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From what I have already showed you in the last posts, you should realize a number of things.

For example, remember those videos of people like Gates and Biden sitting in the audience of a very big lecture hall listening to those academe? What were they doing?

They were very clearly being given instructions on what to do and why or being given "marching orders" for what to do in their global insurrection. That is the only reason why all of those rich and powerful people would have been sitting in a huge lecture hall listening to that crap.

That should tell you that those people sitting in those lecture halls are not the puppet masters and they answer to a higher level of authority. The real puppet masters are the "blue bloods" for ye ole British Royal Family and about 100 to 200 of the top academe in the world who sit out of touch with reality in their white palace echo chambers, smoking dope, reading each others' fairy tales, dreaming up new fairy tales on what they should do next, getting approval for those ideas from the blue bloods, and then teaching those great sounding stupid ideas to those rich people in those big lecture halls. Those academe are the "brains" behind all of this insanity.

And you thought those people sitting in those big lecture halls were the smart people? Really?

Not if they are the ones getting and obeying orders. They are just front men and women following orders to do what they have been instructed to do by the upper class trash academe. They are just like the Antifa and BLM thugs following orders only they do their dirty work at a different level in a different way.

Do you get the picture yet?

I only recently found this channel and really love him because he shows the truth about the upper class trash in detail.

This video teaches quite a bit about how lefties think and one important thing it shows is that arrogant lefties believe they are superior to everyone else and that most of what they chose to believe is stupid and wrong, for which they have to deny the truth and facts to continue believing what they want to believe.

Most of their beliefs are not based on facts, truth or science but their desire to believe those things so they can fit in with their chosen lefty group.

I will be 73 years old next month on April 13 and I have seen too many pictures of dead children killed by upper class trash greed and lust for power. None of those children deserved to die.

Mother Nature

Let me teach you about "Mother Nature". She is a pagan goddess also known as Mother Earth and Gaia.

The God hating lefties (A.K.A. pagans) have used her to replace the God they hate by teaching everyone to think and say that their pagan goddess, Mother Nature, does this, does that, and everything else that has to do with our physical and, especially, biological existence.

She has not done crap. God has done every bit of what they tell you she did. They have been telling the lie for so long that she does everything that it has become automatic for people, even most Christians, to give credit to Mother Nature for everything considered to be natural. I try hard and still find myself about to say that Mother Nature did something, when I know that she has not done a thing, not one thing.

I worship Yahweh, the God of the Bible, who did everything.


I have been watching the rich people buying more and more catamarans and other luxury items for their boats and paying a price for them because they are not figuring for the cost of ownership.

Cats are being preferred more and more but they have two engines instead of one so you are going to have twice as many engine problems, plus they have two rudders so they have twice as many steering problems, and they have other problems that mono hulls don't have.

The reason why more people are buying cats is because they are more comfortable because they don't heal in the wind and roll as much in the waves but the owners are finding they have other problems.

Remember that I have taught you about cost of ownership, especially with maintenance, so that, the more you own, the more you pay to keep what you own and, with boating, a lot of the cost is time spent maintaining those things. That cost is much higher when in a salt water/salt air environment because salt is very corrosive and will break stuff down much faster. The same stuff will last much longer with much less maintenance in a fresh water environment than a salt water/air environment.

The maintenance thing is just as real for mono hulls but not as complex. I watch a number of sailboat cruising videos and it seems like I see more videos about fixing stuff than about sailing and exploring. Even when they go out sailing, they always have to fix stuff that breaks because sailboats are under considerable stress.

It seems that they all have to "go on the hard" or take the boat out of the water to fix stuff every 2 to 5 years and the longer they wait, the more they have to fix. When they take their boat out of the water to fix stuff, especially repaint the hull because the water destroys the paint, it seems that most of them are out for one to two years.

You should see how fast wood rots in salt water/air. Every few years, they are ripping stuff apart and building in new wood.

Here, in this video, is just one of many examples of what the boat cruising people have to go through every few years. Imagine your home looking like that every few years.

If you own too much, you become a slave, both financially and time wise, to what you own. It is very easy to find yourself spending all of your spare time and money maintaining what you own.

The old saying "Keep it simple, stupid" still applies and people have to keep relearning that bit of wisdom. Stuff costs money and time to keep.

One thing God has made very real to me right now is that EVERYTHING on this planet will be destroyed or need major repairs by the time Jesus returns because, when the Muslims conquer the planet and kill or enslave everyone else, they will either steal or destroy everything that is here now. Very little of what is here right now, will still exist or be usable by the time Jesus returns.

