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I just found out that China has signed a deal with Samoa and she has already signed deals with two other island nations while she says she is working on deals with 9 more island nations in the South Pacific. There are only about 18 to 20 island nations in the South Pacific.

At this time, is seems the deal includes 3 nations China is supposed to have already signed deals with, which include Solomon, Samoa, and one other I don't remember their name plus the 9 nations of Tonga, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Niue, Fiji, and Vanuatu she is still in negotiations with and Micronesia is rejecting the idea. It seems that some of those nations that are still in negotiations are getting cold feet.

From what I have seen, China is offering the leaders of those nations million of dollars in bribes.

What is China doing?

If you look at this map of the Pacific Islands, you should see that, if she makes deals for navy bases with just a dozen of those island nations in the South Pacific, she can easily control all sea traffic through the South Pacific but it is much worse than that.

Remember that she controls the entire South China Sea, patrols the Indian Ocean, has a navy base in Djibouti so she can control all sea traffic to and from the south end of the Suez Canal, has a navy base in Venezuela so she can control all sea traffic at the east end of the Panama Canal, and is working on other bases in other nations to control other water routes.

The only bodies of water where she does not have the ability yet to at least partly control shipping are the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean because her control of the South China Sea and South Pacific give her at least partial control of the North Pacific traffic.

You have to understand that better than 80% of our planet's international trade is by ship (one of my conservative estimates because it is probably closer to 95%) and, by controlling those waterways, she will easily be able to control most of that shipping traffic giving her control over our economies and the global economy plus it will position her to stage an invasion into any nation on the planet. China has realized that, in today's world, if you control ye ole sea lanes, you control the world.

Basically, China is grabbing for power and positioning for the inevitable war. She isn't just prepping the battle field; she is seizing control of the battle field.

Now, do you better understand why the US MUST stage a strategic withdrawal from Europe to position its one front military in the US with a significant number of those forces based at the US North Pacific islands shown on this map showing US territories in the Pacific? Do you now see why I say we MUST militarize our North Pacific islands to control the North Pacific?

We cannot tie our one front military force down fighting Russia and still defend against China in the West and Russia and China know it but I don't think our idiot upper class trash know it.

You have to understand that we can't fight China with a defensive war because, thanks to our greedy idiot upper class trash, China has been able to position herself so she can shut down our economy and quickly starve us to death. To defeat her, we MUST go on the offensive and destroy her forces before we are economically too crippled to fight her.

You have to understand that we will either fight her or she will destroy us anyway. The mess the stupid upper class trash have made with their love of making money from China is going to REQUIRE a war to fix because she has made it very clear that she isn't going to give up one inch of control. There is no other way out of this mess but we do have other ways out of the messes the upper class trash made with Russia, Iran, and North Korea.

We don't have a choice and the sooner we fight China, the better because she is getting stronger and we are getting weaker, thanks to the upper class trash.


Here we go with some more telling intel by a liar in this very short video because Zelensky says some very interesting things.

Remember that in both Donbass and Kharkiv "the Ukraine military was driving Russia back"?

Note that he says that the fighting in both areas is an indescribable hell.

What? I thought they were crushing Russia?

Then he said, "but our defenses are holding up."

What? I thought they were on the offensive driving Russia back?

What should this little bit of contradicting intel tell you?

Russia has enclosed both armies in Russian cauldrons and is destroying them, which is why Ukraine is fighting defensively and their defenses are holding far.

Do you understand why Russia is replacing her best tanks with T62s, you know, for clean up and she needs those better tanks to invade Europe? Is the picture getting clearer? Can you read that writing on that wall?

I got this from Newsmax by staff:

"Ukrainian forces on Sunday resisted a Russian assault on Sievierodonetsk, the largest city they still hold in the Luhansk region of the Donbas, but endured heavy artillery barrages, Ukrainian officials said.

The shelling was so intense it was not possible to assess casualties and damage, Luhansk governor Serhiy Gaidai said. Dozens of buildings have been destroyed in the past few days."

So the shelling was so intense that they couldn't assess casualties but they repelled an attack? Really?

That intense shelling is what takes place with an encirclement or Russian cauldron just like I have been telling you.

Then I got this from Newsmax by Eric Mack:

"With its invasion of Ukraine now focused and pummeling the eastern areas, Russia is sending out orders to begin the mobilization of its reserve forces, according to reports.

The Russian general staff has reportedly sent out orders for military districts to train reserve battalions, according to Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT) founder Ruslan Leviev.

Approximately 60-70 groups will be comprised of officers, contractors, and reservists, RBC-Ukraine reported, citing Michael Naki's YouTube channel."

You know, to send into Ukraine with those T62 tanks to relieve Russia's top troops to finish off Ukraine, while Russia's top troops and tanks invade Europe. People, these are signs that Russia is ramping up to invade Europe but, hey, Ukraine is crushing Russia.

