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Lefties always justify their evil by pointing to something conservatives did the lefties didn't like, even if they have to lie about it or make it up. I just saw where a person posted something about the left burning down cities and a lefty troll tried to justify it by pointing to 1/6, "The Great Conservative Insurrection!" TaDa!!!

You know, the "insurrection" that was peacefully escorted through the Capitol Building by cops through roped off routes that had to be put in place before hand to control the direction of the "insurrectionists". Think about that.

Calling that an insurrection is like calling a kindergarten fist fight in a sandbox a world war. Wow, that was the most peaceful insurrection in history.

But you would be surprised how many spineless conservatives are permitting these lying lefties to control that conversation by also calling it an insurrection and saying the people were bad instead of taking a stand and pointing out the obvious that an insurrection is NEVER escorted by cops through roped off routes, where the cops remain in control of the "insurrectionists" because those conservatives are cowards who won't stand up to the lies of the left permitting the left to control the conversation and the stupid people.

THAT WAS NOT AN INSURRECTION!!!!! What the left is doing is an insurrection, you know, burning down cities, rigging elections, and stealing control of the government but you will never hear any of those spineless conservatives say that.

1/6 was just a sucker punch by the left and too many spineless conservatives are still taking it on the jaw. Grow a pair, people!

There is absolutely no way that a police escorted insurrection through a previously roped off route can justify the left burning down cities, beating people, and shooting people, which is the real insurrection.

Can you see the difference?

If not, keep looking until you do.


I love the poser Christians who say that repenting of your sins before accepting Christ as your savior is a work and not of faith because they love their sins so much they don't want to have to repent of their sins in order to receive God's amnesty or salvation. It is just them justifying not having to give up their sins before accepting salvation because they love their sins more than they love God.

Repenting of your sins to accept salvation is having faith in God's Word and promise. You don't do that without first believing in God and His Word.

People, that is a big part of what this is all about, "who do you love more, you sins or God?" and you answer that question by either giving up your sins for God's love or by refusing to give up your sins for God's love and your salvation is God's love because it is written "that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son." If you are rejecting God's love, Jesus, for your sins, you are rejecting your salvation for your sins.

Hey, you better enjoy your sins because eternal damnation is a long time to burn because you rejected God's love and the thing that kills me is that, when you reject God's love for your sins, you may not live long enough to sin again because you can die from a number of things at any second in this life.

Satan's Spawn

Do you want to know how stupid Satan's spawn are?

Remember that I told you years ago that the Taliban and Al Quaeda infiltrated 17 Muslim operatives into West China or the Xinjiang province to organize Muslim rebellion against the communist government of China?

If you have been paying attention, you would know that those Muslims have been waging war against the government of China, which is why China is murdering off millions of Muslims.

Now that the US is leaving Afghanistan China is making her move into Afghanistan to help the government hold off the Taliban insurgency to take over Afghanistan, you know, taking over the mess the US commies left behind.

This is a very easy prediction because one of two things will happen, probably a combination of both. Either China will ruthlessly clamp down on the Taliban wiping them out or the Taliban will expand their war into their next door neighbor, China, forcing China out of Afghanistan.

The most likely thing is a combination of both with China getting bogged down in a war she probably can't win that she will have to fight in both Afghanistan and Xinjiang. Hey, it will cause China to waste even more money they won't be able to use conquering other nations. This will be interesting.

Even if China were to come in on the side of the Taliban, you have to understand that, though there is division within Islam, they will unite against a non Muslim common enemy and China is the enemy of the Muslims in China so the Taliban will turn on China to help the Muslims overthrow the Chinese government. One thing is for sure, China cannot afford to allow the Taliban have control of Afghanistan to use as a base of operations to wage war in China. That would definitely do a lot of damage to China.

After the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 I expect Xinjiang to achieve independence as a Muslim nation because China will have just lost her most significant leaders and military units in that battle, which will leave a state of confusion behind in China. This is why I expect China to break up into two or more nations following that battle. You just know there will be a sudden power struggle within China.


