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Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you that, after the upper class trash have set up their dictatorship or monarchy enough they feel they have the control and power to maintain their dictatorship or monarchy they will turn on each other?

There are numerous examples of the royals doing this but you can also see the same behavior among other tyrants today.

One example is Kimmy Boy of North Korea who already murdered his uncle and older brother and just put out a contract on his older brother's oldest son. He has murdered quite a few people.

Then you have Saddam Hussein who actually put out a film of him purging everyone who helped him gain power and purged regularly during his reign.

Xi of China regularly purges people who are a threat to him.

Then there is the European Feudal System which was more than 500 years of the royals murdering each other for power and greed, often with the royals sending your ancestors off to die fighting for their greed and lust for power.

Proof this is starting to happen and will only get worse with the upper class trash using you for their armies to wage war against each other is the accelerating "civil war" within the left or Commierat Party.

You have to understand that when evil, power mad tyrants gain absolute power, they get extremely paranoid because they know that no one can trust a traitor so they can't trust those who helped them betray their people and nation. The rule for survival is that, if you will betray your nation and people to help me get into power, you will betray me to put yourself or others in power in place of me.

No one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor.

The left is right now taking us back to the Feudal System in which they constantly murdered and waged war against each other, murdering untold numbers of our ancestors in their wars for power and wealth. They are right now forcing us all to repeat that terrible history because of their greed and lust for power.

I have been warning you about this for more than a decade now.

Big Government

If you don't understand what a big government does to small businesses, just watch this video because he gives you a very good sampling of the nightmares a big government causes for small businesses.

The problem is that, when you have a big government, you have too many people with too much time and power who will eventually enjoy bullying other people because they can.

I told you years ago that even the left admitted that they could easily do without more than half of the people in our government and it is even worse today. We probably need to get rid of at least 2/3 to 3/4 of our government employees and regulations plus we need to return to a simpler and easier to control government.

The primary responsibility of the government is to protect good people, not bully or terrorize them.


You want to get an idea of how corrupt this nation is, just watch this video that shows the many fights this one organization is waging to clean up just some of the corruption. This does not include ALL of our government corruption.

Know that the only reason anyone will refuse to fight to clean up corruption is because they use and/or are that corruption. Notice just how many groups this organization has to take to court because those groups are refusing to clean up their corruption.

That is just a little of how corrupt our governments are.

Do you believe me yet that the lefties are destroying our republic with their corruption?

Notice that he also tells us about the ignorance of many politicians concerning governing a nation and knowing about its laws.

Those people don't know what they are doing and are just doing what their owners tell them to do. They are just a bunch of ignorant puppets.

And you call that a government? Really?

Also, remember that I have been telling you about how corrupt our DAs and courts are?

The DOJ just made it very clear that the upper class trash are above the law by refusing to prosecute Cuomo for the crimes he committed. If Fauci doesn't get prosecuted, it will be even more obvious and make the people even more angry at these attorneys and judges.

History teaches that, when this rebellion against the upper class trash reaches a point to where the people start storming the castles, some of the people will go hunting those corrupt attorneys, judges, and college professors. These corrupt people will find out the hard way that they are not above the law and their necks can stretch just as long as everyone else's necks.


You know how Hollywood just loves the communism of Commiefornia and is always supporting it?

Irony of ironies, this video shows that lefty Hollywood is leaving Commiefornia and moving to New Mexico and I don't consider this good news for my state because it will just make my state more blue or communist.

What? Why are they fleeing their communist state they helped turn blue?

I thought Hollywood loved their communism and high taxes. Surprise, surprise.

Remember this the next time one of those Hollywood commies tells you how wonderful their communism is.

Note that the commies here just love this but that is just people selling out our state for money.

Feral Cats

I am seeing an increase in efforts to kill off all free roaming feral cats, you know, when they are finding increasing cases of Yersinia Pestis in and around our cities.

When Yersinia Pestis goes pandemic because we have pandemic rodent populations because the left persists in killing off free roaming feral cats, just remember who caused the pandemic.

They are determined to kill you off one way or another and they don't care how.

Everything Will Be Made Known

I told you before that God both promised and warned us that EVERYTHING will be made known.

Last night I was trying to explain to my granddaughter how her mother could not possibly understand how sick I got just because she got sick once or twice and, of course, I continued to think about it after I got home and through the night.

I realized that I probably couldn't entirely understand how sick I got because the doctors had told me with their words and actions that they couldn't understand how sick I got. The professionals who were there and involved couldn't understand how sick I got so how could anyone else understand just because they got sick a few times?

Then I thought about the combat veterans who can't get others to understand about what combat was like, where you spent weeks, months, and years immersed in total combat fighting for your life with bullets snapping by your head by the hundreds and thousands with explosions going off all around you day and night and your friends being torn apart and killed next to you so that the veterans finally give up trying to explain and then just refuse to talk about it at all because others not understanding is just frustrating and it really is frustrating to try to explain what you have been through and others don't understand, especially when they keep changing the subject to something more pleasant because they just don't want to hear it, so, after a while, you just shut up.

