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Fall of the US

Remember that I have been telling you that the lefty upper class trash and their evil puppets have destroyed the Republic of the US, it just has not finished kicking yet?

Biden, leader of what used to be the most powerful nation in the history of the world, tried to call Saudi Arabia and the UAE for more oil and neither would even pick up the phone. I guess they don't want to do business with us anymore. The same national leaders did take phone calls from Putin.

Believe me yet? Gee, you don't think Saudi Arabia and the UAE just switched allies do you, you know, because no one can depend on the US as an ally?

You are witnessing the fall of the US brought to you by the evil pagan left. This is Rome II; when you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

People, supporting the leader of your nation who is destroying your nation is not patriotism. If anything, it is treason.

Evil Everywhere

When you look around the world at the different major powers and their plans, you should realize that there is evil everywhere. Let's do a strategic analysis of the top powers in the world and what their goals are. This will show you just how big of a mess this world is in and how much you need God.


After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the lefties began pushing the idea of their global dictatorship and murdering, butchering, and slaughtering better than 95% of the people on the planet "for the good of the planet" or so they don't have to share their planet with you lowly peasants.

They later changed the name of their plans for their global dictatorship from "Globalism" to "the New World Order" to fool the stupid people and recently changed it again to "the Great Reset" to fool the stupid people again and the stupid people have been fooled again.

If these people achieve their evil goals, they will murder almost all of you off.

China/North Korea

China has made it known that their evil plans are "to conquer the world and murder off everyone who is not Chinese" so they don't have to share their planet with you.

If these people achieve their evil goals, they will murder almost all of you off.


Muslim law requires that the Muslims continue to try to conquer the world until they achieve that goal and then they are to murder off all non Muslims.

If these people achieve their evil goals, they will murder almost all of you off.


India is a growing power but is showing no signs of expansionism. They are right now focused on being able to protect themselves from invasion by Pakistan combined with China. They look like they just want to be left alone.


Putin has been turning Russia into a Christian nation and his actions tell me he is concerned with protecting his nation and people from the West. Contrary to what the lefties are telling you, he clearly is not a power mad expansionist, if for no other reason than he has a relatively small, aging population, which is just a wee bit short on young fighting age men, which is why he is using troops from Bulgaria and other nations in Ukraine. Ukraine is proving what I told you before, Putin cannot afford to be an expansionist so he just wants to be left alone.


The Christians are almost the only people who currently have no plans to conquer the world and murder everyone off. We are ordered to try to witness to you to get you to accept Jesus as your savior so you won't spend eternity in damnation. We care about life, protect the life of others, and live by the only set of laws that require that we do not lie, steal, murder, or even lust after what others have.

If these people get their goals, you will all spend eternity in paradise living peacefully and happily with God.

You choose which group of people would be best for everyone if they rule the world and we lived by their laws and desires.


Zelensky is now being reported as being in Poland and shooting these videos of him in military gear "fighting for Ukraine", you know, while hiding, while his people and troops are dying.

I told you he fled Lviv after fleeing Kiev, didn't I? Is he still your great hero warrior?

Also I keep seeing the lying media saying that Putin is losing and then, in the next breath, say "we must do something to stop brutal Putin" or they say that, after Putin finishes losing in Ukraine, he is going to invade some other nations.

Really? If he is losing, why do we need to do anything to stop him? Do you ever get the feeling they are not telling you the news or truth but are filling you with their evil propaganda? Is their propaganda working?

Yes, more than 3,000 Westerners have now traveled to fight and die for their murdering hero, Zelensky. Hey, that is one way to get rid of more stupid people.

On the Fox TV show where they use the map to show "how the Russian troops are moving across Ukraine" they said that the Russian troops did not land at Odessa but also stated in the next breath that the Ukrainians are fighting those Russian troops at Odessa.

What are the Ukrainians doing, wading out into the ocean to fight the Russian troops who didn't land at Odessa?

It amazes me at how many people keep believing the media's obvious crap.

BTW, I am convinced that at least some of the media are reading my blog because I will write something like Fox has not pointed out that the Russian troops landed at Odessa, which I did a few days before Fox made the above comment and, within a few days, they will make a comment to disprove what I said only to be proved wrong later.