I have been keeping an eye on Australia because their people got disarmed and the power mad and greedy commie government is going crazy on the people. Every time there is just one case of COVID 19 the leaders lock the people down and it is very likely that the state is just CLAIMING there is a case when they are about to lift the existing lock down so they can justify continuing their tyrannical lockdowns.

The Aussies are living in a really bad commie tyranny right now. I would love to be able to fly C-17s over those commie nations to parachute in hundreds of millions of weapons and tons of ammunitions to arm those people so they can fight for their freedoms.

Would that tick off the upper class trash or what?

There are a number of possibilities I am watching to see will happen. First, with the people disarmed and the leaders afraid of the people because of their tyrannical behavior, I told you that a nation becomes more vulnerable to invasion by another nation, China smells the blood, is posturing for such an invasion of Australia and I think the US is all that is preventing said invasion, conquest, and the deserved sacking of the Australian upper class trash because China really needs the cash after dealing with Trump.

Because of their political tyrants, right now Australia is ripe for an invasion by China and their arrogant, greedy, power mad, foolish upper class trash are too focused on keeping their power over their people to realize it.

Will China risk a war against weak Biden to take over Australia or wait until the upper class trash finish off the US?

Another possibility is that, with the Australian military now having all of the guns, I am waiting for some group in the military to get tired of taking orders from a group of greedy, power mad idiot civilian bozos and decide they want to give the orders for a change. Listen, when you disarm the citizens, the military is the only group with weapons and, if they rise up in rebellion, the upper class trash have no way to stop them from seizing control. I am waiting for the first military in a Western nation to figure this out and stage their insurrection against the evil upper class trash.

My question is, "Will it be some small group of officers at the very top or will it be a small group of officers just beneath them who decide to make that move and it always comes?"

When those officers finally make that move, the enlisted men will gladly follow in rebellion against the evil civilian tyrants. When one military from one Western culture nation stages a coup, the other militaries will be more likely to follow suit.

I am also watching for different factions within the upper class trash to start staging wars against each other for more power and wealth and that has already started with their "civil war within".

History proves that, when the upper class trash destroy a nation so they can take it over, others can and will also take it over. It is only a matter of time until the upper class trash get their heads handed to them by someone and the arrogant fools keep doing this every few hundred years because, when you get greedy, you get stupid.

But, hey, what do you expect from the heavily inbred upper class trash royals, sanity?

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

We sure have a lot of evil groups on this planet right now, don't we? Are you ready for a Christian theocracy yet where EVERYONE must abide by the same laws?

You are right now watching how the evil upper class trash have been destroying cultures and civilizations for thousands of years because of their greed and lust for more power because they can never stop because they can never be satiated or get enough just like I have been telling you for years.

Do you believe me yet?

The big question right now is "Who is going to depopulate the arrogant, greedy, power mad, foolish upper class trash this time? Will it be their own family using either the military or law enforcement, will it be their own military, will it be their own people, or will it be an invading army because the fools once again upset the balance of power in their nations so they could seize control and set up a dictatorship so they could have absolute control and power?"

If you study true history, not the bull crap you are fed by the upper class trash to make themselves look better than they are, you will find that the democracies/republics of both Greece and Rome were not what you are being taught. They were only partial democracies/republics and only for a little while because only the upper class trash and sometimes the middle class could vote because the rest of the people, usually the middle and lower classes were either servants or slaves, who were not permitted to vote for obvious reasons.

It is because of this that their governments only tended to last about 150 years because they kept overthrowing each other in violent coups killing off many of each other, from hundreds to thousands of each other, but not all of them, unfortunately. These insurrections tended to be alternating between the arrogant and stupid civilians and the military, which is why many of their leaders tended to be generals, which is where we are probably soon going to end up for at least a while. Even when the arrogant idiot civilians did rule, it was at the pleasure of the military.

The US having the first true republic because everyone but criminals could vote is probably a big part of why this republic lasted longer than any previously, especially with the US having been started at least based on Christian morals, values, and ethics. That is also why this nation made more progress technologically and in less time than any other nation in history to become the greatest nation in history. The people were actually free to work and think as they wanted instead of just being animals of burden as slaves to enrich the inbred upper class trash oppressors.

