In my last essay, News 6, I stated that the nut case liberals' next goal, after same sex marriage, in the step-by-step process designed to destroy the institution of marriage, is to legalize polygamy.

To understand how this will work, you first have to understand the meaning of polygamy. Most people think that polygamy is when a man marries two or more women and polygamy is commonly and wrongly used to mean that. One of the reasons for this is because two of the three types of polygamy are not known to be practiced anywhere on the planet at this time so they started just freely calling the one remaining form, polygyny, polygamy.

The truth is that polygamy covers a number of different types of marriage in which three or more people are involved in a marriage. The three basic types of polygamy are polygyny, which is when a man marries two or more women, polyandry which is when a woman marries two or more men, and group marriage, where a group of three or more people get involved in a marriage relationship where two or more of the people in the marriage are married to two or more people. So legalizing polygamy will actually legalize all three types of polygamy and not just polygyny. That is very important to know. Oops.

Please note that some times I use polygamy to mean polygyny because most people don't know what polygyny is but, in this essay, it is crucial that you learn the differences so you can know what the lefties are up to because, by legalizing true polygamy, they will be legalizing all 3 types of polygamy and they know it. We need to take a look at all three types of polygamy so you can see the problems legalizing polygamy will cause and why it will destroy the institution of marriage.


Muslims and Mormons don't actually practice true polygamy, the way the media tell you. Muslims and Mormans actually practice polygyny which is when one man marries two or more women. If they practiced true polygamy, they would also practice polyandry and group marriage but they don't, they only practice polygyny.

Also, there is a myth in Christianity that polygyny is a sin. This is not true and preachers who teach this have a huge problem in explaining why such men who are called righteous by God were bigamists with two or more wives. These preachers also have to twist and bend scriptures while ignoring other scriptures to prove polygyny is a sin.

So how did the myth of polygyny being a sin begin?

The Jews actually practiced polygyny up until several hundred years before Jesus was born. At that time a crisis developed because the hearts of most rich men were not right with God. These corrupt rich men developed the practice of buying the dowries for as many women as they could so they could screw more women and not because of love or caring. As a matter of fact, because their hearts were not right with God, they had little respect, must less love, for the women they married by the dozens so they could screw more women. It was only about sex and nothing else.

This sexual obsession by the rich caused a huge problem in Israel in that there were not enough women for all the middle and lower class men to marry in spite of the fact that more than half the population was women. This angered the middle and lower class men to the point that Israel was on the verge of a revolution. The middle and lower classes were about to start killing the upper class trash who were just buying up all the women for sex.

So how did Israel solve this problem?

The religious leaders committed blasphemy. You see, in Torah, the Law, God says you will not add to or take away from the Law. Why? Because, if you add to or take away from the Law, you are saying you are smarter than God and can write the Law better than God, which is blasphemy because you are elevating yourself above God. That is why all Christian doctrine which is not true Biblical doctrine is also blasphemy. If it isn't from the Bible, it isn't true.

So how did the Jewish religious leaders commit this blasphemy?

They added to the Law that polygyny is a sin instead of addressing the true cause of their problem which was that the rich people's hearts were not right with God. Guess what? They never did address the problem that the rich people's hearts were not right with God and got sent into exile a few hundred years later because of it. Basically, they treated the symptom and not the cause of the problem so the cancer continued to grow until it killed their country. You know, just like is happening to the US today.

Several hundred years later, after Jesus was born and killed, the sect of Judaism called Christianity was formed and the people continued many of their customs and beliefs within that Christian sect including that polygyny is a sin. For several thousand years now, the Christians have been teaching the false hood that polygyny is a sin in spite of very obvious proofs in the Bible to the contrary such as God repeatedly calling King David a righteous man in spite of the fact that King David had at least 8 wives.

Hold it, if polygyny is a sin and King David had at least 8 wives, how could King David be righteous? Think about it.

