Ukraine 11

The Mess

The mess the upper class trash have caused because of Ukraine is getting worse quickly and there are some things you need to know. You need to be aware of these potential attacks and keep an eye on them.


I have already shown how Iran has increased the violence of their proxy militants against Israel, both internally and externally, but they can do much more damage than that, especially to the West. If the Western upper class trash want to play a sanction game with Russia, the "East" can do an even better job of it.

Iran can use missiles and attack drones to attack the oil storage and fueling facilities in Saudi Arabia and UAE and use missiles, attack drones, attack boats, submarines, and mines to destroy oil tankers, especially passing through the Straits of Oman to decrease and even stop the oil flow from the Arabian Peninsula to the West and, if Russia turns off the spigot to the West at the same time, including the US and EU, the Western economies will grind to a halt very quickly.


China can work with Iran to cut off the flow of oil and gas to the west by high jacking ships in the straits of Oman and Aden along with the South China Sea to take the oil and gas back to China or just sink the ships in both bottle necks plus China can greatly disrupt commercial shipping in the South China Sea and China can simply stop the production and/or shipping of goods needed by the West to devastate the Western economies even more.

With her base in Djibouti, she can gain control of the southern access and exit for the Suez Canal in the Strait of Aden, greatly decreasing oil and gas flow along with other commercial shipping through the Suez Canal.

Plus I expect China to also attack Taiwan and the Senkaku Islands, while aiding North Korea.

Also remember that China has at least tens of thousands of their army troops posing as working people in just Commiefornia and I know of a compound in Idaho where they have an estimated 50,000 Chinese PLA (People's Liberation Army) workers and there is no telling how many other places China has soldiers pretending to just be workers. China can quickly stand up large armies in the US to destroy resources, transportation, and shipping and seize control of important facilities such as loading docks and airports very quickly.

North Korea

North Korea can invade South Korea with the help of both China and Russia, use her submarines in conjunction with China's Navy and Russia's Navy to disrupt commercial shipping to and from South Korea and even Japan. She can even potentially stage various forms of attacks against Japan herself.


Russia can aid South Korea with her attacks, invade the northern Japanese islands to force Japan to base troops there that could be used elsewhere, and stage attacks into Alaska, which is massive and would require the US using a large number of troops just to protect Alaska that would be badly needed elsewhere.

The mess the Western upper class trash caused is getting worse just like I told you and it is happening fast just like I told you. I am seeing quite a bit of this already starting to happen.

Do you better understand why I keep saying that the US/UK need to stage a strategic retreat from Ukraine, let Putin have Ukraine, regroup, reorganize, and start over from a stronger position just like we did in Korea. When all of that crap hits ye ole fan, we are going to eat a lot of splatter very quickly, especially if we have just lost a significant number of troops in Ukraine, so we better be in the strongest possible position when it happens. Obama's Afghan clowns are trying to force a losing hand and that cannot end well for us.

What is the US/UK doing?

They are still trying to outsmart Putin with psychological warfare just like they did when they started trying to bluff Putin before this fighting started but failed. They are now moving more choppers, fighter planes, and B-52s closer to Ukraine like they are going to invade in hopes of intimidating Putin into submission but that isn't going to work.

You have to understand that the upper class trash backed Putin into a corner, he is fighting his way out of a corner, while pulling no punches, and he is not going to be scared into submission. Putin knows that, if he submits, Russia is dead and, if Russia is going to die, they will die fighting and the only way he can win this fight is to fight out of it. You have to understand that the lefty commie traitors are more afraid of Putin than Putin is of them and Putin knows it.

Peace Negotiations

If Putin is winning the Ukraine War, why did he recently have peace negotiations with Zelensky's accomplices?

Putin knew that nothing would come out of the peace negotiations.

You have to understand that Putin is searching for Zelensky and his accomplices because he has to take them out or this mess will just start over again as soon as Russia withdraws from Ukraine. Putin knows that the only thing that will stop these criminals is death.

