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The lefties are destroying our nation and the lefty middle to upper class thought they would get away with it because they are commies too.

This video shows that the criminals are targeting the rich in daylight crimes where the criminals notice someone who is obviously wealthy and either follow them home or to work and rob them, sometimes murdering them without asking them wheather they are conservatives or lefties. One TV star was recently murdered in their own home by someone who followed them home so not even Hollywood is safe from the chaos and crimes they are causing but, hey, they of all people deserve it.

You keep voting for those commies and they will keep destroying your nation, which is your home, to setup their commie dictatorship. Think about that, lefties.

Note that the worst of these crimes are taking place in the blue cities, which means that lefties are most likely to be the victims.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out" and the lefty sins are finding out the lefties big time. They keep voting for it so they keep paying for it.


You think this isn't a violent and physical war against you?

This video gives details concerning some of the attacks by the lefty thugs against peacefully protesting conservatives causing injuries.

Note that their attack by Antifa was planned days in advance, which means it was a conspiracy.

It looks like the cops might be finally trying to break up these fascist Antifa crime gangs.

What Antifa is doing right now with all of these violent attacks is what Hitler's Brown Shirts and Gestapo did in the 1930's. Hey, what do you expect, they were both evil fascist Marxists.

Note that he explains that the left is staging terrorist attacks, you know, just like I have been saying for years. They are terrorists trying to terrorize you into submission to their dictatorship.

Once again Tim says the left is evil and he is not the only one now calling lefties evil. I am seeing increasing numbers of people calling lefties evil the way I have been telling you for years.


Remember that I have been telling you that Russia will not go up against Israel in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39?

I just found out that Israel just attacked Iranian weapons shipments being shipped into Syria at Syria's largest port just a few miles from the biggest Russian base in Syria without Russia doing anything to stop the attack with the Russian base surrounded by a variety of Russia's best SAM weapons systems.

What should that tell you?

That Russia knew Israel was coming and that Russia and Israel are closer allies than Russia and Syria and Russia is against Iran.

You have to understand that Russia's closest allies are Belarus, which is adjacent to Russia on the west, Israel, India, Syria, Brazil, and China pretty much in that order. She has some other allies but I am not sure how close they are.

Remember that I have also been telling you that Russia does not want to start a war over Ukraine and it is the West only making it look like Russia wants to start a war?

This video explains what I have been saying in detail plus some. What you are catching from the lefty media is them beating war drums to increase their sagging viewership and promote their political agenda and, if anyone is going to start a war with Russia, it is going to be the left and their RINO pals, especially the upper class trash and their puppet media.

I repeat, "I am NOT worried about Russia. I am concerned about our Euro-American upper class trash because they are the greatest threat to the world and Russia is no threat to the world." Please pay attention to the fact that Russia has negotiated several peace deals mentioned by Turley for conflicts they could have taken advantage of.

They are not even trying to start proxy wars. Russia is even shutting down proxy wars by negotiating peace deals.

The evil lefty globalist royals are the war mongers here wanting to go to war with Russia to get her out of their way and, hey, a nuke war would really depopulate the planet.

Do you get the picture yet?

But then I saw this video telling that Biden is now pressuring Ukraine to give the contested Donbass area to Russia, you know, like giving Afghanistan to the Taliban.

Talk about a slight of hand. I have some questions.

Everyone else is beating war drums and even threatening nuclear war against Russia and Biden just gives the area to Putin? Did Putin buy some of Hunter's art? Did Biden give Putin Donbass in exchange for Putin permitting Ukraine to become a member of NATO (which I doubt would happen)? Did Putin threaten to cut off the oil to Europe so Europe said for Biden to just give Donbass to Putin?

Something is going on here. Keep an eye on this.

Note that this will undermine confidence by our allies in the US. Biden just shot the US in the foot concerning allies depending on and trusting in the US, though Ukraine was never a US ally, contrary to what some think. Ukraine was a puppet state setup and used by the US.

Was this intentionally done to undermine US international influence and military strength so no other nations would side with the US against hostile nations like China and Iran for fear of being betrayed and sold out by the US?

I think the latter would be most probable.

One thing that really concerns me about this is that I am seeing increasing numbers of Americans saying that we should not risk or go to war to support or protect an ally. That is a quick way to lose all of your allies so no one will aid you in the event that a group of nations attack you. That attitude is national suicide.

I left this comment for that video:

"Some of you are sick. If you will not support your allies then you will not have any allies who will support you in the advent you are attacked and need that help. Your attitude is national suicide and opens the door for invasion of the US by a combination of other nations.

Maybe I wasted my time serving my nation because you cowards will just give it away with idiot ideas like peace at all costs?

Don't expect me to risk my life fighting to save your worthless lives. If I see you being attacked on the street, I will remember your statement about 'peace at all costs' and your life will just be the cost for peace. Protect yourselves because you are not worth protecting."

Maybe this Republic is more dead than I thought? Maybe Biden is the last kick of our Republic?


Remember that I have been telling you that the Republic of the United States of America is dead and that it just has not finished kicking yet?

This video tells you just that from a different perspective. He calls the US a "failed state", which it is and he proves it very well.

He also points out other failed states like Australia and Austria.

He also tells you the same solution that I have been telling you, you know, standing up to the tyrants before it is too late but you must first repent of your sins and turn back to God. You just might want to join the global prayer vigil, where you pray for every Christian everywhere every day.

Note that, at the end, he says it really well. I was wishing I could click "like" a bunch of times.

This video shows how the left is using corruption of our legal systems to destroy this Republic and turn it into a barbaric society.


One thing that makes this job working for God so hard is I keep seeing so much lies, misinformation, and propaganda being put out for the intention of discouraging people from supporting the right causes and for supporting the wrong causes. It is sickening.


