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Remember that the Queen of England's children tried to remove her to get her out of their way to rule the world? Remember that I have been telling you that evil people never quit, they just regroup, reorganize, and continue?

It was just announced that the Queen has accepted her doctor's "medical advice" to rest so she canceled her trip to Northern Ireland. Gee, what a coincidence so soon after their attempted coup.

Her family probably just went to her doctor and said, "Doc, get rid of her, make it look natural, or we get rid of you."

An easy prediction is that she will soon either retire "because of her health" or die and her son will take the throne. They start with her cancelling trips because of her health to make it not so obvious while she will soon really resign.

I am sure you have heard the old saying that a bad person would sell their own mother? Evil people will murder their own mother and this wouldn't be the first time in history because greedy and power mad people can never be satiated and will always want more wealth and power.

BTW, I figured out why Princess Diana was killed. She had divorced the soon King of England, had custody of her two children, and the Queen didn't like the way she was raising her children so they snuffed Diana's butt and grabbed the kids to raise them up to be good little tyrants and ye ole Queen is now paying for it because those two boys learned to be little tyrants too well.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

The Queen's sins are now finding her out because even the Queen of England is not above God's Law.

BTW there is a new book out that could possibly end that lefty hate show, "The View". It seems their sins are about to find them out too.

It is fun to watch evil people get some of their own wickedness, after causing harm to so many people. It reminds you that there really is a God and He really does get justice but He is "long suffering and patient" so it takes a while but when He finally does, ye ole axe comes smashing down.


They just found a knight's sword encased in marine growth a little ways off the coast of Israel at the bottom of the sea with other items indicative of a sunken ship.

They consulted a crusades "expert" who said, "that the knight who bore this sword probably lost it while fighting Muslim forces or fell into the water himself."

Fighting Muslim forces off the coast in the water? In what, a kayak?

Based on the other things found with the sword at the bottom of the sea, most likely the sword found the bottom when the ship did too, probably because of a storm or because they ran aground (the sword was near shoals). If they look around, they will probably find the knight's armor too and maybe even a few bones, unless he survived the shipwreck.

Be careful what you believe from x-spirts. I have become convinced that too many x-spirts never study what they are x-spirts about or don't have any common sense and should be called poop-spirts because they are usually full of it.


A friend of mine stated that Biden has not accomplished anything in more than 40 years of political office.

I reminded him that Biden has accomplished quite a bit. He helped give our ally South Vietnam to the commies, he just gave Afghanistan to the Muslim terrorists, and just proved that the very righteous lefties will even worship a racist, if he gives them free stuff.

See, Biden isn't a complete failure so he even failed at being a complete failure by being an incomplete failure or better known as a traitor.

American Indians

I keep seeing brainwashed, ignorant lefties putting out lies, misinformation, and propaganda about how the American Indians were peaceful and better than us stupid European descendants.

People, the American Indians are humans just like the rest of us and didn't do any better in how they treated each other. If you study true history instead of the lefty lies, you will find that the American Indians wiped out entire civilizations in North, Central, and South America over the last 500 to 700 years before Europeans ever arrived in the Caribbean, much less the American shores.

Just a little nutshell information shows that the Incas wiped out more than 100 tribes and enslaved more than 100 more tribes in setting up their empire. The Incas regularly used the slaves from other tribes for their human sacrifices to their gods, which is why the Spanish went on a tirade to wipe out the Inca Empire and free the other tribes, after they were astounded by watching a sudden and massive slaughter of those slaves to their Inca ruler, who the Inca's considered to be a god.

The Maya destroyed their own "magnificent" culture with their city-state warring and sacrificing their children at more than 1,000 per day per major city and some times more than 3,000 in one day on special religious days. 200 years before Chris Columbus was born, their magnificent culture was in shambles when the peaceful Aztec swept through and finished it off.

The Aztec Indians also wiped out more than 100 tribes, including at least 5 known major tribes, and enslaved hundreds more tribes. When the Spanish invaded Mexico, they found the enslaved tribes very willing to help the Spanish defeat their slave masters and free those tribes from slavery. Those oppressed and enslaves Indian tribes gladly joined with the small Spanish Army to fight for their freedom by toppling the Aztec Empire.

The Mississippian Peoples or Indians had a massive city-state culture all of the way up the Mississippi River and most of the way up the Atlantic Coast at its peak, hundreds of years before Chris Columbus was born but their city-state warring and human sacrifices to their gods wiped them almost completely out by the time Chris was born. Only a few cities remained along the south of the Mississippi River when the French settled New Orleans and they finished each other off shortly after that.

