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The left loves Walter Cronkite for the wrong reasons. He is their wonderful commie hero.

The US began to move large numbers of the US military forces into South Vietnam to stop the North Vietnamese communist forces from taking over the Republic of South Vietnam.

In the fall of 1967 the North Vietnamese communist forces began to stage a series of attacks called the Tet Offensive in an attempt to drive the US forces out of Vietnam. By February 1968, just months later, the US and South Vietnamese forces had crushed the North Vietnamese forces and ended the Tet Offensive. That is the truth the left won't tell you.

None of the lefty commie traitor journalists in the US wanted to admit the truth that the US had devastated their beloved commies in the Tet offensive but they were afraid to tell the obvious lie that the US had not devastated their beloved commie forces.

So Walter Cronkite took the lead and blatantly lied about the US being defeated in the Tet Offensive, turning many Americans against the US forces fighting to help protect South Vietnam from the North. When Cronkite did that, the other lefty commie traitor journalists also started telling the same lie aiding and abetting their communist pals in the war against the US, called treason.

After the war, the top general of the North Vietnamese Army openly stated that his forces had been so badly devastated in the Tet Offensive that he was considering surrendering to the US forces but changed his mind when he saw that the US media were going to help him try to win that war. His decision, caused by our traitorous media, caused the loss of tens of thousands of US troops, the crippling of hundreds of thousands more of US troops, and the harm and/or death of millions of North and South Vietnamese civilians so that those US traitor journalists have extensive blood on their hands.

That is the true legacy of Walter Cronkite and why our lefty commie traitors worship him to this day.

I am convinced, based on what the Bible says and what Cronkite did and said, that Walter Cronkite burns in Hell today because he was an evil traitorous man. But, hey, many of our lefty commie traitors who worship him today, will soon join him in Hell, where they can keep each other company.


Should you get the vaccines?

Well, let's do the math, you know I like math.

There are only 2 reasons for getting any vaccine.

1) To keep you from being infected by the protist

2) To keep you from spreading the protist

Do any of these vaccines do either of those things?

No, not one of them does one of those things so they don't work. People who are fully vaccinated still get infected and even die and they still spread the virus, infecting other people.

If something doesn't work, you don't use it. If your car doesn't work, you don't use it. If an airplane doesn't work, you don't use it. If a vaccine doesn't work, you don't use it.

Plus all of these vaccines come with the risk of causing physical harm or death without any of the benefits the vaccine should provide, therefore, you have extreme risks with no benefits.

Why would you want to use a deadly vaccine that does not work?

You would have to be stupid to use the vaccines.

The only reasons for anyone to encourage or insist you use the vaccine is to make the chemical companies a lot of money selling you a very dangerous vaccine or drug that provides no benefits and extreme risks and/or to spread the disease by causing ignorant people to become over confident because they got the vaccine so that they would not take normal precautions, get infected, and unknowingly spread the disease so the upper class trash could continue to use the disease and fear to control the people, you know, the same way the lefties are using worthless masks to spread the disease.

Do you get the picture?

Everyone, who in anyway, encourages or forces you to get these deadly vaccines that don't work should go to prison.

Then I also found this article at American Thinker you might want to read.

Then I later found this video that the first part about natural immunity convinces me even more that they are trying to force everyone to get the killer vaccine to depopulate the planet.

I am wondering how many of these corrupt politicians and bureaucrats own shares in these chemical companies and/or are taking bribes from the chemical companies?

The rest of that video is also important to watch. It should be very obvious that Roman does an excellent job of doing his homework. He is one of the best I have seen doing this.

Every day I become more convinced that this vaccine is a killer vaccine that is meant to depopulate their planet. I just can't see it being forced on us with any good intentions what so ever. It is a murder shot, plain and clear.

These murdering commie criminals are so evil they make Hitler and his bunch look like saints.

Remember that I told you that the left is losing battle after battle?

This video shows you some of that when he points out a number of court losses.


This is a good video that I think will help you.

I understand this very well because I have had to deal with this in my life all of my life and it took me decades to realize that what God was doing through me, you know, some of those pretty incredible things I told you about, was not of my own but because of God. It was God being with me and working through me.

I hope this helps you.


Queen Elizabeth was shut down by the continuing coup with her being ordered to "rest because of her declining health" but came back for the climate change thingy showing her health mustn't be declining so much after all showing she could still do the job of queenie but suddenly she had to miss out on the Remembrance Sunday service because she "sprained her back".

What was she doing, lifting weights?

Something else is going on here and it looks like the coup has continued, now, with her health not being so declined, she mysteriously sprained her back. Gee, what a coincidence.

Them kids really want her power, don't they? Maybe the royals should have let Diana raise them to be good kids and instead of evil, power mad royals?

You can bet that, as soon as the Queenie ain't queenie no more and Philip, who is also an old fart, is king or even before Philip is king, the two boys will turn on Philip for the crown and then as soon as they get rid of both the queen and king, who, btw, murdered their mother and you can bet they know it, will they turn on each other for the crown or will they work together?

They seem to be pretty close so they might work together but then again, it wouldn't be the first time two royal brothers waged war against each other for the crown.

I wouldn't want to be in the queenie's or kingie's shoes right about now, especially after those two boys get the crown. "Off to the dungeon with them!!" It wouldn't be the first time royals had royals drawn and quartered.

It should be obvious the queenie knows she is in trouble but Philip is probably too stupid to figure it out.

This is getting interesting. God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

I hope you realize by now that it is your sins that will "punish" or destroy you.

Satan's Spawn

I am seeing increasing numbers of Satan's spawn posting memes, pictures, and other things on FB telling the ugly truth about them and their hatred for God. They keep posting things like very evil pictures of Satan and his demons and making derogatory comments (to the wicked) about God, you know, Satan is the good guy thingy because he lets them do as they will to everyone they want and God is the bad guy because He won't let them do as they will to you.