Then I got this from Newsmax by staff:

"As Russian forces press their offensive to take the eastern Ukrainian cities of Sievierodonetsk and Lysychansk, civilians who have managed to flee say intensified shelling over the past week left them unable to even venture out from basement bomb shelters.

Despite the attacks, some managed to make it to the town of Pokrovsk, 130 kilometers (80 miles) to the south, and boarded an evacuation train Saturday heading west, away from the fighting.

Fighting has raged around Lysychansk and neighboring Sievierodonetsk, the last major cities under Ukrainian control in the Luhansk region."

Ukraine has lost control of all major cities in the area but those two but Ukraine is crushing Russia, right? Do you think the T62 tanks and reservists are for finishing taking those two major cities and clean up in the area? Do you get the picture yet?

Why are we not hearing anything about Odessa?

But, hey, Ukraine will win because the head idiot for NATO redefined winning so Ukraine can claim to win after getting her butt handed to her, which is why NATO changed their definition of winning, you know, so the upper class trash can still claim that Ukraine can and did win, after getting her butt handed to her.

People, they are subtly and unintentionally telling you that Russia is winning while trying to make it look like Ukraine is winning because they are terrible liars and the truth keeps coming out. For example, they would not have changed the definition for winning if Ukraine really was winning. By changing the definition, they told you that Ukraine is not winning.

Their actions speak louder than their words and always will.

They insult our intelligence with their lies, misinformation, and propaganda. They really think we are stupid enough to just blindly believe whatever they say.

Do you believe me yet that they think they are smarter than they are and that you are dumber than you are?

I keep wondering if Zelensky is still in country and, if he is, is Putin going to let him get over confident to make it easier to suddenly kill him? You know that Zelensky and his entire cabinet are going to die so Putin can replace them with pro Russian leaders, right?

They are reporting that Zelensky "visited the front lines" but I saw the video of him doing that and, for there being a lot of heavy bombardment, it was very, very quiet where he was. When I was in Udorn, Thailand, you could hear the tank and artillery battles in Laos 10+ miles away telling me he wasn't even close to the front lines.

Putin missed him the first time because the US CIA got him out of country too quickly. Putin won't let that happen again.

BTW, Russia has a military blockade of the Ukrainian ports cutting off food from Ukraine to Europe, which is hurting Europe quite a bit. Some in Europe are so desperate they are thinking about shooting their way through the Russian naval blockade to get that food and, you know, escalate WWIII.

Besides, even the Pentagon has said that the "blockade" was being caused by naval mines Ukraine placed in those ports so that no commercial ships will enter those ports to get the food and other commodities.

Or the West could stop dragging out the already lost war so Putin would clear the mines out of those ports and send them that food?

Then Putin has said that they will "facilitate" exporting those grains from Black Sea ports controlled by Russia and that, if the West lifts their sanctions, he will also export Russian fertilizers and food.

So, how many EU nations will make deals with Russia to get those goods, of course, paid for in Rubles, you know, just like they are now doing with Russian oil and gas? Is that a sucker punch or what?

People, the lefty upper class trash are determined to start WWIII with Russia to get Russia out of their way to set up their global dictatorship. They know the people will NOT support the West going to war with Russia over Ukraine so they are trying to get us to support going to war with Russia by making it look like Russia is blockading the West getting food from Ukrainian ports.

That is how determined the upper class trash are to get rid of Putin so they can set up their global dictatorship and Putin knows this because he has his spies everywhere. I believe that is why he is preparing to invade Europe and attack the UK and US but the upper class trash are so arrogant they actually believe that "Putin wouldn't dare attack them first", even though he knows they are planning to attack him. Think about that.

Listen, if you KNOW you are going to have to fight a war with someone, you pick the time, the place, and the conditions for that war to give you the advantage over your enemy and Putin has already shown he knows that. That is why he staged a preemptive invasion of Ukraine.

And you think Putin isn't going to stage a preemptive invasion of Europe to give Russia the advantage? Really?

Sailboat Cruising

I have been watching sailboat cruising for decades and that world is changing. Increasingly it has become a world of millionaires who can't do without their luxuries living on million plus dollar catamarans that don't heel when sailing (read more comfort) and increasing numbers of these yachts have one or more hired crew onboard. Their income is mostly YouTube and Patreon so that most of their work is making YouTube videos and maintaining the luxury of their boats or water mansions.

When I first started monitoring sailboat cruising a few decades ago, most of them were middle to upper middle class couples living on mono hulls they had bought used and kept fixing up and heel a lot when sailing with the couple doing all of the work. Many of them also did work on the side such as writing and marketing or getting temporary jobs in harbors they stayed in for a while. They would normally work during the off season and sail during the on season.

It is a very different world now.


Remember that I told you that I take being called a conspiracy theorist as a compliment because it means that I am intelligent enough to know that the upper class trash do work together or conspire to do their evil to us and they have been telling us about the evil they are right now doing to us for more than 3 decades?