The Navajo, Apache, and Comanche migrated down from the northwest of the North American continent into today's US Southwest, wiping out hundreds of tribes including completely wiping out the Mogollon Indians and almost all of the Anasazi, who used to trade with other tribes as far away as Mexico City and Baja California.

Just in New Mexico alone, we have found the ruins of more than 300 tribes that were wiped out by the Navajo, Apache, and Comanche Indians. That is just the ones we found and we know there are many more ruins we have not yet found.

This almost all happened before the Spanish arrived in the 1500's but the Navajos, Apaches, and Comanches were still slaughtering the other Indians and Spanish settlers when the US government sent Kit Carson with a US Army unit to stop the Navajo tribes raiding in the 1800's, 300 years after the Spanish arrived.

Up to that time, the Indians had a big festival in today's Taos, New Mexico every year where Indians went to buy back their enslaved family members from the Navajo, Apache, and Comanche tribes.

The Sue or Lakota Indians started out in Wisconsin and moved West, wiping out more than 100 tribes, including at least five major tribes in just 30 to 40 years, and were driving the Black Foot and Crow Indians west and north into Canada when the US Army stopped their advances, saving thousands of Indian lives.

They all practiced some form of slavery by taking slaves in raids on other villages and human sacrifices to their gods, which didn't exactly strengthen their tribes.

Does that sound ANYTHING like the lies the lefties tell you?

Nope, not even close. You can't believe ANYTHING the left tells you, not a thing.

Note that, after the US put all of those tribes on reservations, those tribes stopped raiding, killing, and enslaving other American Indian tribes bringing peace to the North American continent for the first time in more than 1,000 years.

Why, those evil white people stopped all of the American Indian fun. /sarc

Were the European colonists perfect?

No, they were human too and they also committed sins but fewer sins so that we ended up with much better results and living conditions.

Space Solar Energy

It seems the ignorant genius x-spirt academe have a new crusade to use to make vast amounts of money from book sales and the lecture circuit so get ready for massive lefty fairy tales about lefty fairies riding lefty unicorns over lefty rainbows.

Suddenly, there is a massive interesting in space based solar energy for ye ole green energy movement, which has actually been used by satellites for at least 40 to 50 years. They are already grabbing the table cutlery, you know, butter knives, for swords to wave over their heads on yet another glorious lefty academe crusade.

Maybe you should want to know the right questions to ask before their blathering really begins to take off so let's do the math and find out which will be the right questions.

You know that their focus will be on the "massive amounts of clean energy" these Star Trek solar units will provide. (BTW, I hope you realize that it will be next to impossible for anyone to visit those space solar units out in space to see if they are really working.)

You should also know that they won't tell you about all of the fossil fuels that will be required to mine, process, transport, manufacture, and assemble these solar units. They definitely are not going to tell you about the massive amounts of fossil fuels required to get these "clean energy" units in orbit.

About this time, you should be asking, "How long will it take for these modern miracles to break even with the air pollution they will cause?"

But it gets better.

You should know that they won't tell you what causes solar units to quit working on Earth, which is the damage caused by light photons striking the solar cells to produce all of that clean energy.

They also won't tell you that light photons are filtered out and reflected by Earth's atmosphere and what is in it like precipitation, dust, clouds, lighting, and other things or that many light photons are reflected back out into space so the solar cells will get many times more light photons in orbit so those solar cells will not last as long as they do on Earth.

But it gets better.

They also won't tell you about the damage that will be caused by space debris from Earth or the damage caused by extra terrestrial debris that will shorten the life expectancy of those photo cells even more.

They also won't tell you that we are protected from most of the sun's radiation, electromagnetic pulses, and solar storms by Earth's atmosphere, which will greatly decrease the life expectancy of those solar cells in orbit and the satellites they will be mounted on. Some of those solar storms will either quickly destroy the space solar units or blow them out of orbit.

They also won't tell you what they plan to do with those Star Trek solar energy units when they quit working and the extreme cost of replacing them.

They also won't tell you about the problems with those satellites radiating their massive energy down to Earth will cause because the radiation will disperse or spread out around the receiving units, probably wiping out life around them for at least hundreds of yards and heating ye ole Earth and any water nearby.

They also won't tell you that much of that radiation will be absorbed or dispersed by our atmosphere and everything in it heating our atmosphere and decreasing the amount of energy we can use.

So the really big question is, "Will those space solar units last long enough to break even on the massive amounts of pollution they will cause and what will be the effects of them on Earth?" You can bet it isn't going to be what they will tell you because the truth does not sell lefty books and speeches and all they really care about is the money they will get from their lefty crusade.

Those are just a few of the more obvious questions you should be asking.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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