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Upper Class Trash

Remember that I told you that the upper class trash are sacking our nation to fill their greedy pockets before they finish destroying it and to help finish destroying it? Remember that Google censored this site for a few weeks about a year ago?

This video tells you how they are using the chemical companies and price gouging with the government paying for those medications to help sack this nation for everything they can get before they finish destroying our nation.

The second part of the video also shows how Google censored this site a year ago.

Terrifying Chinese Hypersonic Missile

Well, according to the idiot media and everyone who is into scaring the crap out of people. Every twit, especially on the left, is running around screaming, "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!!"

It took me a while to find the speed for this missile because most journalists are idiots who can't even tell what information is important, you know, you kind of need to know how fast a missile is to determine what kind of threat it is. Now that I know, let's do the math to see just how terrifying this projectile really is.

The super duper terrifying missile from China, A.K.A. Ye Ole Falling Sky Missile, can travel at about a whopping 3,850 mph or about 5 times the speed of sound.

And our military can't track it? People, do you know how fast radar travels and do you know what speed we launch our stuff into space at?

First, radar signals travel at the speed of light or a little over 182,000 miles per second. Just a wee bit faster than that super duper missile thingy. It ain't going to outrun our radar.

But we can't track or even see something traveling at less than 4,000 mph? Really?

"But, it can reach the US before we could see it and blow the entire planet up and the solar system and the galaxy too!!! Whaaaaa, we are doomed!!!"

That is how stupid these scare mongers sound and I have tried to teach you enough about such things so you can see through the bull crap but it seems to be time to shovel some more scare mongering bull crap.

It is at least 6,000 to 7,000 miles from China to the US so it would take more than 1.5 hours for that missile to get from China to the US and it would have to pass dozens of radars and satellites before reaching US air space 200 miles off shore and you think we won't be able to see it coming? Really?

People, I have a lot of trouble believing our military didn't track their super duper falling sky missile around the entire planet. Even if they said they didn't, I wouldn't believe them.

"But, but, but it will be traveling so fast none of our SAMs will be able to catch it!!!"

Even if that is true, which I doubt, you don't shoot incoming projectiles from behind because you don't let them get past you, you lead them and shoot them from in front and our computers can very quickly calculate within inches of the target where our missiles should intercept it, our SAMs are excellent at that, and you can always shoot more than one missile at it in case the first one misses. The faster something is moving, the more you lead it. Ask any hunter.

Plus most people don't know that all SAM missiles are hypersonic and can travel at thousands of miles per hour too. Oops!

I saw the left using this same crap to scare people about the superior commies of the glorious Soviet Union during the 50's, 60's, and 70's. "Why, we might as well surrender because they can march right into our nation any time they wanted!!!" They even made a movie called "Red Dawn", a TV show about Russia successfully invading the US, and other things to scare the inferior US capitalists into surrendering to the superior commies, you know, before the superior commies surrendered to the inferior capitalists under Ronnie.

Just maybe the reason they worked so hard to scare us into surrendering was because they knew their pal Ruskies couldn't beat us? Yuh think?

People, capitalism is always going to have the economic advantage because all forms of Marxism destroy their economy so their stupid, greedy, power mad government can't take as much from the people in taxes to use for weapons research and development so they can't compete against a true free market capitalist nation, which will have much more money to spend on research and development. That is why the commies are right now trying to destroy the US economy because their beloved communism can't compete against our capitalism and they know it.

We tested our systems a lot in the military and had some interesting CONSERVATIVE estimates as the WORST POSSIBLE CASE for a full blown nuke war that made a joke of everything I have seen the lefty media, ignorant lefty college professors, and x-spirts say about it. I laughed all of the way through the left's stupid movie "The Day After" because a nuke war would be nothing like that. That was all Hollywood bull crap to scare you into surrendering to the superior Ruskies.

We had a satellite surveillance system covering the Soviet Union to where, every time they launched a missile we got a picture of it. Between satellites and radar units strategically placed around the world and in space, we could track that missile anywhere, anytime, and quickly know where it was going.

