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Presidential Campaign

I found out that part of the reason #blacklivesmatter keeps running Linen II (Bernie Sanders) off the stage is because Soros has deals with Hilarious and Soros knows Linen II is a real socialist who will do damage to rich people like Soros. So Soros is giving money to #blacklivesmatter to drive Linen II off the stage and keep him from speaking.

BTW, that means that Hilarious is owned by the same evil puppet master that owns Obama...and Jebberwocky.

The reason Linen II has been climbing in the poles is because he is promising the liberals more free stuff than matter exists in the solar system. Basically, Linen II is extremely good at using socialism to buy votes and poses a threat to Soros and the rest of the liberal commie traitor upper class trash.

Yep, we are starting to see little signs of the true liberal Donny Boy Trump. He is pro abortion and thinks we should continue to fund Planned Parenthood. I guess Donny Boy's heart never really left the Commiecrat Party?

It looks like the GOP presidential field just got a little smaller. Rick Perry just quit paying his workers because his money is drying up. I guess no one wants to bribe him anymore because they won't get a return on their money. I guess Ricky isn't a good enough liar? Maybe that is what our presidential campaigns have become, a national liars contest.

Now they are saying Christie might drop out of the race.

Hilarious has turned her illegal server over to the FBI and the FBI has said that they have already found two e-mails which illegally contained top secret information, after, of course she had the computer long enough to clean everything up. You can also bet Billy Boy has negotiated a deal (A.K.A. bribe) with DOJ to not prosecute Hilarious because she is his golden goose Billy Boy is hoping will lay even bigger golden eggs for him as thief in chief.

What should have happened some time ago is that the FBI should have gotten a warrant, gone in, and taken the server and evidence the way they would have done to you. But, hey, the upper class trash is above the law.

This is blatant treason where these criminals are above the law and can do as they please. Everyone involved belongs swinging from the same gallows.

Upper Class Trash

Know that I have nothing against honest, hard working rich people. I do not envy them their increased opportunity, it is one of their blessings and responsibilities from God. What they do with their opportunities is between them and God the same as what I did with my opportunities is between me and God. If anything, I am glad God caused me to be born and grow up in poverty because it made me who I am and I like who I am. I have learned that there are things you can learn in each class that you can't learn in either of the other two classes and this is true for the lower class. I have learned that the upper class only think they know everything.

Trump called Rand Paul a brat. All of those upper class trash are spoiled rotten brat supremacist.

Is there one of them that their nannies, maids, tutors, and others didn't do everything for them?

I will put my resume alongside any of them for not being a spoiled brat. My father was in construction and my grandfather owned a dirt farm in Northeastern New Mexico when I was a kid back in the 1950s and I spent plenty of time working for both. I was taught to husk and shuck corn before I was five, helped dig a 3 foot deep water line in 1.5 feet of hard packed clay followed by 1.5 feet of river gravel with pick and shovel when I was 8, helped load and unload three pickup loads of gravel for cement with a shovel when I was 8, helped butcher my first hog when I was 8, and could caulk cast iron pipe by the time I was 12. I learned to two stroke 16 penny nails (big framing nails) with a 26 ounce framing hammer and keep up with the best or get fired, we didn't have power tools so we used things like hand saws and hand drills (you were the power), pulled weeds by bare hand in 100 acres of baked desert clay on hot summer days by 8, and many other such things. I could catch and clean my own catfish and kill and clean chickens by the time I was 8. I helped run irrigation in grandpa's fields and helped harvest crops.

When I was 13, I mowed lawns at 50 cents a yard with a push mower to buy my first baseball glove, it didn't kill me, and I was proud of it.

When I was a kid, we didn't have a clothes washer or dryer. We washed the family clothes on Thursday by hand in a metal tub with a rub board, rung them out by hand, hung them on a clothes line to dry and then had to iron them.

We had linoleum floors in the trailer and my grandmother had wood floors in her farm house, we couldn't afford carpets or throw rugs and there was no Mop N Glow. Tuesday was floor day at both houses which required sweeping the floor, then going over the floor with a dust mop, then getting down on hands and knees with a bucket of soapy water and a scrub brush in one corner of the house and scrubbing up all of the floor wax put down last week along with the dirt ground into it throughout the entire house, then damp mopping up all of that wax and dirt, then putting down another fresh layer of wax with a can of Turtle Floor Wax and a rag, then hand buff the entire floor with a clean rag. The floors looked nice and we felt good about it.

When we cooked, we did everything from scratch because can and box foods cost too much plus they don't grow cans and boxes of food on farms. By the time I was 8, I could fix any breakfast for the entire family of six and, by the time I was 12, I could fix any dinner plus bread, cakes, and pies from scratch for the entire family.

