had been abandoned out here as a puppy, when he got older, he got hip dysplasia, I couldn't afford the $250 vets charge to kill such animals, you know, just stick a needle in it and pump it full of toxic chemicals (talk about fast, easy money) so I decided to just love and care for the dog as best as I could. Less than two years later, the dog almost completely recovered from the hip dysplasia so now I have learned to be skeptical about even vets who just kill animals "to put them out of their misery" and charge a lot of money for it. The dog ended up being happy with me for years until it finally died from old age. That was an eye opener and not a pleasant one.

God has taught me a lot about a lot of different people, often the hard way. When a doctor's opinion is to just kill something or someone, always get at least a second opinion. Doctors are human, there are good and bad doctors, so question everything you are told. I have seen a lot of bad medicine from human doctors and have not had nearly as much experience with vets.

BTW, even when poor, I would rescue abandoned dogs and cats because idiot people dump them out by my house on the edge of the desert thinking they will take care of themselves. I rescued three dogs that died years ago and have continued to take care of stray cats as well as I can because my observations have taught me that it takes a domestic cat 3 to 6 months to learn to hunt and feed itself and they tend to starve to death in a month or less, therefore, I give them a chance to live long enough to learn to hunt because their last owners were jerks who knew nothing about feral and domestic cats.

Cats are taught to hunt by their mother so that, if they don't have a mother who knows how to hunt, they have to learn by trial and error, which takes time and they will usually starve to death.

Dogs are a pack animal and have to be taught to hunt by the pack so, if they do not get into a pack that knows how to hunt, they will also starve to death.

Even for us humans, knowing how to hunt is not a genetic thing but is a learned thing that takes time. In the wild, almost all carnivores learn to hunt from other carnivores of the same kind, either usually the mother or the pack pending whether or not it is a pack animal.

Do not dump your pets, it is cruel.

When I finished watching that video, I knew I just loved this vet. He is great and a very good person. No one can save them all but he does excellent work.

I pray for his salvation and thank God for people like him. We need more people like this vet and want people like him in Paradise.

Wouldn't it be nice if all of our politicians, college professors, media, and bureaucrats were this good?

We have to wait for Paradise for that to happen. Until Judgment Day, we will have to constantly try to stop Satan's spawn from oppressing, robbing, enslaving, and trying to murder us so they can live lives of luxury on our backs without having to work to earn it. That is the curse of this planet until God removes that curse after Judgment Day.

Remember that God said the ground or Earth was cursed because of our sins?

That is part of that curse. You just might want to repent of your sins and turn back to God so He will protect us from Satan's spawn. That is just a suggestion.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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