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After I posted the last essay, I realized that I need to clarify something. I made it sound like God caused Muhammad to create Islam but what I really said was that God caused Muhammad to create Islam in such a way that he set up the council of 10 to fulfill Bible prophecy so you would know who they are.

Satan caused Muhammad to create Islam to conquer the world and destroy God's people, the Hebrews and Christians. God caused Muhammad to do it in such a way as to fulfill Bible prophecy so anyone who studies the Bible would be able to clearly see who they are and will be. Basically, God was using what Satan was creating against Satan.

Remember that I told you decades ago that Muhammad was illiterate so he used what they called a scribe to write the Koran for him. It was common practice for even leaders like Pharaoh to use scribes to write things for them, especially leaders who were illiterate like Muhammad.

Remember that I told you that it is extremely clear that Muhammad used a Hebrew rabbi for his scribe based on what is in the Koran and the secret Biblical messages the scribe sent to other Hebrews and Christians by what he wrote in the Koran.

Remember that I told you that the Hebrew rabbi was also very clearly a Christian Hebrew based on his knowledge and use of the New Testament.

God used that Christian rabbi to write the Koran and influence Muhammad in such a way that Muhammad would structure Islam so that Islam would fulfill Bible prophecy so that all Hebrews and Christians would know that Islam is the one world government and one world church who will conquer the world during the "7 weeks of Jacob's troubles" or the Tribulation as the Bible prophesied 600 to 2,000 years earlier. That Christian rabbi was sending messages to all Hebrews and Christians warning them about Islam. In so doing, he didn't realize that he was helping form the end time one world government and one world church of the Book of Revelation. God used that Christian rabbi to set things in motion to fulfill end time prophecy.

For 1,400 years, God has been causing those prophecies to be fulfilled to tell you that Islam is the one world government and one world church of the Tribulation and God is accelerating the fulfillment of those prophecies telling you it is going to happen very soon and most Christians today are not getting the message, which is why God has me writing this blog to warn you.


Remember that I told you that his royal highness, King Newsom, would punish the people of Commiefornia for trying to remove him from his throne?

He is doing it and going completely power mad. He is showing his true colors and just how evil he really is.

And you expect the 2022 and 2024 elections to not be rigged? Really? What are you smoking?

This obviously very rigged recall election has consolidated Newsom's power for him so that now he can do as he will to everyone in Commiefornia and you people have not seen evil like you are about to see evil.

What Newsom is trying to do is abuse his power to bully and terrorize Commiefornians into being too afraid to stand up to him again. I told you that Newsom thinks he is their king and everyone should just bow down and submit to his every whim. He is an evil tyrant and he is proving it to everyone right now.

This is why Marxism under any name has never worked and can never work because Marxism requires that you submit yourself to the absolute rule of your leaders and only power mad people will use Marxism and it will always be to get that absolute power.

You commies are about to find out the hard way that your teachers, college professors, media, and others lied to you about your Marxism. It was designed to never work for the middle and lower classes and always work for the corrupt members of the upper class to empower and enrich them at your expense, which is why rich capitalists keep encouraging you to fight for Marxism, it makes them more wealthy at your expense. It's a sucker punch, baby, and you little Marxists are the suckers. Enjoy your Marxism.

Listen, if these rich upper class trash, who keep preaching to you about things like "Income Equality", really wanted to share their great wealth with you, all they would have to do is write you a check.

Where is your check from them? What, the upper class trash "Marxists" didn't send you a check for millions of dollars? They are not paying you as much as they get paid? And you still believe them? How long are you going to keep waiting for that check before you stop believing their lies? Bought ye ole Marxist bridge, didn't you?

Marxist Medicine

New York has started Marxist medicine.

They are replacing doctors and nurses with the National Guard. I hope you New Yorkers won't be needing health care because the National Guard won't be able to help. But, hey, the upper class trash have already taken your medical care aware from your doctors with their unconstitutional and illegal mandates, even though none of them could possibly pass college level biology.

The lefties are now taking medicine back at least hundreds of years because none of them are qualified to practice medicine but they are seizing control of your medical care from your doctors because "it is a medical emergency", for which they have no training and your doctors do but dey is gubinor or president so dey noze whut is best for yuze better dan yuze doctor.

Now they are replacing your doctors with soldiers. You just know that will go well but only if you need some aspirin. If you did what they are doing, you would go to prison.

I just read that some of those hospitals that are firing nurses and doctors for not getting the killer vaccine are closing intensive care units (ICU's) because they don't have enough nurses and doctors. Gee, what a surprise.