I bet that none of the upper class trash candy butt mommy's boys did that much hard work in their ENTIRE lives, forget by the time they were a teenager. I love the photo ops of the upper class trash trying to do physical things to show that they are "one of us" normal people, which should tell you what?

They know they aren't one of us normal people, are spoiled rich freaks, and are trying to fake it and it always results in some really good laughs. They are a bunch of pathetic spoiled rotten brat losers who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths who can only make money by stealing it from others, which only requires lying their butts off. I used to get my butt whipped for telling lies and they make their fortunes by telling lies.

My favorite poser human was Jimmuh Carhtuh, you know, the spoiled rich kid the media sold to us as being a farm boy. He was actually a rich plantation brat who had a plantation foreman who hired the people who did all of the work on the plantation. I loved it when Jimmuh showed up at housing projects for the poor. He always went when they were framing the houses and they always handed Jimmuh a finishing hammer so Jimmuh could look like one of us because no one could trust him with a much more powerful framing hammer. They were afraid Jimmuh might kill himself.

Jimmuh would walk over in front of the cameras holding that finishing hammer out in front of him like a geek so everyone could see that Jimmuh could hold a hammer without killing himself. Wow, I was so impress...NOT! I was actually laughing my butt off. Then Jimmuh would give his little speech, someone would start a 16 penny in an outside wall where there was no need for a nail, and Jimmuh would beat that poor 16 penny to death with that little finishing hammer in front of the cameras. Jimmuh, Billy Boy Clintstone, and Lurch trying to prove to us they are human were three of the best sitcoms on TV. All they were good for was entertainment.

And all of that hard work, that you know none of the upper class trash brats had to do, made me one heck of a lot better person than any of the spoiled rich upper class trash politicians I see today. I regularly thank God for having a hard life because it made me a better person and I feel sorry for those spoiled rotten upper class trash brats who are scum because everything was given to them.

Them work for a living?

Forget it, that is why they are socialists and steal for a living.

You think the upper class trash are not a bunch of white supremacist racists planning to commit genocide...uh...eugenics against all non whites?

ABC, which is owned and run by the upper class trash just made Rosie Perez apologize for getting mad at Kelly Osbourne's Latino toilet scrubber remark and then Rosie "quit" the View, probably with the threat of being fired and her TV career being destroyed. Yep, ain't no racists among the lefty upper class trash and they durn sure don't plan to commit genocide...uh...eugenics against the Latinos, you know, like I told you they will. Just keep watching, they are showing who they really are. You just have to pay attention and connect the dots.

Oops, people, especially blacks and Latinos, are waking up to the upper class trash white cracker eugenics and global depopulation being genocide for non whites. Some black pastors have requested that the Smithsonian remove the bust for Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger, you know, the racist all of the liberal white crackers love so much while claiming they are not also racist.

Obama's Coup

I have been thinking about when is the latest that Obama can stage his coup of the US. You know that he will stage a coup because he is so arrogant, narcissistic, power mad, and addicted to the luxury he has been enjoying for the last 6.5 years. Obama will never give all of that up without a fight and he is the most arrogant leader of a major nation since Adolph Hitler so he really believes he can win. The only question is when and, therefore, we must ask when is the latest he can stage his coup and it possibly succeed.

I thought that he could possibly set up a red flag event in which he waited until the next President is elected and kill both the new president and vice president with his red flag event and tried to use that to give himself a third presidency, but the Constitution prevents that. If the president is killed, the vice president becomes the president, the Speaker of the House becomes the vice president, and they elect a new Speaker of the House. If both the president and vice president are killed, the Speaker of the House becomes the president, they elect a new Speaker of the House who automatically becomes vice president, and they elect a third Speaker of the House.

If Obama were to try to force himself to be the new president, after the recently elected president and vice president were killed, the US military could easily force Obama to step down in order for the process above to take place without it looking like a military coup. So Obama has to stage his coup before the next election.

If Obama were to stage a false flag event to kill one of both or the presidential candidates a year from now so he could justify him remaining president until another election could be run, the same thing could be done to provide us with a new president until 2020 or until the military could force another election in 2017. If Obama tried to force himself remaining in power, again the US military could remove him from office and either have the Speaker of the House become president until 2020 or they force another election in 2017.

Therefore, Obama must stage his coup when he will have enough left of his own current presidency to be able to cement his dictatorship so he can't be deposed in 2017 by the US military. If Obama waits 12 months until August 2016, he will only have about 6 months to consolidate his power. If Obama stages his coup this month, August 2015, he will have three times as much time to get the job done or 18 months. Obviously, Obama is running out of time quickly and must act soon or lose it all and probably end up going to prison or being executed for his crimes.

The only reason Obama has not staged his coup before this is because the US military is still too strong and would bring him down and there are at least 80 million armed US citizens in this country who would also bring him down. Obama has been putting off his coup to buy more time to get rid of both of these threats to his dictatorship while importing tens of thousands of Muslims to back his coup. At some point, Obama is going to have to realize that he doesn't have enough time to remove these two threats and just go for it.

