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I am seeing some real problems with the people of this planet concerning attitudes and I know that a big part of that is because they are not Christians and do not have the "Wisdom of God" or common sense concerning governments and leaders that the upper class trash are using against us to control us. Many Christians are not paying attention, are blindly believing the lefty lies, and others are being told by their preachers to not be involved in the worldly matters, you know, don't obey God and be good stewards.

Whether a government is a good or bad government is NOT determined by the structure or type of government but is determined by whether the people running that government are good or bad people. Good people will always use control of any government, whether it is a republic, democracy, monarchy, theocracy, or dictatorship to do good things and bad people will always use control of any government, whether it is a republic, democracy, monarchy, theocracy, or dictatorship to do bad things and history and current events prove this to be true.

Think not?

Just look at the democracies and republics currently being run by evil people that are being used by those evil people to do evil things to their people and other nations.

We have been brainwashed to believe that only democracies and republics can be good and are good but that is not true. It is NOT the type of government that is good or bad but the people running that government.

Don't believe me?

God's Paradise will be ruled by God's Monarchy or dictatorship and it will be the greatest government ever. Everyone will be appointed into office by God based on their test results here on Earth and not one person will be elected into office. Think about that.

"Why, if we can just keep our government as a democracy or republic instead of as a dictatorship, theocracy, or monarchy, then it will remain a good government regardless of who is running it."

That is exactly the same flawed thinking the upper class trash has taught you to use in believing that it isn't the greed of men and women that is bad because it is money's fault, not their fault for loving money. It is also the same flawed thinking they are trying to get you to believe about guns, you know, it isn't the criminal's fault, it is the gun's fault so, if we get rid of all guns, then we get rid of crime and murder in spite of the fact that crime and murder were much worse before the gun was invented and people walked around stabbing and clubbing each other to death for thousands of years.

Bad or evil is not the fault of inanimate objects like governments, money, or guns, it is purely the fault of bad or evil people. The inanimate objects only do what we humans use them to do. Evil people will always use inanimate objects to do evil things.

Therefore, a government is not good or bad because of its structure or type, the way we have been brainwashed to believe, but is good or bad because of the good or bad people in control of that government. Almost all of our problems are caused by humans, not things.

I don't care what type of government you have, if you have a bad government, the ONLY thing that will fix that government and make it a good government is that you MUST get rid of the bad people running that government and replace them with good people. Changing the type of government won't do any good if you don't also change the type of people running that government.

If you have been paying attention and have an IQ, that should be obvious by now.

It should also be obvious by now that, conservatively estimating, better than 90% of the governments on this planet are being run by evil people who have no good intentions for anyone but themselves and only have evil intentions for everyone else.

I suggest to everyone that before you try to fix someone else's government or permit your government to fix someone else's government, you first fix your own government because, if you government is bad and it "fixes" someone else's government, all it will do is install an evil puppet government to have control over and oppress the people under that government.

Based on my observations, I conservatively estimate that better than 90% of the governments in the world are evil. I can only think of a few Western governments that are not being run by evil people, there may be a few in Africa, there is only MAYBE one in the Middle East, and only a few in Asia and the Pacific.

That is why God is going to have to use the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and the destruction of Damascus to get rid of most of those evil people so we can fight and defeat the rest of the evil people to get our nations back. We have let things get so bad that it is literally going to take the hand of God to save our butts.

People, the Western governments are calling Putin an evil Nazi because he DARED to topple the evil puppet dictatorship hiding behind a fake democracy the West set up to be able to move troops into Ukraine to more easily invade and conquer Russia, you know, the way those same evil governments call you evil Nazis because you DARE to protest their tyranny over you. Think about it.

It was the US, UK, EU, Canada, and other Western powers that toppled governments in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt (the Egyptian Army toppled the puppet government set up there), Ukraine, Georgia, and are still trying to topple the government in Syria to set up their evil puppet dictators you should be calling "NATO EXPANSIONISM" to set up their global dictatorship or monarchy and they have convinced millions of you that Russia is the bad guy for toppling ONLY ONE of their puppet dictators.

"Why, how dare Putin stop our expansionism to set up our global dictatorship! Why, we gots tuh be patriotic and support our evil, tyrannical government against all other governments."

It is that logic and reasoning that made it possible for Hitler to do what he did.

BTW, the great, fearless Ukraine leader, Zelensky, who said he would stay and fight for Ukraine has fled Kiev for Western Ukraine. Surprise, surprise, I guess he finally figured out that his Western overlords who put him into power as their puppet dictator were just bluffing Putin about supporting Zelensky staying in power.

"Hey, let the people stay and fight, while I run and hide." Typical lefty dictator, you know, like Trudeau.

It is absolutely amazing to me at how many conservatives and moderates, who have realized that our governments are evil and oppressing them but think they are good and Russia is evil for stopping them from oppressing the entire planet. This is proving that most humans are terminally stupid and, without God, we would have killed ourselves off thousands of years ago. I can't wait for the reign of God over us stupid people.

Remember that I have been telling you that no military or nation can be any greater than its leaders?

If the leaders are good, so is the nation and its military but, if the leaders are bad or evil, so is the nation and its military. Just watch this video and see how bad our nation has been made by our bad leaders.

Keep in mind that these same military leaders are the idiots who designed and started this stupid Ukraine plan in 2014 under Obama and also toppled the governments of Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt and tried to topple the Syrian government but failed because of Putin. These are Obama's people, they realized their mistake concerning Ukraine, they thought they were smart enough and Putin was stupid enough that they could bluff Putin instead of just letting it go, and Putin called their bluff, you know, like Trump used to call evil peoples' bluffs because the lefties are more bluff than bite.

