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If Putin is doing the will of God to destroy the upper class trash/Satan's New World Order and you attack him, no matter what you do you will fail because you can't beat God.


One more reason why the left has to do what I said it looks like they will do is because the conservatives are planning on using the same system to put Trump in as President next year and he can serve as president for the next 6 years because the actual term limit is two terms and two years.

Therefore, the left MUST do what I said or they will not only lose control of Congress but will also lose the presidency. They have to seize control and "delay" or cancel the upcoming elections or they are screwed for at least another 50 years.

It is time to connect more dots for another analysis.

If you have been following this blog for even just a year or two then you should know that George Soros is just a front man and puppet as are his follow traitors. Remember that Soros answers to a British Lord who answers to the Queen so that Soros gets his orders and funding indirectly from the Queen of England.

The reason why the British Royals are doing this is so that most people won't figure out that all of this evil for setting up ye ole New World Order globalist dictatorship is the British Royal Family and the rest of the Euro-American royals because, if most people, especially most Americans knew this, more people would resist what is going on because they don't want to knowingly return to being under the rule of the British Royal Family.

Once you understand that one thing, everything else becomes much more clear.

Now, you are the Queen of England trying to finalize setting up your global dictatorship as soon as possible and you need to have the best possible control of the US Government, Military, and its resources because it is the most powerful nation in the world.

Who do you put in charge of the most powerful nation in the world so you can use it most effectively to set up your global dictatorship, Cuomo, Hillary, both of whom can be deposed because of their crimes or your grandson, Harry?

Of course, you are going to use your grandson Harry but you have to do it in such a way that people won't know you, the Queen, are taking back control of your colonies to prevent another US revolution.

You don't want to use his order brother, who is in line for the British Royal Crown so you use Harry.

How do you get him in control of the US Government without fighting a war against the US you know you will lose and you know he cannot be president because he was not born in the US?

You have him marry a member of the British Royal Family who is a US citizen and can be president, you know, like Harry's 17th cousin, Meghan, but you have to first put distance between her and you with a little Royal drama so most people won't know it is you, the Queen, taking back control of your colonies, you know, fool them a little and then you have her become the US President, stage a red flag event for her to declare a national emergency so she can declare martial law and "temporarily" suspend the US Constitution, Congress, and Supreme Court and delay the 2022 elections, so she can impose whatever law she "feels is necessary for the emergency" with that law permitting her to "temporarily" make herself queen and Harry king, with temporarily meaning a few hundred years.

Now, you know that, with the Commierat Party falling apart, Meghan cannot get elected so you use the system and have the US Congress you own have Pelosi resign as Speaker of the House, probably with the promise she will get her job back, then the House appoints Meghan as Speaker of the House, then you have Kruella resign, moving Meghan up to Vice President and appoint Obama as Speaker of the House because he is the most popular Commierat in the US, which will increase the number of people supporting Meghan, he knows the system, and he already has his people in place to manage the government, then you have Afghan Joe resign making Meghan President, Obama Vice President, and then appoint someone as Speaker of the House.

Then you do your red flag thingy and seize control of "your colonies back" after more than 200 years so you can finish setting up your global dictatorship or monarchy.


Remember that I told you that Russia is using encirclement and siege warfare to take down the Ukrainian forces?

This article Mark sent me a link to, tells you about one instance of the Russians doing that and shows how it works. These Ukrainian Marines are cut off from resupply so they quickly run out of shoulder fired missiles, which is what was causing the most damage to the Russians.

I told you that is how the Russians are handling the shoulder fired missile problem because, when encircled, the Ukrainians can't get resupplied.

And they say Russia is losing the war?

Obviously not.

Remember that I have been warning you about believing what the left and Ukraine are telling you about the Ukraine war?

This video shows why very well. I have been watching this and wondering about the same things but I didn't know exactly when the Russians left Bucha so I couldn't say anything. With the dates he gives concerning when the Russians left, the state of the bodies, and when they took and were showing the pictures, there is no way Russia killed those people and, after everything else I have found out about certain Ukrainian troops, I could easily see that those Ukrainian troops murdered those people for in any way being friendly to the Russians and you can bet there were people there who identified those people, who were friendly with the Russians, to the murderous Ukrainian troops.

Based on the information he provides, I have to believe that it was probably the Ukrainian troops who committed those war crimes and our government and media are aiding and abetting those troops in committing those war crimes but you know they won't be held accountable.

Hey, don't you know that the lefties are above the law?

Question EVERYTHING you are told, especially by the left and their buddies, EVERYTHING. That video shows you how corrupt and bad things are and how difficult it is to find the truth. You have to be really good at finding dots, knowing what the right dots look like, knowing where those dots will fit in the picture, and putting those dots in the right places to get the right picture.

Even with all of that, God regularly points out things I miss, like when I thought the left would appoint Obama to become the new president instead of Meghan, and I have what would be considered by any intelligence expert to be an excellent record on this blog. I keep being proved right when most are proved wrong.