BTW, I saw video of the Russian troops landing at Odessa on the first day of the invasion. They did like I said they would, which was to secure Odessa and move most of the troops north into Transnitria, which is a valley running along the eastern side of Moldova that is 100% Russian people with Russian troops already there for those new troops to stage and be ready to be the southern part of their pincer move to entrap any one from the West attacking into Ukraine.

And to make matters worse, it is now being reported that Kruella's visit to Poland made things worse for the US.

And you think the upper class trash are smarter than you? Really?

Biological Warfare

Yesterday I found out that there are US funded biological warfare labs in Ukraine, about a dozen of them scattered around from mid to Western Ukraine and wondered, "What were they planning to turn lose on us next?"

This video shows that there are 26 US bioweapons labs in Ukraine. We now know of US bioweapons labs being hidden in China and Ukraine.

What other nations is the US hiding bioweapons labs in?

Note that, when Rubio asked Victoria Nuland if Ukraine has any "biological or chemical weapons" in the labs, she dodged the question and never answered it but stated that we have "biological research facilities" and that our people are concerned that Russia might get their hands on what is in those labs.

She did not state whether the US has biological or chemical weapons, just that we have biological research labs but, if the US does not have biological or chemical weapons in those labs, why would they be concerned that Russia might get their hands on what is in those labs? Do you think she might be concerned that Russia might be getting their hands on better farming chemicals, medications, or insecticides?

I don't think so and her response is typical of a government employee covering up that those labs have weapons in them because you know that, if the labs didn't have weapons in them, she would have said so to cover her butt plus you have to keep in mind that these labs were funded by the Department of Defense.

Also note that Rubio helped her cover up that those labs have weapons by helping her change the subject to whether the Russians would use those weapons that don't exist in those labs to stage an attack, telling me he already knew there are weapons in those labs. It was typical corrupt government show to cover their butts because our corrupt politicians passed the bills to fund those labs and their research.

This video tells you more about it and points out what I pointed out before I found this video. Note that, if Putin gets a hold of these labs, I expect him to share information about the types of research that was being conducted in the labs, you know, which deadly diseases they were experimenting with to expose our corrupt government, which is what really scares the lefties and RINOs because they are violating international law and are international criminals. That is what they are really working to cover up.

People like Fauci could go to jail over this and may face capital charges in international courts for their crimes against humanity. Keep an eye on this.

I am wondering just how many more nations do we have bioweapons labs hidden in? What if one of those nations seizes control of those labs and use those bioweapons on us or our allies?

It should be very obvious that Zelensky either didn't know about the labs or was not concerned about the Russians gaining control of them.

Well, today, I got this from The Western Journal by Isa Cox:

"Russian and U.S. officials alike have provided considerable fuel for a claim about bioweapons allegedly being developed in Ukraine that was dismissed as a wild conspiracy theory exactly five minutes ago and is now shaping up to be far more substantial than we were condescendingly told by the establishment media's sainted 'fact-checkers.'

On Wednesday, a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, claimed that Moscow has uncovered evidence of a U.S.-backed bioweapons program in Ukraine that includes the development of plague and anthrax.

'Recently found documents show that components of biological weapons were made in Ukraine's laboratories, with funding from [the U.S. Department of Defense], in direct proximity to Russia,' a tweet from the U.K.'s Russian Embassy stated."

People, "the plague" means the Black Plague or Yersinia Pestis that almost wiped out mankind 700 years ago and I have been warning you about for more than two decades now. You just might want to grow a healthy population of free roaming feral cats to get your local rodent populations down below "epidemic levels" because you do not want to die from the plague.

I have been warning you for decades that the most logical way for the upper class trash to "depopulate" their planet would be to use the one organism that almost wiped out mankind 700 years ago but, first they have to "prep the battle field" by increasing the rodent population to its maximum potential to insure that as many people as possible will die from the plague by getting rid of free roaming feral cats.

Do you believe me yet?

BTW, the lying lefty media are trying to discredit the information that there are bioweapons labs in Ukraine in spite of the fact that the official in charge said there are.

Another thing that better concern you is that they were reengineering Yersinia Pestis to make it even more deadly or at least growing a massive population of Yersinia Pestis for rapid distribution.

