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Eyes Opening

Remember that I have been telling you that God is opening eyes and everyone is being made to make a knowledgeable choice?

This video shows that is happening in a very big way right now with liberal colleges imploding and conservative colleges, especially religious colleges, growing. Increasing numbers are choosing God over Satan in a big way.

They are seeing what Satan's spawn are doing and not liking it because the left's great sounding stupid ideas only sound great.


Either General Milley is the dumbest thing since rocks or very evil but I figure it is probably a combination of the two. I told you the corrupt dolt wants to double the permanent US Military bases in Europe.

Now, based on what has happened since the Soviet Union fell, what do you think will happen if we do that?

That is easy; it will be the same thing that has been going on for more than 30 years. Their greedy upper class trash will think, "Why should we spend our military money ramping up and keeping our military strong enough to protect us when the US Military is going to protect us even more? Why, we will be able to launder even more of our increased military money in our greedy little pockets making our military even weaker so we will be more dependent on the US Military for protection at the US tax payer expense."

Do you believe me yet that greed destroys common sense?

What we should do is issue a statement that, in one year, we will pull all of our temporary forces and half of our permanent forces in Europe out of Europe and will pull the other half of our permanent forces out of Europe in 2 years to give them the time and motivation to ramp up their own militaries to protect themselves.

You have to understand that the Queen of England is using the members of her royal family who have gained control of the US to control the US and use its military, financial, economic, and other might to control as much of the world as she can. If she gets the stupid, inbred, brain dead, greedy other royals in Europe to become completely dependent on the US Military, that will give her military control over those fools for when she has their global dictatorship set up, which is why she sent Harry and Meghan here to become the US's last president and new king and queen giving her complete control over the US Military. Hey, she can even "depopulate" all of those other royals to remove any threat of them trying to seize control from her, you know, purge them like I have been warning you about.

Do you get the picture yet?

The British Royal Family "blue bloods" are setting themselves up to have absolute control over EVERYONE, even all other royals by getting them all dependent on and subservient to the US Military and those greedy royals are so stupid they are falling for the con and sucker punch.

The strategic analyses I have been giving you should tell you that we need to build up the Western military strong enough to handle all current and growing threats and not diminish our combined military power. Right now, to contain all current and growing threats, just the US, Europe, and Canada need to have a combined strength of at least a 6 to 7 front military, probably more, and not a pathetic one front military.

Therefore, we need to motivate Europe to build at least a 3 to 4 front military, Canada to build at least a 1.5 to 2 front military, and the US to build at least a 5 front military with Australia and New Zealand to build at least a 2 to 3 front military or we are all going to have to learn one or more new languages in the near future. We also need Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines to ramp up to at least a combined 5 front military for the Pacific plus the US needs to militarize all of the Polynesian Islands again the way they did during WWII.

But you see, the greedy, power mad upper class trash royals know that they can't have their global dictatorship with that kind of military strength and they are too stupid to realize they can't have their global dictatorship without that kind of military strength either so, without that military strength, they are making it easier for some other power like China or Islam to set up their global dictatorship and murder off all of our royals, which will only be half bad. You know, just like Rome did.

When you have seen it in the past, your recognize it in the present.

Do you get the picture yet?

Remember that Obama is a British Royal answering to ye ole Queen and Austin and Milley are his boys.

Remember that I told you that the upper class trash have backed Putin and his officers into a corner to where they have nothing to lose by invading Europe and using nukes?

The same trash just got Russia kicked off of the UN human rights council so they can bring charges against Putin and his officers for crimes against humanity making it even more necessary for Russia to invade Europe to save themselves and their nation. The evil upper class trash are not leaving them a choice and are pushing them harder and harder to invade Europe.

Inflation Con

There is a con the US Government is using to transfer the blame for inflation from the government to businesses. What they do is compare profits from before the inflation to during the inflation telling you that businesses are causing the inflation because of increased profits with them knowing most people won't figure out the truth.

I will use a nice simple model to help you understand.