BTW, there are just a little over 400,000 combat soldiers in the US military.

Do you really think they can disarm 80 million US citizens, many of whom are veterans, or round that many people up to send them to FEMA camps, especially since most of the military won't turn their guns on US citizens?

That is the biggest reason why Obama has to replace the US military and all law enforcement agencies with his CNSF, which Obama said he would do before he was ever elected president the first time. Those 80 million people have already shown they are organized and will stand up to Obama's thugs on a number of occasions and a number of law enforcement agencies have also shown they will stand with the people and not blindly obey Obama.

That is the only reason Obama isn't already Pharaoh of the US.


China's economy is doing so poorly that they just had to devalue the yuan and then, a few days later, had to devalue it again. China's government run economy is quickly collapsing because NO government can respond fast enough to market signals or properly read market signals to micro manage an economy, especially since many of our most inept people get government jobs because they can't get or keep anything else, which is why we need to keep government small and away from the economy.

The fewer fools we have in the kitchen, the less screwed up dinner will be.

I just saw a number of marginal videos of the explosion in China. It started with a very large explosion which was similar in appearance to a phosphorus munition or a sky bursting firework, but on the ground. That explosion was followed by a very large and hot fire which was followed by a very massive series of secondary explosions that had to cover a number of city blocks. None of the people making the videos continued after the massive secondary explosions so you couldn't tell whether the last explosions were followed by a munitions cook off. What it looked like was either an extremely large munitions storage or manufacturing facility. China is now saying it was a chemical storage facility.

My first thought was a Muslim terrorist attack against a Chinese military munitions facility or other highly explosive target. With the ensuing civil war being fought in China between the Muslims and the communist government, that is the most probably cause of the explosion, especially with the size and characteristics of the first explosion.

Remember years ago when I told you that 17 upper level Al Quaeda operatives snuck into China from the west to organize and train the 300 to 400 million Muslims in China and the subsequent Muslim civil war that has been going on for years?

If this was a Muslim military attack, the civil war is more serious than China is telling us because that was probably a key military target. You have to understand that between 25% and 35% of China's population is Muslim, which is 300 to 400 million people. That would be like the remaining one billion people defending themselves against a guerilla war being waged by the US population or worse.

Add to this that China's government run economy is quickly failing and her currency is rapidly declining in value. China's military owns and depends on all of the government owned major businesses for finances, which means the military will have to do some budget cutting to survive and it is now being taxed even more by a rapidly growing and well run Muslim revolution. As a matter of fact, regardless of what the warehouse was holding, if it was owned by China's military, it would have been a top Muslim target.

If China is stupid enough to pick a fight with anyone else at this time, it could very easily be the end of China as a nation. China could easily revert back to half a dozen or more warlord nations who would be willing to make alliances with other nations like the US, Russia, India, and Japan, especially with their glorious commie leaders' plans failing, which would cause the generals to lose confidence in the civilian leadership and take matters in their own hands. Keep an eye on this.

I saw one video where they said the explosion could have been caused by a meteor. With the current guerilla war being waged by the Muslims against China, it is much more likely to have been a Muslim than a meteor.

Liberal Paganism

If you think paganism hasn't taken over the US, they recently projected an image of the Hindu goddess of death and destruction, Kali, on the face of the Empire State Building, which had previously lit up for the last day of Ramadan and also for homosexual marriage plus they had the recent unveiling of the statue of Satan in Michigan. The pagans have enough control of the US they feel safe in coming out of their evil closets. Eyes are opening and people are choosing.

The insane libtards continue with their La La Land agenda. They are trying to make everything gender neutral. No males, no females, just its. You are an it, I am an it, and we are all its. You have to understand that it dehumanizes us and makes it easier for us to accept genocide. Oh yeah, that Agenda 21 thingy. Remember that? Target Stores is helping by removing all gender specific labels and colors. Thank you, Target Stores, for help the upper class trash promote their genocide.

Other News

They just busted a small ISIS startup group in NYC. There could be no more appropriate or deserving place for ISIS to take over and devastate than ultra liberal NYC.

Gee, the Muslims weren't about to wage war against their liberals pals, were they?

Well, they sure weren't setting up shop in conservative Dallas, Texas.

Israel just purchased three German battleships to protect her off shore oil fields. What she really needs is a couple of carriers to project power beyond her borders to make attacks against her more difficult.

They are now saying the Universe is dying, you know, like I told you more than 15 years ago. Gee, maybe they should study some creation science instead of that pagan fairy tale stuff they call science. Wait until they figure out that it isn't going to take billions of years for it to die, just like I told you more than 15 years ago. It is much easier to see the future if you don't believe the lies about the past.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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