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Hilarious E-mails

So far the FBI has found more than 300 incriminating Hilarious emails and guess where they are finding many of them?

Right where I said they would find them, on the computers the emails were sent to. They are also finding them in other places. The FBI knows where to look and is finding the emails by the hundreds.

And guess what?

Apparently, the company which was supposed to scrub her computer before they were visited by the FBI, didn't scrub her computer. I guess the FBI probably told them, "Look, we already have hundreds of her emails from other sources, if you want to go to jail with her, just scrub her computer destroying federal evidence." This is getting interesting.

Hilarious and her entire staff, including Hilarious' Muslim buddy, Huma, are now under investigation. They have all helped destroy incriminating evidence and should be facing time in jail just for that.

Gee, I wonder what they feel is worth spending in jail for covering up, treason?

The reason the FBI is going after the staff is to find someone who is not willing to go to prison for Hilarious and will go belly up on her giving Hilarious up to the feds. You can bet that Hilarious' bud, Huma, is definitely going to jail unless the Clintstones snuff her to silence her. Keep an eye out for dead bodies.

The Clintstones are now blaming Obama and company for the Hilarious e-mail scandal. I would not doubt that Obama is torpedoing Hilarious but he wouldn't have any torpedoing to do, if Hilarious had not committed the crimes.

But, on the other hand, is Obama trying to destroy the entire Clintstone power machine?

It would increase his global power by eliminating competition or purging a few of the upper class, you know, like I said he would.

BTW, they are now doing polls on Biden vs Hilarious.

Guess what they are planning?

Here cum duh bus, Hilarious. It was just reported that Valerie just gave Biden the go ahead to run for president. Yep, I think we can safely say that Obama and Valerie are destroying the Clintstone power machine.

One thing that will really help finish off Hilarious is that the ultra liberal commies who support Linen II (Sanders), are putting out info exposing Hilarious for the corrupt, greedy, power mad person she really is. Liberals exposing Hilarious and Billy Boy for their corruption will finish them off for good because other liberals can't dismiss it as being lies from the right. Don't be surprised to find out that Obama is behind this too. There is nothing more fun than watching liberal commie traitors eat their own.

BTW, how did the Clintstones get so powerful?

Remember File Gate, when the Clintstones illegally got an FBI data base with info on all rich and powerful people while Billy Boy was still president?

They have been using that data base along with a little "persuasion" (A.K.A. extortion) to make themselves filthy rich. Basically, the nut shell version is that they take bribes from rich people to get certain things done and then use that data base to persuade people in power to do those things for them.

Gee, then why do the Clintstones need Hilarious to be president?

Because their data base is 20 years old and a little out dated. Every year, increasing amounts of info in that data base become useless so they need a new data base to last them until they are in their 80s, you know, another 20 years. The problem they are facing is that the Clintstone data base doesn't have crap on Obama because he was just a punk kid doper when they got their data base and Obama has the goods on the Clintstones. Oops!

Why is Obama getting rid of the Clintstones?

Remember that I have told you that power mad people can never be satiated because they will always want more power?

If Obama gets rid of the Clintstones and their power machine, it will leave a huge global power vacuum which Obama is in position to fill greatly increasing Obama's power on a global basis and Obama has a current FBI data base on everyone.

Now that it has become obvious that Obama is behind the Hilarious investigations, expect to see Hilarious and Billy Boy go to jail or possibly get a deal to permanently leave the US. The reason I say that is because a significant Commiecrat has told Hilarious to drop out of the race and count her blessings that she is not going to jail, hint, hint. In other words, Obama has used a messenger to tell Hilarious to get out of town while the getting is good and you can bet that offer won't last long.

BTW, Linen II may be facing charges soon for stealing $150,000 from his own campaign fund, which is one reason the left is considering running Biden. Don't be surprised to find out that Obama is behind the Linen II investigations.

More of "As The World Burns While Obama Golfs" will be coming to you soon courtesy of the insane upper class trash. We don't have a government, we have an evil clown circus running our nation.


