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What I see today is that God is using Christian Putin and Russia, China, and the pagan left to punish formerly Christian US and the West for turning our back as a nation on God in the same way that God used pagan Assyria and Babylon to punish Israel after they also turned their backs on God.

If you want the persecution to stop, you must turn back to God and bring this nation back to God. We don't have long.

Note to the Upper Class Trash

And God said, "Life is a test."

You are right in that God did put you in power with certain responsibilities to the people but you are negligent concerning those responsibilities and are abusing your opportunities at the expense of the people, causing harm to many, so God will soon remove you from your jobs, placing you in His penal institution called Hell, where you will never again cause harm to other people.

You have failed your test.

Sailboat Cruising

This is a good video because it is about 5 reasons to not live on a sailboat by someone who does.

Note that he tells you that they meet a lot of people who quit because it wasn't what they thought it would be and they were surprised at how hard and much work it is.

Also, in the last video I showed you, they stated that, out of those 1,000+ sailboats in that bay, there was a population of them that were abandoned and I forgot to mention. Those abandoned boats "die" right there in the water and eventually sink causing problems.

Like any life style, it isn't for everyone. You can easily spend as much or more time working on your boat as you do sailing or exploring other areas. The more luxury items you have built into your boat, the more time you will spend fixing those luxury items. That should tell you that the simpler your life and boat are, the less time you will spend fixing stuff, you know, ye ole cost of ownership thingy.

A lot of the work is because of the very corrosive salt water and air causing things to fall apart more quickly but the sun also destroys anything made out of plastic like the sails and lines but also other things. Then you have the stress loading caused by the wind on the sails in relation to the water and also wave actions.

Even when at anchor or in a harbor, your boat undergoes stress because of sun, wind, and water action along with the wear you cause the boat just living in it.

Because of those and other things, you will spend a lot more time fixing things on a blue water boat than around a land based home.

Based on my observations, the goal to cruise around the world has become too dangerous. I would definitely stay away from cruising between the Philippines and Africa or just 10 to 20 miles north of Venezuela. I have seen too many reports of people getting hurt or killed in those areas. You really need to pay attention to what is going on in this world, especially if you want to do some traveling. There are a lot of bad people in this world, especially in certain areas.

I am seeing increasing numbers of young people who are just buying boats, RVs, vans, cars, and other vehicles for the purpose of using YouTube to make a living doing something they think will be fun, with many finding out it isn't all the fun they thought it would be.


Remember that I told you that for Putin to take Europe, he only really has to take Germany, France, and the UK with maybe also Italy and Spain?

I got this article from Newsmax by Erick Mack:

"Russian state TV continues to wave the flag threatening nuclear weapons deployment, simulating nuclear strikes on Europe, including England, Germany, and France, and declaring there would be 'no survivors.'"

They are telling you the same thing I told you. They know that Putin only has to take or destroy those three nations to own Europe.

BTW, the EU just consolidated all of their troops (on paper) to get rid of some of the weaknesses I have been telling you about but that is only on paper. Theoretically, they will be a stronger force united but I still don't think they will be strong enough to stop Russia and her allies, especially if they and the US keep sending weapons into Ukraine for Russian target practice and to make themselves more wealthy.

It is going to take more than the left in Europe saying they are a united force because they MUST first train and develop that unison. They are going to have to revamp their radar, communications, and defensive systems so they work together well. Just saying their militaries are united, does not mean they are united. They are still a long ways from being a united force.

They continue to talk about Russia threatening European nations with the use of nukes. If the Russians want to do the most damage with just one nuke and do more to stop this insanity, I am sure they know they need to nuke Windsor Castle to take out the leaders.

We may find out soon enough.


I think all of these fascist lefties who want censorship should get what they want. They should get censorship, you know, they should be censored for life. They should not be allowed to communicate with anyone for the rest of their lives. See if they like others censoring them.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

If they want to lock other people down, lock them down.

If they want to make other people wear masks, make them wear masks.

Force on them what they want to force on others.

The lefties are always wanting to do their evil to other people but never to themselves. They are above the law they force on you.


The polls mean nothing to me. All they tell me is how much the left plans to rig the next election.

First, if you have been paying attention at all you should know that almost all polls are biased to the left because the poll takers poll Commierats at a rate of about 2 to 1 over conservatives and the upper class trash know that.

Second, Biden's numbers got down into the upper 30's, they keep saying his numbers are still going down and he is now in the 40's? Are journalists really that mathematically ignorant?

Listen, if his numbers have been going down, imploding, and crashing almost since he got into office, by now he should barely have any numbers; at the best, single digits.

They are lying to you and I think they are talking about Biden's numbers being so terrible to distract you from how much they plan to rig the next election.

Listen, if they count enough fake ballots enough times, I could win an election and most people don't even know I exist.

BTW, why does the GOP not fight back more?

