Yom Kippur War

I am watching ANOTHER documentary about the 1973 Yom Kippur War in Israel. They are all full of crap and I feel it necessary to set the record straight. In the Air Force, we were briefed regularly by the Pentagon about what was going on in Israel during the Yom Kippur War.

While I was stationed at Udorn, Thailand, I read an article by the "experts" at Time magazine telling us why Israel was losing the war. Time said that the US and Israel were surprised by three new Soviet SAM (surface to air missile) systems we couldn't counter, you know, to make the media's beloved commies look superior to the US. The liberal media's beloved commies were going to conquer the world! These three SAM systems were the SAM 3, SAM 6, and SAM 8. The "experts" at Time said these SAM systems were stopping Israel from gaining air superiority so the Israeli air force could not help the Israeli tanks defeat the vastly superior tank numbers of Egypt and Syrian.

The truth was that the shoulder fired Soviet SAM 8 was a piece of garbage which was at best a nuisance. By the time of the Time magazine article, the SAM 8 had made contact with about 50 Israeli aircraft, knocked one down behind Egyptian lines, forced six more to land safely behind Israeli lines, and the rest returned to base for minor repairs and were quickly back in the fight, as were the six Israeli planes downed behind Israeli lines.

Concerning the magnificent trailer based and static positioned SAM 3, the US was not surprised because we had been fighting it in Vietnam for years and were consistently beating it with the Israelis having our electronics counter measures to use against the SAM 3 so that it was also not much more than a nuisance.

While stationed at Carswell AFB in December 1972, during the US bombing of Hanoi, I remember an electronics warfare research and development engineer telling me what happened when the first SAM 3 radar signal showed up in North Vietnam in the late 1960s. Three months later two US choppers headed north out of South Vietnam about 10 minutes apart. The first chopper, a Hue, had a team of Green Berets and the second chopper was a Chinook cargo chopper used to carry tanks and trucks. They flew at tree top level under enemy radar, what we called picking fruit, until they got to the SAM sight. The Green Berets landed and quickly secured the site (killing or capturing the SAM crew, probably a little of both), set up the 8' by 15' control trailer for transport by the second chopper, and packed the SAM 3 missiles with C3 (this was before C4.) When the second chopper arrived, the Green Berets attached the control trailer to the chopper, which immediately lifted off and headed south picking fruit, then the Green Berets loaded onto their chopper and followed the first chopper, also picking fruit, while blowing up the SAM 3 missiles at the sight. The control trailer was put on a C5 aircraft at a US air base in South Vietnam and delivered to White Sands Missile Range in southern New Mexico within 48 hours where he and other engineers reverse engineered the trailer to find out what it could and could not do.

At that time, in 1972, we were flying our combat aircraft against the Soviet built SAM 3 control trailer at White Sands Missile Range on training missions and we were surprised by the SAM 3 in the 1973 Yom Kippur War nine months later?

I don't think so.

Israel's big problem in the Yom Kippur War was the SAM 6 the US had also been beating in Vietnam for years but Israel didn't have the US electronics warfare for beating the system. The SAM 6 was a tracked vehicle like a tank with six missiles on top in two rows of three. (the Russians later decreased it to three missiles on top because they never got around to firing more than three missiles before the SAM 6 was destroyed. Hey, why waste three extra missiles?) The most important thing about the SAM 6 was that it was a triple frequency auto relay radar system so that, if you started jamming their first frequency, the system automatically switched to a second frequency WITHOUT losing any information so that the SAM 6 just continued gathering information to gain lock on without having to start over every time it got jammed. When the second frequency was jammed, the SAM 6 automatically changed to the third frequency and then, if that frequency was jammed, it changed back to the first frequency and did this faster than you could change frequencies by hand. (In those days, most jamming units were hand operated.)

To counter the SAM 6, the US had developed the ALQ 71 pod which was hung under the wing of a fighter or attack aircraft. It was an automatic transceiver which only required an electronics warfare person to turn it on and off. When the ALQ 71 received a SAM 6 signal, it automatically started jamming and continued until the SAM 6 signal stopped. It was what we called a three can system which had three canisters, each of which covered one of the three frequencies used by the SAM 6. As fast as the SAM 6 could change frequencies, the ALQ 71 changed and jammed frequencies preventing the SAM 6 from gather the information required for lock on, at which time the SAM 6 became a sitting duck for aircraft.

After reading the Time magazine article in 1973, I walked around the shop showing it to all of the other ECM people in my shop and we all laughed pointing to the different equipment we had in the shop for defeating the different SAM systems which had "taken us by surprise", well, at least according to the media experts.

Three days after reading the Time article written by one of their all knowing, all wise, highly educated, and grossly over paid experts, our shop (and certainly other Air Force ECM shops) got orders directly from the Pentagon to provide certain equipment for Israel. It was a shopping list that was mostly ALQ 71s to defeat the SAM 6 and some stuff to increase Israel's ability to defeat the SAM 3 (Israel already had some SAM 3 stuff but needed more.) My shop got the orders from the Pentagon just 15 minutes before my grave yard shift came on duty so the shop waited until we all got there to start working on the orders.

8 hours later, I stood on the flight line with the rest of my flight line crew and waved bye to the last trailer of ALQ 71 pods and other equipment headed for the C141 Starlifter which carried that electronics warfare equipment to Israel. We were informed three days later that Israel was winning the war, largely because we sent them the electronics warfare equipment to stop the SAM 6 so the Israeli planes could control the sky. But the liberal media will never tell you that because they refuse to admit we already had their beloved commie Russians beat.

It is a simple fact that, if Israel had not defeated the Soviet SAM 6 and gained control of the sky, the superior Egyptian and Syrian tank forces would have destroyed the Israeli tank forces and that is what Sadat and Assad had gambled on and lost. It was only after the SAM 6 was defeated, using US electronics warfare technology, that Israel was able to establish air superiority and defeat Egypt and Syria in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. The documentaries like to talk about the "great tank battle of the Yom Kippur War but that great tank battle would have easily gone the other way, if Israel had not gained air superiority. That is the truth about the 1973 Yom Kippur War the liberals don't want you to know about.

It is interesting that, since the Yom Kippur War, Israel has developed some of the best electronics warfare equipment in the world and even rivaling the US in some areas.

Well, so much for the media or any of these "experts" making documentaries knowing what they are talking about. If you believe 10% of what you see on TV or out of Hollywood, you are grossly misinformed and the liberal commie traitors are now putting out huge amounts of their vile propaganda on the Internet. Be careful what you believe. If a liberal says it, it is a lie.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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