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After I posted my last essay, I realized something else about Fauci going to trial for lying to Congress about Fauci funding Wuhan Labs in China. If they get this investigation to discovery, where they can seize all records related to the investigation, they will find the evidence for what I have been telling you about, you know, where the virus was created in a US lab and taken to China by college professors and an MD with the aid of Chinese college students.

That is when the fecal matter will hit ye ole proverbial fan by the ship load at high velocity. This will become a trial for treason really fast.

Keep an eye out for this. This alone could get Fauci killed because Obama was in on the funding of Wuhan Labs.

Remember that part?


Decades ago the upper class trash fool geniuses began building their manufacturing facilities in China to use the Chinese slavery-for-hire to build their stuff cheaper so they could make higher profits on their stuff and we began warning them that China could just seize those businesses but the geniuses, dey gots it figured out, yes dey has. Dey is are be smarty pants.

The fools replied that it wouldn't happen because China didn't have a way of getting their stuff to market and selling it so it is safe for them to build their factories in China to use slave labor to increase their wealth.

Mean while, you know, while these arrogant, rich fools are basking in increasing wealth, China built military owned businesses like Costco and started setting them up all over the world and started their "Belt and Road" distribution channel and those rich arrogant fools didn't get it.

"Why, dey is are be smarty pants so China cain't out tink dem."

So now China has the factories for all of the greedy major slaver corporations around the world, she has the technology, and her people are trained and experienced at building that stuff, and a global distribution channel and the rich, arrogant, greedy upper class trash slavers still don't get it.

China just seized a British factory that was using China's slave labor to make classified military equipment so the greedy royals can stick more of your tax dollars in their greedy pockets and China can use to upgrade her military at the same time she just happens to be ramping up for war. Gee, what a coincidence.

Boy, was that a sucker punch or what?

That is quite possibly the greatest sucker punch since Rome hired the Goths as mercenaries to fight for her so the Goth troops became the best trained and experienced fighting troops in the world, you know, just before the Goths sacked Rome. Deja vu, baby, the upper class trash NEVER learn but, hey, what do you expect from arrogant fools who have been inbreeding for more than 3,500 years, intelligence?

No, inbreeding does away with intelligence so you won't find any of that among the upper class trash royals.

You think that maybe China now has her distribution channel in place and can now start seizing all of those factories owned by those greedy, rich upper class trash fool slavers?

Now the upper class trash greedy arrogant fools have a widdle problem, how do they get those factories out of China, especially with China having the people trained and experienced at running those factories?

Even if the upper class trash do get those factories out of China or build new factories in the West, they will have to compete with the Chinese government using slave labor so that the Chinese government can take their prices so low they can drive these upper class trash fools out of business and control ALL markets. Oops, me thinks Rome just got sacked again.

But, hey, don't worry about that because the upper class trash are showing that they already have figured that one out. Why, they will just send you peasants off to die fighting the now militarily stronger China to get their factories back, you know, you people they are right now impoverishing with their Chinese slavery to increase their wealth. Don't worry, they will suddenly use some lame excuse like them suddenly "caring about the people in Hong Kong" the upper class trash have been helping China oppress, having freedoms and rights as their noble excuse to send you off in mass to die fighting for their wealth.

An easy prediction is that a bunch of you peasants are about to die fighting because the greedy upper class trash are more greedy than intelligent. Keep an eye on this because, if you don't rise up against the greedy upper class trash soon, you will die fighting China.

The problem you peasants have right now is that, because of the greedy, inbred, arrogant, fool upper class trash, you will now have to fight China no matter what because China now has the factories to build the weapons to fight the rest of the world and the upper class trash ain't getting those factories out of China without first fighting China and China has already ramped up for war.

Have the upper class trash ramped up for war?

No, they have been stuffing that money they have been stealing from you with their taxes in their greedy pockets just like the Romans did just before the Goths sacked Rome. Deja vu, baby. If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

And God said, "There is nothing new under the sun."

You just might want to get ready to die fighting China but you might also want to hang the upper class trash on your way out of town to protect your kids before you die.

Are you ready to die fighting in another world war to increase the wealth of the greedy, power mad, inbred, fool upper class trash? What will this be, WW20 billion? Do you believe me yet that the only thing that will stop the upper class trash and their evil is death?

If you want a real coincidence, did you know that the Goths came from the East, you know, out of Asia?

"Knock, knock."

"Who's there?"

"The Goths II."

Do you believe me yet that the greatest threat to our civilization is our own inbred, greedy, power mad upper class trash?

Capitalism proved it was superior to Marxism when capitalism defeated the Marxist Soviet Union in the late 20th Century.

So what did our intellectually superior upper class trash do?

They converted China to capitalism and our nations to Marxism to increase the upper class trash wealth, control, and power. Yes, they really are that stupid.