After the mighty and brave Zelensky made the videos about how he was going to fighting in the streets with everyone else, you know, with him in body armor and carrying an automatic rifle, he went into hiding just like I told you he would. I found out that he fled to Lvov but seems to have moved to somewhere else.

He is now putting out videos with him not in body armor or with a gun, telling you he ain't doing any fighting in any streets. He is in hiding, praying for the US to save his butt and they are probably moving him around.

Putin knew that, if he got them to do a peace conference, Zelensky's accomplices would first meet with Zelensky before the negotiations, go to the negotiations, where nothing very quickly happened, and then report back to Zelensky telling Putin where Zelensky is hiding. Soon, Putin will know where they all are, even if they use the Internet for their meeting with Zelensky.

It kills me that all of the x-spirts are saying that Putin is not doing as well as he thought or that it is taking longer than Putin thought, you know, like they can read Putin's mind.

People, this war is not even a week old and the lefty commie traitors are making it look like, because Putin has not already conquered the entire nation and executed Zelensky and his accomplices in the first few days, he is losing the war. Just remember that the US spent 17 years in Vietnam, 20 years in Afghanistan, and, after 20 years, is still in Iraq.

Israel is one of very few to win a war in 6 days.

Do you get the picture yet?

They are lying to you. They keep showing you pictures of Russian casualties but not Ukraine casualties even with Russia moving into and through Ukraine, which should tell you that Ukraine has the greater loses, which is why they are losing ground. It is Ukraine, not Russia, that is recruiting anyone and everyone they can off the street, which is an act of desperation.

Ukrainian troops are surrendering, dying, and being captured with them recently showing videos of the Ukraine top leaders donning body armor and automatic rifles "to fight in the streets" to my laughter because none of them will fight in the streets. They are probably already making plans to flee. It is all show to encourage more of their people to die fighting for them.

I just figured something out. Zelensky is persuading civilians to take up arms and fight so that more civilians will be in the line of fire and be killed, so Zelensky can use the increasing numbers of "dead civilians" to make Putin look even worse. The man is sick and pure evil.

Those peace negotiations should tell you that Putin's troops have already been everywhere that Zelensky was supposed to be and he wasn't at any of them so Putin decided to set a trap to find Zelensky.

Putin isn't losing this war, he just has not finished winning it because he has to achieve all of his adjectives first, which takes time.

Remember that I told you that you are being lied to about the Ukraine War?

This video shows you some of those lies that are even being used by media. You have to really dig to get to the truth.

Remember that I told you that nations will be turning to Russia to be allies after the left has betrayed so many allies?

This video shows that had already started before the Ukraine War started. It will now escalate since the West is not coming to the aid of Ukraine after setting up the dictatorship in Ukraine. The left is destroying us politically, militarily, and economically on the world stage. You are watching the fall of Rome II being intentionally caused by the left so they can set up their global dictatorship, which is also failing.

Everyone turning on Putin because their governments and media said so, tells me that, when Obama nukes Chicago and blames Israel, everyone who has turned against Russia, except a few, will turn on Israel the same way and support Obama invading and wiping out Israel.

I really, really, really believe Jesus when He said, "Wide is the way and heavily traveled is the road to Hell and narrow is the way and lightly traveled is the road to Heaven."


Remember that I have been warning you about the misinformation coming from TeeBee and the Internet?

This video shows you quite a bit about some of that misinformation but being nice to stupid people so a little wishy washy.

These two combat experienced fighter pilots researched everything they could find on the fabled "Ghost of Kiev" fighter pilot who is supposed to be devastating the Russian Air Force and found that it is almost certainly a myth.

Some important things they point out is that almost all of the combat footage you are seeing on the Internet and even on TeeBee is from very realistic online video games and is as phony as you can get.

This fits in with what I have been telling you about almost all of the engagements being won by Ukraine being faked engagements.

