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Israel's Temple Institute has announced they are starting to raise a genuine red heifer. The truth is that they have had genuine red heifers for more than a decade.

This is a very important announcement though because the red heifer is only used as a sacrifice to anoint the Temple and purify it for services. This is only done when the Temple has just finished being built and is ready for services or when the Temple has been defiled and needs to be anointed to resume services. Therefore, this announcement should tell you that the Temple Institute is preparing to anoint the Temple, which does not currently exist.

Which should tell you what?

Something really big is about to happen in Israel, you know, like them building the third Temple.

Get the picture?

Glorious Communism

There are sensational headlines that the EU has "cinched" a deal with Greece but the Greek commie government still has to vote on the deal for it to take effect. At least the intellectually superior upper class trash have shown they are willing to dump more of other people's money down the Greek rat hole to save the upper class trash petty egos by not having to admit their brilliant idea, you know, the EU, is a really stupid idea. Gee, then they would have to also admit they just might not be intellectually superior to the rest of us.

I just read that the deal proposed to Greece requires that, with Germany being the principal creditor, all Greek legislation must obtain "creditor approval" (from Germany) and about 50 billion euros worth of Greek assets (including land?) will be given to an "independent fund" (Germany) to begin to pay down the debt owed Germany.

Basically, if Greece agrees to the deal, the EU will give Greek sovereignty to Germany and Greece will become a German vassal state.

Remember that I told you that Germany will take out the Greek debt in trade or land?

Plus Greece has to privatize a lot of their government such as utilities, which flies in the face of their beloved communism.

The big question right now is, will the liberal commie Greek government agree to this?

The intellectually superior upper class trash geniuses finally decided to dump $98 billion more dollars down the Greek rat hole they will not get back. Those are some pretty expensive egos, aren't they? They will spend all of your money necessary to keep from admitting that their EU idea was really stupid. Yep, the upper class trash is really intellectually superior.

Puerto Rico is now surfing down the toilet to their demise but I expect the US liberals to save the Puerto Rican butts with a big chunk of your tax dollars to save commie face.

Here is another commie success story the lefties are not talking about. Venezuela has 615% inflation. Basically, their money is worthless and the people will have to survive on the barter system and black market. The Venezuelan economy is at least as bad as the German economy was following WWI. The more commie your nation, the more severe the problems you will have.

A report has just been released showing that Britain gets back less than half of the money that it pays into the EU. Guess where that is going.

How long do you think Britain can keep bleeding money like that?

No wonder Britain is going broke. Oh yeah, the EU was a great idea, but not for Britain...and Germany, only for those countries which planned to use the EU to steal from the others with loans they had no intention of paying off. It sounds to me like a lot of poorer countries suckered Britain and Germany to go along with the EU idea so those countries could steal from Britain and Germany.

Here is some food for thought about China: Did you know that most major Chinese corporations like COSCO are owned by the Chinese military and are being used to fund the Chinese military? Now, what will happen when those businesses suffer huge losses in a recession or depression? Gee, you don't think the Chinese military will have to do some cutting back in a big way?

You better bet that when their budgets start getting cut, there will be significant conflicts of interest which will cause turmoil within the Chinese government and military which could easily turn into rebellion and, when the infighting in the Chinese government and military gets going really nice, you better also bet that groups like the Muslims and Buddhists will take advantage of the turmoil to also rebel. Keep an eye on this.

BTW, if I were the CIA and US military, I would be looking for and watering any of those potential rebellions I could find. Grow, baby, grow.

Have you noticed that people who have been brainwashed to depend on the government keep being surprised when the government keeps letting them down? And yet they continue to trust and depend on the government?


Obama finally got his deal with Iran. I wonder how many nukes he purchased to use against the US with your tax dollars. BTW, it turns out that Obama gave Iran a whopping $150 billion to make the deal, much more than previously expected. With that kind of money, Iran can do a massive military buildup making Iran almost as strong as Israel. The US military could have used that $150 billion to protect you. Talk about treason.