Remember that, untreated, the natural occurring Yersinia Pestis has a mortality rate of better than 90% and, if it gets into your lungs and becomes the Pneumonic Plague, it has a mortality rate of 100% and they are reengineering it to make it more deadly?

You ain't seen scared yet, baby. You just might want to join the global prayer vigil and pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load.

Remember that these are the evil things who falsely claim to care about people while murdering hundreds of millions of unborn babies with abortion and hundreds thousands to millions more children with their sanctions and wars. These evil beasts want you all dead so they don't have to share their planet with you lowly peasants.

Do you believe me yet that COVID 19 was just a dry run for what these evil things are planning for you?

Hey, you always practice your attack before you attack your enemy and you are their enemy because they hate you lowly peasants. Why, you ain't wonderful like them because you are honest and you don't have the "right" mommy and daddy.

I have to believe that God is using Putin to stop the Western upper class trash's planned biological warfare attack on us and exposing their plans by putting these labs in Putin's control. We may soon find out exactly what the lefty upper class trash were planning to turn loose on us.

I am also seeing that God is using this war to force more Hebrews to emigrate from Ukraine to Israel because at least 20,000 already have with thousands more soon to emigrate to Israel.

We have already seen that God is using Putin to expose the evil planned by the Western upper class trash and how Putin and his allies have countered those plans, turning those plans back against the Western God hating pagans, who are destroying the west to set up their global dictatorship.

Who are the upper class trash going to steal from after they murder you all off, each other?


Trump's plane just had to make an emergency landing. You need to keep an eye on this because I have been telling you that I am surprised Trump is still alive and the CIA has killed more than one person that way.

Remember that I told you that, when Obama makes his move and now, because of this attempt, they better get Trump and his family to a safe place soon before the lefty upper class trash kill him. Most likely, they just tried and failed, probably because God plans on using him some more.


This video shows some about how I feel about war. I care about all people and pray for their salvation though I know that very few of the people who have chosen evil will repent of their evil to accept Jesus as savior because they love their evil.

If you study history, you will find that every war for the last 3,000+ years was caused to make the corrupt members of the upper class (not all upper class) more wealthy. Not one war was caused by a poor man who said, "Hey, let's put together an army and go die fighting other poor people to make the royalty rich."

I keep seeing so many people who are either completely ignorant about the military or lying to make money saying things about the Ukraine War that concern me much more than anything else. If we do what those liars and fools say, it will be horrific beyond your imagination. They need to shut up and let intelligent and knowledgeable people clean up this mess but I am not willing to bet on that happening.

Economic Strategic Analysis

God let me know this morning that it is time to tell you about this.

If you study economics, financial management, and history, you should realize that every time you add corruption to an economic system, you weaken that system and make it more vulnerable to economic implosion and disaster. The inbred, greedy, power mad upper class trash royals and their slimy attorneys who refuse to learn from history have made our global economic system extremely corrupt, which means it is extremely weak, which means it is extremely vulnerable to an extreme economic disaster.

Interestingly, the upper class trash and their slimy x-spirts are so focused on how they can steal more from more people faster that I have not seen one of them take the time to do this economic strategic analysis so they are clueless about the mess they are causing and forcing on you right now. It's bad, people, really bad.

All business managers are trained by our intellectually superior college professors to use what they call "leverage" to more rapidly increase their wealth but you can just call it run away greed.

The leverage system functions like this; if you are rich, you will always take out loans or "leverage your wealth" for at least 80% to better than 90% of your wealth and invest those loans to increase your revenues and wealth faster.

For example, if you are worth $100 million, you will take out loans for at least $80 million using $80 million of your holdings for the collateral on those loans so you can invest the extra $80 million to increase the rate of your incoming revenues faster. This will quickly increase your "worth" to $180 million so you can now take out a loan for another $65 million (80% of the $80 million) using your new $80 million as collateral for those loans increasing your imaginary wealth to $245 million.

Do you see how their system works?

The problem is that you only actually own about $35 million ("net worth") and the banks own the rest but, "on paper", you are worth $245 million which feeds your ego a lot more and increases your greed. Basically, your net worth has dropped from $100 million to $35 million but you look like you are worth $245 million. Yeah, it is upper class trash financial magic.

