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One of my four confirmed readers sent me a response to my last essay that got me to thinking. I really appreciate such feedback and he also sends me links to additional information, which helps.

In my last essay, I was clearly angry at the spoiled upper class trash and their arrogance. My reader reminded me that most Middle and lower class young men worked as children when we were growing up. It was quite common. But many didn't, which was the cause of the hippie movement and rapid spread of Marxism. Also, most of the upper class kids didn't work and just played all of their young lives.

Since then, the increasing child labor laws have made it illegal for anyone under a certain age to work. The people pushing these laws don't want you to learn a good work ethic so it will be much easier to get you into the Welfare trap, dependent on the government and being controlled by them. It used to be called slavery.

My reader also informed me that he thinks God has postponed or held off Obama staging his coup until now because increasing numbers of Christians are praying and praying more sincerely. He believes and I agree that God has been holding Obama off until now and that we will still have to be held accountable for our crimes but our prayers have bought us some time to prepare and get stronger in God. It is still a fact that God is using Obama to punish us and the punishment will get worse soon but just not as soon.

Another thing I realized because of his response is that, globally, the liberal commies are waging war against the Christians and this isn't just in the West but is also in China. A number of things are happening because of this. 1) The poser Christians are hauling butt for safer ground, you know, paganism, 2) Christians are organizing, getting right with God, and standing up to fight back, 3) Christianity is growing and getting stronger everywhere Christians are being persecuted with new people converting to Christianity daily faster than the posers are leaving, and 4) God is using the Muslims these liberal commies are in bed with to punish the liberal commies for waging war against His Christians.

You will also see in a later part of this essay that God is using the Muslims to punish the Muslims for waging war against His Christians.

We know that, in the US, the punishment God has decided on for the liberal commie pagans is that they will be overthrown by their Muslim pals and just about wiped out. This may also be the case in other nations and would only make sense. Don't be surprised if, after the dust has settled, what is left of China will be largely Christian with a Muslim state or nation to the west and a lot of Buddhists.

BTW, it was pointed out to me that Russia is now more Christian than the increasingly pagan West. This is very important because, if the pagan West attacks Russia, God will protect His people, the Russian Christians.

Liberal Conservation

All of these do-gooder, warm fuzzy, feel good liberal conservationists, PBS, Disney, and the rest of that liberal whacko crowd are causing increasing unnecessary deaths of wild predators like bears, lions, wolves, and even sharks. You see all of this warm fuzzy liberal crap about we shouldn't kill these predators because they won't harm us humans because we're special is causing increasing numbers of liberal believers to venture out where these predators hunt, which is increasing the number of people being killed and eaten by these predators.

You see, all of the national forestry, state parks and other such professionals KNOW that we really are special because we humans taste different and better than any other prey. These professionals know that, once such a predator tastes human blood, they will become "man killers" and will seek out humans the way you seek out a great restaurant instead of going to McDonald's for the same reason. Therefore, these professionals KNOW that, when a predator kills a human, they must quickly hunt that predator down and kill it before it begins hunting other humans and exposes their lies about the predators not hunting humans. You know, they just think you are seals...or something. After all, we all know hungry predators won't hunt, kill, and eat humans.

Therefore, the people believing this liberal bull crap and going out hiking and camping with these vicious predators increases the number of humans being attacked or killed by the predators and that increases the number of these predators being killed to keep them from becoming man killers.

Think not?

Just watch how, after a predator kills or even just wounds a human, these professionals quickly put together task forces to quickly hunt down and kill the predator that attacked the human, even for shark attacks.

Gee, could it be that all of these liberal whackos are lying to us?

Yep, big time and the problem gets worse as more people believe the liberal lies and go hiking, camping, and swimming where the predators feed. Absolutely NOTHING the liberals have done has worked.

Bubonic Plague

I have been warning you about this disease stuff for more than a decade now. A person and two squirrels in Yosemite National Park got infected or died from the Plague (bubonic plague, black death, black plague, or Yersinia pestis.)

What will it take for this to get into one or more large cities with those large rodent populations where it can be spread quickly?

You can bet it has already happened. It will take just one infected flea catching a ride on a human, dog, cat, or other pet to that big city, the flea will bite rodents, pets, and humans in the big city spreading the disease, and then other fleas will bite infected rodents, humans, pets, and other animals becoming infected and spreading the disease or a human infected at Yosemite will be bitten by a flea when getting home starting all of that in motion.