We also had satellite defenses in space none of you ever heard about that are still classified but I was trained in during the early to mid 1970's that we conservatively estimated that, if the Ruskies launched all of their nukes at the same time, those defenses could stop better than 90% of their nukes from even reaching US air space 200 miles from US turf with almost all of the rest not even making it to target and the Ruskies knew it. Our commies made sure you didn't know it but the Ruskies knew it.

We also knew that better than 50% of our nukes wouldn't make it to Russian air space.

We also knew that it would take about 100 to 200 nukes hitting their military targets to win the war. 10% of 7,000 nukes is only 700 nukes reaching US air space and 10% of that is only 70 nukes reaching military targets in the US, not enough for the Soviet Union to disable enough of our military for a win, if they caught us flat footed, which they wouldn't, which is why we never had a nuke war.

People, we knew it would take the Ruskies at least 2 weeks to ramp up for a nuke war because you don't just push a button like the ignorant idiots in Hollywood tell you. Before you start a nuke war you have to move troops and people around to safe underground nuke shelters, we knew where their nuke shelters were, how long it would take for them to get the people they wanted to those shelters, and our satellites kept a very close eye on the transportation to those shelters so we would know when the Ruskies were about to start a nuke war so we could also get our people to nuke shelters and we would have had at least 2 weeks to do it in.

Wow, that doesn't sound ANYTHING like what the lying left has told you.

And that was our worst guess so that most likely they wouldn't get 50 nukes to target, by which time we could get enough of our military moved to nuke proof underground bases like Cheyenne Mountain you never heard of but we had a few hundred of them scattered around the nation so they wouldn't do much, if any damage, to our military at all.

We were trained to fight the war that would follow an all out nuke war and we would have won that war, hands down, and the Ruskies knew it. Think about that.

Besides, unlike ignorant Hollywood, we knew better than to launch all of our nukes in one shot. We would have launched a "first strike" to destroy things they couldn't get into nuke shelters like ships, bases, and ports and to make them think we had shot all of our nukes, waited until they crawled out to fight us, and then fired second and third salvos to wipe out most of their armies.

And there are things about our 1970's space fleet I can't even begin to tell you about unless I want a visit from some very angry military officers. For the sake of my butt, I have to assume they are reading this blog. I only tell you what you need to know for this war and won't tell you what you don't need to know.

Right now I know that I am sitting within 40 miles of half a dozen or more such bases and I also know where one is southeast of Albuquerque, New Mexico in the mountains.

Those bases are very similar to the base they had inside a mountain in the first Star Wars movie and they started building them in the 1950's and 1960's, long before Hollywood dreamed up such an idea. My grandfather helped build one only about 30 miles from here and I saw a craft disappear into one in broad daylight about 25 miles from here in the opposite direction.

People, that is the real reason why both sides had so many nukes and the intellectually superior, natural elite lefties NEVER figured that out. The vast majority of them were not even going to make it to target with most being destroyed in space.

The lefties also loved to scare the American people about the Ruskie nuke subs saying we never knew where any of them were so they could strike us with their nukes at any moment.

"Whaaaaaaa, the sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!" The lefties love that song.

I remember being trained in how, if we just didn't bother trying to track a particular sub for two weeks, we could easily find that sub in less than an hour. It was pretty amazing and is still classified as to how we did it.

Contrary to what the idiot media and lefty propagandists were saying, we knew exactly where every Ruskie sub was 24/7.

That idiot Commie Hollywood movie "Red October" about the super duper commie sub we couldn't find, was just more ignorant commie scare crap. Hey, it was a fun movie but you had to watch it with a shovel and wheel barrow to dig through all of the ignorant commie bull crap.

And now our commies are scaring us with more ignorant commie bull crap about another commie "super power" that isn't even a real super power. I get so sick of the US commie crap.

