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Boat Refits

One thing that kills me is when people buy an old wooden boat to "refit" and they end up replacing all of the wood with new wood and they call that a refit? Really?

They do it, I guess, for virtue signaling about them being kind and wonderful about "refitting" and "saving" the old boat but it isn't the old boat when you remove all of the wood from the old boat and replace it all with new wood because there isn't any of the old boat left. The "old boat" ends up out in the dump pile, just one piece at a time.

It would be faster and cheaper if they just built a new boat from scratch because they have to spend the time and money to completely tear down and remove all of the wood from the old boat and then have to replace all the wood and build the new boat, when it would be faster and cheaper to not tear down the old boat at all and just build the new boat.

It takes at least as long in man hours to tear down the old boat, sometimes longer, than it does to build a new boat so that you are paying for at least twice the labor to "refit" the old boat that ends up in a dump pile anyway.

In watching a number of different videos about such projects, it seems that none of them are smart enough to figure this out, neither the people doing the project or the video viewers.

Have today's people really become that stupid?

I occasionally check in on one such project for an old wooden ketch where they are literally replacing ALL of the wood from the keel up, all of it, and they still call it a refit. It must be costing them at least 2 to 3 times as much time and money as it would cost them to just build a new boat.

I mean they have literally replaced the entire keel, all of the hull ribbing, all of the hull planking, all of the deck supports, and all of the deck planking so that they are literally replacing ALL of the wood in a wooden boat, AFTER spending a ton of time and money removing ALL of the old wood. It makes my brain hurt and leaves me wondering, "why?"

Don't these people pay attention to a thing called a budget?

BTW, almost all of these refits and rebuilds are being done by people who have a lot of money or are making a lot of money from their YouTube channel.

The only thing I can think of is that they are literally doing the "refit" just to make money from YouTube by doing the refit.

War Escalation

This war being forced on us by the left just escalated because the Portland riot cops got tired of being screwed by their government for protecting that government and the people.

Now Antifa and the Proud Boys are fighting on the street for control of the street and you know this will only get worse because of the left.

I have been telling you that the war is already going on.

How much worse does this have to get before people wake up to the truth and reality that the left is forcing us into a war, which is why the left keeps trying to steal everyone's guns, they don't want anyone but them to have weapons so the fight will be one sided.


I want to stress something about what God will have to do in healing me because God will have to do what is impossible to us humans because we have no cure for this virus. For God to cure or heal me of this virus will be for God to do what we humans consider impossible and that doesn't even include God reversing all of the damage the virus has done over the last 35 years.

I told you before that, after they finally started running tests on me, I was told, "You should have died at least 2.5 to 3 years ago" and I was told that more than 12 years ago.

What were they telling me?

They were telling me that they don't know how to keep someone alive who is as sick as I got and all of their other patients would have died because we don't have the medical knowledge to keep someone alive who got as sick as I got so just keeping me alive is impossible for humans, much less making me better, much less healing me. Several different doctors just gave up on me more than 12 years ago because of this and them believing that I couldn't live much longer, yet, I am still alive more than 12 years later because of God.

Therefore, God keeping me alive for the last 15+ years is a miracle in of itself and for God to heal me from this virus will be an even greater miracle but I believe and trust that God will heal me because He told me He will heal me.

One thing I forgot to tell you in my Christian testimony about the healing is that about 15 years ago I had a stroke on the right side of my brain that caused me to be weaker on the left side, with my left arm and leg having been significantly weaker, but I have recovered mostly from this and forgot about it until I had to climb a ladder today because my left leg still has trouble lifting me up a rung. I have to climb primarily using my right leg and arm.

God is going to have to heal me from the damage done by that stroke before I can do anything, especially bicycle racing.

It has been a tough 20+ years and, when I see someone concerned and asking for prayers because they have something like cancer, my first reflexive thought is always, "You only have that one thing?" But then I remember they are in fear of their life and health so I always pray for them.

Do you believe me yet that I have taken one heck of a beating the last 35 years? Do you believe me yet that I have never heard of anyone who has survived half of what I have had in just the last 20+ years?

Yep, I am a real mess, aren't I and God has a lot of healing to do. I just realized that maybe one reason God let me get to be such a mess is to show you that He can heal a lot of different things that should give a lot of you hope, much more than if He only had a few things to heal.

"Hey, God healed me of that too."

I often wonder and even hope that God will give me the ability to heal others. That would be nice.


In my last essay, I may have made sound like all of today's attorneys are royalty, which would not be true but, at the time of the founding of this nation, all attorneys were royals, which means that almost all of our founding fathers were attorneys, which is why they did such a good job of setting up the government to make it as difficult as possible for the other royals, who were not black sheep, to destroy our nation.

The first person to make significant headway in destroying our nation was an early 1800's Harvard (where only royals attended at that time) law professor became successful in converting US law from being based on Biblical Law, which is almost impossible to pervert, back to British Common Law, which is much, much easier to pervert. I think this may have occurred in about the 1820's. This was the first successful attempt at the British Royal Family getting their colonies back, it was the first significant damaged done to our Republic, and it made everything else possible.