Note that, with the upper class trash finally seizing control again, our nation is heading back towards the Medieval times, poverty for most, and barbarism. If the upper class trash get everything they want, every city and suburb will look like Detroit and worse.

Think not?

Look at every city in the US that the lefty upper class trash are right now running and they are all increasingly looking like Detroit and worse. You just might want to repent of your sins and turn back to God in a hurry, just saying.

Then quit believing and voting for the upper class trash lefties and RINOs for free stuff, A.K.A. selling your souls to the Devil, and some of you knowledgeable Christians need to get involved in government to help begin cleaning up this mess being made by the lefty pagans to get this nation back to being a prosperous Christian republic, just an idea.

Heck, I would vote for good Christian leaders like Mark in a heartbeat because he actually cares about something other than himself and his bank account. There are a bunch of you Christians out there who need to get into community service/politics, be good stewards (hint, hint), and help clean up this mess.

How about you Christian military officers and enlisted people, how long are you going to permit these evil lefty pagan upper class trash to destroy the nation you swore an oath to protect from external and internal enemies? Doesn't your word mean anything? The lefty pagan upper class trash are destroying that nation, don't you think that makes them your internal enemies?

They sure are not this nation's allies or friends.

I hope you Christians realize that God is right now destroying the lefty controlled media to help you with this coming war the left is forcing on you. Think about that. Soon God is going to also take out some of their biggest and most powerful leaders like I have been telling you for years.

The military calls what God is doing "prepping the battle field." I have been telling you that God told me that you are going to have to fight a war in this nation because of your sins.

Chemical Companies

Remember that I have been telling you about different ways the chemical companies are screwing you for more and more money?

This video gives you just a glimpse into the corruption of the big chemical companies.

Note that he said they sent more and more sales people out to the doctors?

Yep, just like I have been telling you, the MDs are getting big kickbacks for writing prescriptions for drugs that you not only don't need but are causing you harm because those MDs don't care about their patients. All those doctors care about is themselves and their bank accounts, you know, just like I have been telling you.

And, people, this isn't even the tip of the tip of the iceberg of the chemical companies' corruption and he gave you a small example of that at the end. These evil satanic monsters are even more evil than the dope pushers on the street, who, BTW, give kickbacks to the upper class trash so they can keep selling dope on the streets. All crime that persists in this country is under the control and protection of the upper class trash because they make money from that crime, which includes but is not limited to the street gangs, drug trafficking, human trafficking, illegal gun trafficking, prostitution, and everything else.

Why do you think the upper class trash keep legalizing all of these criminal activities like drugs and prostitution? Why do you think the upper class trash insist on turning criminals loose on you?

Those criminals make them big money. Gee, that sure sounds like how the ancient royals used your ancestors to make themselves very wealthy, what a coincidence.

Now do you understand the real reason why the lefties are legalizing as many drugs as they can?

Hey, they don't care if they murder a bunch of you off with their dope because they plan on murdering almost all of you off anyway. They don't care how you die as long as you die so they don't have to share "their planet" with you.

Do you believe me yet that these lefty human demons are the evil spawn of Satan?

And they are not going to stop until you stop them because all they care about is themselves and their bank accounts. You mean no more to them than cattle, chickens, and pigs would mean to a butcher and these upper class trash are human butchers. Remember that "you are beneath those arrogant natural elites."


I can't believe the stupidity of many on the right.

Didn't they learn anything from the 2020 election? Do they really believe that the left is suddenly going to play nice in this next election, especially with all of the dirty tricks and lies the left is currently using to consolidate power? Do they really think the left is not going to rig this election even more than they rigged the last election? What do they think, the left is just going to roll over and let the right take back power to prevent the lefty coup or insurrection? Really?

WAKE UP, AMERICA!!! The left is ALREADY showing you that they will be even more dirty in 2022 than they were in 2020, partly because they got away with their treasonous crimes last time. They don't have anything to fear by being even more corrupt and rigging the election even more.

Why would the left not rig this election more? What, you think they want to lose and give up all that power they are so desperately fighting for? Do you think they suddenly want to stop stealing from you?

Maybe it is because so many on the right started using the same dope as those on the left?

My brain hurts, again.