Then God let me know that, on Judgment Day, EVERYONE will understand EVERYONE because those angels who wrote every second and thought of your life into your books were there and lived through that experience with you and they will be the ones reading every second and thought of your life to everyone from Adam and Eve to the last person born. The other people will ALL know every second and thought of your life and know exactly what you went through so you will finally get relief and true understanding by everyone.

I wonder just how many times we will hear from their friends and families such things as, "I didn't know," or "I didn't understand"?

Then God let me know that every evil leader who has caused harm to people will have the truth made known why they really caused that harm. The soldiers who suffered, were wounded, or died in their wars to make those evil leaders more wealthy and powerful will find out the truth about why they were sent to war. All of these evil, greedy, power mad politicians destroying people's lives for wealth and power and not for medical or scientific reasons will be made known to those who they caused harm and everyone else.

Understanding human behavior, I cannot help but believe that, when these evil people are made known to the people they caused harm to, those people will become overcome by rage and attack those evil people in mass beating the living crap out of them, keeping in mind that we will all be immortal so you won't be able to kill them, just beat the living crap out of them.

I believe it is possible that God will even permit the victims to beat the living crap out of the people who caused them harm for at least a little while so the victims can get justice against those evil people. If God does, then it is going to get very interesting and even fun watching all of these evil people who have done so much harm to so many people get what they deserve from the people they caused the harm to. Now that would be true justice for the victims and something the evil people should think about.

Hey, maybe I can start a business renting baseball bats to the victims?

Can you see all of these evil people, especially "the great leaders" getting the crap beat out them by their victims? Could you just see people like Xi, Pelosi, Schumer, the Clintons, Kruella, Alexander the Great, the Khan, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Che, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Bezos, Newsom, Grisham, Macron, Cooper, Stetler, and all of the others getting the living crap beat out of them for the evil they have done? How many soldiers who died for their leaders lies will beat the crap out of those leaders for their lies? How many religious leaders who lied to their people for wealth and power will get the crap beat out of them by their people?

God has let me know that EVERYONE will get justice that day and not just God. Any way you look at it, none of the evil people who have intentionally caused others harm are going to like the end results or fruits of their works.

I look forward to Judgment Day and, if you are a victim of evil people, so should you because you will get justice against those people on that day. We will ALL get our day in God's court without slick attorneys or bribed judges to help the evil people get away with their crimes against us. Even those slick attorneys and bribed judges are going to get justice for their crimes against the people.

God made it very clear in the Bible that no one is above God's Law when he held even Moses and Aaron accountable for the crimes they committed. EVERYONE will get justice on that day.

Also remember that Jesus said, "To whom much is given, much is required and, to whom little is given, little is required," meaning that the rich and powerful will have it worse because more will be required of them so their punishment will be greater.

Judgment Day will be one extremely interesting day. God will take care of all of our problems and issues on that day. No stone will be left unturned, not even a pebble.


I have been watching the tyranny in Australia and some of their leaders are easily some of the worst tyrants in the Western world. The leaders have been brutal with their lockdowns. If they have just one person with COVID 19 in their state, it is a full lockdown by their leaders.

The thing is that those leaders could easily be lying about even just one actual case and just be lying to maintain control and power over the people, destroying their people's lives.

Some of the Australians have finally had a enough and have started protesting in their streets with their police supporting the evil tyrants, you know, "just following orders" and "just doing their job" just like Hitler's Gestapo and SS.

None of the people in any nation will get their freedoms and lives back until they get mad enough to stop fighting their traitor cops in the streets and start storming their tyrants' castles, dragging those tyrants out into the streets for a little designer tar and feathers and a free ride on the freedom swing, you know, a rope in the trees. These evil tyrants are making it very clear that they will not stop until the people kill them.

The people are finally reaching the point to where they have less to loose and more to gain by rebelling and the stupid tyrants don't get it so they just keep causing the people to lose more and more until the people have nothing to lose and everything to gain by rebelling and taking off the upper class trash heads. The upper class trash are showing that they are determined to keep increasing their tyranny until they end up swinging in the trees and kicking in the breeze.

The cops need to know, that, after this is over, the people will bring those cops to trial for their acts of treason by those cops forcing the upper class trash tyranny on the people and the people WILL NOT accept "just doing their jobs" or "just following orders" as a valid defense. History proves that those cops who are enforcing the tyranny on the people will hang from the same gallows as the leaders will.

None of these arrogant, greedy, power mad fools have learned from history and they will force us and themselves to relive the worst of history, which won't end well for them.


Do you want to see just how lousy some of these attorneys are, you know, the ones making the big bucks with the high profile cases?

In 1967 the US Supreme Court ruled that the laws must be enforced equally and fairly. This means that what goes for one, goes for all.

The attorneys for the 1/6 people can't get their cases dropped in spite of the fact that a few years ago, BLM and Antifa took over the Capitol Building much more violently than what happened on 1/6 and almost none of them were arrested or prosecuted. Therefore, they must let the 1/6 people go because to hold and/or prosecute them when the feds didn't hold or prosecute the more violent BLM people who took over the Capitol Building, is unconstitutional and these attorneys are too stupid to figure that one out.

For them to prosecute the 1/6 people and not the BLM people is not equal or fair prosecution.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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