Because they know that most people believe everything the lying media say and, if they do fight back, the lying media will roast them so they won't be able to be elected again.

Whoever controls the media, controls the nation and the left knows it.

The best thing that has happened to this nation in the last 30 years was the advent of social media but, when that got Trump elected, the left took it over too. Those evil things want to control everything you see, hear, think and say so they can control you.

If you really want to take back your nation, you first have to take back the media. Always remember that the upper class trash OWN the media so those media will always say what the lefty upper class trash tell them to say or they will lose their high paying jobs.

That should tell you that the lefty media ain't going to tell you the truth, ever. They will always tell you what they are told to tell you by the upper class trash. That is why I keep telling you that you can't believe anything you see on TeeBee or out of Hollyweird.


Remember that I keep telling you about how the left and the rest of our lefty biased government are always lying about everything?

This video shows you a number of different things and ways the left has been lying about. It is a good and telling watch.


While trying to start a war with Russia, you know, where the US will have to use a one front army because Europe cannot defend itself, the US is deploying thousands of troops in Australia. This is starting to look like the upper class trash ruining our nation are intentionally trying to start WWIII. Keep an eye on this.

BTW, I see China setting it up to fight the West in the South China Sea, Taiwan, the Senkaku Islands, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, the Pacific Ocean, the US, Australia, and New Zealand all at the same time in order to spread out our one front military as much as possible to increase the Eastern Alliance's chances of winning WWIII. I have been warning you about this for years.

People, you better get ready for war. Based on international law, any time Putin wants he can stage a preemptive strike against the US and UK because they are directly involve in the Ukraine War against Russia.

For example, I found out that US intelligence is providing targeting information to Ukraine for attacking or striking targets. That is reported as being how Ukraine destroyed the Russian flag ship. It is reported that a US spy plane provided Ukraine with the location and other information for Ukraine to hit that ship with anti ship missiles.

If that is true, then the US is right now directly involved in the war against Russia.

Plus we know that the US and UK are both directly involved in providing weapons, munitions, and "volunteer" soldiers for Ukraine along with training her troops in places like Germany. People, those are legitimate acts of war against Russia and our upper class trash are playing with fire. They think Russia is bluffing because our upper class trash bluff but I don't think Putin is bluffing.

You can't get much more involved in a war against another nation than that. Our evil upper class trash have already started WWIII so Putin is not lying when he says WWIII has already started. He is telling you what I just told you.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load.

BTW, I saw even MSNBC say that they are not getting any supplies to the Ukrainian Army in the Cauldron but then they tell you the Russians are taking heavy losses.

From what, the Ukrainians throwing rocks?

They also said that the Russian Army is not getting supplies from just across the Russian border.

Really? They can't drive trucks straight across the border to the Russian Army just a few miles away?

The scary thing is that the journalists don't even realize how stupid they sound. They are insulting your intelligence with their lies.


Upon conception, the fertilized egg is called a "zygote" and it is classified as a living organism. The human zygote is genetically classified as a human because the DNA is all human and it will grow into an adult human.

Therefore, scientifically, the human zygote is a living human upon conception. That has been a well known fact in biology for more than half a century.

If the mother wants a choice, she always has the choice of using contraception to prevent the egg from becoming a living human or not having sex and should never have the choice of murdering a living human. The body of that baby is not her body and she does not have the right to destroy that body.

I found out that the US Supreme Court seems to be overturning Roe v Wade, which alone, could save some of our nation from complete annihilation.

In this video he tells us about how the spawn of Satan are losing it and pay attention to their increasing violence because the lefty brats didn't get what they want and they have proven they will throw a violent and deadly tantrum to get what they want.

When we finally go to war, the left will cause and start it. I am seeing that the left may be calling for "revolution" just because of this one court ruling.

Now, a few days later, the lefties are rioting and attacking cops because they don't get to murder unborn babies. This may be the left starting that war. Keep an eye on this.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load.

The Calendar

Remember that I told you we should drop our current calendar and create our own Christian calendar?

January is named after the Roman god Janus

February is named after the Roman pagan festival of purification called Februa, which is a pagan religious festival

March is named after the Roman god Mars

April is named from the Latin word aperire, which means to "open" as in spring flowers open

May is named after the Greek goddess Maia

June is named after the Roman god Juno

July is named after Julius Caesar, after he had himself deified as a Roman god

August was named after Augustus Caesar, after he had himself deified as a Roman god

September, October, November, and December were all named after the Roman numbers 7, 8, 9, 10 (I guess they ran out of pagan gods they wanted to name them after.)

The current calendar honors 6 pagan gods and goddesses and one pagan religious festival. The current Hebrew calendar isn't much better because it honors a number of Babylonian pagan gods, though I can no longer find the sites that explain this and the sites that do tell you the origins for the names of the Hebrew calendar are now bull crap.