Now, by law, if the economy declines enough the worth of your holdings decreases enough so that your imaginary wealth decreases by $35 million and you lose all of your "net worth", legally the banks own everything, can take everything, and they WILL take everything to sell everything off to get their money back to make sure they don't lose money on the deal. I have seen this happen.

When this happens, you quickly become worth ZERO dollars ("net worth") and need to start shopping for a cardboard box to live in and a place to keep your new cardboard mansion. It should be noted that, when this happens, many of the rich will commit suicide called "stepping out of a tall building." Yes, that is actually a term they use in business management. They don't know how and can't handle the idea of clawing their way out of the gutter so they will become extremely desperate and frantic and just kill themselves.

This corrupt system works fine in a normal economy with mild fluctuations only causing a few of the upper class to step out of tall buildings and the economic system can handle it but, if the economy takes a significant dip, you get things like the 1929 Stock Market Crash where a lot of the smarty pants rich guys took the outside elevator quickly to the ground level, which is why they passed laws that windows in tall buildings must be strong enough desperate rich people can't jump through them.

The trouble is that, right now, the global economy is much more corrupt than it was in 1928 before that crash and is much more vulnerable than in 1929. Today, if our economy takes more than "a significant dip" it will cause an implosion of this corrupt system in many ways but the catalyst for that implosion will be the leverage system. What can make you go up real fast, can make you come down real fast.

You have to understand that the upper class control better than 95% of the wealth on this planet and, if enough of the rich people's holdings decline in value enough, the wealth of almost all of the rich people will decline by a lot and so many rich people will lose everything they have that the banks won't have anyone left to sell off those holdings to get their money back so the banks can't remain "liquid" or functional so the banks will implode, causing all of their wealth to vaporize, and the bigger banks will implode the worst.

Also keep in mind that, with no demand, there is no value. Value of anything is proportional to demand for that thing.

You also have to understand that in 1929 most of the wealth for the upper class was just numbers on paper and when those numbers got erased, their wealth went away; it just suddenly ceased to exist. It is even worse today because all of their wealth is just numbers in computers and when the banks have to unplug those computers because they can't pay their electric bill, all of those numbers just go away leaving those banks with no wealth with which to continue to do business and keep their doors open.

In today's economy, if that happens, our economy ceases to exist and you better learn the barter system or how to survive without eating.

I have been watching and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the intellectually superior idiots at the top already devastated our economy because of their evil games in COVID 19 and caused a bunch of rich people to lose a lot of money or wealth but it gets better because these sanctions against Russia are destroying the Western economy and it isn't if but when will the above disaster hit our economy because of their insane greed and lust for power causing that economic disaster. These upper class trash and their teams are so focused on stealing more from more people faster that they don't do an analysis of the situation to see what damage they have done so it is about to take them by surprise.

In other words, God is using Putin to destroy and bring down most of our evil upper class trash royals and, what is real interesting, I think God will use the BRICS banking system created by Russia, China, Brazil, and other nations to save our butts from having to move back into ye ole caves for at least a while because the Western banking system is about to implode with most banks, especially the biggest banks, simply ceasing to exist and the few survivors having to seek sanctuary in BRICS. I have learned that God just loves using irony.

In other words, the Rothschilds will soon find themselves shopping for cardboard mansions and dumpster restaurants. Listen, if God can bring down King Nebuchadnezzar, He can bring down the Rothschilds and Queen Elizabeth.

God said, "Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools." You are about to find out the hard way just how stupid these upper class trash royals really are.

The rich people like to make you think they spend all of their time researching and analyzing everything before they make their decisions but that isn't true.

What they really do is hire a person with a very good record in doing what the rich person wants done, pay that person to hire a team of professionals that does all of the research, analyses, write a up a proposal for the rich person, and do a presentation. If the rich person likes the presentation, they sign off on the proposal and the team gets the job down.

Basically, you could replace most rich people with a chimpanzee with a rubber stamp to sign off on everything. Most rich people have an average to below average IQ.

Hey, for fun, you can drive around on your bicycles (most of you won't be able to afford gas) looking for upper class trash royals living in cardboard mansions in alleys and under bridges while dumpster diving for fine cuisine. I wouldn't walk under any tall buildings or bridges during that economic crash.

When I woke up this morning, God was telling me to teach you this. Keep an eye on it because the extreme corruption of the upper class trash is about to take their evil butts down.

God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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