BTW, a headline stated that J Street hailed the deal as being a really good thing. If J Street likes it, it must be a really terrible deal. (J Street is an ultra liberal Jewish organization filled with and run by ultra liberal self hating Jews, A.K.A. crazy people.)

Jimmuh Carhtuh said that the Iran deal was a major step in the right direction. The last time Jimmuh made a major step in the right direction with Iran, we ended up with a crisis so you better duck.

Obama is now insisting that Israel give up her nukes when everyone else is buying them including the US...and Iran.


BTW, did you know the feds don't have to have a warrant to obtain and use any information you place in the cloud because it is a public domain?

That is true with almost the entire Internet. I don't even keep a lot of information on my computer because 1) hackers and 2) when you hook up to the Internet, your computer becomes part of the Internet and, therefore, public domain.

I want to share something which took place in the Supreme Court in the 1970s which has to do with spying and I have kept to myself because I didn't want to compromise any potential intelligence gathering by our government but I think people need to know about it now. This is not classified because it was made public knowledge in the 1970s but no one seemed to understand the significance of the Supreme Court decision at the time or since. I want to share that significance with you.

In electronics warfare or physics you learn that any time an electron passes through anything, it creates a very specific electromagnetic wave which will continue into infinity while expanding and weakening. To pick up that signal, all you have to have is a strong enough receiver with a really good amplifier.

Every time an electron passes through any electronic device, it sends out a very specific wave telling what type of device the electron passed through. This means that every device you have which uses electricity puts out electromagnetic waves. Every time you press a key on your key board, it sends out a very specific signal telling which key was pressed which can easily be recorded by a satellite in space. Every time you talk over the telephone (land line) the conversation causes electrons to flow through the phone lines which cause waves to be sent out and cell phones are even worse.

All of those signals can be picked up light years away and used to tell what happened to cause the signal and what information is being sent. For example, right now your screen is sending out signals based on what is being displayed on your screen. We have had the ability to receive those signals since before the 1970s, put them in a computer with special software, and see what you see on your screen plus every mouse click, button pushed, everything else, and, today, they have better.

In the 1970s there was a case where the US government was using this science to get evidence on a criminal and the criminal challenged it taking it to the Supreme Court under the right to privacy. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the government saying that, when such signals are released into the public domain, they become public property and can be used by the government without a warrant. That is critical, never forget that.

When you click your mouse, what you did on your computer becomes public property and can be used by the feds in a court of law without a warrant. They can tell from the signals being put out by your watch what time your watch said it was when that signal was generated by your watch.

This means that, with all forms of electronic communication, there is no privacy, they don't have to have a warrant, and they don't even have to physically connect to your electronic device, such as wire taps. That is all Hollywood. All they have to do is legally monitor the signals coming from you, your home, or your business and they have you. They can know everything about you. The US Supreme Court said it is all perfectly legal and constitutional decades ago.

One thing to keep in mind is that better than 90% of the people don't say anything in their entire lives worth the feds remembering so the feds only have to watch the 10% who do and those who make contact with that 10%. Most of us are pretty insignificant.

Now do you also understand why I warned you preppers that, they will find you, if you run and hide instead of standing to fight?

If you take anything with you to your hiding place which uses even the slightest amount of electricity, including your nerves and brain, they will pick up the signal with their satellites, find you, and hunt you down. You can't hide.

I have known this and kept it to myself for more than 40 years.

Liberal Women

They just exposed Planned Parenthood for selling the body parts for the babies they murder.

Gee, I wonder why they are supporting abortion so much? It couldn't be because they are making millions from dead baby body parts, could it?

Nothing like a massive conflict of interest, "Hey, bring your unborn babies down so we can murder them and then make millions of dollars selling their body parts, trust us". Yeah, freedom of choice to con millions of women into murdering their unborn children so planned parenthood can make millions selling the body parts.