I still can't tell you about and most of you couldn't imagine the secret weapons systems we had in the 1970's because many of them are still classified, they could still beat China in a heartbeat, and we have better today. I will lose no sleep tonight because incompetent China has a fast missile.

War Story

The commies love to brag that their superior commie Soviet Union was the first to put a satellite in space in 1958 called "Sputnik".

In WWII, we learned not to let our enemies know about our best weapons systems unless we had to use them so we developed the strategy that, if we didn't have a weapon that could blow a particular "weapon out of the water" (that is a quote from training), we didn't let anyone know we had the weapon system because they would know to start spending their limited research and development money on developing that weapon system or its counter instead of guessing and wasting a lot of R&D money on other stuff. We found that strategy caused all other nations to spend their money making better things they knew they could make like better tanks, planes, and ships instead of what we had. It worked really well.

For example, we already had spy satellites and planes flying over Russia they didn't even know about so they were not going to develop weapons to shoot them down until they did know about them.

For example, they didn't even start trying to shoot down the U2 until they found out we had them flying over Russia and then it took them a few years to shoot one down.

So, when the Ruskies launched "the first satellite" into space, how do you calm the US people down to prevent a panic without telling about the satellites we already had in space spying on the Soviet Union so the Soviet Union wouldn't begin working on countermeasures for our satellites?

You invent NASA to put the people at ease and as a distraction to get the KGB agents to go there instead of looking for our best stuff at US research bases like White Sands Missile Range and Area 51, of which we had lots.

Listen, we had our first successful anti satellite missile test about 6 months before the Ruskies launched Sputnik. It was fired from the ground and took out a "defunct" satellite, meaning it had quit working, 6 months before the Ruskies launched the "first satellite".

Do you get the picture?

And it is even better than that.

The first SR-71, which was called an A-12 and was being used by the US CIA to fly spy missions over the Soviet Union was "in use" by the CIA at least 4 to 6 months before Sputnik was launched.

Do you know the real reason why SR-71 crew wore space suits?

Because they went into space on their missions and, if the crew quarters decompressed without those space suits, it would have killed them.

The official public information on the SR-71 says they flew at over 80,000 ft but not how much over, which was classified. Please note that the official public information for a number of our planes like the B-52 where the crew DID NOT wear space suits was also that they flew over 80,000 feet. Hint, hint.

Those SR-71/A-12 planes were capable of low altitude orbit just like Sputnik and they could turn off their engines and orbit the Earth. Technically, they were actually spaceships that took off like planes, flew like planes, landed like planes, and could be used repeatedly like planes and lefty Hollywood never figured that out. They were the first ever spaceships.

What is hilarious is that "geniuses" like Tesla and Bozose are thinking they are smarty pants big shots launching into space on the nose of rockets instead of flying into space in spaceships.

Now, you have to remember that they had to test fly that plane for at least one to two years before they could hand it over to the CIA so we had crew flying that plane into low orbit to test fly it more than a year before the CIA got it.

What should that tell you?

That the inferior US capitalists had astronauts more than a year before the superior commie Ruskies launched their first satellite and you are just now finding out about it because journalists are ignoramuses.

So how do you keep the secret that we already had astronauts to keep the Ruskies from trying to develop the same technology while keeping the American people calm and proving you can do it too?

You invent NASA and it worked.

I warned you before that only a few people know what Uncle Sam has in his "Black Closet" and you won't see it until we reach a point to where we either use that stuff or lose our nation, which we are quickly approaching now. There are going to be a lot of very surprised and unhappy enemies of the US when they push us that far.

Keep an eye on this.

US Military

I have been wondering how God was going to sort out our military members who would refuse to help invade our ally, Israel, and how God was going to get our military back to the US to fight this rapidly escalating war in the US.

Would they only take lefty volunteers like Antifa, BLM, and Muslim terrorists to invade Israel? Would those who refused to fight against Israel have to desert? What would happen?

God showed me last night that the stupid lefty commie traitors are doing that for us.

Remember that I told you that they are trying to force our service members to take ye ole killer vaccine to destroy our military so they can replace it with their lefty thugs?