The first symptoms can appear within 2 to 5 days. If the disease gets into the lungs, it becomes Pneumonic Plague which can be spread orally (via coughing and sneezing) and can kill in as little as 24 hours after infection. Pneumonic Plague has a very high mortality rate. There are at least 5 to 6 strains of Yersinia pestis in the US, of which at least two to three strains are very resistant to current treatments with high mortality rates.

BTW, Yersinia pestis doesn't cause harm to the fleas or kill them so the fleas can keep transmitting the disease as long as they are alive and Yersinia pestis keeps breading in the fleas' stomachs.

Now you suddenly see why I have been spending so much time talking about our US rodent pandemic and us causing this pandemic of rodents by killing off free roaming feral cats. Suddenly, what I have been warning you about becomes very serious and important. It is almost inevitable that there will be outbreaks of the Black Plague in large cities and it isn't just California cities that need to be concerned because people from all over the US and other countries visit Yosemite. It is very likely that the Black Plague is already spreading across the US while you are reading this. The disease will spread fastest in communities with large rodent populations, which, today, is all cities.


Remember that I told you the Muslims have been bringing their customs, traditions, hate, and other bad things to the West with them and they have been forming into groups and waging war against each other? Remember that I told that better than 90% of the Muslims killed fighting every year are killed by other Muslims?

This is funny.

A Shiite Muslim Imam has fled from Britain to the US in fear of his life from...wait for it...other peaceful, kind loving Muslims (Sunnis.) Another Shiite Muslim Imam in London has asked the non Muslim police he hates and preaches hate against to protect him from...wait for it...other peaceful, kind, loving, caring Muslims (Sunnis.)

Why would Muslims need to run from or have protection from other peaceful, kind, loving, caring Muslims? Isn't Islam supposed to be the religion of peace?

I guess God meant what He said when He said, "Do unto others as you would have others (including God) do unto you".

Nothing like getting a little of your own hatred, meanness, and murdering. This is just too funny.

The not so funny part of this is that these monsters are turning our streets and cities into war zones and it will get worse as their populations grow from all of this illegal immigration being encouraged and forced on us by our corrupt upper class trash.

BTW, They are now admitting that ISIS used gas on the Kurds. Just remember who started ISIS, trained them up, funded them, and ARMED them. Just in case you don't remember, it was Obama.

Gee, could it be that Obama is giving terrorists weapons of mass destruction, you know, like ISIS and now Iran?

You can thank our liberal commie traitors and their Muslim pals for this mess. Of course, we earned it with our sins, especially the sin of tolerance.

BTW, did you ever figure out what we were supposed to be tolerant of?

We were being tolerant of their crimes, you know, drugs, adultery, treason, subversion, insurrection, sabotage, espionage, sedition, theft, murdering unborn children as human sacrifices to their false pagan goddess, Free Sex, lies or fraud, and many other crimes. That is what they persuaded us to be tolerant of and we deserve the punishment we are getting and will get.

And, if you think the Muslims are not being punished for waging war against God's Christians...

Remember that Saudi Arabia has been the principal financier for Sunni Muslim groups such as Al Quaeda, ISIS, and others?

The plunging oil prices are killing Saudi Arabia's economy plunging them into debt and they are running low on cash. It is estimated that, if oil remains at its current price, Saudi Arabia will run out of cash in four years. Note that Saudi Arabia pays their Muslim terrorists with cash.

Gee, I guess they won't be able to fund so much terrorism? Gee, this couldn't be because they are waging war on God's Christians, could it?

God is fighting back for you. Keep praying but prepare to go to war soon.

BTW, ISIS just posted a hit list of Western government employees and Obama has his secret racist list. Uh...I told you so. All along, your Muslims pals have been planning to kill you liberal bureaucrats, you know, just like I told you years ago.

BTW, Farrakhan just told his black Muslim followers to stalk and kill whites. He didn't suggest it, he told them and, as their high Muslim leader, that was a fatwa or order. Note that he did not say conservative whites but all whites.

Gee, he isn't throwing the liberal white cracker commie traitors under the bus, is he, you know, the way I said they would?

Farrakhan just asked for 10,000 volunteers to kill whites. The fight is on and, if you don't go to the fight, the fight will come to you.

Corrupt Politicians

Something interesting seems to be happening with the Hilarious server. The FBI says they found a number of e-mails with top secret information in them but the people who purged the server are claiming that isn't possible because that server was blank (A.K.A. they illegally destroyed all of the evidence on the hard drive.)

