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Vaccine Mandate

Did you know that the members of Congress and their staff are exempt from Biden's vaccine mandate? What should that tell you?

That the vaccine is not meant to be good for you but is meant to harm or eventually kill you. That is the only reason I can think of for Congress and their staff being exempt from the vaccine mandate.

Hey, if the vaccine is good for you, why doesn't Congress want to be required to get it? Wouldn't they want to be the first to get it?

Also, increasing numbers of medical workers are suing because of these vaccine mandates and them not wanting to get the vaccine.

That should tell you that they know something is wrong with these vaccines.

You should be asking why Congress, their staff, and medical workers don't want to take the vaccine. That should be a red flag to everyone.

BTW, the CDC website says that 94% of deaths for COVID 19 had an AVERAGE of 2.9 co-morbidities or other medical problems. That is high, people, very high. That average means that many of them had half a dozen or more other medical problems stressing their immune systems.

Remember that I taught you about how every illness or medical problem does what we call "stressing" your immune system so your immune system can't properly respond to any new ailment?

This is because your immune system can only put out so many molecules per day and, if it is already "stressed" or putting out close to its maximum number of potential molecules per day, it would not be able to put out enough molecules to fight off another disease and you will probably die from that disease, even from diseases that normally don't kill people.

This should tell you that, if you have any other medical problems, including but not limited any types of smoking or vaping or recreational drugs or STDs from committing adultery, you are much, much more likely to die from COVID 19. The potential mortality isn't just about age, it is about health.

If you take care of your body, your body takes care of you but, if you abuse your body, especially with recreational drugs of ANY KIND or STDs from adultery, you are killing yourself when the next bad disease comes along and, people, the true mortality rate for COVID 19 is very low. Without those additional medical problems, most of those people would not have died.

So, who is most likely to die from COVID 19 or ANY OTHER potentially deadly disease?

The lefties who abuse their bodies for physical pleasure like drugs and adultery. You know, Satan's spawn and not God faithful.

Also, they don't like to tell you this because they hate sports and exercise but proper exercise builds your immune system stronger and the better the shape you get into, the stronger your immune system gets.

I have already showed you that with myself. The only reason my body has not failed me is because God caused me to use bicycle racing to get my body into a very high level of fitness, which developed a very bullet resistant immune system, not bullet proof, but bullet resistant.

Also, COVID 19 is an RNA based flu virus, that is all, and all flu viruses attack lung tissue so the healthier your lung tissue, the less likely you are to get seriously ill or dead from any flu virus, including COVID 19. If you inhale any type of chemicals into your lungs, you are doing lung tissue damage.

When they tested me, they told me that both my cardiovascular and cardio respiratory systems were healthier and stronger than BETTER than 90% of the people in the US because of my fitness development caused by my bicycle racing.

What should that tell you?

That better than 90% of you are more likely to die from COVID 19 than I am, which means, I don't even worry about it, even with my current medical problems because, before I got that virus from my second ex-wife, which almost killed me and would have killed almost all of you, I was a good steward for God and took very good care of the body He has loaned me to use here on Earth.

If you abuse it, you lose it.

If you think the drugs you are taking for fun or doctors are having you take so they get kickbacks from the chemical companies are not causing harm to your bodies, then look at the cheater athletes who use performance enhancing drugs to win. In spite of the fact that they are developing their bodies to very high fitness levels, they are dropping dead like flies, some as young as in their 20's and 30's.


Because the performance enhancing drugs are causing them more harm than the exercise is doing good and killing them.

Remember, that good exercise makes your body bullet resistant, not bullet proof.

Be the good steward and take good care of the body God has loaned you while you are here on Earth and that body will take good care of you. God told you how to take care of that body with His Laws.

When you understand all of that, only the fool will hate God's Laws.

Remember that I told you and gave you examples of the science in the Bible and God's Law?

A great example is that God said you are supposed to work 6 days a week and rest one day and you have to understand that, at that time, almost everyone did physical labor or what we would call exercise when they worked. No one sat at computers all day getting almost no exercise.

In my studies and use of the sports sciences I found that training 6 days a week and resting one day was perfect and helped a person to improve fastest. Gee, what a coincidence.

Gee, you mean God knows how to properly manage the bodies He designed and built?

Better than anyone.

Then God forbade having sex with animals and drinking their blood.


Because other animals have organisms inside them that cause harm to human bodies but not those animals and, if you have sex with those animals or drink their blood, you get those organisms.

A great example is syphilis, which is normal in sheep and doesn't cause sheep any harm but devastates the human body.

How did we get syphilis into the human race as a sexually transmitted disease?

Because all pagan cults teach having sex with animals is a good thing and/or they drink animal blood as part of their religious rituals. The Catholic Church teaching people to drink the blood of their sacrificial sheep is a holdover from the church's pagan days and gives people syphilis.

ALL of our sexually transmitted diseases that kill millions of people around the world come from either having sex with animals or drinking their blood and then are passed around between humans via adultery, you know, 3 things the Bible tells you not to do.

People, living by God's Law can save your life. Hating God's Law because it "oppresses you" will probably kill you.

You should be learning right now that God has reasons for everything He put into His Law because you should be able to see the problems that are being caused by people who hate God's Law.

When I read God's book, I see science everywhere. 3,500 years ago, man didn't know that science and humans could not have written those Laws. Proof of that is that ALL manmade pagan cults violate those Laws. Only a being with vastly superior intelligence could have written those laws and paganism proves it.

Guess what?

Violating those Laws today will cause just as much harm to your body and kill you just as dead.

I wonder how many of those "co-morbidities" were STDs caused by adultery?


