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The things I am paying the most attention to right now are 1) liberal commie traitor white crackers and what they are doing, 2) what the Muslims are doing and remember that the different Muslims groups, blacks, Persians, Arabs, Sunnis, Shiites, and etc., are currently waging war against each other, 3) what China is doing, 4) what Russia is doing, and 5) what the EU is doing. Then I just kind of keep an eye out for anything important going on elsewhere.

Presidential Race

The more I think about it and read, the more I become convinced that Trump is a liberal Trojan horse working to get Hilarious elected as president.

He was a card carrying liberal Commiecrat until just a few years ago and suddenly he is the best conservative in the GOP? He really knows what conservatives want to hear, doesn't he?

He is in well with and has given a lot of money to the Clintstones with Billy Boy having called Trump to set this up just before Trump threw his hat in the ring. I believe he will run as a third party to split the GOP vote causing Hilarious to win.

I was watching Carly Fiorina until I found out she thinks Islam is great and created the greatest empire ever. She stated that she believes the Muslim Caliphates from 800 AD to 1600 AD were the greatest nation ever in spite of the fact they butchered more than 120 million Christians and over 150 million pagans along with enslaving tens of millions more and most of the intellectual developments attributed to them by liberals during that time were actually done by their Christian slaves.

If you think that Islam is so wonderful, move to the Middle East and see just how great Islam really is. In Islam, she would never have been permitted to work, much less become a CEO of a major firm. What an idiot, she is drinking the liberal Kool-aid about Islam. You can't depend on her to protect you from Islam.

Like I said, I can't find anyone I want to vote for.


There has been a sudden increase in the left putting out propaganda and lies about the US being bad or evil for nuking Japan to end WWII. They falsely state that Japan was already willing to surrender but the US nuked her anyway, which is false and has been proven so numerous times. The left persists in convincing as many people as possible that the US is evil, should be destroyed, and replaced with their kind, caring, and magnificent commie dictatorship so those brainwashed people will support the soon coming commie dictatorship.

I am noticing that, as more eyes open, increasing numbers of liberal propaganda shows like Jon Stewart's Daily Show are failing. Less than 1% of Americans watched his swan song show.

Over the years, I have watched the media get away with causing all sorts of problems, destroying people's lives, and even getting people killed because they sensationalized stories to increase their reader/viewership and increase their profits or promote a political agenda. Freedom of the press does not give them the right to commit fraud by exaggerating or telling lies and the media must start being held accountable for their actions just like everyone else.

I am seeing less enthusiasm for liberal-tarianism.

Are more people's eyes opening to the ugly truth about liberal-tarianism?

Black Muslims

I keep seeing more and more that people are not connecting the dots required to understand what is really going on in this country. First, remember that, in 1993, the FBI stated that all black gangs in the US are Muslim. Second, all of these black riots and protests are planned, organized, and managed by the New Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam, which are both black Muslim organizations. These things combined should tell you that the professional black activists in all of these protests, such as #blacklivesmatter, are Muslims. Everything they do is the black Muslims working for control of the US and setting up a black Muslim dictatorship. Whenever you see blacks attacking anyone, such as driving Linen II off the stage during his last two speechs, that is a black Muslim move to throw the liberal commie traitor white crackers under the bus just like black Muslims told me they would decades ago. Basically, the black Muslims are staging a power struggle against the liberal commie traitor white crackers and the white crackers are so stupid they can't figure out they are being thrown under the bus.


Interestingly, many of the immigrants to the US and Europe, especially the Muslims, are forming into groups and fighting each other in gangs and not just fighting the citizens of those countries. They have brought their violence, corruption, and hatreds for each other with them. It will be interesting to see where that goes. My first guess is we will see such things form or grow quickly in these neighborhoods throughout the US and Europe as Hamas, Hezbollah, and ISIS.

I just read that illegal alien crime accounts for more than 30% of murders in some states.

When will this insanity stop?


Israel is a socialist government, which micro manages almost all businesses. Their government determines such things as prices and wages. Every time you turn around there are groups striking because their prices or wages are not high enough. Their economy is in a perpetual state of disruption. This is what happens when people are so arrogant they think they are so intellectually superior to everyone else that they should micro manage everyone else's lives. Their economy would grow three to five times faster without the upper class trash micro managing everything.

BTW, I believe that Israel's liberalism must end before God will save them in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. It is very likely that the liberals, who are currently trying to destroy Israel as a nation from within, you know, like the US liberals are doing to the US, will join forces with the invading army and be destroyed by God.

If you know anything about Israel, you know that she will NOT tell or warn Iran in advance of an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. Most likely, Israel will try to make it look like she has given in and won't attack.

So, why all of the threatening by Israel to attack Iran?

Psychological warfare to scare Iran into not building nukes and it has not worked but Israel persists. But, with Obama having signed an agreement to protect Iran from an Israeli attack, no threats from Israel will do any good and Israel will be forced to attack Iran. And, since Obama has threatened to shoot down Israel's planes, if Israel tries to attack Iran, Israel will be forced to use nuke armed missiles to get the job done. Thanks to Obama, that is the only chance Israel has now.


The Kurds are now waging war against Turkey because Turkey started bombing the Kurds. Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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