Did that make your brain hurt? Do you believe me yet that my farts are smarter than those arrogant fools?

But, hey, don't worry because if the Goths II sack Rome II, you can bet the Chinese will round up and execute all of our inbred, intellectually superior, upper class trash royals who just destroyed our nations that have been protecting them from being sacked by the Goths II because China knows who they ALL are and where they live because China has been bribing them all.

The big question is will the Pentagon do something before it is too late but I am not holding my breath for that because they are also all inbred upper class trash who will be executed with their cousins just before you get executed. Hey, at least we will finally get rid of the upper class trash royals who have been causing almost all of our problems for thousands of years because the arrogant fools just can't be bothered to learn from history.

Hey, who has time to learn from history when they are too busy stealing money from the peasants and each other? What? You expect them to take time from stealing from you and each other to learn from history?

Hey, at least China executing the royals by royal firing squad will be really great "reality TV".

Can't you just see Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Bezos, Kruella, Fauci, Grisham, Cooper, Stetler, Jim Carey, Barbara Streisand, Hanoi Jane, Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth, Soros, Obama, all of these slick traitor attorneys, and the rest of the royals getting their brains blown out in a Chinese PLA firing squad? Boy, are they going to look smarty pants or what? Do you still think the upper class trash royals are smarter than you?

God said that, if we repent, turn back to Him, and call on His name, He will hear our prayers and come to save our butts but you need to know that He can't hear our prayers, if we don't say our prayers.


I get so fed up with the ignorant people posting about wearing masks on FB. When the lefty trolls are posting, just half an hour to an hour of scrolling can be very depressing.

The one thing they are showing is that they are completely ignorant about the microscopic world. They are completely clueless and making the problem worse with their magic widdle maskie thing.

What the traitor trolls are doing is putting out lies and propaganda to reinforce what the stupid lefties want to believe so the stupid lefties can continue to believe the stuff that makes it possible for the upper class trash to stage their insurrection.

"It just sounds so good it just gots to be true" and "I seen it on TeeBee so it gots to be true." Forget that it has failed everywhere in the world because "We is are be smarter dan dem so we will makes it work."

It has gotten so bad that nothing they believe is true. If they believe anything, it is a lie. I think the lefties are allergic to the truth.

The stupid people profess a belief in communism/socialism while profiting very well from capitalism and trying to force their beloved and failed communism on themselves and us. Yes, they really are that stupid because it makes them feel good.

When it comes to things like COVID 19, I wish they would either go to college and study biology, which most of them cannot even pass freshman level biology, or shut up!!!

It is scientifically impossible for those stupid, worthless dust masks to protect anyone from a super tiny virus. They go right through those masks.

What the arrogant fools are doing is helping spread the disease while virtue signaling about how wonderful they are because "dey is are be making the holy sacrifice of wearing the magic widdle maskies to protect you from them. Why, dey should get sainthood."


No, go see your doctor and find out what they will do if you are contagious.

Will they put a magic widdle dust maskie on you and send you out to virtue signal to the world about how magnificent you are?

No, if they did that, they would go to prison and lose their license to practice medicine for life because they would be spreading the disease.

What they will do is quarantine you for two weeks because that is the ONLY THING that can protect people from a contagious person. Nothing else can work.

If people are wearing masks, if they are telling others to wear masks, if they are telling people to do anything your tyrannical leaders and media are telling you to do, they are showing their scientific ignorance. "Look at me, I am a fool!" Get it straight, they are ignorant, they are fools, they are stupid and have no clue about what to do so they are helping spread the disease. But, hey, that is what your tyrannical leaders want so those evil leaders can keep you scared so they can keep their control over you.


They will not stop this crap until you stand up and make them stop this crap but, first, you have to stop believing their lies and living in fear of their lies. COVID 19 is just the flu, stupid!


For decades, I had thought that we humans had finally become knowledgeable about most things but I now see just how ignorant many people really are and it hurts my brain. I tell you, it is hell knowing as much as I know in a world full of ignorant people called lefties. Geeze, those people are so stupid and they want to force their stupidity on us.

I want my own planet but God wants me to stay here and teach. BELIVE ME, I know how Elijah felt hiding in that cave. Every now and then God shows me that He has other intelligent people fighting back and that helps me keep going with my work but there sure are a lot of stupid people in this world.

I may start calling FB "frustration book". Unfortunately, I have to keep reading it to see what lies and propaganda the trolls are spreading. I often wonder how little those trolls are being paid to sell their souls and their friends to Satan for. You know it isn't much because Satan's spawn are cheap.

Can't you just hear the upper class trash recruiting trolls? "Hey, kid, you want some candy?" You know the upper class trash are paying their stupid trolls from hundreds to thousands of dollars while the upper class trash are making millions and billions of dollars.

Hey, what happened to that lefty equality thingy? Are those fools suckers or what?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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