The days of the week were named after Roman gods but were replaced by the same pagan goods in German and English is a Germanic language.

Sunday was named after the Roman sun god Sol as dies Solis or the day of Sol, and became Sunnon-dagaz in old Germanic, in English it became Sunday

Monday was named after the moon, which they worshiped, and in Latin it was dies Lunae the day of the moon, which became Mon Daeg in Old English and Monday in English

Tuesday was named after the German war god was Tui so they made it Tiwsday, which became Tuesday, the day of Tui

Wednesday was named after their god Woden as Woden's day in old Germanic and Wednesday in English

Thursday was named after the German god Thor as Thor's day, which became Thursday in English

Friday was named after the German goddess for love Frije as Frije-dagaz, the day of Frije, which became Friday in English

Saturday was named after the Roman god of agriculture Saturn as dies Saturni or the day of Saturn, which became Saturday in English

Again, 7 days a week, we honor pagan gods.

I think we Christians can do better than that. If we are going to honor one or more gods with our calendar, I think we should honor our one true God, Yahweh/Jesus and I think God agrees with me. Think how Yahweh must feel seeing His Christians honor pagan gods He hates every day of every month of every year.

I previously posted suggested calendars for Christians years ago.

Political War

While the left is ramping up for their violent war, the conservatives are winning the political war so that, if the left doesn't do some of the things I have been telling you they will probably do, then the left could easily lose control and power for the next half century or more.

The left's only remaining weapons in this war are deceit, violence, and trickery.

This video shows you that very well. The right is winning in every aspect politically as a nation (not in the Nazi blue cities and states), leaving the left in extreme desperation.

You better get ready because you have not seen evil yet. The left is quickly becoming totally unglued and are even doing things they KNOW can't work and I am thinking they are doing those things to fail in order to increase the anger of the left so they will turn to violent rebellion and it seems to be working. The more they lose, the more angry they get.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, lock and load, and secure your red zones, especially now that Biden is moving illegal alien soldiers into your read zones for this fight, you know, prepping ye ole battlefield.

Note in his discussion about not starting WWIII, he is letting us know that most of the conservative voters are against the actions that will cause WWIII to escalate and are for putting a stop to the Ukraine insanity.

People, with the left losing everywhere at everything, they have very little time in which to seize control of the US any more than they already have and to prevent losing the control they already have so they MUST make some of those moves soon or their dictatorship is dead and you better bet they know it.

You should know that the ONLY thing that will cause them to quit their evil is death and they are getting angry enough to risk death to get what they want. Of course, to them, they are arrogantly willing to risk YOUR death to get what they want.

You think I am wrong?

This video shows you the insane and irrational rage of the left just because of them finally losing the right to murder their babies to their false pagan goddess Free Sex. Note that he tells you what I have been telling you for years; the lefty agenda is an insane and fanatical pagan religion, what they are doing is demonic, and they are getting more angry and desperate every time they lose something evil they want.

I love the way at around 17 minutes he says they are sacrificing babies the same way the Aztec, Baal, and Molech worshipers did to their false pagan gods, just like I have been telling you.

You wonder why God is punishing this nation when we have sacrificed more than 60 million innocent babies in just the US to the left's false pagan goddess Free Sex?

Note how at about 19 minutes into the video he points out that people who commit terrible crimes will much more easily commit less terrible crimes. People, if these human demons will murder innocent, helpless unborn babies, they will commit any other crimes including murdering you and they have been telling you for more than 3 decades with their Globalism/New World Order/Great Reset depopulation thingy that they PLAN to murder you. WAKE UP!!!!

Concerning the leaked information about this case, most care more about the integrity of the court than they do about the children who are being murdered as human sacrifices to their pagan goddesses Free Sex and money. The integrity of the court is important but so are the children.

The leak is just part of the left working to destroy our government and it is inevitable that the left will destroy the court in order to finish destroying our Republic.

He also tells you that the left is working to destroy our Republic and this one case is a major setback in those efforts but is just one more major setback in those efforts so they are rallying around this one setback as representing all of their setbacks.

It should be obvious that this war the left is causing is about to go nuclear so prepare. The lefties are telling you that, if Roe vs Wade is overturned, they are going to use it as their excuse to stage a violent rebellion to overturn our government and permanently seize control. You should expect that violence by the left will erupt coast to coast.

Remember that I have been telling you that the left has destroyed our Republic and it just has not finished kicking yet?

In this video she tells you that the left is the "wrecking ball" for our democracy and they are working to destroy our Republic, just like I have been telling you for years. She makes it very clear.

Now they are losing with that effort and losing ground on an almost daily basis, they are satanic religious fanatics, and what do you think they are going to do when they realize that a violent overthrow of our government is all they have left to establish their commie dictatorship, while facing at least half a century before they can seriously try again?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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