So the first and the worst of your enemies was an attorney who was a royal.

What I was trying to convey to you about attorneys is that all of the top legal firms in the US are now owned and run by royals and they have played a huge roll in destroying this nation with a relatively peaceful insurrection. They, the lefty college professors, and the lefty media are the most powerful of your enemies in this royal insurrection to get "their colonies back" so they can use the might of the US to get their planet and slaves back and you can see this with the laws, mandates, and other unconstitutional legal matters they have produced for our corrupt lefty politicians to use in this insurrection.

So far, this has pretty much been a legal insurrection but that part has been almost failing, only making baby steps, because of the checks and balances the Founding Fathers put into the system. The problem is that every little success by the attorneys makes it possible for them to make bigger successes and, right now, they are grabbing for the final bit of your freedoms and rights.

Fortunately for us, today there are a lot of attorneys and judges who are not royals or are black sheep royals fighting for the Republic but they are losing ground a little here and there, though winning enough to prevent a complete take over yet. This war of attorneys and judges has become a massive battle for your freedoms and rights.

You just need to know that those upper class trash law firms causing most of these problems are your enemy and not your friends. They are some of the best front line modern "red coats" fighting to enslave you.

The royals have really stacked the deck against us by slowly and quietly infiltrating and taking over one position at a time until they are almost in control of everything and this last law I warned you about is them grabbing for the win. God is the only one who can save your butt now.

Think not?

You put your faith in Trump and these lefty royals have almost undone everything he spent four years doing in less than 6 months with 3.5 years to work on the rest.

You better repent of your sins, turn back to God, and pray long, pray hard, pray often or it will just keep getting worse until you are all royal slaves again. The big problem is that there are so many who will not turn back to God and are such a big part of the problem that this nation must be destroyed by them and their sins for them to be held accountable for their actions and you to be taught not to turn your backs on God again so He will protect us in the future.

This mess is going to get much worse for that to happen, especially since too many of you still worship and put your faith in Trump instead of God because you didn't learn the first time.

My hope at that time was that God was going to use Trump to give us our nation back but then it didn't look good because I knew that it would only take one traitor president to undo everything Trump was doing, as we see now, but I still held out hope because nothing is impossible with God.

The problem is that God was using that to teach you not to put your faith in men but in God and too many of you didn't learn so we will have to go through that lesson again until you do learn. When we fail one of God's tests, we have to repeat that test until we pass it.

Listen, if Trump gets back in office and undoes almost all of their damage, the first traitor president that gets in office will just undo everything Trump did AGAIN! You better put your faith in God and call on God to save our buts because God is showing you RIGHT NOW that no human can save our butts, only God can. Please learn that lesson before it is too late.

If you don't learn that lesson, it is very likely that God will permit the upper class trash or Obama to kill Trump when or even before they stage their violent coup to get Trump out of the way so you will be forced to put your faith in God and not in a human. I am keeping an eye on this.

If you don't learn that lesson, God will probably have to either give you another human or just let Satan's spawn have your butts until you do learn that lesson so the sooner the better.

It isn't man who is going to save your butts, it is God or nothing.

Peace of Mind

One of the reasons why I keep looking for and watching fun videos like model trains and sailboat cruising is because, with all of this crap the upper class trash keep causing because they just can't leave other people alone because they are too lazy and stupid to earn what they want so they are obsessed with stealing everything they can from you, to have those lives of luxury at your expense, I just have to get away from the insanity we now call news to maintain my peace of mind and give me a better perspective on things. You know, step back and take another look at the big picture so I don't get swallowed up by the little pictures.

US Media

Do you still think you can believe anything the US lefty media tell you?

Then watch this video proving why you should not trust the lefty media. The modern press is nothing but propaganda machines for the left. Unfortunately, too many people blindly believe them and get almost everything they know or believe from them.

That is a huge part of why we have this current mess.

Remember that I told you that the lefty media journalists are just fronts putting out what they are told to say? Believe me yet?

If you are a journalist working for the lefty media, you either say what you are told to say, true or not, or you lose your job and all of that money they pay you to be professional liars.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

You know that, after all of the lying they have already done, they are not going to give up millions of dollars in more money to tell the truth. They have NO credibility.

Do you see the corruption I have been watching for more than half a century? That is just a small part of it and you think there are no conspiracies against you?

"Oh no, der ain't no conspiracies. Der ain't no private meetings with the upper class working togetter to do tings to us. It is all just a magic coincidence."

You see how stupid the coincidence theorists are?


Remember that I have been telling you that the lefty academe are a big part of our problems?

This video shows that very well. The academe are even screwing up science.

"Why, if it doesn't say what we want it to say, it can't be science."

You have to understand that scientists who are on the government payroll can't say anything that disagrees with what the lefty government is saying for fear of losing their jobs and income. If those scientists had spoken out supporting Trump, they would be turning burgers today.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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