Now let's move onto another fun myth about polygyny, that, if you have more wives, you get more sex. Except for marriages in which the macho male doesn't care about his wives and just forces sex on his wives whenever he wants, such as Islam, this is not true. As a matter of fact, I have learned that, when the male actually cares about his wives, the more wives he has, the less sex he gets. This is true for better than 90% of polygyny marriages. The only acceptions I have found to this is when a man only marries two wives who like to sleep all in the same bed and are very kinky AND those two wives include the husband in all they normal daily activity.

I have told you before that I am a very curious man and have studied almost everything and still study almost everything constantly trying to learn more. By the end of this essay, you will believe that.

Back in the 1970s, they were doing a lot of research on polygyny and I paid close attention. One of the first things they learned was that for better than 90% of the polygyny marriages, the more wives a man had, the less sex he got. Why? You have to understand female biology, sociology, and psychology.

First, you have to understand sex biology. The idiot liberals teach that a husband should keep his hands to himself all day and just give his wife sex at night, when the liberals have decided it is supposed to be the only time she should want sex and it was the man's responsibility for causing the woman to have an orgasm.

When they first started teaching that liberal crap, my grandmother, a good old country girl, who I was very close to, told me it was a lie. You see, the country girls had learned from their mothers who had learned from their mothers and etc. that, if a woman didn't let her husband get to her during the day and do the petting God programmed that man to do and, if she didn't relax and enjoy the petting, she wasn't going to have good sex at night.

This was decades before they learned about sex hormones and, since then, science has been proving grandma right and the liberals wrong. Science has learned that men are very simple and easy to get turned on. All we men have to do is think we MIGHT get sex and we are ready to go.

Women are far more complex and difficult to get turned on because it is all about sex hormone blood levels. The higher a woman's sex hormone blood levels when she goes to bed at night, the more likely she will want sex, the easier it will be for her to get turned on, the more likely it will be that she has good sex, and the more likely it is that she will have an orgasm.

So, how does a woman get her sex hormone blood level high enough to enjoy sex at night?

It is all about physical, mental, visual, and verbal contact with her husband and her enjoying that contact. It all starts the night before she decides she wants to have sex. The more contact the women has with her husband in the 24 hours prior to her going to bed and the more she enjoys that contact, the higher her sex hormone blood level will be and the better sex she will have. Therefore, just like grandma said, the more the woman lets her husband get to her, pet with her, talk sexy with her, she sees him, she teases him, they sleep in the same bed, they dress and undress together, take showers together, the more she thinks about having sex with her husband, and such AND the more she relaxes and enjoys all of that, the higher her sex hormone blood level will be and the better sex she will have. It turns out that grandma was right and the liberals were wrong. :-) Big surprise there.

You see, in a normal monogamous marriage, one man, one woman, the man and woman only have each other to socialize with most of the time. They spend a lot of time together keeping the woman's sex hormone blood level higher so she will want sex more, she will have better sex, and he will get sex more. You add to all of this one more woman who has much more in common with the first wife in that women like to talk about such things as shoes, handbags, dresses, and such and what will happen is that the two women will spend much more time socializing with each other and less time socializing with the husband so that their sex hormone blood levels will actually decline causing both women to want sex less and the man will get it less. Plus you have to add to this that the man will have to spend twice as much time socializing with two women to keep them both stimulated than with one woman so polygyny is two strikes against the man. It should only be common since that, the more wives a man has, the less time he will have to stimulate any of his wives and, therefore, he will get less sex.

For example, I remember watching a documentary about a man who had 8 wives. They spent the entire show talking about how life was for the wives with the wives happily chatting away about "girl things", with a little time about the children and very little time about the man's life. Throughout most of the show, the man seemed to be this nothing shadow wandering around in the back ground. You never saw him interacting with the women.

At the end of the documentary, the narrator, a male, got alone in the man's bedroom with the man at night after all the women had gone to bed to feed that famous male sexual fantasy that more wives equals more sex. He said to the man, "Now for the question everyone (all males) want to know, how often do you get sex?" When the man said once a month, the narrator was so stunned he almost fell over. He couldn't believe it.