What I am pretty sure is happening is that the upper class trash, their puppet politicians and bureaucrats, and the military industry are posting at least some of this crap about Ukraine defeating the mighty Russians to get you to support sending our troops into Russia's trap so they can make blood money from our troops dying and their beloved military industry.

Note in that video that the two pilots tell you they are sure Russia did what I told you they would do at the very start of the engagement, which is to start with about a two hour barrage of missiles and artillery, where, after the first hour, the planes and attack choppers would have started their actions. They both agreed that Russia would have started the war with that one military action.

Ever since Obama's CIA staged the coup of the Ukrainian government in 2014, you can bet that Russia has mapped out and kept track of every military target in Ukraine.

When this war first started, for at least the first hour, Russia hit everyone of those targets with missiles and artillery and, after the first half hour to hour, she would have been sending in her planes and choppers to finish as many of those targets off as possible. That is standard military operations in the top militaries in this world such as the US, Russia, UK, and China.

Russia would have almost completely decimated Ukraine's military in the first two hours except for weapons systems such as tanks and planes that would be out on patrol or were moved to another location away from where the missiles and artillery hit, but the follow up plane and chopper attacks would have gotten the rest of those weapons systems still on their military bases so that only some of the weapons system that were on patrol would have survived.

You don't think so?

The proof of that having happened is how quickly and easily the Russian land forces were able to travel hundreds of miles across Ukraine with minimal resistance to encircle and enter the two largest Ukraine cities within the first days of the war. If Ukraine would have had just a fraction of the ground forces left that the false reports are telling you they have and they had done just a fraction of the damage to the Russian forces they tell you the Ukrainian forces did, neither of those two cities would have been encircled yet and wouldn't be for at least another week.

The very fact that Russia was able to cover hundreds of miles so quickly and still have enough forces to encircle and invade those cities within the first few days should tell you that Russia almost wiped out the Ukrainian air and ground forces so that what you are seeing is lies, misinformation, and propaganda to fool you into supporting the US/UK forces invading Ukraine.

There is just absolutely no other way that Russia could have moved such huge forces so quickly and easily across such huge areas of Ukrainian territory and have enough forces still intact to encircle and invade those big cities.

If there were more than a relatively small number of Ukrainian combat aircraft left, they could have easily destroyed enough Russian armor to prevent them from encircling those cities, much less being able to enter those cities.

Also, you need to know that Ukraine is using older versions of the Russian weapons so that, when they show you only "Russian" armor that has been destroyed and no Ukrainian armor that has been destroyed and Russia not having much resistance on the ground, you can bet that almost all of the armor they are showing you that has been destroyed is Ukrainian armor and not Russian armor.

This is the first video I have seen that is showing you Ukrainian armor being destroyed and having been destroyed with the Russian ground forces having very little opposition from Ukraine.

You are being lied to by a lot of people, especially the MSM but even most conservative media who will also make a fortune in blood money covering the war if US troops are sent into the Ukrainian trap. It makes me furious to see so many of the conservative media also putting out false information to increase their profits in blood money from increased advertising revenues.

This video also tells you about the massive amount of lies, misinformation, and propaganda being put out about the Ukraine war.

Then Tim tells you that one of the Ukraine elites said that they are fighting for the "New World Order" or globalism that I told you this was all about years ago. Gee, what a coincidence.

I told you that the lefty commie traitors tried to use the Soviet Union to set up their beloved global dictatorship but, when the Soviet Union failed, they turned to "Globalism" under Bush I with their openly stated goal of setting up a global dictatorship "for the good of the world and mankind" and depopulate or murder/butcher off better than 90% of the global population so they don't have to share their planet with you.

Quickly, Russia, China, and Brazil set up their own international banking system to prevent the Euro-American upper class trash royals from being able to control them with their international banking system. Russia, China, and Brazil got a number of lesser nations to join in this resistance to the West's global dictatorship such as Iran, North Korea, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, and others, some of them almost as evil as the royals.

