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This video shows me a number of things. The title for this video is "The World Is Waking Up - Things That Need To Be Seen", you know, God is opening eyes just like I told you.

First, people are revolting against this blatantly obvious tyranny all over the world so the upper class trash's globalism is failing massively on a global basis.

Second, the upper class trash are not as smart as they like to think they are and most people are not as stupid as the upper class trash like to think they are.

Third, the upper class trash have gone too far and are too stupid to figure it out so they just keep trying to go the rest of the way to absolute power and tyranny, which just keeps making the people more and more angry and rebellious.

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you how corrupt the upper class trash are, there are a lot of them, and they have corrupted just about everything now?

This video gives you a glimpse into just one area of their corruption and shows how so many of them are corrupt. When they get into ANY position of power or authority, their attitude is "Now it is my turn to sack, pillage, and plunder."

They do not see a position of power and authority as being a responsibility but as being THEIR opportunity to enrich themselves.

Judgment Day will be a real eye opener when everyone finds out about all of these liars telling us they are doing things for "the common good" when they are really doing it for their good and at our expense.

After more than half a century of watching their evil corruption at everyone else's expense, I am so fed up with their corruption.

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash are above the laws you must abide by?

This video shows that very well.

And you think they don't think they are royals and act like royals?


Surprise, surprise, Biden is getting the same results for doing the same thing that Obama did in Iraq. The problem is that it is very unlikely that Biden will reverse his actions to diminish the results the way Obama did and it still wasn't enough.

Biden suddenly and stupidly pulling the US troops from Afghanistan after Congress tying our troops hands so badly for more than a decade so they couldn't defeat the terrorists is already causing Muslims everywhere to believe they too can defeat the US by simply wearing the US down.

An easy prediction is that this will just increase terrorism against the West and especially the US. This will just cause more problems for the US and West just like the Commierats have been causing since the Korean War.

It was only under Reagan and Trump that these bad guys respected the US. Now we have absolutely no respect, are seen as an easy target, and things will just get worse.

One of God's warnings for those who turn away from God was that nation's troops would flee from a blowing leaf, you know, just like we have been doing for most of the time since WWII.

Upper Class Trash

The upper class trash plans are not only failing but are back lashing big time against them for their evil crimes.

For a few examples, Newsom is being recalled with it looking increasingly like he will lose, Whitmer had her emergency powers rescinded by the state legislature, Cuomo is resigning, probably after making a deal to keep from being prosecuted for his crimes, there is now a petition demanding that New Mexico's evil Governor Grisham also resign, Fauci is under investigation and getting deeper in trouble by the day, things keep getting worse for Biden and Kruella, and CNN is looking more like a sinking submarine than a ship.

Man plans, God laughs.

Just remember that, in the end, God wins.


The lying lefty media, politicians, and others keep telling us that the vaccines are free but they are not free because the chemical companies are being paid by your tax dollars and they are paid by the dose. Those chemical companies ARE NOT just giving out those vaccine doses for free, they would lose too much money.

The more people who get those vaccines, the more money those chemical companies make, which is why the lefties keep trying to get more of you to get vaccines. Of course the corrupt chemical companies will bribe those lefties to pressure or force you to get vaccinated so those chemical companies will make more money. That is also why they have come up with a plan to force you to get vaccinated with "booster shots" every year for the rest of your life.

Hey, the doctors and hospitals also make more money if they vaccinate more people.

Hey, the chemical companies and the people they are bribing have used fear to create what we call a "cash cow" and they want to keep that baby alive and milk it forever to increase their profits forever.

It is largely about the money and the lefties have created a number of ways to keep making money as long as they can keep enough people terrified enough of COVID 19, you know, like forcing everyone to buy masks.

God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

Now, do you understand what this is REALLY all about?

It has NOTHING to do with your health, protecting you, and anything but their greed and lusts for power and control.


Remember that I have been telling you that we have a lot of bad college professors, not all but too many?