If you are selling product A for $100 with a $10 profit per item and the value of the dollar drops by 50% because the government is printing money too fast, you will have to double the price of your product to $200 to cover all costs and you will have to take home $20 profit to pay your bills that used to cost you $10 and are now costing you $20.

The government knows this but gets you focused on the "increase in profits" or number of dollars instead of the value of dollars to blame the businesses for inflation but note that it is all prices going up because the value of the dollar is decreasing and not just gas prices.

People, their profits are only increasing in numbers of dollars and not in value of dollars, therefore, they are not price gouging and most people won't figure that out. During inflation, you have to increase the number of dollars you are taking in profits to maintain the value of the profits so you can keep paying your bills that are also increasing.

Hey, with elections coming up, they want you to be mad at the businesses and not them so they can get reelected while continuing to screw your lives up.

The primary cause of inflation always has been and always will be the government printing more money, decreasing the value of your money so everything will cost more.


It seems that YouTube is really cracking down on people telling the truth and increasing numbers of them are going to blogs like my blog but fancier where they are not censored by a corrupt commie platform.

I have always been here uncensored by the commies and will keep writing as long as God keeps providing me with the truth.


Something that is really making my brain hurt is all of these news and YouTube channels that have been fighting globalism, the left's lies, and the lefties setting up their evil global dictatorship for years now helping those same globalists get rid of Putin so the same lefty globalist can set up their global dictatorship. That just doesn't make sense.

Is it that these idiots never knew that the thing about the left causing Putin and Russia trouble was about the globalists getting rid of Putin, who is standing between them and their global dictatorship, so the lefties could set up their global dictatorship?

That is exactly what Ukraine is really all about. It is about Putin fighting the globalists to stop them from destroying Russia so the lefties can set up their evil global dictatorship. Therefore, by being against Putin, these simple minded idiots are helping the upper class trash get rid of Putin so the evil lefty upper class trash can set up their evil global dictatorship and murder most of you off.

I won't read those news or watch those YouTube channels anymore because they are putting out the same lies, misinformation, and propaganda the left is putting out to turn you against Putin so the left can remove Putin to set up their global dictatorship.

It is absolutely amazing that the left has used a war they have caused and still are causing to turn those conservatives against Putin so the left can get rid of Putin to set up their global dictatorship. The upper class trash have managed to cause those stupid conservatives to take the side of the evil lefty upper class trash in setting up the left's evil global dictatorship. They have to be the stupidest conservatives in the history of this planet.

Get it straight that Putin is fighting our war against the evil globalists for us and they know they have to remove him before they can set up their global dictatorship. That is what is at stake in the Ukraine War. Keep your head in the fight.

"But Putin is a bad guy because he dared to invade another country to stop that other country from helping the evil globalists destroy Putin's country to set up their global dictatorship. Why, Putin was supposed to let that other country help the globalists destroy Putin's country to set up their evil globalist dictatorship."

That is exactly what the left is convincing people to believe.

And to help them convince the people that Putin is evil, they are telling stories about atrocities supposedly committed by the Russians. The problem is that the stories are being told by the same upper class trash and Ukrainians who started all of this to destroy Putin and Russia with no objective investigation or reporting, you know, the same lying upper class trash who have lied to us about everything else, and the people are blindly believing it all. What fools!

Don't you just find it a little interesting that, after the upper class trash already declared Putin a war criminal, they started finding these "war crimes"?

BTW, Putin has a 73% approval rating by his own people.

Know this, God is using the evil plans of the West to force Putin to do what Putin has to do in order for Putin to force the West to do what God wants them to do, which is to build Mystery Babylon to fulfill end time prophecy. I warned you that we should not use Ukraine to pick a fight with Putin because it will backfire on us and it will get really bad really soon.

If you don't believe me, then why is Putin beating our efforts to destroy the Ruble and his economy with our dollar and economy crashing instead?

Read this report. Wow, that worked well.

