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Fighting Back

This video has some great ideas for fighting back to stop this evil war against you. This is to help you remain free.

Judicial System

Remember that I have been warning you that the left is using our judicial system to help destroy our nation and Constitution?

This video gives you an excellent example of the left destroying our judicial system to destroy our nation and civilization to return us to barbaric times when might made right.

If she gets what she wants, everyone of you will be on your own in dealing with criminals because she won't do her job and deal with those criminals to protect you from the criminals. This is quickly becoming kill or be killed and, if you dare to kill to defend yourself and save your life, they will prosecute you when they would not prosecute your attackers.

It is beginning to look like they are using violent criminals to kill you off and depopulate their planet. It looks like they WANT their criminals to murder you.

Here is another video that shows how the left is continuing to corrupt and destroy our judicial system for political reasons.

This case is really psychological warfare against the rest of you to get you to give up your guns for fear someone in your family may do something wrong with those weapons that the left can use to prosecute you. It is a terrorist attack against the people and the DAs and their owners should go to prison.

Barnes even states that this case is being used in an attempt to gut the Second Amendment rights to own a weapon.

Hey, baby, they just have to find some way to get your guns away from you before they finalize their dictatorship so they don't get their brains blown out. This case is an act of desperation and it a crime in of itself.

Here is another video that shows you how the government is using corrupt courts and fake trails to go after people the same way the royals, Nazis, and other tyrants have always done. The lefties are using their corrupt DA's and courts as weapons against anyone who stands up against them.

These are criminal acts denying people their constitutional rights and using trumped up charges to get rid of and silence people. They are blatantly ignoring the US Constitution in order to abuse the courts and use them as weapons against the people.


The left has returned us to barbarism and is doing everything they can to quickly finish off our civilization so they can do as they will to you.

This video shows you that. She says, "This country is going to Hell in a handbasket," to which my replay was "No, this country is not going to Hell in a handbasket. It is already in Hell and it is just that the handbasket has not finished burning yet. We are there, now, what are we, the people, going to do about it?"

This lefty induced insanity is just going to keep getting worse until the people stand up and say, "Enough!" and the left is making that very clear. There is no doubt about their intentions and there is absolutely no doubt remaining whether they have good or bad intentions because it is now blatantly obvious the left has nothing but the worst possible intentions for any of you.

What are you going to do about it?

One thing you better do is pray for every Christian everywhere every day, learn to fight, and lock and load. You are now fighting for your lives and the left wants you to lose that fight.


I have been warning you for years that, when these corrupt lefty criminal politicians get cornered and they are desperate, they are very dangerous and will do anything to get what they want.

At the beginning of this video he quotes someone and says, "A politician, like an animal is always most dangerous when cornered and has no place to go..."

When these evil things don't get what they want, face losing control, which will expose them to prosecution, they are corned, desperate, and become very dangerous. They will do whatever they feel is necessary to maintain control and avoid prosecution.

You have to understand that, with everything they have already done, all of the crimes they have already committed, if they lose control and someone else gets into power who will enforce the laws, these criminals are facing at least years, probably life in prison, and potentially even the death sentence, you know, just like Bar threatened them with. These evil things are very close to that threat, are running scared and, when an animal gets scared enough, it will lose all inhabitations and attack whoever is threatening it, you know, like you, the people.

That is why I keep warning you that these evil things are very close to being willing to stage a violent coup of the US Government and risk getting their brains blown out. That is why they are bringing in more soldiers to protect them, you know, those illegal aliens and Afghan terrorists, to decrease the risk of them getting their brains blown out. They are stacking the deck for themselves and against you as much as they can before they finish staging their coup as a form of insurance.

The left is scared and cornered so you better pay attention to that because they are quickly approaching the point to where the only way they can get out of that corner with their lives is to fight their way out, which is what they are doing with these bad DA's encouraging the looting and other crimes against you. This is now escalating as a shooting war.

Note that he points out that the left is creating a national "shadow data base", which should tell you that they are creating their own communist shadow government to take control and replace the US Government when they stage their violent coup.

Also note that, just like I have been warning you, he tells you that these criminal lefties are on the verge of losing control and are trying to finish consolidating the power for their dictatorship before they do lose control. They are accelerating them staging their coup right now because they are increasingly desperate and they MUST disarm ALL of you before they get their brains blown out.

The lefties are in a panic and desperate to get their dictatorship finalized before they find themselves standing on a gallows.

You have to keep in mind that some of these lefty criminals will be removed from office next month and, unless they super duper rig the 2022 election, a bunch of them will be removed from office a year from now and they know that, if the conservatives regain control of Congress, then Biden will become a "lame duck" president for the last 2 years of his term who 1) will not be able to continue to advance their coup and 2) will lose ground with their coup so that all you will have to do is let ye ole clock run out until 2024, then begin investigating, prosecuting, and hanging the criminals for their treasonous crimes.

When they are standing on that gallows, they will not be concerned about your guns but will be concerned with hitting the end of their rope.

They know that, everyday they have less time left, everyday they will get more desperate, everyday they will get more dangerous so that every day you must get more prepared for them to stage one last violent "hail Mary" to save their butts and you better bet that some of them are planning that hail Mary right now because they can read the writing on their commie wall.