Question: Why are almost all European nations refusing to send major weapons to Ukraine?

Because they don't believe the lies about Ukraine defeating Russia and having Russia on the run and they know that Ukraine is going to lose this coming battle in the Donbass area and those European nations know they will need those weapons at home when Russia invades Europe.

BTW, I just found out that the US is selling some nations a few of our aircraft already in functioning inventory, maybe one or two dozen aircraft like F-15s and F-16s per nation, further depleting the US aircraft inventory.

In order to build up the militaries of other nations, are we going to take our military down below a one front military? Won't that spread out our one front over a larger area making it less functional so Russia can pick them off a few at a time here and there?

We really have some smart people running things, don't we?

What the fools are doing, knowing that Putin keeps calling our bluffs, they just keep bluffing Putin again and again.

I guess they are stupid enough to believe that eventually Putin will become so terrified he might stop calling our bluffs and just submit? Is all our leaders know how to do is bluff?

Do you believe me yet that what the US should do is stage a strategic retreat from Europe and make peace with Putin to buy time to rebuild the US military and for the rest of Europe to build something similar to a functional military?

If they just keep bluffing Putin with the junk militaries the European nations have and the US one front military, it is just going to cause Putin to invade Europe like he called their bluffs and invaded Ukraine.

Don't believe me that Putin is going to invade Europe?

The UK prime minster and now leaders from Poland and the Baltic States all visited Ukraine and have pledged to aid Ukraine in this war by providing weapons for Ukraine MAKING THEMSELVES ALLIES IN THIS WAR AGAINST RUSSIA thinking that Putin is stupid enough to permit them to use Ukraine to wear down Russia in a prolonged proxy war. Think about that.

They are no longer neutral in this war, are now participants in the war, and are now legal combatants against Russia. They are pushing Putin further and further into a corner that Putin has proved he will fight his way out of. Keep an eye on this.

This video is a very good education because they cover a lot of what I have taught you and confirm what I have taught you about the US corruption in war, our military industry and what they are doing, and much more. You really need to watch this to the end.

Note that they mention that the US is getting weaker and it is because of our corrupt government.

Towards the end they start talking about retaliation from Russia, if we persist. That retaliation is what I have been warning you about with such things as Russia invading Europe, attacking our oil and gas resources in Alaska with missiles, and other such things I have been warning you about.

Do you believe me yet that the greatest threat to our nation is our own lefty leaders?


Remember that I told you that Iran has increased its hostilities towards Israel?

This video shows you how much more violent Iran's proxies or terrorist organizations have become towards Israel with many terrorist attacks in just a few days.

Also remember that this is during Ramadan when Muslims greatly increase their terrorist activities but their terrorist activities increased before Ramadan.

In spite of that, at about 1:30 into this video he begins to tell you how much of the farm they are considering giving away to Iran to get what the left wants and what is holding up the negotiations. Iran has been conceded everything they want except that one thing.

It looks like the left is working for both the New World Order and a spot on the Muslim Caliphate based out of Mystery Babylon and that they will go with whichever works best for them or the one that doesn't fail. This means that, while the West is trying to get the Iranian deal, they are also trying to resuscitate the New World Order deal because everything is failing and the West is very desperate for their global dictatorship.

Note that at about 7 minutes into the video, he begins to show us that he doesn't understand what the West is trying to get out of the deal, which is a route to a global dictatorship. The West is trying to buy power and is selling out the world for that power. Hey, they already sold their souls to Satan.

Remember that Obama worked out a deal with Iran so that, when he regains power, you know he will remove the Iranian Guard from the terror list to get what he wants. Obama won't even hesitate.

Keep an eye on this because every day we get one day closer.

Our Mess

Remember that I told you that Obama replaced Carter as the worst ever US president? Remember that I have been telling you about the stupid people?

This video tells you about both and a big problem with the stupid people is that they have not only been dumbed down but have also been brainwashed to be stupid and not be able to think for themselves.

One of my big frustrations has been in how in the world could I reeducate all of these people so they would know enough and be deprogrammed enough to see that most of what they believe is wrong so they can figure out and see through the lies they are being told by the evil upper class trash?

That is an overwhelming task that only God can handle because, when they have been dumbed down and brainwashed enough, they won't even want to listen to you enough for you to show them they are wrong. God has to open their eyes to them being wrong by letting their lefty gods get what they want.


Remember when the idiot lefty DAs decided to feel sorry for the criminals and take it easy on them and I said that it wasn't if but when the criminals would start preying specifically on the rich.

Read this article telling you that is happening RIGHT NOW!

Was that an easy prediction or what? It didn't take long, did it?

Hey, keep donating money to the criminal lefties and voting for them and it will keep getting worse. But, hey, the lefties are so stupid that they won't figure it out until it is too late.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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