Believe me, regardless of the lies the upper class trash are telling, Putin is clearly a man of God being used by God to do the will of God. If you mess with that man of God, you are messing with God. I am waiting to see what God is going to have Putin do next.

Just like their plans with Ukraine failed, the upper class trash's current plans to destroy Russia will fail but how?

Remember that man plans, God laughs. God clearly has His hand on that man and his country fighting against our pagan lefties.

I want my own planet. The only reason I continue to write is because I know there are people out that who are still intelligent enough to know who the real enemy is and fight them. Just in case you can't tell, it is Satan's spawn, you know, the left.

European Invasion

Remember that I told you that the first thing Putin would do before invading Europe would be to shut down the gas and oil from Russia to Europe?

I got this from Remix by Zavis Dobiasovsky:

"The closure of Russian gas pipelines could lead to the shutting down of factories and companies, rising unemployment and drastic economic impact across the Czech Republic as well as much of Europe according to analyst Jiri Gavor."


"'Europe can't find an adequate replacement this year. It would mean a bit of a transition to a war economy. It's not just heating. First of all, we would really have to close some industrial companies sooner rather than later,' said Gavor to Echo24 news outlet."


"Russian gas cuts could collapse markets across Europe as Germany prepares first crisis, one German energy expert is warning of a situation where 'markets simply stop functioning.'"

If Putin just shuts down the oil and gas to Europe, especially if he also cuts at least some of the oil and gas from Africa to Europe like I told you, which he can do with troops, ships, submarines, and missiles, most European nations, including Germany, would probably just surrender and not fight.

People, that is just Putin shutting down the gas pipeline and does not include Putin stopping selling coal, food, and other things to Europe.

Europe is VERY dependent on the resources being sold to them by Russia and they want to go to war with Russia? Really? Their leaders are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, are they?

If Putin also immediately followed shutting down the oil and gas with a concentrated missile, artillery, drone, and bomb attack on their military bases, top government buildings, gas and oil storage, and factories like he did with Ukraine, almost all of those nations would just submit and few would fight. Putin knows this.

Britain just seized control of the Russian bank they have to pay for coal so they will be getting Russia's coal for free while saying they are going to find another source for coal by the end of 2022. Watch Russia stop the coal to Britain now.

Hey, why should Putin be giving an enemy coal for free? Why not sell that coal to China; don't they need coal?

The idiots think they are destroying Russia but all they are doing is ticking Putin off and forcing him to invade Europe. Keep an eye on this because it should be obvious now that the only thing that will stop the insane lefty upper class trash is death.

The only reason Zelensky kept fighting was because he had been told NATO would save his butt but who is going to save NATO's butt?

Get this; Russia didn't even use 10% of their forces, Ukraine had her forces devastated, almost completely wiped out and, in the case of their navy, they were completely wiped out, and the idiot lefties think that Russia lost the war? Really?

That is what all of the lefty upper class trash decision making is based on; they arrogantly think Russia lost the war and ran away in fear. "We defeated Russia!!! Charge into their trap and finish them off!!!"

This is what happens when you base your thinking or logic on emotions like pride and arrogance instead of the evidence. You can find yourself charging right into a deadly trap.

Maybe Russia isn't running away but is staging a "tactical retreat" to draw out and entrap the arrogant fools?

That is what it looks like to me.

One thing I am watching and that is to see if part of the reason Putin returned his forces back to the Russian border was to equip all of the vehicles with devices to stop the shoulder fired rockets like I have seen elsewhere. There are counter measures for those shoulder fired rockets.

Biblical Law

In Biblical Law, God tells us to execute violent criminals like murderers but ye ole lefties, who have no qualms about murdering off 95% of the law abiding people on the planet, think that is cruel and inhumane and that it is more humane to only send those murderers to prison for 10 to 20 years before turning them loose on the people to murder again.

With your lefties turning those criminals loose on you without any prison at all and those criminals murdering people right and left, do you see why God said to execute those criminals?

People, dead criminals cannot be turned loose on you again by other criminals. That is why.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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