Maybe it is going to take the conservatives losing an even more rigged election to be the catalyst to finally fight back?

What really amazes me is how many people simply don't even realize that what the left is doing is that they are clearly staging an insurrection to set up their commie dictatorship while claiming the right is staging the insurrection to distract the stupid people from the left's insurrection and all the right is doing is trying to keep their republic. It is absolutely amazing at how many people just don't get it.

What really gets me is that most of the conservative YouTube channels and other media don't seem to get it either or they are afraid to say what is really going on because they are afraid of being called a name, you know, a conspiracy theorist.

I guess they didn't pay enough attention in history because, if you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present and it is here RIGHT NOW!

If most people realized just how much of their commie dictatorship the left already has in place, most people would be terrified.

Remember that I told you a long time ago that, when enough people on the right get mad enough, they will hang the lefty commie traitors?

I am seeing that anger already at that point for many because they are talking about ropes and trees but the greedy and power mad lefties don't care because they almost have their commie dictatorship so that it is just barely out of reach so the left is frantically and desperately trying to finish consolidating power to finalize their commie dictatorship as quickly as possible. Their insane obsession has reached a fever pitch.


I keep seeing "survival x-spirts" telling people to drink their urine to survive dehydration and, of course, it impresses the macho people who want to show everyone they are so tough they will drink their own urine.

Let's look at this from the aspect of biology. Your body gets rid of certain types of human waste though the kidneys and, to do so, it has to use water to move that waste through the kidneys and to the bladder.

When you drink your urine, you are putting that waste back into your body, which will require your body to use that water from your urine to remove that waste again so you won't have any net gain in water to a dehydrated body in a survival situation and you are likely to damage your kidneys during a survival situation, which can kill you. Yeah, it is stupid, really stupid.

What they are doing when they tell you to drink your urine is showing you how biologically ignorant they are.

You have to understand that some people manage to survive survival situations in spite of the stupid things they did and not because of them. If someone did something stupid like drinking their urine and they survived, they would have survived without doing that and would have probably done better.

What are these x-spirts going to have you do next, eat your own crap, which will definitely kill you?

COVID 19 Vaccine

They keep trying to force more and more people to get "the vaccine" but should you?

Remember what I told you about COVID 19 being an RNA based flu virus, therefore, the vaccine is a flu shot and, if you are allergic to the flu shot and you take that shot, it will either make you very sick or kill you.

Also, this vaccine has not been properly tested and is, therefore, an experimental vaccine and not safe. You are probably safer to just get the COVID 19 flu.

Bogus Science

Remember that I have been warning you about bogus science, especially from the academe and government?

This video shows and explains some such bogus science making fun of it. He explains a number of things they are saying that are clearly false.

I like his dry humor.

Eyes Opening

Remember that I have been telling you that God is opening eyes?

This video shows that increasing numbers of young people are turning from having a favorable opinion of homosexuals to having a negative opinion of homosexuals. This is probably because of the homosexual community turning on us by trying to force their homosexuality on our children after we became tolerant of them. Wow, that worked well.

The drag queens indoctrinating children to be homosexual and "transgender women" beating up on women in sports seem to be turning people, especially women against homosexuals. Wow, that worked well.

What did the homosexual community expect when they turned on us and started attacking us, love and kisses?

Note that he also said that, contrary to the left's wishful thinking, the two younger generations tend to be more conservative than their older counter parts. He also noted that Generation Z is far more religious than the previous generations, especially the two older generations now in power.

This is probably at least in part because these young people grew up seeing the mess the older lefties have and still are making of our nation because God is opening their eyes by letting the lefties get most of what they want and it is not purdy. Many of these younger generations do not like what they are seeing and are turning away from the left to being more conservative and I am wondering if this means this nation is on the verge of a massive national revival in conservative Biblical Christianity and that revival seems to have already started.

Also keep in mind that the angry young who have not gone to war are more likely to fight a war than the angry old who have gone to war.

Keep an eye on this because they could easily be the basis for the revolution and rebellion war against the left God told me about and I have been warning you about. Don't be surprised if these two younger generations do most of the fighting, which is normal in a war.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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