Believe me when I tell you that liberalism and feminism have played American women for fools and suckers. They have fooled women into giving free sex by causing the women to think they are getting the free sex when it is almost always the men who pay women prostitutes for sex, into murdering their unborn children so Planned Parenthood can make millions selling the body parts, and into waging war against men, especially their husbands, when they should be working together to help each other have the best possible lives, and so forth. It has been one great big con job on liberal women and the liberal men are laughing all of the way to the bank.


Yesterday I was thinking about history and what my father said about a teacher telling me that the upper class are superior to us because the cream always rises to the top. It suddenly dawned on me that fecal matter always rises to the top and rarely the cream. The only reason we think the upper class trash were great is because their descendants told us they were great to make themselves look great, the coming global fall will be disastrous.

Other News

One of my concerns about the Jade Helm exercise is that the Muslim terrorists might try to use Jade Helm as a cover to commit acts of terror so be careful and aware.

Another Mexican drug lord bribed enough of the right people to "escape" from a maximum security prison. That is why it is critical to take all of the criminals' money away when you put them in prison, so they can't bribe anyone. Don't be surprised to see the Mexican Army SOS the guy, shoot on sight.

Follow this: Billy Boy Clintstone supposedly told some one that Trump "will be taken care of", later the Mexican drug lord, El Chapo, mysteriously escapes from a high security prison...again, and then El Chapo threatens Trump on Twitter. Gee, what a coincidence. Keep an eye on it.

Obama has started cutting sentences for convicted drug pushers. He is getting ready to let all of the criminals out of prison just like he said he would before he was first elected.

Remember Obama saying before the first election that he would empty all of our prisons?

Think about that one and think CNSF. I have been warning you about this for more than six years and it is now happening.

"Hey, if you are a Muslim or convert to Islam and join my CNSF, I will commute your sentences."

Gee, what criminal wouldn't go for that one?

Today people are complaining about spending 30% of their income on rent, being financially strapped and unable to save money. It wasn't that long ago that people spent half to two thirds of their income on housing and saved money.


People are spending so much on luxury and high tech things that they can't save money even while spending less on housing.

Note that almost all of the GOP candidates are turning on Trump for telling the truth and Graham is more concerned about what he thinks Trump will do to the GOP than whether what Trump is doing is good for the US. They are showing their true colors and that alone should get rid of most of them.

The reason Bernie Sanders is running is to make Hilarious look more conservative and acceptable to more voters and not to pull her to the left.

Jesus said there would be wars and rumors of wars everywhere but these would come to pass before the time of tribulation. This means there will be a time of peace following those wars and rumors of wars, you know, like I have been telling you.

I am really tired of this crap about the US spied on this ally or that ally. Listen, they are ALL spying on us. Every nation on this planet is spying on every nation on this planet which could affect their nation in any way. That has been true for thousands of years. Deal with it. Germany is spying on us, France is spying on us, Britain is spying on us, with it.

Have you noticed that the God haters keep talking about all the people who have been killed because of religion, especially Christianity, but they conveniently keep forgetting to tell you about the 100 to more than 150 million people who were murdered by atheistic communists during the 20th Century alone, you know, their atheistic commie un-god?

Remind them and, oh yeah, remind them that they are currently teaching and working to "depopulate" the planet "to save the planet" (for them to not have to share their planet with you) or butcher almost 8 billion people globally with their eugenics, all to their atheistic Marxist un-god, obviously the most inhumane god in history. This is an on going crime and makes the atheistic Marxists the worst criminals in the history of the planet. Remember that the greatest genocide in the history of mankind is in progress right now and is being carried out under the names of depopulation and eugenics by the leftist commies.

And the atheists hate Christianity because a few million people were killed in the name of Christianity?


Why do I not think they hate Christianity because it is inhumane but because Christianity's very humane laws restrict their desired inhumane pagan behavior, you know, do as you will?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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