Hold it, the average monogamous male in the US gets laid three times per week. For those of you who are math impaired, once per month is not more than three times per week. The truth is that the average monogamous male gets sex 12 times more with one wife than this man was getting it with 8 wives.

The narrator quickly left the bedroom and dragged all of the man's wives out into the back yard where he asked them how much they thought their husband got sex. They all used that very subjective term, "lots", believing the myth that, because the man had 8 wives, he must be getting it a lot. When the narrator told the wives the man said he was only getting laid once a month, the women were all stunned. You see, they each knew they were not having much sex with the man but just assumed that the man was having a lot more sex with the other women.

The narrator asked each woman when was the last time they had had sex with their husband. He found two women who had not had sex with him in over 6 months, most of the rest had not had sex with him in over 3 months, and the narrator found the woman who had had sex with the man in the last month.

Why? Because, with 8 wives who were constantly socializing with each other, it was not possible for the man to spend enough time with any of the women to keep their sex hormone blood levels high enough so that all of the women's sex hormone blood levels got so low that they all almost completely lost interest in sex.

The trap most men fall into with polygyny is that, after they get the second wife and both wives start to lose interest in sex because the man can't spend enough time with both of them to keep them both stimulated enough that the women lose interest in sex, the man will become interested in another unmarried woman who has a high enough sex hormone blood level from dating and contact with other men that she is interested in him and sex and he marries her thinking he will get sex from her. The problem is that, as soon as that new wife gets to socializing with the other wives and not with her husband, her sex hormone blood level also drops off and the man ends up getting even less sex. I have found that most men don't realize they get less sex with more wives until they have from 5 to 8 wives, by which time, it is too late and they just resign themselves to a life of near celibacy. The myth that more wives equals more sex is a big trap a lot of men get caught in.

What research discovered was that the only men who had as much sex with two or more wives as the average monogamous male were men who only had two wives and the men managed to socialize with the two women a lot during the day and slept with both of them at night keeping their sex hormone blood levels high.

Now think about that, any man who knows anything about women knows that, if you get two or more women together, they are going to talk more than a flock of geese about things men have no interest in which will quickly drive almost every normal male outside to work on the car. There are very few men who can stand hanging out with two or more women chattering about girl things like purses, shoes, and dresses long enough to keep just two women stimulated enough to keep their sex hormone blood levels high enough for those women to remain interested in sex.

The truth is that the vast majority of men will actually have more sex with one woman than they will with two or more women. The myth that the more wives a man has, the more sex he will have is purely an unfounded male sexual fantasy. That is a scientific fact. Myth BUSTED!!!

Next, I want to deal with some of the problems polygyny can cause. I think the most important of these problems is the effect of asking your wife if you can marry another women. To understand the excruciating pain this would cause for some one who really loves you, just imagine how you would feel if your wife asked you if she could marry another man. I know that my heart would hit the floor with an extremely loud thud and there is no way words could possible describe that pain. Personally, I could never hurt anyone I love that much. It would kill me. It will kill her too. If you really care about your wife, that is one question you never want to ask your wife.

The only way I could even think about marrying two or more women would be if both women asked me to marry both of them without me ever even hinting about it AND if God told me that He wanted me to marry both women. If God told me to marry two women, I would do it but, get it straight that God won't just tell the man and not also tell his wife. For example, God sent messengers to both Joseph and Mary and not to just one of them.

If God told me to marry a second woman, I would throw out Gideon's fleece by telling God that, if He really wanted me to marry the second woman, He has to tell my wife without me saying anything about it and cause my wife to tell me that God told her that God wants me to marry the same second woman AND (remember that there were two sides to Gideon's fleece) that God would cause my wife to tell that woman that the woman is supposed to marry me so that, when my wife tells that woman, that woman confesses that God also told her to marry me without me talking to either one of them about it. I want to make sure it was God and not something in my pants talking to me. I know from studying the scriptures that, if God wants me to marry two women, God will tell all three of us not just one or two. I also know that the only way all three of us will know about it without us first talking about it will be if God told us. God gave us Gideon as an example for a very good reason.