I got this from Newser via CenturyLink by Evann Gastaldo:

"A college professor was charged Tuesday with what the Sacramento Bee calls an 'arson spree' in Northern California, near the massive Dixie Fire. Gary Stephen Maynard, 47, who has worked at multiple colleges in the state, was arrested Saturday.

'Over the course of the last several weeks, Maynard has set a series of fires in the vicinity of the Lassen National Forest and Shasta Trinity National Forest,' an assistant US attorney wrote in a detention memo, going on to note that Maynard allegedly set at least one fire near the still-not-contained Dixie Fire, which engulfed the entire town of Greenville last week."

Listen, people, a college degree, not even a doctorate, doesn't make you a saint. Everyone with a college degree, even a doctorate and even college professors and MDs, is human and there are good humans and bad humans, therefore, there are good college graduates and professors and bad college graduates and professors. Never forget that.

Always remember that, following the Nuremberg Trials, they hung 200 MDs who tortured and murdered people in the Nazi death camps for the crimes they committed against humanity. Also remember that Fauci has caused harm to more people (more than 150 million) than all 200 of those doctors COMBINED, knowingly killing tens of thousands with his lies.


The Texas House Speaker has signed the arrest warrant for all of those Democrat members of their legislature who broke the law by leaving the state to prevent the legal passage of a law. Good, someone is finally holding at least some of our corrupt politicians accountable for their crimes.

Too many of our corrupt politicians think they are above the law because they are politicians, especially but not limited to Commierats. You know, they think they are American royalty and don't have to live by the same laws as you lowly, inferior peasants have to live by.

NO ONE should be above the law and God made that very clear with Moses and Aaron. When your government officials are above the law, you have a very terrible corrupt government that God WILL bring down.


God has been showing me things about what is coming and I have been teaching you about the most important things to help you prepare for those things.

One of the unpleasant things they don't teach you about war within your nation is that, when you get dead bodies lying around for days or weeks waiting to be buried, you get pandemics of the organisms that feed on dead bodies.

Remember that biology law I taught you that says, if you increase the food supply for a species, that species population will grow?

If you increase the food supply for organisms, you know, like flies, coach roaches, and rodents, that tend to feed on dead humans, their populations will grow to pandemic levels.

Now, when those populations grow, it will increase the food supply for free roaming feral cats and other organisms that prey on those organisms so their populations will temporarily grow but they, like all predators, tend to lag behind in growth to their prey, which is to prevent the over growth of the predator populations to where they wipe out their prey and themselves. God designed things much better than most people realize.

For those places like the big cities where the dead bodies will stack up the most, you kind of might want to start preparing because the war has already started and is just accelerating right now. Any day, one event or "catalyst" can set our war into full fledged shooting and start stacking up ye ole dead bodies with no one being able to pick up and bury those bodies for weeks, especially in the big cities.

This also means that, any day now, the pest populations that feed on those dead bodies will also start growing and they grow very fast because, for most organisms, they can reproduce at rates of from 200 to more than 1,000 offspring PER FEMALE. Most cock roach species reproduce at a rate of about 200 to 400 offspring per female so that, if you have 5 females, you can quickly have from 1,000 to 2,000 cock roaches. But, hey, not to be outdone, some fly females can produce up to 1,000 offspring per female and some of them bite and suck blood worse than mosquitoes and all of these pests can carry deadly diseases.

Here in Alamogordo, the fly problem got really bad this year with two very annoying types of flies (out of dozens of types), one that attacks your eyes, nose, mouth, and ears and another that bites and sucks blood. My daughter was even asked a very telling question by a fellow worker, "Why don't you have lots of flies in your house?" you know, meaning like everyone else they know.

Even the mosquitoes got bad in this high desert after our seasonal rains started and we must have a dozen types of mosquitoes.

It got so bad that I would spend most of my time at the computer fighting and swatting flies and mosquitoes so I researched and bought some mosquito netting for about $8 I could wear at my puter but you have to wear it over a hat because, where ever it touches the skin, they can still bite you through it.

