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In espionage, you are taught that, if it doesn't make sense, then it probably isn't right. There is a lot I see about Zelensky being in Ukraine that doesn't make sense.

The first thing I see in his propaganda videos is that, when he is walking around on the streets in Ukraine cities, there are only him, his body guards, and the media. I keep looking in the background and there are never any citizens like you see in other videos taken on the streets of Ukrainian cities. That doesn't make sense.

Where are all of the people we are told are returning to Ukraine because Ukraine is "crushing Russia"?

Plus, Russia is almost constantly attacking targets all over Ukraine with various munitions but, in those videos, you don't hear the sounds of war or see any signs of it like vapor trails and explosions. That doesn't make sense.

Plus, it doesn't make sense that, with that war going on and all of the cities taking hits, the streets Zelensky is always walking on are always clean of war debris, even with some buildings looking like they were recently hit by munitions. This is especially true when other videos of Ukrainian cities show the streets are filled with war debris. That doesn't make sense.

Plus we keep seeing top politicians from other countries visiting Zelensky in Ukraine with only them, Zelensky, Zelensky's body guards, and the media and no civilians present or any signs or sounds of war or war debris on the streets. It doesn't make sense that any nation would allow their top leaders to enter such a dangerous war zone to shake hands with Zelensky, you know, risk getting their brains blown out just for a photo op.

Plus, it doesn't make sense that Russia has control of the air space over Ukraine and the top leaders of other nations aiding Ukraine in this war are making "surprise" visits to Ukraine to see Zelensky and their planes don't get shot down by jets or missiles.

Plus, we know Putin wants to kill Zelensky to stop this mess and, if Zelensky is in Ukraine, why hasn't Putin done that? Don't Putin's spies know where Zelensky sleeps so they can park a cruise missile in his bedroom at 2 am for a wakeup call?

Zelensky being in Ukraine and still being alive doesn't make sense.

When you add all of that together, it just doesn't make sense and we are not being told the truth.

What does make sense?

What does make sense is that coward Zelensky is still hiding in Poland, using millions of the tens of billions in US tax payer dollars Biden has sent him to build movie sets of Ukrainian city streets Zelensky, the media, and the other leaders are using to put out propaganda to fool you into believing that Ukraine is winning the war, when they are getting their butts handed to them, especially since we know he was previously using green screens in Poland for the same reasons.

Those streets being empty, clean, and quiet during a raging war sure look like a movie set and a movie set quietly hidden away in Poland is the only place I could imagine any of those corrupt politicians would feel safe enough to visit Her Zelensky.

What makes sense is that the media and all of the rest of the lefties are lying to us.

That is the only thing that makes sense so it is probably what is right.


OK, we know that the chief of police ordered his officers to stand down and not enter the school, he is not cooperating with the investigation, now he just got sworn in as a member of the city council and the city police have stopped cooperating with the investigation.

Gee, you don't think the bunch of them are on the take, do you?

It sure sounds like the crime was preplanned and staged with certain people in their local government being paid to look the other way so the shooter could kill as many kids as possible in order to cause more people to support taking everyone's guns away from them, you know, like I have been telling you for years these mass shootings are planned by the lefty upper class trash.

Hey, they have been telling you for decades that they plan to murder those kids off or depopulate them anyway, after they set up their global dictatorship, so what would it matter if they murder a few off to make it possible to set up their dictatorship?


Remember that I warned you that Iran can use the Hormuz Strait to at least slow and possibly stop the flow of oil out of the Persian Gulf to the West in order to destroy the European and US economies to aid Russia invading Europe?

This video shows them seizing 2 Greek oil tankers, you know, while Russia is preparing for invading Europe and China is setting things up to hit the war path in her part of the world and against the US.

Gee, what a coincidence and, isn't the timing interesting? Nah, it is all just a magic coincidence, isn't it?

Wow, how interesting that Iran can stop about 1/3 of all sea born oil transportation at the Strait of Hormuz.

Nah, that wouldn't destroy the Western economies, would it, especially with Russia already cutting off oil to European nations like I told you they would before invading Europe?

Gee, who would have thought? And to have all of these things I warned you about happening at the same time?

Gee, what a coincidence.


The upper class trash are so greedy, arrogant, and stupid. Both the US and Germany are sending more heavy weapons to Ukraine for Russia to use as target practice before they can reach the troops so the upper class trash can launder more money into their greedy pockets.

That means that both the US and Germany will have that many fewer of their better weapons to fight off Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and their allies. Nothing like disarming themselves for money just before a war.

It is going to take time to build and replace those weapons. You can't just run down to Walmart and pick up some more.

Plus, a very good reason why you shouldn't send your best weapons to Ukraine you would use to fight Russia is because it will give Russia a chance to learn the strengths and weaknesses of those weapons before having to fight the US, which would give Russia an advantage.

"But, hey, Russia wouldn't dare attack us now, while he is still fighting Ukraine, would he?"

With the US now sending Ukraine missiles that can hit in Moscow, Russia's nuclear forces are staging drills north of Moscow. That should tell you that those missiles will be enough to cause Russia to invade Europe and you better bet that, when those missiles first arrive in Ukraine, Russia will be waiting and will quickly destroy them before they can be used by Ukraine.

All of this while our lying upper class trash are SAYING they do not want to escalate the war. By sending those missiles to Ukraine, they just did escalate the war. These greedy, power mad, obsessive upper class trash spawn of Satan are going to get a lot of Americans killed.

But, hey, who are the Ruskies going to Nuke?

