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Population Density Stress

You have seen me mention population density stress repeatedly but what is it?

The nutshell definition is that it is the more dominant organisms of a species protecting an area or turf to "manage" the food supply within that turf area to prevent famine and to also prevent pandemic populations of their food supply and them that can cause species extinctions.

You will find that population density stress is directly related to but inversely proportional to their food supply meaning that, when the food supply increases in an area, the population density stress decreases and, when the food supply decreases in the same area, the population density stress increases.

Basically, it is a way that God programmed organisms to protect their food supply that we humans are too stupid to have programmed into organisms and definitely could not have happened by accident and coincidence because, without it, the organisms would have all over populated, destroyed the food supply, caused famine, and caused a complete biological die off or extinction, therefore, it had to be programmed into all animals from the start.

What happens is that, if the food supply decreases or the feeding population increases above the carrying capacity or ability of that food supply to feed that population, the more dominant members of that population will drive off and even kill the weaker members to control their population in relation to the food supply to prevent famine and extinction.

But, if the food supply increases or the population decreases, permitting their food supply to significantly increase, the dominant organisms will almost stop chasing off weaker organisms to increase the feeding on the food supply to prevent pandemic populations of that food supply, which can cause a famine within that food supply because that food supply will quickly deplete their own food supply or a disease gets into the food supply and quickly spreads through it, which can cause a biological die off of the food supply, which will cause famine within the feeding population and even extinction.

I know that is complex so, if necessary, read it through a few more times.

Understanding this, what should it tell you when you see pictures of dozens of free roaming feral cats in someone's back yard in a big city?

It should tell you that there is a very massive pandemic population of bugs and rodents in that city that can cause a very severe disease pandemic for the humans. That city has a very severe biological problem that can kill many to most of its residents and, in some cases, even wipe out the entire city population.

Now, the normal "knee jerk" response to this in the US is that "we must grab a bunch of toxic chemicals and mechanical devices to kill off those pandemic populations", which has been brainwashed and programmed into us by ye ole chemical companies so they can make more money selling you more of their chemicals.

The ugly truth is that we have changed from depending on free roaming feral cats to control those rodent and bug populations naturally to using chemicals and mechanical devices more than 100 years ago and the rodent and bug populations are now much worse with them all being pandemic.

What should that tell you?

That should tell you that those chemicals and mechanical devices have not worked and have actually caused the growth of those organisms and made the pest control industry very wealthy. Hey, baby, they don't want the rodent and bug populations to be below epidemic levels so you will keep paying them to bring those populations back down below epidemic levels. It is called job security.

I already explained to you in detail why but it is because the rodents tend to develop immunities to the chemicals and they are intelligent, learn, adapt, and survive, you know, "don't touch that, it kill Harry and don't touch this, it killed Bob."

I also explained to you that free roaming feral cats do work because the rodents and bugs don't develop an immunity to jaws and claws and the house cats also are intelligent so that they also learn, also adapt, and keep killing the rodents and bugs.

In a nutshell, that is the essence of population density stress and I realize it may be a little complex for some people but, if you read it through enough times, you will understand it because I kept it as simple and short as possible.

Now you can see a very, very tiny bit of the brilliance of God and the stupidity of man. God's system works, ours doesn't.

Enemy Within

I really hate these RINOs because they are not just the enemy within your gates, like the Commierats, but they are the enemy within your home.

I got this from Newser via CenturyLink by Bob Cronin:

"In an address delivered on hallowed ground for the GOP-the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California-former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told the Republican Party it needs to turn away from the direction Donald Trump has taken it and stop "this lying." Republicans should accept the results of last year's presidential election, he said, and "renounce the conspiracy theories," CBS reports."

So, what is going on here?

Everyone who has been paying any attention knows that Christie is extremely corrupt, Trump was cleaning up that corruption, which was costing Christie a lot of illegal money so Christie is trying to prevent Trump and company from regaining control and costing Christie a lot more illegal money.

It is called selling out the American people or treason. The people need to vote Christie and his cronies out of office FOREVER! He has no good intentions for anyone except himself and his bank account.

All government corruption should be classified as treason and a capital crime because they are selling out their people for the love of money.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

What should that tell you?

That Christie is evil.

