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One thing to keep an eye on is when would be the best time for Russia to do a preemptive strike or invasion into Europe to finally put an end to this crap?

The last thing the arrogant lefty upper class trash would expect Russia to do is invade Europe before finishing the job in Ukraine so that would be the best time for Russia to be able to surprise the West with a preemptive invasion into Europe and it would explain Russia replacing its best tanks and troops in Ukraine with their T62 tanks and reserve soldiers. Oops!

Remember that I told you that, if Russia takes enough of Europe, Ukraine won't be getting any more weapons, which they are already very short of, because the Europeans will need those weapons to fight Russia so Ukraine will much more quickly run out of weapons and be forced to surrender or just be easily overrun, even by T62 tanks and reserves. Try stopping T62 tanks without weapons and you will find out they won't be obsolete anymore because they will be the best weapons on the battlefield.

Plus I found out that increasing numbers of Ukrainian military units are already refusing to fight because they are not getting equipment to fight with, you know, like when you are encircled, they have no artillery support, they have no officers to be their leaders, many of them had no real training, and they are now surviving on one potato per day for food. Increasing numbers of Ukrainian soldiers are surrendering so that T62 tanks and reserves can take care of them.

When your soldiers are refusing to fight, you don't have an army, you have a mutiny and it is growing rapidly.

Plus remember that the idiot lefty upper class trash has been selling Ukraine US and European weapons from US and European inventories to launder money into their greedy pockets so those inventories are now significantly depleted with the US and Europe just now starting to build the replacement weapons for their inventories, which will take time.

Plus remember that the US and European economies are suffering and declining from their own economic war against Russia, while Russia's economy has been growing. If Putin suddenly cuts off Russia's exports to the US and Europe, our economies will implode for three strikes against the West at the very start of this war.

Plus, if Russia's allies like Iran, Pakistan, China, and North Korea hit the war path at the same time Russia invades Europe, I don't think the US and Europe can stop Russia and save their butts everywhere else at the same time.

Do you get the picture yet?

You better bet that Putin and his generals know about all of this and more. It looks like it may take the Eastern Alliance a month or two to get ready for this part of the war but, then again, maybe not.

It doesn't look like any of the upper class trash or their stupid puppets have figured that out, especially not Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, Afghan Milley, the Afghan x-spirts, and the Afghan media.

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, the EU is now going to do a "partial ban on Russian oil", meaning that they will only take part of Russia's oil and not all of it. What a bunch of lying con artists.

Then I found this at Reuters by staff:

"May 31 (Reuters) - Russia's Gazprom (GAZP.MM) said on Tuesday it would cut off gas flows to Denmark's Orsted (ORSTED.CO) and to Shell Energy (SHEL.L) for its contract to supply gas to Germany, after both companies failed to make payments in roubles.

The cuts will be effective from June 1, Gazprom said.

Russia has already cut off gas supplies to Poland, Bulgaria, Finland and the Netherlands, which refused to make payments in line with a demand that requires rouble accounts to be set up in a Russian bank as part of the settlement scheme."

So it has already begun and Russia has cut off oil to 6 EU nations including Germany and Poland and, from what I am seeing, it is already destroying their economies just like I said it would.

Hey, maybe that is what the EU meant by a "partial ban on Russian oil"; they are getting cut off by Russia a few nations at a time. /sarc

Look, I have been expecting Russia to invade Europe by driving through Poland and then Germany to take out France, taking out two of the top 5 nations in Europe, Germany and France, and he just cut off oil to Poland and Germany, which will destroy their economies like I said he would do before he invades Europe (gee, what a coincidence) and then I am figuring out how Putin would take out the UK.

Will he take her out by invading from France, the sea, the air, or all of the above? Probably all of the above.

Look, Putin is much smarter than the upper class trash and he is using the excuse of shutting off their oil for not paying in Rubles so the intellectually superior upper class trash won't figure out that he is preparing the battlefield to invade Europe by shutting off their oil, gas, and other exports from Russia and the over educated fools are falling for it.

And you think the upper class trash are smarter than you because they said they are? Really?

The invasion of Europe will start the same way the invasion of Ukraine did, with a post midnight barrage of artillery, rockets, missiles, and bombs with some probably being tactical nukes to take out the US forces, top European forces and European governments, which is why Putin has been probing European air defenses to find the weakest spots for entry or penetration.

In the US Military, we used to call this the "2 am wakeup call" and it is very effective, just ask Ukraine.

I have already showed you how I expect Russia and China to invade the US and Canada, from within with Chinese sleeper cells we have known about for more than 2 decades now, by Alaska, and from Mexico, thanks to our lefty upper class trash.

Keep connecting those dots, people.

BTW, China seems to be losing ground on her plans to take control of the South Pacific but that doesn't remove the threat China poses to the rest of us. You know the CCP are not going to stop.

All it will take is one greedy leader for each of those island nations and China wins and she seems to have already bought out three island nations.

Then I found this video, which shows you that China just regrouped, reorganized, and is continuing by approaching the island nations on a one-on-one basis and customizing their deals with each island nation to give them something they want, you know, billions of dollars to launder into their greedy pockets, for China to get what she wants and it seems to be working.

Hey, with enough money, you can always buy off greedy people.

Queen of England

I just realized one reason why the rest of the British Royal Family backed off from overthrowing the Queen earlier. It was so she could make history by celebrating her full 70 years as the reigning monarch, the longest reigning monarch in British history.

As soon as those celebrations are over, watch them quickly topple her or her suddenly die.

Gun Control

We are suddenly seeing "conservatives" talking about doing gun control.

My question is: "who bribed them?"

Oh yeah, the upper class trash traitors.

Intellectually Superior Elites

Remember that I have been telling you that having more money does not mean you are more intelligent? Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash natural elites think they are smarter than they are and that you are dumber than you are?

This video shows they ain't as smart as they think they are, baby. He shows you just how stupid and wrong their great sounding stupid ideas they got from their lefty college professors are.

But, hey, dey got dem duh right degrees from duh right unkneebersities so dey gots tuh be right, right?

Nope, those lefty college professors teaching at those right universities were smoking too much dope in their white palaces out of touch with reality. They created what has to be the greatest screw up in history because he shows you that their glorious globalism has failed.

Then he shows you that the idiot lefties are doing what I have been telling you they do when their great sounding stupid ideas fail; they refuse to admit they were wrong and their ideas were stupid and insist on doing more of what failed because they believe that, if they do enough of what failed, it will succeed.

I am convinced the upper class trash are terminally mentally ill.


I got this from the Fox News by Louis Casiano:

"While the Uvalde, Texas police department and local school district police have cooperated with state Department of Public Safety investigators into the massacre that killed 19 children and two teachers at an elementary school and the law enforcement response, the chief of the school police has not responded to a request for a follow-up interview. "


"Pete Arredondo, the Uvalde school district police chief, has not responded to Texas Rangers in two days for a follow-up interview from his initial statements following the shooting, a DPS spokesperson told Fox News in a statement. "

Remember that I told you that I read that the chief of police told his officers to stand down and not go into the school for about an hour? Remember that I told you that I was wondering whether the city would cover for that chief?

I ain't wondering no more because his butt just slid right under ye ole bus.

Gee, I wonder what he is hiding? Do you don't think the entire thing was staged by the left in a desperate effort to steal your guns, do you?

It is looking like God is getting ready to make this evil thing backfire on the left big time, you know, like the more recent event where another attempted mass killer was shot and stopped by an armed woman before he could murder any students proving that law abiding people with guns make us safer.

Man plans, God laughs.

Keep an eye on this because me thinks me smells a rat in Uvalde.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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