Every woman you marry will mean you also get one more mother-in-law and set of in-laws, all of whom will want you to give special attention to their family member. Every person comes with baggage and the more women you have the more baggage you will have.

If you have two wives, twice as many women mean twice as many woman have periods and PMSing. Twice as many women also mean twice as much money to care for and spoil them. For most men, just two wives mean that you are not going to get any of those fun toys you want like fishing poles, a bass boat, nice bicycle, motorcycle, hunting trips, and such. For everything you get in life, you have to give something up.

Any man who has been married should know that, if you have two or more wives and get in a fight with one of them, most of the time, they will all gang up on you. This will continue until you finally give up and let them do whatever they want so you better make sure you marry very good women who are concerned more with the family than themselves.

Marrying two women means three times as much work to maintain the family relationship because you will have three times as many relationships to manage. You will have to all work together to help manage the relationship between you and wife A, between you and wife B, and between both your wives. With a monogamous relationship, you only have to maintain one relationship which is only 1/3 the work. After the first wife, every time you add another wife, the amount of work required to maintain all the relationships doubles. You have to understand that no one in a relationship can be any happier than the least happy person in that relationship. If one person in a marriage becomes unhappy, everybody will be unhappy and the more people you have, the greater potential for some one to be unhappy.

Then there are the children. Each wife will have particular things they want to permit or not to permit their children to do. No two women will agree exactly on child rearing rules which is where you will have to brave the storm to make final decisions, some of which will tick some one off.

You cannot permit some children in the family to do things other children are not allowed to do or you will have a full scale rebellion with the children pitting the adults against each other. This could easily turn into a nightmare. Therefore, it is critical that all adults in the marriage reach a consensus on family rules with no one being above the law or rules. By this point, if you are still thinking about marrying two or more women, you are crazy. :-)

Plus you have to understand that there is the potential that one wife will decide, for various reason, to stage a power play with one or more of the other wives. They will do things like lie to you about things another wife is doing or saying behind your back to turn you against that wife. This has the potential of getting out of hand and turning into a real nightmare.

Plus, with more wives, you are going to have more children and, with more children, those children will need more daddy time. Marriage is a huge responsibility which requires a lot of time and money. Adding children to a marriage requires much more time and money and the more children you have, the more time and money it will require. You are going to have to spend special time with each kid and with each wife or pay a heavy price.

We humans all need what is called me time or alone time. We need time alone to think about things, relax, and wind down. We often do this with sports and activities. The more time you have to spend on wives and children, the less me time you will have for things you enjoy like cars, hunting, sports, and other fun things. It would be very easy to end up with no time for yourself and get yourself in a mess to where you will be headed towards a burnout and break down.

Almost all middle class men will not be able to afford a second wife and family. If you are having trouble taking care of one wife and one family, then you probably won't be able to take care of a second wife and her family.

When it comes to things like marrying two or more women, think with your head and not with your britches and always look for the will of God. God's will is the most important part.


Polyandry is when a woman marries two or more men and, at this time, the experts don't know of anywhere on the planet where it is being practiced and for very good reasons.

Polyandry has almost all of the same draw backs as polygyny but has a one extra extremely severe problem which is why it is not currently practiced anywhere. Therefore, to see the draw backs and not make this essay redundant, just read the problems you would have with polygyny. You should have no problem in telling which of those problems will also apply to polyandry.

The worst problem with polyandry has to do with male human behavior and the best example is the violence in homosexual relationships. Remember that the violence for lesbian relationships is only about 2 to 3 times worse than with heterosexual relationships but the violence for homosexual male relationships is a whopping 10 to 20 times worse than with heterosexual relationships. This is huge and says a lot about men.

This is because men tend to be far more aggressive and physically violent than most women. If a woman marries two men, especially alpha males, you can be better than 95% sure that it will end up in a server physical altercation such as fist fights and even using weapons. If a male is physically battered and even just bettered by another male in a legally binding situation such as a marriage, it is much more likely he will seek to find a way to physically fight back, probably resulting in the death of one of the males.