The big blue cities run by Commierats where most of our military industry is, you know, LA, New York, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Detroit, Albuquerque, London, and such, so that most of the people who will get killed are going to be the stupid Commierats who have been supporting these criminals causing these messes and killing millions of people in other countries.

The Western media, who have been lying about what has been going on in Ukraine to increase their own wealth are now facing a problem with them losing credibility because it is becoming increasingly obvious that Russia is winning the war, you know, the way CNN lost credibility for lying to everyone.

What, did they think Ukraine would magically start winning the war just because they said so, ignoring all of the facts that said otherwise?

In this video, Turley addresses some of this.

Most are trying to get around the destruction of their credibility by just not continuing to cover anything about the Ukrainian War hoping everyone will just forget their lies, while others are trying to spin the idea that the war has changed, and, yet, others are hoping that, if they keep telling the lies long enough, those lies will eventually and magically become the truth.

BTW, when Russia goes on the offensive against Europe and the US to finally stop their efforts to destroy Russia, just remember that the lying lefty media were complicit in causing this war and now causing it to radically escalate.

Pathetic Upper Class Trash Royal Losers

Imagine this; you have a group of people who arrogantly tell you they are the most intelligent people in the world, they have access to the most knowledge in the history of the world, they have the greatest technology in the history of the world, and they have the lessons from all of the mistakes recorded throughout history, and their evil and extremely elaborate globalist plans are not just failing, but failing worse than any plans in history.

They have more opportunity with more resources and they are failing utterly miserably.

Man plans, God laughs and you just know that, right now, Heaven is filled with the up roaring laughter of God and the laughter of God is echoing throughout all creation.

That is the arrogant, pathetic upper class trash royals and they are the greatest joke in the history of the world. No other people have been more pathetic than the upper class trash royals.

And God said, "Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools", so that they are the greatest fools in the history of the world. Hey, at least they are the greatest at something.


The number one reason is their arrogance because they are so arrogant they can't admit when they are wrong so they can't learn from their mistakes and improve, keeping them forever stupid.

You have to understand that, for arrogant people to admit they were wrong or their ideas were not brilliant, they have to admit to themselves and everyone else that they are not as smart as they like to believe they are and they can never do that.

And God said, "Pride goes before the fall." If you are too proud to admit your mistakes so you can learn from your mistakes, you will fall.

Then they are so lacking in common sense that they have access to more truth than any time in history but choose to believe great sounding lies and stupid ideas dreamed out of touch with reality in their magnificent white palaces by very articulate, arrogant fools they foolishly proclaim to be geniuses called lefty college professors who gots dem duh right degrees from duh right unkneeburcities and are stoned out of their minds.

Common sense should tell you that, if your magnificent sounding plans are based on dope induced fairy tales and not the truth, they are going to fail.

"But, hey, dey sounds so goods dey gots tuh be true."

Proving that, if you know enough Greek and Latin words, you can easily fool the upper class trash because dey is are be smarty pants.

"But, hey, I stole more money dan yuze can earn so I gots tuh be more intelligent dan yuze."

People, stupid people steal because, if you are intelligent enough to earn that much money legally, you are NOT going to risk going to prison to steal that much money.

And you believe they are more intelligent than you because they said they are more intelligent than you? Really?

You might want to quit believing their lies.

Judicial System

Remember that I have been telling you that even our judicial system has been corrupted by the lefty upper class trash?

The recent Sussman trial proved that to be very true. The man was obviously guilty of the crimes against him but, because of biased jurors, he was "found innocent".

It was all to protect Hillary because, if Sussman didn't commit a crime, then Hillary could not have been complicit in the crime he did not commit.

It left me wondering just how much did they bribe at least some of those jurors?

This video explores some of the corruption by the jurors, who should have dismissed themselves.

This proves that certain upper class trash (remember that Hillary is a member of the British Royal Family) are above the law, which cannot be the case in a republic. In a republic, everyone MUST be equal under the law and the law MUST be enforced equally and fairly for everyone but that is not happening now and it isn't just Hillary getting away with crimes.

The crimes being committed by all of the corrupt politicians and their overlords are so obvious that they should all be under investigation but that isn't going to happen because the lefty upper class trash have so corrupted our Republic that it does not function like a republic any more, therefore, it is dead.

And you think our Republic isn't dead and just has not finished kicking yet?

Big Tech

You know how most big tech have been so abusive and waging war against conservatives, especially Christians.

This video shows that the bad companies are now paying for their crimes against the people because they are now having to down size and lay off people, with many of the people who aided in committing those crimes now looking for work.

It also shows that those who were not part of this war against conservatives and Christians are not paying for those crimes.

An easy prediction is that at least some of these people will form competing businesses cutting even more into the profits of the criminal companies.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out." He didn't lie. The hand of God is everywhere and not just where you want it to be.


The Depp v Heard trial proves conclusively what I have been telling you for years; having a lot of money does not mean you are more intelligent. It just means you have a lot of money. You can be dumber than rocks and be wealthy.

Most middle and lower class are more intelligent than a lot of rich people and the rich people prove it every day.

Queen of England

Remember that I told you that as soon as the Queen's 70 years of reign celebration was over, ye ole Royal Family would dump her butt?

They didn't even wait until it was over. She was going along looking good and healthy and then they suddenly cancelled her most recent appearance saying she "experienced some discomfort" on the previous day.

This is really cunning because they can blame her just watching all of the fun for days as causing her decline in health, you know, after history has been made.

So will she just suddenly quietly disappear back into ye ole castles to quietly die or will her "health rapidly decline until she dies"?

Those really long celebrations were just too much for her.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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