This video shows you that yes, they really do have a plan to set up an evil dictatorship they are "collaborating" on or conspiring together concerning.

No, it is not a conspiracy theory when the conspirators are telling you they do have a conspiracy to "make the world better" for them at your expense. It is a conspiracy FACT! Their conspiracy against you is reality.

Do you believe me yet that the lefties are having an international insanity contest and it is still very close?

These lefties, especially the upper class trash, are very evil.

At about 20 minutes into that video, he shows you that the left's lockdowns backfired on them by exposing what they have been brainwashing your children with.

Do you believe me yet that everything they do fails because God always uses their evil plans against them?

Man plans, God laughs.

The lefties are showing that they are extremely desperate to set up their dictatorship and you can see it with how desperately they are trying to disarm the American people as quickly as they can so they don't have to worry about getting their brains blown out for setting up their dictatorship. They have really ramped up their efforts to get everyone's guns.

This has coincidentally happened a number of times over the years, which is why I am convinced the upper class trash are causing these mass shootings. They are extremely desperate and desperate people are dangerous. They will do anything to get what they want, even murder children they plan to depopulate or murder anyway.

What does it matter to them whether they murder your children with mass shootings or in death camps?


I later found out that the chief of police told his officers to stand down and not try to enter the building for about an hour. They said that most of the officers complained about it and someone needs to hold that chief accountable.

Now, will their corrupt government bend over backwards to protect their head cop or hold him accountable for what he did?

Question: Was that police chief told to order his officers to stand down so the shooter could kill more kids and by whom?

Mark sent me this:

"It looks like this Salvador Ramos was a loose cannon and it was known by many. I agree with you. When things are going badly for the Left a mass shooting seems to magically happen just in time to change the news cycle when that cycle is going against lefties."

I am not the only one God shows this crap to.


Pelosi's husband just got busted for DUI. That is something you should keep an eye on because the upper class trash are above the law and openly get away with stuff like that all of the time. I have heard some brag about it.

Suddenly, Pelosi's husband gets busted for DUI and that tells me that MOST LIKELY she won't resign so the upper class trash had her husband busted for DUI as a warning or bow shot to make her resign. They are saying he was arrested after hitting another car with his Porsche.

How many times have I seen this kind of stuff happen over the last 60+ years?

Most likely, the upper class trash knew he was going somewhere and may have even invited him to go there, knowing he would do quite a bit of drinking. They had a cop waiting for him on the way home and even called the cops when Pelosi's husband left to go home and then had someone cause a crash with him.

This was not his first arrest for DUI. He was arrested in 2018 and served 3 years probation, which means he got a slap on the wrist like all rich people do.

If she resigns, her husband will get community service or more probation, he will bribe some government official to sign him off on the community service, and they get to retire to their home.

If she doesn't resign, her husband will get jail time and, if that doesn't do it, she may die, you know, in a CIA accident. They are already talking about who should replace her.

Keep an eye on it because, if she resigns, she was made to resign to get her out of the way.

Remember that I have told you that the greedy and power mad can never get enough wealth or power and she may be refusing to resign until the last minute, holding out in hopes that the Commierats may have the election rigged enough she can remain Speaker of the House, and they need more than that much time.

Just keep an eye on it because the only time the upper class trash get busted for something like DUI is when something is up.

Christian Churches

The best thing that can happen to Christian churches is that they ALL lose their 501C tax status so they will ALL start taking a political stand for God because they won't have anything to lose by doing their job.

Some are finally putting God ahead of money and are doing that as is shown in this video.

The rest are still teaching that we are not supposed to become "distracted by the things of this world", you know, the world we are supposed to be good stewards of. Why, we are supposed to just quietly go to church, sit in the pews, and pay our tithes so the pastor can have a new car and house and ignore the evil in the world. Don't you dare take a stand for God against Satan and his demons, why, it might cause the church to lose some money.

Those greedy, idiot preachers better wake up to the ugly fact that, if you don't take a stand against Satan's spawn, Satan's spawn will eventually tear down all of your churches, all of your preachers will go broke, and those preachers will be sent off to Satan's death camps with their families. They either lose a little now or they will lose everything later.

That video shows that the lefties are already trying to do that to all Christian preachers and, if you don't start preaching Satan's messages instead of the Gospel, they will shut down your churches because some are already trying to do it. If you Christians don't stop being butt ostriches, you will soon be praying in Satan's death camps because the left is very clearly waging war against you because they passionately hate you.

If you Christians don't take a stand for God, God will not take a stand for you to protect you from Satan and his demons, which is why we are in the mess we are currently in.

Remember that Satan's spawn are NOT going to just sit on their butts and let you win the fight for your nation. They WILL do whatever is necessary to destroy this nation and set up their dictatorship over you. You will either fight or die and they have told you that they plan to murder you and your families.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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