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash royals are everywhere and control almost everything, especially all major criminal activities globally?

Hint: we are going to do a little dot connecting here.

This video is by a couple of attorneys about the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, you know, Jeffery Epstein's assistant.

In this video, they tell you that she is a member of the British Royal Family and her elitist attitude is that she isn't the slightest worried about being convicted because she believes that she either won't be convicted or will be set free by her appeal. She seems to be certain that she won't go to jail, even though the evidence proves she is guilty, you know, she knows "the fix is in" for her and she is above the law, just like all royals always have been.

I read somewhere else that she mostly ran their sex for sale business and not Epstein and her being a member of the Royal Family explains why she had access to members of the Royal Family as clients and why her trial is being kept as quiet as possible.

BTW, Epstein wasn't even the tip of the iceberg concerning sex trafficking for the upper class trash. He was just one little snowflake on the mountain of royal crimes.

I have been watching the upper class trash royals and their criminal organizations for more than half a century. Remember that up until the US Revolution and beyond, the Royals were the ONLY people who had slaves or trafficked in slaves so that the royals owned ALL of the slaves in their world. To Ghislaine and her royal family, she was just another royal trafficking in slavery. Hey, it is the family business, baby, and you people mean nothing to them. You are just more livestock.

Following the US Civil War, the royals changed the name of slavery to "human trafficking" to fool the stupid people and then moved many of their businesses and plantations to third world nations where slavery was still legal but kind of hid that it was really slavery. They made it look like the people were just being paid less, much, much less.

For decades, beginning in the late 1960's, I saw and read about law enforcement from a number of different states explaining all of the smuggling coming into the US, especially for drugs and slaves or human trafficking. For decades, everyone of them said that every time the cops, Sheriff's department or other law enforcement started an investigation into the smuggling coming into the US, the mayors or governors shut the investigations down and the orders to do so came from the upper class trash, you know, the corrupt people at the top.

Do you understand why I call them upper class trash?

They all said that the black, Latino, and other street gangs and drug cartels paid the upper class trash a percentage of their take or sales and, for the most part, they were protected by the upper class trash. Of course, every now and then, the upper class trash would permit law enforcement to arrest a few of them to fool the people into thinking the upper class trash were fighting the smuggling.

When I was in the Air Force in about 1975 the upper class trash owned media were always complaining because law enforcement just couldn't stop all of the smuggling into the US and we were losing the "War on Drugs" so the US Navy went to Congress and told them that they had the technology to stop every bit of that smuggling within 2 to 3 months and I knew what technology the Navy was talking about because we used the same technology in the Air Force. The US Military could have easily shut down all of the smuggling into the US within just a few months.

IMMEDIATELY the lefty politicians wrote and passed a law forbidden the US Military from interfering in the smuggling operations into the US, using the lie that it was unconstitutional for the military to intervene in civilian legal matters.

There are a few problems with that lie. 1) If it were unconstitutional, they would not have had to write a law forbidding it and 2) before they created a national law enforcement agency like the FBI on July 26, 1908 and following the US Civil War in 1865, who do you think was responsible to stop the continued smuggling of slaves into the US?

Yeah, it was the US Military, especially the US Navy.

People, that law had nothing to do with the US Constitution. It was all about preventing the US Military from stopping the lefty upper class trash royals from making tens to hundreds of billions of dollars from smuggling contraband into the US.

Was I surprised?

Nope, I already knew they were the people controlling all of that smuggling. The only thing that did surprise me was how fast they wrote and passed the law.

Do you remember that the Italian Mafia are always run by someone they call "Don", which is a Spanish/Italian/Portuguese royal title meaning Lord or knight? What should that tell you?

All of these Italian Mafia run by Italians called Don and then their name, like Don Corleone, are Italian royals or they wouldn't be allowed to use the Italian royal title of Don.

Do you get the picture yet?

Remember that I told you that the FBI stated in 1992 that all black street gangs in the US are Muslim, they all belong to the Nation of Islam under Luis Farrakhan, and Farrakhan answers to the upper class trash like George Soros? Remember that after Billy Boy Clinton was impeached, Farrakhan paid a visit to the White House to get Billy Boy's permission to stage a violent coup to finish setting up their dictatorship but Billy Boy talked Farrakhan out of it and told him to wait?

Do you get the picture yet?

All of our street gangs and the drug cartels answer indirectly to the Queen of England and ye ole Royal Family.

Do you want to know why the Afghan War lasted so long?

Do you remember that our troops were told to not destroy the poppy fields in Afghanistan with us knowing that better than 80% of the heroine from those crops was coming to the US and with the lame excuse that, if we didn't let them have their poppy crops, they would all turn to being Muslim terrorists?

Nope, that wasn't why our troops were not permitted to destroy those crops.

Do you remember that during that war, the US got almost all of its heroine from those poppy fields?

Those fields provided the heroine that was being smuggled into the US by the upper class trash and they had our troops over there protecting their heroine but now the upper class trash have turned most of those stupid lefty dopers from heroine to other drugs made by the upper class trash chemical companies so they don't need that heroine any more so they pulled the troops out.

People, that is just the net shell version of the upper class trash royal international criminal organization. It is much, much worse than that.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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