Those members who refuse to get ye ole killer vaccine, are being branded as "undeployable", meaning they can't be deployed outside the US so they can't be sent to fight against Israel. Those who are overseas and refuse ye ole killer vaccine are branded "undeployable", brought back to the US, and stationed here. None of them can be sent to invade Israel.

God is using what the commies are doing to solve both problems. The commies are making it easy for those who refuse to fight Israel to stay in the US and they are bringing significant numbers of those who will fight for us back to the US.

Remember that I keep telling you that God uses what Satan does against Satan? Do you get the picture?

Satan is using the killer vaccine to destroy our military but God is using it to sort out and save certain members of our military to fight this war to save our nation from the commie global dictatorship.

One thing I am noticing that God is doing is what He did with Gideon. God had Gideon test his soldiers several times and dismiss those who did certain things to diminish the size of Gideon's force so people would know it was God who gave them the victory and not that they won by a massive force overwhelming their enemies.

God is doing this in several ways with us that are also going to achieve other things proving that God always has more than one reason for what He does.

First, by reserving those who have the guts to take a stand against bad orders for us and sending those who will blindly obey any orders to fight and die in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, God is cutting our military might and size back to somewhere between one forth and half our current military size with us keeping the better soldiers.

After all, if the soldiers who get the shot did so because they were told to do so, they are proving they will follow any orders they are given and they are then a threat to us because they are those soldiers who will follow illegal orders to oppress and enslave the people. The soldiers who have the guts to refuse to follow bad orders will not follow orders to oppress and enslave the people so God is giving us an army that will protect us and not enslave us, while getting rid of many of the bad soldiers in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

In the military, we call this prepping the battle field for a fight.

Remember that I have been telling you that, after the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, where God destroys the invading armies, Israel will be the most powerful military in the world?

God is doing this in several ways.

I used to wonder how God was going to keep our best weapons systems like the F-22 and F-35 here so we can use them to win our war instead of sending them to invade Israel. He let me know He won't keep them all here, though He may keep some of them here.

You see, God is going to let Obama take some of our best weapons to invade Israel because some will be destroyed on the battle field but some will be left intact for Israel to use and/or copy, which will greatly increase the military strength of Israel. That plus God devastating the other militaries will cause Israel to very quickly become the most powerful nation in the world, which is why no one will try to stop Israel from taking the land I told you she will take following that battle, fulfilling Bible prophecy.

Plus God diminishing our military technological advantage will make our winning our war more obvious that it was God winning the war for us, you know, just like with Gideon.

Are you learning how God works and why yet?

You have to understand that, when Obama leaves here with a big part of our military and leaving a sizeable control force of military, Antifa, BLM, and Muslim terrorists behind to keep us from taking back our nation, we are going to be in the worst mess in US history, which is why we will have a Mexican standoff.

From what I have been able to learn, Mexico, China, and other Latin American nations are planning to invade the US from Mexico, Canada and probably also Britain and maybe even Australia are planning on invading the US from Canada so the Queen (soon King) can get her/his colonies back, Cuba is planning on taking at least Florida, after conquering Israel, Obama and Farrakhan plan to return to the US with a Muslim force in the tens to hundreds of millions to crush us patriots, and no telling who else will want a piece of ye ole American pie.

It is going to be a super duper mess.

We patriots are going to be fighting enemies from inside and outside at the same time so we will have our backs against ye ole wall and you better learn to pray long, pray hard, pray often and fight like heck because we are going to really need it.

But God has been building our patriot army for decades plus we should still have ye ole "Uncle Sam's Black Closet" full of toys that will impress the heck out of everyone. You see, if God gets rid of some of our best "known" weapons and a significant number of our troops, we will be forced to use ye ole Black Closet stuff God has gifted us with over the last 70+ years just to survive. That fight will be very interesting and God has shown me it will be violent, bloody, and won't last too long. There are going to be a lot of very surprised bad guys.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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