Remember that I have been telling you about our government corruption and how evil the upper class trash and their puppets are?

This video shows a little of that corruption and how evil one of the lefty puppets is. These evil things really love the power they have over other people, love to abuse it to destroy other people because of the feeling of power they get, and are just like the royals have been for thousands of years, some of whom are documented as having tortured random people just for the fun of it.

Satan's spawn love to exert their power over others to cause them harm. Some exert it at the upper level like Mitch and others exert it on the street by beating, terrifying, robbing, raping,and murdering people.

Tucker needs to be very careful because he is playing with fire. They murdered JFK and Bobby Kennedy, poisoned Reagan, and you saw what they did to Trump for fighting against the upper class trash, they will kill Tucker if he goes too far. I have been watching these evil things since JFK was murdered and you just cannot be more evil than they are, which is why I call them things like human demons.

You might want to regularly pray for Tucker because we need as many people like Tucker as we can get. It will be purely by the grace of God that Tucker survives this fight.

BTW, these evil things seem to think that they can abuse their power to cause harm to people and they will still get into Paradise. They are in for a really big surprise. Just know that every evil royal, royal puppet, and thug in history is right now burning in Hell for doing what today's evil royals and their stooges are doing today. Their day will come to burn in Hell with those who are waiting for today's human demons to join them.

Do you believe me yet that these things are evil?

If you watch, they prove it every day.


Remember that I have been telling you about how corrupt our government, the major corporations, and our economists are in "managing" our economy?

This video shows you some of that corruption.

First, any time the x-spirts start using the same word or phrase concerning anything, always know that the upper class trash told them to use that word or phrase to con or fool you and it is definitely them conning you into believing their lie.

Second, Tucker told you a little about the "weighting" they use for determining the fake inflationary effect of a particular item such as gasoline or milk in ye ole government "basket" to determine the overall rate of inflation.

The first thing you need to understand about ye ole basket or the group of items they use for determining inflation is that they can add in or take out any items they want any time they want and Obama was ruthless in doing this to make it look like inflation was minimal or that there simply wasn't any inflation. For example, if any item had significant increases in prices, they just left those items out of the basket to make it look like there was little to no inflation.

Obama did this with gasoline at least twice because gasoline had increased in price quite a bit to make it look like there was no inflation to make him look good and to keep from having to increase how much Social Security or other fixed incomes received to make Obama look like he was a better president than he really was and to save the government money they could stuff in their greedy pockets at your expense.

There was at least twice that Obama and his criminal x-spirts rigged ye ole basket to make it look like there was zero inflation when there was significant inflation, making everyone on fixed incomes poorer because they didn't get an increase in income to help them keep up with inflation. Obama was absolutely ruthless in rigging ye ole basket and was the worst president I have ever seen for doing this and many other forms of corruption, causing many people to become significantly more poor.

It was amazing at how much important stuff Obama and his criminal organization took out of ye ole basket to make it look like there was little or no inflation.

It is like Tucker said, their magic widdle basket of goods doesn't even come close to reality.

Until Obama came along, Jimmuh Carhtuh was the worst president in US history with Billy Boy Clinton not too far behind him and Bush I and Bush II in hot pursuit. Now that Biden is president, even Obama has fallen to the second worst US president ever. This nation simply cannot survive our leaders getting more and more corrupt much longer and I believe that, after 3 more years, this presidency could easily be our last.

The most inflated thing on this planet is our increasing government corruption. It has gotten so bad that you can't believe the government or any government owned x-spirt like Fauci or lefty x-spirt about anything, not a thing. They have becoming nothing but professional liars.

There is both an upside and a downside to having studied all of the stuff I have studied. The upside is that, when I see corruption, I recognize it and can tell you about it.

I see the corruption in the Stock Market because I am trained to manage that corruption, I see the corruption in nonprofit corporations because I am trained to manage that corruption, I see the corruption in major corporations because I am trained to manage that corruption, I see the corruption in banking because I am trained to manage that corruption, I see the corruption in the government because I am trained to manage that corruption, I can see the corruption in our legal system because I am trained to manage that corruption, I see the corruption in anything to do with science because I studied all of the hard sciences, and so forth.

You see, I can recognize corruption everywhere the same way you can recognize a car, plane, or train when you see it. Therefore, I can point out that corruption to you so you can help do something to stop it.

The downside is that, if you are not careful, being able to see so much corruption in so many areas at the same time can be overwhelming, which is why I have to pace myself and take days off as their corruption gets worse. You can learn too much for your own good. It is anything but pleasant being able to see how evil they really are and I have barely begun to show you all of their corruption I know about.

It is like you hiding, unarmed, in a bush while watching starving packs of wolves or prides of lions hunting to kill your children and not being able to do anything about it but warn the children.

I can easily think of much more pleasant things I would rather be doing.

If I ever show you even most of what I know about these evil things, you will agree with me that they are human demons and spawn of Satan who belong imprisoned in Hell where they can never cause anyone harm again. Believe me, I fully understand and believe Jesus when He said that most people are heading into eternal damnation because they have chosen evil over good. They chose to go to Hell.


I was watching this video and realized that the left is going to succeed in destroying Christmas and other pagan holidays you Christians are worshipping on so you true Christians will celebrate the 5 Biblical feasts and quit celebrating the pagan Christmas, Easter, and Halloween.

What do you want to bet that God will use the lefties working to destroy Christianity to make you quit worshipping these pagan holidays and start worshipping the Biblical holidays God gave us to worship on?

I think that is a pretty easy prediction because God always uses what Satan does against Satan.

Hey, let the pagans have December 25th to worship the birthday of Sol, Constantine's Roman sun god, and Easter to worship the pagan fertility goddess. We true Christians will gladly worship on God's 5 festivals and the rest of the year too.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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