One thing that is really ticking me off is the conservative media are completely ignoring why Putin went into Ukraine, which was to remove the threat of having NATO troops so close to Moscow, when the West was insisting that they should be able to have NATO troops so close to Moscow. They persist in making Putin look like the bad guy and the West look like darling angels. If Putin is a bad guy, he isn't the only bag guy involved in this mess.

People, always remember that the reason why the West is not sending troops into Ukraine to fight Russia is because the West set up a trap for Russia that Russia turned into a trap for the West.

And you think the lefty upper class trash are smarter than you because they stole more money than you can earn?

BTW, Israel is being forced to choose between Russia or the US as an ally. They have obviously chosen the US, who is trying to screw Israel. This could cause Russia to join the invasion force against Israel for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Keep an eye on this.

Because NATO is a has-been military power, the West is using everything they can think of but it still isn't working. For example, Swift is going to remove all Russian banks from their international organization.

Putin thought about this decades ago when He, China, and Brazil formed their own international banking system because they knew the West would do this to force them into submission. Putin has been watching, learning, and planning for this day and is so far beating the West.

Another thing I have noticed is that the media are not reporting on any of the Ukraine military units that have surrendered to Russia like in this brief video and the civilians welcoming Russia into Ukraine. The lying media are pushing the idea that all Ukrainians are fighting to the death for their nation, which isn't even close to being true. But, hey, it makes a better story.

I also noticed that the lying media keep reporting every Russian plane or chopper being shot down but don't report on the hundreds of Ukraine planes and other aircraft that have been destroyed. You have to really dig to get the truth.

Note that, with the West continuing to try to force Russia to submit to their rule, Putin just put his nuke forces on their highest level of alert and this could result in a nuclear war that will decrease Western military and economy strength enough for China, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea and others to also go on the war path against us and our stupid leaders still don't get it.

I told you that the West needs to pull their troops back from Ukraine, stop the crap about Russia, and let Russia have Ukraine back but our leaders are too greedy and power mad to even think about that. Nah, dey gots tuh choe Russia dey is duh boss.

Putin just put his nukes on maximum alert and I am not seeing anyone at the top with enough knowledge and brains to know what is going on and how to handle it. Trump is beating war drums think that he is so much smarter than he is that he could defeat Putin in a war right now, obviously not looking at the big picture, which includes the rest of the planet, you know, China, Iran, Pakistan, and North Korea.

"Hey, let's tie up a bunch of troops fighting Putin to encourage the rest of the bad guys to go on the war path so we will really be in a big mess." The US Military is not infinite in size or power.

I am telling you that Putin knows how to take out most of our air power really fast and he isn't going to show his hand on this to beat Ukraine.

People, in war there is a thing called tactical or strategic retreat, where you pull back from a bad position to reposition to win the war. We used this in Korea when our lousy leader, Truman, set our troops up for a defeat by the Chinese Army that almost destroyed our troops but the generals on the ground saved most of our troops by staging a strategic retreat from North Korea to South Korea to gain a winning strategic situation, by letting China have North Korea.

Do you believe me yet that no military can be better than its leaders?

I saw the same leader incompetence hold our troops back in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. When you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

Obama's stupid leaders have handed us a losing situation that is at least as bad as the situation Truman caused in North Korea. We need to stage a strategic retreat to a winning situation and that requires letting Putin have Ukraine and leave him alone, while we move to stop the accelerating mess our stupid leaders caused in other parts of the world.

Obama's leaders don't have enough brains to stage a strategic retreat, are trying to force a losing situation, and are just going to make this mess worse.

Here, in this video, is Trump telling you what I told you about the problem being that our leaders are stupid. If you don't believe me, maybe you will believe him.


Remember that I told you that this mess caused in Ukraine by the West would cause Iran, China, Pakistan, and North Korea to escalate their hostilities, especially by Iran against Israel?

This video shows that Iran has caused their proxies in Gaza and inside Israel to escalate their hostilities just like I told you. The western lefty upper class trash have really made a mess of things and you can bet things will continue to get worse.

Keep in mind that he is talking about Israel possibly going into Gaza on the south while still fighting other Iranian proxy armies internally and in the north.

This video tells you some of the things I have been telling you. This is a Christian news organization out of Israel and he tells you that you can't believe what you are seeing in the media and then, later in the video, he tells you that Iran is using everyone's attention being diverted by the Ukraine War to accelerate their actions just like I have been warning.

If the US ties up troops fighting Russia, the nations I have been warning you about will do much, much worse than what Iran is doing now.

This is just getting started.

LA Earthquake

Remember that I told you that it is possible that the severe LA earthquake storm God warned me about in a dream so I could warm you about it could trigger earthquakes as far up the left coast as Washington State or Alaska?

A friend of mine just finished retrofitting his home for a possible earthquake in Washington State and stated on FB:

"The seismic retrofitting on our house is complete. This work feels essential since the Pacific Northwest stands a 25-40% chance of sustaining a magnitude 8 earthquake within 50 years and a 14% chance of a magnitude 9 within the same time period."

Those are extremely high earthquake magnitudes that will leave just rubble.

This tells me that he knows that the entire western coast line of the US is under severe seismic pressure that could easily cause the earthquake storm God told me about in LA and it will probably trigger other earthquakes from as far as Alaska to Chili on the West Coast.

Keep an eye on this because I am seeing signs that God is getting ready to move in finishing the prophesies He gave me.


Remember that I have been telling you that data is not science because data can be manipulated to make it say whatever you want it to say?

This video shows you some of how they do that intentionally to deceive the people. Therefore, data cannot be science though, if used carefully, it can be used by science.

Politicians, the academe, the media, nonprofit corporations, and major corporations frequently abuse data to push an agenda and support lies.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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