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This could easily be another "I Told You So" essay but I decided to go with another "News" essay. I have been telling you for years that the stuff currently going on would happen. As a matter of fact, almost everything I told you would happen is happening right now.


Remember that I told you that the EU would eventually blow itself apart and could not be the one world government of the Tribulation, you know, the way the false Euro prophets are telling you?

Well, the EU is doing it right now, starting with Greece. Right now they are all still dancing around the EU maypole refusing to admit their great sounding upper class trash idea has gone bust and insisting on pouring more money down the Greek rat hole to make themselves look smarter than they really are. It is amazing how stupid your ego can make you and proves what God said, "Pride goes before the fall" was for a very good reason. When pride trumps common sense, duck.

The European creditors have warned Greece that it can expect no further help and that Greece will crash out of the euro unless Greece accepts the EU bailout deal, which the Greek commies won't accept.

Mean while, Putin is offering Greece a really great deal. If Greece just flushes the toilet on all of that Euro debt causing a huge amount of European wealth to instantly vaporize, Greece can start over debt free and be a member of the BRICS banking and economic system Putin and China are building. You can bet Putin is offering the Greek commies a really sweet deal the Greek commies won't have to pay back, you know, Russia gets military bases and ports in Greece in return for new Greek revenues called rent.

Can't you just see the Greek commies drooling over more money to irresponsibly spend?

Mean while, Germany is wanting to just kick Greece out of the EU, take their losses, and quit dumping more money down the Greek rat hole. More than 100 PMs in Merkels government alone are refusing to agree to giving Greece more money Germany won't get back.

Mean while, Nigel Farage of Britain is encouraging Greece to just leave the EU by blowing smoke up Tsipras' butt about how "brave" Tsipras is for standing up to the EU.


Because increasing numbers of Britains are wanting out of the failed EU and it will be much easier for Britain to leave the EU if Greece has already left the EU.

Mean while, there are other countries talking about leaving the EU and, if Greece is the first, there will be a stampede trying to get out of Dodge.

Man plans, God laughs.


China's economy just took the big plunge, you know, like I told you it would. Their estimated debt is about 240% of their GDP and their banks are running out of money and about to go bust from covering China's bad economic and financial decisions. When China banks go bust, they will take down the BRICS banking system. They just had a massive stock crash that China "stopped" by the government buying trillions of dollars worth of falling stocks.

With China shelling out trillions of dollars to cover stock losses, just how long do you think that government will last, especially with China already in financial trouble?

At least that is a few trillion dollars they won't be spending on their military buildup to conquer the world.

I kind of get the feeling that China is going to blow itself apart the way the EU is currently doing and for the same reason, the intellectual superiority of their upper class trash trying to micro manage their economy. Oh well, another Marxist nation bites the dust and at a time when our stupid Marxists want to do the same thing here.

Big Sell Out

BTW, China's "hacking" of the US data base for information on 14 million government employees was caused by Obama contracting the management of the data base to China and was Obama selling out the liberal bureaucrats, you know, like I told you he would. Here come duh bus for the liberal commie traitors and it is being driven by Muslims! FEMA Camps, next stop!!!


I have been watching it and it is becoming obvious that the Trump show is just smoke and mirrors to get the Jebberwocky elected. Trump will stir up a mess to draw attention from Jebberwocky, wait until the right time to withdraw, and they will slip Jebberwocky in on you. Suddenly, you will have two ultraliberal commie traitors to vote for, Hilarious and Jebberwocky.

Don't think so?

In 2012 Trump criticized Romney for being too tough on Illegal aliens and now Trump is even tougher on illegal aliens than Romney?

What we have is Trump playing the ultra conservative and Jebberwocky being the ultra liberal, you know, good cop, bad cop. Trump is drawing support away from everyone except Jebberwocky causing Trump to rise in the pols and everyone except Jebberwocky to drop in the polls making it look like Jebberwocky is rising in the polls against those who are really just falling the the polls. At just the right moment, Trump will withdraw from the campaign leaving the conservatives in disarray and Jebberwocky as the GOP presidential candidate. You're being screwed!!!