Red Zones

Remember that I told you years ago that God showed me in a dream that we will have safe zones to protect us from the left when they gain control of our government with their insurrection and that Southern New Mexico, where I am, will be one of those safe zones?

Yesterday I found out that the county I live in, Otero County in New Mexico (a blue state), voted unanimously to be a Constitutional sanctuary county protecting its people from the unconstitutional mandates of our power mad Nazi queen governor.

This morning I was thinking about this when I realized that God had just fulfilled that prophecy by making this county a safe zone just like in the dream God gave me and then I realized that ALL of these red counties that are making themselves Constitutional sanctuaries throughout the US are also making themselves safe zones or red zones to protect their people during this mess the lefties and Muslims are making and especially during the brief period of time while the Muslims will be in control under Obama.

Then I also realized that this is ALSO the "Mexican standoff" God told me about. That standoff is already in place and growing but it is not just a military standoff but is also a political and legal standoff because these red counties are also separating themselves from the tyrants politically and legally while the law enforcement, military, and militias are doing so militarily.

That prophecy is not something that might happen or will happen in a few weeks, months, or years but is something that has been happening at an increasing rate now for more than a year in blue states like Oregon and Virginia and now in New Mexico. I am now waiting for the rest of the red counties in New Mexico to do the same to protect their people from this tyranny.

Then I realized that most of the prophecies God gave me are taking place right now. There are only a few that are not taking place or have already taken place and I see things moving towards them also happening.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

It is only a matter of time and the rest of those prophecies will also happen just like God told me.

It is an interesting experience when you believed and trusted in God enough to write the prophecies He gave you to write, which takes more than just a wee bit of faith, you have to wait years and even more than a decade for them to come true, knowing that most people got to the point to where they were thinking, "Nah, those things won't happen. Carl is full of crap", and then you are living those prophecies knowing that those same people are now thinking, "Holy crap, they are happening!"

With the really bad stuff God showed me, I can't wait for them to be over with. Judgment Day is my day, when all of this evil crap will have finally come to an end and the wicked will be punished for the harm they caused everyone so they can never harm anyone again. Every day that day gets one day closer.


This video tells us about "new revelations" concerning Saudi officials helping the 9/11 terrorists.


We knew right after 9/11 that Saudi Arabia helped the terrorists in part because Bin Laden was from a very rich and powerful Saudi family. We also knew that some people in Saudi Arabia continued to finance and help Bin Laden for years after 9/11. Bush made some sort of secret deal with the Saudis that, if they helped us, he wouldn't invade their nation.

I felt that was one of the first mistakes he made of many but this is about something else.

Why, after two decades, are they releasing this intel again?

Clearly something is up and my guess is that they are using it to justify dumping Saudi Arabia as an "ally" for Iran so you need to keep an eye on it.

Remember that Obama later dumped Saudi Arabia for Iran and gave significant help to Iran in spite of the fact that we knew that Iran was also waging a terrorist war against the West?

Remember that Obama gave the terrorist training and supporting nation of Iran 150 billion dollars in cash?

That is my first guess at why they are releasing this intel again at this time. The upper class trash want to make buds with Iran and Shiite Islam. I think it probably has something to do with the Shiite Muslims in Iran believing that Babylon is the most holy city and not Mecca and that they need to rebuild Babylon as their global capitol city, which fits with the end time predictions of both the Bible and the Occult.

Remember that I told you that the upper class trash, including the Vatican and British Royal Family, purchased land where they plan on building the modern city of Babylon or "Mystery Babylon" next to ancient Babylon?

The Sunni Muslims of Saudi Arabia oppose this move and don't think Babylon should be rebuilt. Basically, the Saudis are in the way of the globalists plans.

Keep an eye on this because it seems just a wee bit suspicious.

I get the feeling that this is a move to inadvertently fulfill Bible prophecy by beginning building Modern or Mystery Babylon into the global capitol for their global dictatorship. Remember that it is Iran that really controls both Iraq and Syria and not Saudi Arabia. Therefore, Iran controls the building of Modern Babylon for being the global capitol and the lefties just got to have their global dictatorship.

"Hey, look at this, Iran isn't our enemy, Saudi Arabia is."

I think you are about to see some really big time fulfillment of end time Bible prophecy.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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