They have gained enough power and control that they are increasingly feeling confident enough to come slithering out of their closets, expose themselves for what they really are, and telling the ugly truth about themselves. They are really obsessed with loving evil.

That is one of many reasons God permits the wicked to get some of what they want, to get Satan's spawn to be confident enough to show the ugly truth about themselves to open other people's eyes about how evil they are.

Keep an eye on this because it is increasing.


Remember that I told you about the corruption in sports, especially the use of dope?

This article points out a little of that but keep in mind that he was one of the major players in it forcing it on his own riders and helping them do it so he is trying to cover his own butt. The thing you need to see is that it is as corrupt as I told you it is and he is trying to make it look cleaner today than it is.

A very telling statement by him is, "'Already, when you arrive at the professionals, you integrate into a world which very quickly puts you in front of a dilemma: either you adapt or you dope yourself, or you disappear,' Bruyneel argues."

That is what I told you. You either did dope or they got rid of you and it is still true today.

That is what God was protecting me from by not letting me have what I wanted and was my dream. From what I have learned since, I am absolutely convinced they would have killed me.

"or you disappear", yeah, on a downhill, over a cliff at 50+ mph. That will make you disappear real fast.

Have you ever wondered why today's packs have so many huge crashes when their packs are a fraction of the size they used to be with fewer and smaller crashes?

Let me give you a hint, they are riding under the influence of drugs in large packs, really close together, at high speeds, you know, DUI but racing. Think about that.

The thing is the problem is even worse today than it was when Lance was racing and I can tell because I get inside intel and I keep seeing the medical problems and deaths caused by the dope increasing and getting much worse instead of decreasing.

Listen, people, the dope problem isn't going to go away because the people who own and run those races are making money from the dope and they are not going to give up that money unless they wake up and realize they will make less money overall by killing the sport with the dope than by running the races clean and I don't think they are that intelligent because I have shown numerous times that greed destroys intelligence.

The above article was probably run by those people to try and save the sport from their greed by just making it look like they have cleaned up the dope problem when they have not. To make it look like they have cleaned up the dope problem, they first had to admit they had a dope problem. All of that should tell you they are losing money because of the dope.


Remember that I have been warning you that the upper class trash have been telling us that they plan to commit genocide by murdering more than 7 billion people globally?

This very interesting article shows you that they are already working towards doing that. Gee, just a few too many coincidences here.

Lefty Media

Remember that I have been telling you that you just cannot believe anything the lefty media tell you?

This article is just one more example of why you can't believe anything they say. He tells you that everything he had heard from the lefty media was wrong.

If the left says anything, it is a lie. They have absolutely zero credibility. I would trust Kimmy Boy of North Korea before I would trust the lefty media and you know I am not going to trust Kimmy Boy.

Do you believe me yet that the greatest threat to the US Republic is our own lefties and not China or Russia?

The left is just using China, North Korea, Iran, Russia, and others to distract us from their evil and them destroying our nation.


Remember that I told you that it was mostly Christianity that put an end to slavery in Europe and caused the royals to start various forms of non ownership slavery and why?

Historians argue about what caused slavery to decline and then end starting in the mid to late 4th Century, you know, right after the Empire converted to Christianity in 312 AD. Gee, what a coincidence.

But none of the secular historians want to recognize Christianity's part in ending slavery and causing the royals to develop the non ownership forms of slavery of serf, peasantry, and peonage systems because they hate God, the Bible, and Christianity.

Remember that I taught you that, under Christianity, you must give your slaves the public opportunity to choose between continuing to be slaves and having freedom, which meant, if you wanted to keep your slaves, you had to not overwork them or be cruel to them?

But, with all forms of non ownership slavery, you didn't have to permit them to choose between continuing to be your slaves and freedom because you didn't own them so you could still overwork them and be cruel to them without the fear of losing them, which cost the slave owners money.

Nah, it didn't have anything to do with Christianity and Biblical Law. It was just a magic coincidence that the decline of slavery happened right after the conversion of their church to Christianity.

Kyle Rittenhouse

I have been thinking about this case and, unless things are rigged, there is no way that DA could have hoped to win that case.

My thought is, what was the DA paid to use that trial to distract us from paying attention to? While you were paying attention to that case, what did you not see?

Think about that.


This video tells us about a "civil war" going on within the White House between Biden and Kruella.

I figure this is either a distraction to keep us from "looking over there" at something else and/or they are getting rid of Kruella to move Pelosi up to the vp spot because Pelosi won't be running next year (she will probably lose) and they want to keep her at the top for a few more years.

Also keep an eye out for Markle officially announcing she is running for president in 2024.

Markle as president and Pelosi as vp?

Keep an eye on it.


It has been speculated again and again why the left has impoverished so many blacks with their ideas and socialism and it has just become very obvious. The left has kept as many blacks as they could impoverished, while blaming white conservatives to turn the blacks against all other races and groups, especially white conservatives to use the blacks as brainwashed attack troops against everyone else, especially conservative whites.

It is obvious because that is exactly what the left are using them for right now, you know, the left's thugs, bullies, and Gestapo to terrorize and attack anyone who resisted the left's dictatorship. It is now obvious this was planned by the lefty upper class trash all along.

The upper class trash want to use this to start a race war between the blacks and whites for control purposes.


The nations of Turkey and Iran are making buds and this is very important because both nations are preaching and trying to gather other nations for the invasion and destruction of Israel to return the land of Israel back under the control of Islam and they are also both preaching the conquest of the world for Islam.

Keep an eye on them. It is very likely they will have quite a bit to do with bringing the forces together for the battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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