Now, why are they using an unconstitutional medical mandate by someone who doesn't have the qualifications to practice medicine to close ICU units? So they won't have enough intensive care units for you when that killer vaccine really starts causing people to drop dead by the millions? Do you still think this is not the worst crime against humanity in history when they are murdering all of YOU off?

One thing I am keeping an eye on is that a lot of rich and famous upper class trash have made a public show of them getting ye ole killer vaccine. A very old trick going back at least half a century is that, when some big shot gets such a vaccine in a public showing to get you to get that same vaccine, they usually get a shot of distilled water called a placebo instead, which is probably what all of these rich and famous people think they are getting when they "publically get ye ole killer vaccine."

I am watching and wondering how many of them think they are getting ye ole distilled water but are really getting ye ole killer vaccine to get rid of them too, you know, a sucker punch by the upper class trash?

Keep an eye on this and we won't know the answer to that until they start dropping dead. Remember that no one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor.


The value of anything, including money, is dependent of supply and demand. If the demand for money is greater than the supply, the value of that money will increase because more people will be trying to get it so people will be less willing to give up the money for anything else but, if the supply is greater than the demand so that it is too easy to get large quantities of that money, then people will be much more willing to give up that money for other things, which will decrease the value of that money.

The value of anything is how much you VALUE that thing. If you don't value that thing, you will be much more willing to give that thing up for something you value more. If you do value that thing, you will be much less willing to give up that thing for something you value less.

By just printing trillions of dollars and giving it out everywhere, the upper class trash are trying to decrease the demand in relation to the supply and decrease the value of the US dollar so more people will give it up for other currencies and things to cause the US dollar to become worthless to destroy the international value of the US dollar and increase the value of other currencies like the British pound.

The only possible reasons why they are so determined to increase the amount of US dollars by 3.5 trillion dollars is to briefly stuff their pockets by sacking the US Treasury and decrease the value of the US dollar by quickly trading their stolen dollars for another currency like the British pound, increasing the demand and value for that currency and decreasing the demand and value for the dollar, which is one reason why I believe the British kept their pound when everyone else in the EU changed to the Euro. I have been watching that suspicious move for some time. The upper class trash British Royals have been planning this coup for a very long time to get their colonies back, baby.

An easy prediction here is that they will destroy the Euro and all other currencies next.

Very clearly, their very determined effort to get their $3.5 trillion spending bill, requiring printing another $3.5 trillion in US dollars, is nothing more than the upper class trash traitors trying to crash the US dollar to make it worthless and make another currency worth the most, probably the British pound to give the British Royals financial control over the international markets because everything will be traded internationally in pounds and not in dollars.

It is only part of the British Royals trying to destroy America to get their colonies back so they can use the resources of those colonies to set up their global dictatorship.

Do you believe me yet that the Euro-American royals want their planet and slaves back?

Keep an eye on this.


Let me share something with you I learned in studying law.

What the upper class trash are doing with their mandates is criminal. Their mandates are unconstitutional because only the legislature is supposed to write law and they are criminal because none of these tyrants are qualified to practice medicine and they are practicing medicine without a license by forcing people to do ANYTHING of a medical nature. Most of them are too stupid to pass freshman level college biology, much less practice medicine.

They ALL have ZERO qualifications to practice medicine or manage a medical emergency by seizing control of your medical care from your doctor without knowing ANYTHING about your medical history. Even an MD doing what they are doing would be committing the crime of malpractice plus they are intentionally committing malpractice by intentionally giving you bad medical advice and orders.

In my opinion, those who know this and continue to knowingly kill people with their illegal mandates should be hung because they are the worst kind of criminals.

EVERYONE who aids them in committing these crimes by helping them illegally enforce these illegal mandates is "complicit" in committing these crimes because they are "aid and abetting" these criminals in the commission of this horrid crime against the people.

Every law officer, every bureaucrat, every politician, every member of every politician's cabinet, every DA, every judge, every member of the military, every member of the media, every college professor or administrator, every public school teacher, every CEO, every troll, every snitch, and everyone else who is helping force these illegal mandates on the people is aiding and abetting in the commission of these horrible crimes against humanity and they should all be prosecuted and either sent to prison or hung for knowingly killing people. COMBINED, they are committing the worst crime in history, far worse than the crimes committed by other criminals like Hitler, Linen, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Che, and all other such criminals and they should NOT get away with this horrid crime, not one of them.

That is the truth about what is going on right now and the most important reason why I am so furious and frustrated with them not being held accountable for their crimes against YOU!!! I am livid with fury over this.

I really hate it when I see cops, DA's, judges, and the military using the excuse they are "just doing their jobs."