I just got this from Newsmax by Fran Beyer:

"The former chief of a secretive Pentagon UFO program has signed a deal for a tell-all on their mysterious and controversial work, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Luis Elizondo, who headed the Department of Defense's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program's effort to study UFOs around the world, signed a book deal with William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins, after a competitive bidding war, according to THR."

If this book reveals classified information and has not been cleared by the Pentagon, the publisher cannot publish it and the officer could go to jail so something must be up with this and you need to keep an eye on it.

My first question is, "Are they about to disclose some classified weapons systems or is this a trick to get you to believe there really are space aliens who will tell you to submit to the absolute rule of our tyrant leaders because dey knoze what is best for you?"

It is supposed to be a "tell all" book but the military doesn't work that way, though it is being reported that Milley "considered" giving classified weapons information to China, which would have been treason. They don't declassify a weapon system unless they have at least one much better weapon system whose existence will remain classified or they just have to make their best weapon system public knowledge by using it because of war.

So, what is he going to "tell all" about? Are they declassifying a very superior weapon system to scare China and North Korea into stopping their aggressive behavior?

Something is up here.


Are they talking about firing Blinken for the Afghan withdrawal to cover for Biden and keep him from being impeached?

"Hey, everybody, it was Blinken's fault and not Joe's fault."

Don't let them distract you from the fact that Biden said he gave the orders, therefore he should bear a significant part of the responsibility.

But, hey, they know the stupid people will fall for it.


Remember that I told you that Obama will form an invasion force to invade and conquer Israel, our ally?

For years I wondered how the good guys in our military would keep from being sent by Obama to invade Israel, especially true Christians? Would they be given a choice to go to Israel? Would that force only be open to volunteers so the good military could stay in the US?

I think what is happening is that God is using this woke crap in the military plus required vaccinations to cause good soldiers to get mad and leave the military. It seems they are leaving in large numbers but I am thinking they are only leaving the units where "career officers" do what they are told to do to keep from losing their jobs and not the units that will stand up to Obama and refuse to help invade Israel.

Keep an eye on this.

Rich Parties

The upper class trash are so arrogant they are now throwing big parties for the rich with hundreds of participants without even trying to hide it. We are seeing pictures of them not even wearing masks telling me that they know the masks don't work and my suspicions about them controlling the spread of the virus are true.

They are proving to you what I have been teaching you and they don't care if you see them acting like the virus is no big deal because they know they have the stupid people scared and obeying. They know that the stupid people will believe and do whatever they say without question.

I was wondering how they would throw a formal ball in the Sears Tower during their fake pandemic and get away with it but, after these parties they are now throwing, there will be no problem. They could easily have that ball any Monday.

Hey, unconstitutional mandates for thee, not for me.

People, the upper class trash are arrogantly mocking you with their lavish parties. THEY don't have to obey their unconstitutional mandates, you lowly peasants do. EVERYTIME they disobey their own unconstitutional mandates, they are mocking you.

Do you believe me yet that most of them are a bunch of arrogant royals who are above their own laws? They behave like spoiled, arrogant royals, don't they? Do you believe me yet that they are the spawn of Satan?

They make me sick. They have no qualms about destroying other people's lives while they openly party on your dime. They are so evil and don't care who they hurt or kill to get what they want. You mean nothing to them. Why, you're just a lowly peasant who is no better than cattle, sheep, pigs, or chickens.

They make it so obvious but the stupid people still don't get it because they dare not question their gods, the royals. Why, they dare not think on their own, that would be blasphemy in their fanatical satanic theocracy.

If the royals told the stupid people to jump off of a cliff or tall building, they would do it without question. There would quickly be human splatter everywhere.

I can understand why Jesus will spew these stupid people out of His mouth. They empower the wicked with their blind obedience and the wicked know it.

There are three groups of people who, together, make tyranny possible; the tyrants, the thugs, and the sheeple. You have to understand that the thugs are anyone who in anyway helps enforce the tyranny such as teachers, college professors, media, celebrities, snitches, law enforcement, military, and physical bullies or terrorists who terrorize the people in some way to force you to submit to the tyranny.


Remember that I told you that it wouldn't be long until the terrorists the upper class trash are bringing here from Afghanistan start staging their terrorists attacks against you?

I am already seeing cases in other nations where the Muslim terrorists from Afghanistan are already attacking and killing people. It didn't take long for that prediction to come true.

People, in Islam it is a good work earning salvation to rape non Muslim women. You better get all of your daughters on IUDs unless you want them carrying rape babies. IUDs are the best and most effective form of birth control your MDs don't like to tell you about because, with the pill, they get kick backs from the chemical companies every month.

With the IUD, they only get paid when they put it in and every few years when they inspect it to make sure it is alright.

The IUD is considered to be even more effective than tubals because tubals often come undone and women get pregnant but the IUD is considered to be almost 100% effective in preventing pregnancy.

Did you know that the IUD goes back to more than 2,500 years ago when the first recorded use was by Greek prostitutes who used smooth river stones for their IUDs?

Just a little history for you.

What the IUD does is put pressure inside the cervix, telling the body the woman is pregnant so she won't ovulate and can't get pregnant.

If I were you, I would get all of my daughters on IUDs. I don't know how many times I have read about girls as young as 5 and 6 years old getting pregnant. You definitely don't want girls that young carrying rape babies because it could kill them. I don't think doctors will put IUDs in girls that young because they probably don't make IUDs for girls that young.

I told you that this is going to get much worse before it gets better. God has to let it get bad enough you will get mad enough to fight back and you are not that mad yet so it is going to get much worse and will even get worse for the period of the war you must fight to stop this evil crap. It is only after you have won that fight that it will get better.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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