There are some men who will just walk away from the marriage in search of sanity. Those will be the 5% of the men in such marriages. Most men will have a very strong tendency to physically regain male dominance. This is particularly true if one male feels the woman has sided with the other male. It is very likely that such an arrangement will end in one male murdering the other male and possibly also the female because he felt the female betrayed him.

If my wife were to be stupid enough to marry another man, I would immediately pack my bags, leave the house, find an attorney, sue for divorce, and just let the dummy have my stupid wife. I feel that such a stupid woman is not worth dying for and I know that the relationship would end up being violent. Any woman who can get two men to marry her will be the type of woman who will marry only alpha males and I know I am an alpha male so it won't end well. I would much rather find me an intelligent woman to marry than to stick around in what I know will be an extremely stressful and violent marriage and be stuck with a stupid woman the rest of my life.

Something that liberals refuse to admit is that men are not just physically different from women but are also mentally and emotionally different. Most women could not only handle but enjoy a polygyny marriage because they will have other women to talk to about girl things. But very few men will be able to handle a polyandry marriage and to expect to get two such males in the same marriage borders on insanity.

History proves this to be true. It is almost always men who rise up to physically fight off oppressive males in wars. Women only seem to go to war to protect their family and only when the perceived threat is direct and immediate. Men are much more ready and eager to go to war against other men to preserve their rights, property, and such than women are and, believe me, when you get two males in such close binding quarters as a marriage, it will quickly turn to war. Again, the best proof for this is the violence in homosexual male relationships without marriage. Add marriage to it and it will get much worse.

In my opinion, a woman has to be very ignorant or misinformed about men (liberal), very arrogant in believing she can manage a really bad situation by causing two men to go against their nature, and very stupid to marry two or more men. I predict, that, if they legalize polygamy and, therefore, also polyandry, there will be arrogant liberal women who will marry two or more men to show everyone they are wonderful enough to handle it and they will almost all eventually turn violent. People will get killed because of people's arrogance, ignorance, and stupidity.

There has been very few cases in history where polyandry has worked and not for very long.

Group Marriage

This is the biggie which liberals are working to get legalized by getting polygamy legalized. You really need to know about this form of marriage and how liberals will use it to destroy the institution of marriage. Once you understand group marriage, unless you are a parasite, you will fear it and that fear will cause almost all people to turn against marriage of any type. This is the liberal end game against marriage.

A simple example of a group marriage is if you marry a woman, she marries another man, he marries another woman, she marries another man, and he marries another woman so that you end up with 6 people in your marriage group. Now this is where it starts to get scary.

Let's say you marry a woman, you both work very hard, save your money, buy a nice house, buy a nice car, and other things. In most states, you own half of everything and your wife owns half of everything. At some time in the future, some lazy liberal commie parasite or gigolo cons your wife into marrying him. You still own 50% of everything you two have worked for all your lives and she now owns only 25% of everything because the parasite now owns half of everything she owns or 25% of everything you and your wife worked all your lives for. Bad, but it gets worse.

Now that the parasite owns 25% of everything you own, he has a legal right to move into your house, drive your car, and access your bank account. He can legally take anything of yours he wants and sell it to buy dope. He can bring in his lazy slimy liberal doper friends and feed them out of your refrigerator, throw dope orgies with loud music any time he wants, and basically live off of you and steal anything he wants from you. He already has half ownership of your wife.

Such a person won't have any respect for your property, after all, it is also his property by marriage. He will certainly turn your house into a slum, turn your car into junk, steal everything worth taking, and drive you into bankruptcy. After all, by law, it is also his property and he has a legal right to access that property any time he wants.

Now, let's take this out even further to see just how horrible it will get. What if this lazy liberal marries a lazy liberal doper slut who is married to other lazy liberals. They all become part owners in your property and have legal right to access that property, trash it, sell it, or whatever they feel like. You know you are going to have lazy bums like Obama lying around your house, using drugs, and having orgies 24/7 while your house is being quickly ruined. Imagine trying to raise young children in this mess. But it gets worse.