Then, the day after the Judgment Day, Jesus is going to completely rebuild the entire planet to make it perfect again, which means there won't be one nail or screw left from the things we have made on this planet in this life.

For a long time I used to think that it will be a shame to permanently lose such things as old cars, boats, and such things because they are appealing to the eyes and fun to use but then I remind myself that Jesus said that He is preparing things for us in Heaven that have never entered into the heart of man.

I decided that I would rather have God as my king and the things which have never entered into the heart of man than all of that old junk we have to keep fixing to keep using it.

Therefore, you should lay up things for yourself in Heaven and not here on Earth.


Remember that I told you that the Russian troops were finishing the encirclement of the Ukrainian troops at Donbass?

This video tells us that the Ukraine troops didn't surrender but, after they were encircled and before the annihilation began, the officers panicked, fled, and left their troops behind. Then the troops shed everything that could identify them as Ukrainian troops so they could mingle with the civilians and flee the area leaving behind all of those weapons and munitions shown in that video.

I guess the Ruskies completed their encirclement on M18 like I told you would happen and the Ukrainians didn't want to get annihilated.

Before I saw this video, I was wondering what happened to those encircled Ukrainian troops and now we know.

BTW, people are asking why Putin isn't using most to all of his air power?

First, I told you that he is holding his best aircraft in reserve in case the West attacks.

Second, we know Putin is moving his ground troops a little slower than normal to keep civilian casualties low, which tells me that is also why he is using less air power.

Question: If Putin is losing this war like the lefties keep saying, why is Zelensky requesting the West provide Ukraine with a no fly zone? Why doesn't the winning Zelensky just send his superior force up to take down the inferior Russians? Do you get the picture yet?

Russia is slowly and methodically winning this war, while trying to keep casualties on both sides low. I have seen that, since he secured the eastern part of Ukraine, he has accelerated his war.

Remember how I also told you that the greatest US weakness is oil and that the Eastern Alliance could use that to devastate our economy and prevent us from being able to finance a war against them?

This video shows that Afghan Joe is extremely desperate in getting more oil. He is literally begging Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Venezuela and Iran for oil. Note that Turley points out that these latter two nations are allies of Russia just like I told you.

Guess what?

They all turned Afghan Joe down. I told you that the left has created this oil crisis in the US and Europe and now they are proving it.

Do you believe me yet that the inbred stupidity of the upper class trash is right now finishing off the Republic of the US? You think this isn't weakening the US?

Remember that I have been telling you that the Eastern Allies have been preparing for this war?

This video shows how extensive these preparations were with Russia having already planned to divorce from our corrupted Internet and setting up their own Internet the way I told you years ago that we good people will have to do, when our wars get going full speed.

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash do not care about you and only care about themselves and their bank accounts?

This video shows you that is very true. They are simply just high tech barbarians who don't care how many people they slaughter to get their power and wealth.

I am seeing a massive propaganda campaign against Putin to make him look as bad as possible to turn everyone against him to get the support of the people in engaging Putin directly in war.

For example, I just saw "news" about how Putin is now waging war "against the people" to make it look like Putin is not fighting the Ukraine Army and militias any more but is slaughtering civilians.

My first thought is, "Why isn't the Ukraine Army defending their people, did they outrun them?"

This is a blatant lie. Putin has been moving slow to permit all of the people who want to and can leave Ukraine to flee to other countries like Poland so that the residential areas are mostly empty, the Ukrainian Army is moving into those areas to draw the Russia fire to them causing the massive destruction of those areas, and then the lying western media are taking pictures of those destroyed buildings and telling lies about how Putin is slaughtering civilians.

Here is a very brief video of Ukraine forces fighting the Russians from the tops of buildings, which will always draw enemy fire to those buildings, proving what I just told you. Note that the Ukraine military is not always fighting from the roof tops and will often fight from rooms within the buildings. In the military this is called using the high ground for a tactical advantage.

When you watch that video, you are seeing with your own eyes why Russia is attacking those buildings and those men on top of those buildings with rocket launchers are not civilians. They are military personnel using civilians as shields and to create bad PR for Russia by forcing Russia to attack those buildings.

Do you get the picture yet?

You can bet the stupid people will fall for it.

This video shows more truth about what is going on in Ukraine, especially at about 13 minutes into the video where he quotes Schiff telling you the truth about Ukraine but it is all worth watching.