Is it possible that some of the techies betrayed Hilarious and left the illegal e-mails on the server?

She wouldn't have any way of knowing until it was too late and the polls say that most people don't like Hilarious. Besides, if the techies really did erase those e-mails, it would make them guilty of a number of federal crimes FBI met with that company weeks ago before they trashed those e-mails.

Are those techies willing to risk prison for Hilarious? Is this payback for Benghazi?

Keep an eye on this. God really meant it when He said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out." Just ask Bill Cosby, he knows.

Increasing numbers of people are counting Hilarious out of the election saying she is going to jail, you know, like she isn't above the law and Billy Boy won't bribe her out of her mess. I will believe it when I see her in an orange jump suit. I would be much more likely to believe that, if she is going to jail, Billy Boy just offs her to keep her from selling him out to save her own butt. Mean while, keep an eye on Chelsea. Billy Boy may soon need Chelsea as president to pardon his butt. We can hope.

Lurch just said he feels very much at home in communist Cuba.

My first thought?

Good, stay there.

I just read that Dr. Ben Carson believes in Abortion. Another liberal Republican.

Remember that I have been telling you that Jebberwocky is an ultra liberal?

He said the GOP doesn't need conservatives to win the 2016 presidential race. Basically, screw conservatives.

The fact that about 25% of the GOP supports Jebberwocky should tell you what?

That at least 25% of the GOP voters are really stupid liberals posing at intelligent people.

John Kasich is a liberal socialist using entitlement programs to buy votes while using the excuse that stealing money from working people and giving to non working people is the "Christian thing to do."

It is not. I remind you that Jesus said to give your OWN money to the poor, which is philanthropy, not socialism. NO WHERE in the Bible does Jesus say that you are to steal from others and give it to the poor, which is socialism. It is not Christian to steal. Jesus is not a socialist but is a philanthropic capitalist.

John Kasich arrogantly stated, "I have the right to shape what conservative philosophy means." This is a typical liberal ploy, you know, like the "living Constitution" thingy. He redefines conservative as being liberal and then feeds us his liberal crap.

Kasich also wants to legalize all illegal aliens, gun control, common core, homosexual marriage, funding Planned Parenthood, and Obamacare, you know, just like Obama and the liberals. Kasich is another ultra liberal Republican, you know, like Jebberwocky.

Trump said he could support ultra liberal Jebberwocky for president. Oh yeah, Trump is a conservative...NOT!!! More and more we are finding out that Trump is a diehard liberal, great actor, and poser conservative up to no good.

Remember all of the Republicans who promised they would undo Obamacare? Why is it still law?

You can't believe anything any politician says. They are all liars.

I hope you realize by now that the reason why both parties keep increasing the size of government is to make government such a huge mess that it will be easy for them to hide all of their stealing and other crimes.

I have reached the point that I wish all politicians would run...away from the US. I know, let's just round up all of the liberal commie traitors and their evil Muslim pals and have NASA send them on a massive solar expedition, you know, to explore the very flammable space suits. They can e-mail us their findings.

Out of all of the charts, graphs, and photos I have seen posted on FB by liberals to prove a point or provide information, NOT ONE has even come close to being accurate. They are all clearly lies being put out to scare or anger people who are ignorant of the truth. I just saw a pie chart posted by a liberal activist (for at least the third time) which showed that the military budget is 57% of the national annual budget. That couldn't possibly be true because the national annual budget is a little less than $4 trillion and the annual military budget is only about $600 billion or about 14% of the national annual budget. If a liberal says it, it is a lie.

White women are now being told by liberals to shut up, including liberal white women. Liberalism is using intimidation via fear of being ostracized from the group to control people. Liberal white women just got thrown under the bus, you know, like I told you they would.

So, how is that false pagan god, democracy, doing?

China Explosions

My big question is, "What is China hiding about the Tianjin explosions?"

They are going overboard to cover up something.

What went bang and is still going bang that they don't want us to know about?

My first guess, weapons of some sort, possibly WMDs.

The Chinese say it is highly toxic sodium cyanide that has exploded and is burning buuuut there is a little problem with that, sodium cyanide has no flash point, which means it is non flammable and it won't burn or explode.

Don't believe me?

Look it up.

Now, why are the media not telling us this? Gee, do you think we are being lied to?

Now, what is China hiding?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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