If any one of the people in your group marriage marries a person in another group marriage, it will combine both group marriages into one much larger group marriage and everyone in the other group marriage will have legal access to everything you own. You know the liberal parasites are going to work this system as best as they can so they can sit on their butts, smoking dope, and screwing all of the time without working. They will prey on hard working married couples to get just one of the couple to marry one of them and then all hell will break loose.

After this type of marriage gets legalized, you won't be able to own anything without you and your spouse always being conned until one of you slips up and marries a liberal parasite and then you will lose everything you own. Everyone will become afraid to marry anyone for fear that person may be a parasite posing as a good person.

Here is another scary thing. Even if they don't get group marriage legalized and they do get polygyny and polyandry legalized, it will quickly turn into the same thing because group marriage is really nothing more than a combination of polygyny and polyandry.

Now stop and think about this. What does group marriage look like?

Answer: Communism, it is communal living, redistribution of wealth so that no one can own anything and everything is shared by everyone. Gee, I wonder why the lefties are trying so hard to get this legalized. Plus it will destroy the institution of marriage. Any commie's favorite dream. Think about it.

Now you can see why the lefties are trying to legalize polygamy and not just polygyny.


I have been watching the great sounding liberal ideas fail every time for more than 50 years. I cannot remember one great sounding liberal idea which has not failed. I have only been able to think of one group of people who have benefited from every great sounding liberal idea, attorneys. Then you realize that almost all liberal politicians are attorneys and it becomes clear why the liberal politicians keep pushing really great sounding stupid ideas.

Let's take a look at polygamy. If you have a monogamous marriage and one of the two people decides they want a divorce, then you have to hire two attorneys to make sure no one loses everything. But, if you have three people in the marriage and one wants a divorce, all three people have to hire attorneys to make sure they don't lose everything. The more people you have in a marriage, the more attorneys you have to hire every time some one wants a divorce. Polygamy isn't job security, it is pure greed on the part of attorneys.

The same thing is true with same sex marriage. We used to have an entire group of people who used to never have to hire divorce attorneys. With same sex marriage, those people will now have to start hiring divorce attorneys every time they break up which will increase the demand for attorneys. Of course it will also increase the demand for criminal attorneys.

Gee, I wonder why the liberal politicians keep pushing all these bad ideas on us which keep increasing the need for attorneys. Think about it.

There is one last thing I need to share about polygamy and an important reason why I feel it is necessary to share this information with you.

Years ago, when that Christian guy, George Bush, was President and Congress was controlled by the GOP, which used to be pro Christians, I had a number of dreams in which God told me that polygyny was going to be made legal. As is normal with us humans, I looked around to see if I could figure out how God was going to achieve this. That is never a good idea. You should just believe God, know that He knows how He will do it and will eventually show you.

All I could see as a possibility was that the Mormons were having trouble being persecuted for polygyny and I thought that maybe they would hire some really slick attorney who would get it made legal via our court system. After God told me that some one was going to nuke Chicago, I thought that maybe that person would declare martial law and just make it legal. Shortly after Obama got elected the first time, God let me know that it would be Obama who would nuke Chicago. I knew that Obama is Muslim, it is just too obvious to anyone who has studied both Islam and Christianity. So I figured that he will declare martial law and set up Sharia Law making polygyny legal, of which I am still certain.

So here we are rapidly approaching civil war with Obama as dictator in chief and the lefties trying to legalize polygamy to kill the institution of marriage but Obama is a Muslim and Muslims are extremely family and marriage oriented. If the liberals set up their dictatorship, they will legalize polygamy and destroy marriage but, if Obama sets up his dictatorship without the liberals, he will enforce Sharia Law which will only legalize polygyny and not polygamy. The dreams made it very clear that only polygyny will be legalized so what does they tell you? Think about it.

Everyone needs to think this through before it becomes legal. I know you will tend to focus on the myth of polygamy so I focused on the down side to get you to think more rationally. Don't get stupid because you are horny. That never works out well.

Every time I write one of these essays, it becomes increasingly clear why we all need to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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