Also, remember that I told you that the liberal upper class trash Euro-American white cracker supremacists were going to turn the Euro-American whites against all other races to justify the upper class trash genocide...uh...eugenics of all other races?

While Obama, Al Capone Sharpton, Jesse James Jackson, Eric Holder, and others are turning whites against blacks by causing blacks to attack whites, Trump and others are turning Latinos against whites to turn whites against Latinos. Hey, the upper class trash have been successfully playing the rest of us against each other for thousands of years to keep us from turning on them. They have it down to a science.

Confederate Battle Flag

OK, the Confederate battle flag is down in SC.

What problem did that solve? Is there now less racial strife? Is the economy better? Has ISIS been stopped?

It was all smoke and mirrors to distract people from more important issues. Almost everything you are seeing in the media today is just show. Hey, look over there.

Nancy Pelosi said that the Confederate flag thingy is about our morals.

Pelosi has morals? When did this happen?

BTW, a friend of mine pointed out that what the lefties are doing in destroying monuments to US history and removing the Confederate battle flag is no different from what ISIS is doing by destroying historic objects in the Middle East.

Gee, I wonder why the liberals so love Muslims?

National Religion

BTW, since the liberals have taken almost absolute control of the nation, they have unconstitutionally established the state religion of liberal paganism and are waging war against Christians. That is right, there is now an official state religion called liberal paganism in violation of the US Constitution waging war against Christianity and its morals and values.

So, how is that pagan god, democracy, working out for you? How is that pagan tolerance thingy working out? Ready for a Christian theocracy now?

You already have a liberal pagan theocracy. But, if you think this liberal pagan theocracy is radical, just wait until Obama imposes Sharia Law on us.

Do you still think the Republic of the US is not already dead and just has not finished kicking yet?

Have you noticed that our glorious national liberal pagan theocracy is working to legalize polygamy? Remember that I told you that, after they have legalized polygamy, they will suddenly "realize" that polygamy includes polygyny, polyandry, and polyamory so that all three will be legalized and they plan to use polyamory or group marriage to destroy the institution of marriage?

Churches Choosing Sides

The Anglican, Episcopal, and Presbyterian churches have accept homosexual marriage. It will be interesting to see if there will develop a division within those churches, how many people will come out of those churches, and what the end fate of those churches will be. I expect these same churches will quickly convert to Islam when Obama imposes Sharia Law.

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, Putin, who is Orthodox Christian, said the US has become a godless nation under Obama. He is right but Obama should only get part of the credit. Most of the credit belongs to the liberal pagans who have been systematically working to destroy Christianity for decades and the Christians who committed the sin of tolerance.

Other News

A number of Jewish Rabbis are saying the coming of the Messiah is imminent, which will lead people to believe Jesus will return for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 and 39. I have told you before that, when Jesus doesn't return because this won't be the Battle of Armageddon, there will be a huge falling away with more posers leaving the church.

The Muslims have placed banners all over the Capitol of Turkey ordering people to kill homosexuals on sight.

Do you really think Muslims won't do the same here?

You better bet that Obama and his Muslim pals will purge homosexuals in this country. You homosexuals, especially the ones getting marriage licenses, should sew parachutes to your butts because Muslims really like throwing homosexuals off of tall buildings.

BTW, this will be God punishing homosexuals for waging was against and trying to destroy Christianity.

We have the idiot liberal Jebberwocky saying Americans need to work more hours and, for the part time workers who want full time work, that is true. We now have Bernie Sanders saying Americans don't need to work more hours, they need more pay, you know, the old commie "get paid more for doing less".

How about we stop destroying jobs in the economy, permit the economy to create jobs, and let the economy sort it out?

Basically, the people just need more jobs and the government isn't going to create them.

Carson is now saying that illegals should become "guest workers" if they register, which means what?

Amnesty!!! It is just another way of saying amnesty for illegal aliens.

Eyes Opening

I have been reading where increasing numbers of people are turning from liberalism because the liberals are getting what they want and showing their true colors, you know, like I told you would happen. A recent poll said that better than 70% of the people who voted for Obama in the last election regret voting for Obama in the last election. Eyes are opening, people are choosing and it is happening faster and faster.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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