Remember that I told you a long time ago that Russia didn't want to go to war because they have too small of a population that doesn't have many young military age men?

That is why they are now using soldiers from other nations to fight in Ukraine, you know, like from Bulgaria, Chechnya and Syria. That should also tell you who some of their allies are.

One thing that is causing so much damage for the Russians and is part of them moving a little slower are the shoulder fired anti-tank and anti-plane missiles the US gave Ukraine just before the war started plus US soldiers training them in the use of those weapons.

One other thing that you have to keep in mind with "the Russia forces are moving so slow" is that tanks and other armored vehicles don't move at freeway speeds. They move much slower than cars move so it takes them longer to drive places than it would take a car. From some of the footage I have seen of their forces moving, it looks like they are only traveling at about 15 mph.

I not only keep seeing bull crap "news reporting" saying that Putin is "losing the war", you know, with the Russians continuing to gain ground, but also keep seeing fake news where they keep saying that, because of the sanctions, "Russia is imploding!" The left and RINOs can't tell the truth about anything.

This video shows the exact opposite. Remember that I told you that Putin planned for all of this and that video shows just that in more detail.

Oh yeah, Russia is going to implode because they now have abundances of oil, wheat, and other exports they can sell to other nations while the US and Europe are just doing without those things. Don't be surprised to see US and European businesses and even governments buying those same Russian exports through third parties like China at much higher prices driving our prices up even more.

I told you that Putin flipped the military trap that the West set up for Russia in Ukraine into a trap by Russia for the West. That isn't the only trap Putin has flipped because he also prepared for and is flipping the financial and economic traps planned for Russia by the West into financial and economic traps by Russia for the West.

Russia does not show signs of financially and economically imploding but the West already does.

Basically, Putin has outsmarted all of the Western upper class trash and their puppets and is winning this thing.

Here is another video showing you some of the problems the left have caused and are causing. Please also note that she shows that Europe is now fragmenting and not remaining unified behind the US and even the UK is having second thoughts right now.

It is like the lefties are shooting themselves in the feet with a machine gun.

Please note that, just like always, when their great sounding stupid ideas fail, they are blaming someone else and, right now, it is Putin who gets the blame for everything stupid the left does and it fails.

And you think the upper class trash and their puppets are smarter than you because they stole more than you can earn? Really?

Putin and his people are making fools of the arrogant Western upper class trash. No wonder he kept smiling before he invaded Ukraine.

This video also shows some of the effects of these sanctions on the EU and some of the stupid things the lefties are doing, such as the "intellectually superior" academe banning a class they had to reinstate.

I told you and proved to you that most lefty academe are not that intelligent. Everything the lefties are doing, most of which was dreamed up by their intellectually superior lefty academe, is failing, destroying their global dictatorship, and making things worse for them and us.

What is most amazing is just how obviously stupid the lefty upper class trash are because everything they do fails and that they are so very stupid they can't even figure out that, with everything they do failing, they really are stupid and no where nearly as smart as they like to believe they are. I am convinced the lefties are having an international stupid contest and it is very close.

Question: With us sanctioning Russia, are we still delivering their uranium Russia bought from us via Hillary, you know, to make new nukes with? What do you want to bet they are?

This video proves what I have been telling you for years that the lefties are trying to destroy the US, both economically and militarily, to get the US out of the way of the lefty upper class trash royals getting their global dictatorship. I am more convinced of that than ever because I am having trouble believing that even the left is so stupid they cannot see the damage they are causing the US.


Here is an easy prediction. It is the vegetation that converts CO2 into oxygen. The solar collectors cover massive amounts of land so that plants can't grow under them (not enough light) and are kept trimmed next to them, which means there will be fewer and smaller plants to covert the CO2 into oxygen so there will actually be an increase in CO2 over time.

The "renewable" thing will actually backfire and increase CO2 levels.

Have you seen the huge fields they have already covered with solar cells?

That is all replacing the vegetation they need to convert CO2 into oxygen.

And you think they are not morons and idiots?

Biology Labs?

There is now a panic that Russia is close to some biological research labs the US and West had in Ukraine.

Did the US and West have biological warfare labs hidden in Ukraine to keep them secret? Just what kind of biological research were they doing with those labs and why are the US and West so concerned about those labs? What were they planning for us next? If Putin finds them, will he find biological weapons research and make it public to show part of what the lefty upper class trash were up to?

I just found out that it seems the US did have bio-warfare labs in Ukraine and I hope to cover more on that in my next essay.

You better keep an eye on this one.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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