Then one night about 3 or 4 days ago, I got dozens of biting flies in my bedroom and they woke me up with my legs hurting, burning, and itching really bad. I fought them for several nights before I researched and bought a mosquito netting for my bed for only $39 with side guards that prevent you from being bitten when your hands or feet touch the netting while you are sleeping.

I also decided to get a "bug zapper" for only $33 to kill the flies, mosquitoes and other flying pests 24/7 but to also position it so it will draw the pest from my puter area, my bedroom, and away from me in my kitchen. I picked a place in my trailer where the UV light will shine in all but one room, which I use for storage, to draw the pests to the area where the bug zapper will be. It is supposed to be effective for up to 2,000 feet so, from the middle of my 80 foot long trailer, 40 feet should be no problem.

It was about that time that God caused me to realize that I need to warn you about what will be coming with this war that I am certain no one else is warning you about. I mean, who wants to talk to you about gross stuff like what eats dead human bodies, right?

One thing you should be concerned about is that, when these pests get used to the taste of dead humans, they will naturally become much more aggressive in attacking live humans so you need to protect yourselves and your children.

For day wear, you will need a wide brim hat you can put the mosquito netting over with long sleeve shirts (not thin dress shirts, which everything bites right through) and under them you will need long sleeve T-shirts, with light gloves that have full fingers like winter cycling gloves or other sports gloves, blue jeans to protect your legs, maybe with light sports long Johns underneath, and with mid to high top boots to protect your feet and ankles or things are going to be very unpleasant. This war is going to be unpleasant enough as it is so don't make it more unpleasant.

You need to get prepared before things get nasty or you will find yourself waiting in a very long line with a shortage on everything. You need to know and think about a lot of problems you will be facing that you know none of these preppers or prepper videos are preparing for.


I see so many Christians who have been brainwashed to believe we are supposed to be tolerant of pagan's sins or crimes against God's Laws in spite of the fact that God tells us repeatedly in the Bible that, if we do not stand against the sins of others, then you are complicit in their sins.

I have one question for all of you Christians who believe the tolerance crap.

On Judgment Day, how tolerant do you think God will be of their sins?

God will have zero tolerance of their sins on Judgment Day and will condemn them to eternal damnation AND you being tolerant of their sins now is you not warning them about this, which means you will be complicit in their crimes against God's Law and them being eternally damned. Their eternal damnation will be partly your fault because you didn't warn them.

Also, your tolerance of their sins makes it easier for them to seduce your children into also committing those same crimes against God's Laws and you will also be partly responsible for everyone of them who end up getting eternal damnation.

That is worse than knowing a bridge is out on a dark, rainy night while walking away from that bridge and not trying to warn the people driving towards that bridge. You will be partly responsible for their deaths because you didn't even try to warn them. If you try to warn them and they don't listen, then you will not be complicit in their crimes.

It is our responsibility to warn the pagans that God will not be tolerant of their crimes on Judgment Day, not even one crime.

Yeah, I know, you don't want to have a confrontation with them so you just ignore and tolerate their crimes against God's Laws so you will have your confrontation with God on Judgment Day as to why you didn't warn them.

Besides, how do you think those people will feel about you on Judgment Day when they find out you were supposed to warn them to keep them from eternal damnation and you didn't?

You also need to understand that being Christian is you trying to be Christ like and Christ is not tolerant of their crimes, therefore, for you to really be Christ like, you can't be tolerant of their crimes either. If you are being tolerant of their crimes, you are NOT being Christ like and not acting like a Christian should act.

The ugly truth is that tolerance is an act or behavior of Satan so that, when you are being tolerant of people's sins, you are being satanic or Satan like, which would make you a Satanist, not a Christian.

So, who do you try to be like in life, Christ or Satan?

Think about that one because God will confront you about it on Judgment Day.

Will God be able to tell you, "Well done, my good and faithful servant"?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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