The royals figured that, since Russia is the most powerful of the resistance to their global dictatorship, if the royals took down Russia, the rest would be easier to take down and Bush II made the first move against Russia before 2008 when he had the CIA topple the Georgian government but Putin stopped that from going anywhere with a brief invasion and withdrawal of Georgia.

So in 2014, under Obama, the CIA and Obama's Afghan military leaders staged coups in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Ukraine, and Syria but Egypt's military reversed the coup in their nation and Russia prevented the coups in Ukraine and Syria from achieving their goals. Putin kept the Syrian government in power and prevented NATO from using Ukraine to stage an attack against Moscow by staging a proxy rebellion in the Donbass area and seizing control of Crimea to turn the West's trap against Russia into a trap by Russia against the West.

Since then, the upper class trash have done some of their usual confusion by changing the name of their desired global dictatorship from Globalism to "The New World Order" to confuse the stupid people.

Trump calmed things down with Russia but Biden tried to bluff a cornered Putin into submitting and it has backfired on the left with the Ukraine War and one of their leaders just admitted that is what the Ukraine War is really all about. Gee, what a coincidence.

They just keep proving me right and I want to thank the arrogant fools for that.

It is like I have been telling you, this destructive crap is about the evil upper class trash and their puppets making their final grab for power and it is going to cause the death of at least millions, if not billions of people.

I am still waiting for God to show me how He is going to get us from here to Obama nuking Chicago, grabbing control of part of the US, and leading a global army to invade and destroy Israel for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, with plans to return to the US with a massive Muslim/commie army to finish taking the US, which he will never live to see happen.

We get one day closer every day.

This is a good video about the Ukraine War. Note that he said at the beginning about "NATO Expansion" just like I have been telling you.

He tells you about the CIA caused revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine, just like I have been telling you. They also keep telling you about the corrupt rich guys I call the upper class trash, our corrupt government, and the corrupt military industry I have been telling you about.

They tell you about the psychological manipulations of the people, you know, such things as using the corrupt lefty media to control the ignorant and stupid people I have been telling you about (they just say it nicer).

They also point out that the MSM and most conservative media are telling the same lies just like I have been telling you because they all stand to make a fortune from this war.

They tell you about the 2014 coup staged by the CIA in Ukraine just like I have been telling you.

I love what he says about war at the end because, since WWII, the upper class trash have had us in an almost constant state of war with few exceptions.

Remember that I have been telling you that the US and EU (Euro-American royals - the Rothschilds family) control international banking?

This video tells you about that AND shows you just how close the royals are to financially setting up their global dictatorship. They are extremely close, which is why the royals are right now making their final grab for global power and their global dictatorship.

Remember that I told you that Russia, China, and Brazil started their own international financial system to get out from under the control of the Euro-American banking system?

He tells you about that system that they set up for this day just like I told you. He also tells you that India is part of that financial system and he says it will destroy the Euro-American financial system and prevent the royals from being about to use their system to set up their evil, tyrannical globalism.

Oops, you mean Putin has been outsmarting the heavily inbred royals from the start?

God is clearly using Putin to destroy the royals' global dictatorship plans.

I told you God has His hand on Putin, didn't I?

He tells you that the evil royals and what they are doing in conjunction with what Russia, China, and India are doing is causing other nations to not just seek alliances with these nations but to also begin using their international financial system to get out from under the control of ye ole evil royals.

BTW, with the way the royals are insanely printing US dollars, this will cause the US dollar to become worthless very quickly.

It turns out that the royals are their own worst enemies and the things they are doing are destroying their own evil plans. Everything they have tried and are trying is failing so watch for their violence to increase to get what they want.

Man plans, God laughs.

In this video Tim teaches you some very important and interesting things about people and repeats some of what Turley taught you.

He also tells you about the BRICS international banking plan and tells you the countries that were involved in its start up including Brazil just like I told you.

Tim shows me with his comments that he still doesn't know a lot of what I teach you but he is learning more.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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