NO, THEY ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOBS!!!! Their job is to protect the people not to help oppress, enslave, and murder the people. They are ALL derelict of duty, should be fired, should never be permitted to have a position of power over anyone else ever again, and should either go to prison or be hung. NO, THEY ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOBS!!!! They are complicit in the crimes the upper class trash are committing.

And where are all of the greedy litigation attorneys? Have they suddenly become allergic to money?

The litigation cases against all of these criminals, if done properly, are easy open-and-closed cases and they are not litigating for tens of billions of dollars in damages against these individuals by "piercing the government and corporate veil" to litigate the individuals responsible for these crimes and damages they are causing? Have these idiot attorneys forgotten that they will get 40% of the damages they collect in these cases?

Do you understand why I am so furious and frustrated right now?

No one is doing their job. These criminals should already either be in prison or hung and not still murdering people. Their crimes are so open they are what the law classifies as "public" or "common" knowledge crimes. You could subpoena people from off the street to testify against them in a court of law.

My question is, "when is someone, anyone, GOING TO DO THEIR JOB; arrest, investigate, prosecute, and punish these criminals for their crimes against humanity?" In this case, all of the responsible people not doing their jobs to have already stopped this horrid crime are either complicit or derelict of duty.

You just know that every evil subhuman thing involved in this horrid crime against humanity is going to burn in the Lake of Fire forever, they serve it, and the only reasons why God is permitting this horrid crime to continue is 1) because of your crimes against His Laws and 2) to show you just how evil these things are so you can make an informed decision as to whether to be on their side or on God's side. When all eyes have been opened and everyone has had more than adequate time to choose between good and evil, all Heaven is going to break loose on this planet and most of these evil things will suddenly find themselves burning in Hell.

Personally, I am so furious and frustrated that I cannot wait for that day. At 2 pm on February 2, 1972 I swore an oath that has no expiration date and I am furious and frustrated that I am so sick and poor that I cannot keep that oath to protect my people from these evil subhuman things, except by writing this blog and I pray that it is helping some people.

Dear Lord God, Yahweh/Jesus, please, please, please deliver us out of the hands of our evil, vile spawn of Satan enemies and deliver our evil, vile spawn of Satan enemies into the bowels of Hell where they can never, ever, ever cause harm to anyone again, PLEASE!!!!


Remember that I have been telling you that all of the Common Wealth nations ultimately answer to the British Royal Family?

Did you know that the Australian Navy is called the "Royal Australian Navy" because, ultimately, they answer to the British Royal Family?

They are not your navy, they are the British Royal Navy.

Gee, I wonder why the Australian military is not trying to stop this insurrection? You don't think the insurrection is being staged by the British Royal Family to return Australia to being under the British Royal Family Monarchy, do you?

You have to connect those dots, baby. Pay attention to and question everything.

Based on what I have seen and learned, all their government has to do is declare an extreme national emergency and the Queen can seize control of everything in Australia, returning Australia to being under the absolute control of her monarchy and she gets her colonies and planet back.

What are the royals using this backlog in shipping for?

They are driving up the world food prices so high that you will be forced to beg them for food and then submit to anything they order you to do in order to get food to keep from starving to death. It is global food extortion to gain complete control over you and they don't care how many they murder to get their power and planet back.

Come on, people, there was no shipping backlog until they caused the shipping backlog with their biological warfare attack against you with COVID 19. Before COVID 19, the world was handling even greater shipping with ease and suddenly they can't handle the shipping? Really?

I'm sorry, you are going to have to sell that bridge to someone else because I am not buying it.

Home Schooling

Remember that I keep telling you to home school your children because you cannot trust the public school systems and its teachers?

But what if both parents work and you just can't home school them?

Either one of you quit work to take care of the kids or find someone else who is successfully home schooling their kids and pay them to also home school your kids with their kids.

You use your head to protect your kids from being brainwashed into being little commie robots for the upper class trash.

Remember that I have taught you that you don't ask, "Can I do it?" but you ask, "How can I do it?"

The greatest minds in the world were great mostly because they never asked, "Can I do it?" but asked, "How can I do it?" and then they think and research until they learn how to do it.

Remember that I have taught you from my studies in history, especially the history of science, that most people ask, "Can I do it?" realize they don't know how to do, assume they can't do it, and just give up to never try. The really great minds never ask that question, they always ask, "How can I do it?" which causes them to think and research until they learn how to do and then they just do it because, if you know how to do it, you can almost always do it, unless something like health or finances prevents you from doing it.

Most of you people can give up some expensive toy to help your kids, especially if both of you are working.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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