A recent poll shows that better than 50% of the people consider Obama to be a failure as a president. I dare someone to ask the people whether they consider Obama to be a traitor and post those results.


Obama's policies are driving down the stocks on coal companies and his puppet master, George Soros, is buying them up for nothing.

Gee, was this all planned out to make Soros even more wealthy, you know, use the government and the global warming thingy to drive down the coal industry so Soros could buy it up for pennies on the dollar? Oh, did Obama mean his green programs were to make more green for his puppet master, Soros? What other businesses is Obama trashing so Soros can buy them on the cheap? Get the picture yet?

Mean while, you and I pay for their thievery with higher electricity prices. These people are criminal and belong in prison.


Greek commie PM, Tsipras, is resigning and calling for a snap election in Greece.

That didn't last very long, did it?

The little commie punk just got elected in January. I guess the arrogant little commie found out really fast that his beloved communism doesn't work and he is giving up. Probably couldn't kick the can any further down the road.

BTW, remember that I told you that Germany is getting land and businesses in Greece for the money the Germans are "loaning" and know they won't get back?

Germany is buying up Greece and will soon own it, starting with more than 10 airports and then with such things as ship ports, railways, and other Greek stuff.

The idiot commies have sold their nation to Germany for free stuff that won't last and then what will happened when Germany owns their entire nation and the people have run out of free stuff? Slavery?

That is when the free stuff will stop and hard work begins to pay for all of that free stuff. Gee, no wonder Tsipras is doing the cut and run thingy.

They are going to have to change the name of Greece to Southern Germany. It looks like Germany is going to get all of Europe anyway.

Who next, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland...?

BTW, the Greece mess is being made much worse by their immigrant problem.


Well, Commiefornia raised their minimum wage to $15 per hour and pizzas now cost $30, you know, just like we have been telling the liberal commie traitors for years but they wouldn't listen. The arrogant fools get to find out the hard way that the liberals are lying and the conservatives are telling the truth because everything the liberals do in Commiefornia is turning into a nightmare.

Oh yeah, the $15 per hour minimum wage increase only helped a handful of people and is going to hurt everyone, especially the poor, you know, just like we have been telling those stupid liberals who insist on drinking the liberal Kool-aid. Yep, now the lies of liberalism are going to become obvious to everyone, especially the poor, and eyes will open. Don't be surprised to see a few liberal commie traitors get a deluxe custom designer tar and feather job. Hey, they earned it, especially the professors, journalists, and politicians. Now that will make good live TV.

And now, adding insult to injury, governor Brown wants to solve more of Commiefornia's problems by raising taxes to take away more of the people's money after causing run-away inflation. Yeah, that will really help their economy.

Jimmuh Carhtur

Everyone is going soft on Jimmuh Carhtur because he has cancer. They always do this for rich and powerful bad guys when they get sick or die. Suddenly they go from being the butt hole they really are to being arch angels. Just remember that Jimmuh is a liberal commie traitor who caused most of this mess via what he did with Iran and he is the second worst president in history, right behind Obama, because the media are suddenly praising him.

My personal Christian belief is that the poser Christian, Jimmuh, has cancer because 1) God got tired of his crap and is getting rid of him and 2) Jimmuh has caused Muslim terrorists to be a cancer to Israel so God gave Jimmuh cancer. Be very careful about messing with Israel.


The first thing Iran bought with the $150 billion Obama gave them was 150 advanced fighter planes from China. Now they are buying the S-300 SAM system from Russia, which is one of the best in the world.

Gee, could they be beefing up their defenses to prevent an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear weapons industry? What next?

North Korea

Kim Jong Un of North Korea has gone to war footing, after swapping artillery shells and rockets with South Korea, and everyone is yawning because he has done this before. But Kim is crazy enough to go to war and smart enough to cry wolf until no one listens so he can stage a surprise attack. You have to watch whackos like Kim extremely close and expect the unexpected or what we would call insane because Kim is nuts maximus. If you don't think this guy is whacko, just remember that he fed his uncle to some dogs while the guy was still alive. Keep an eye on this.


I keep waiting for Brucey Boy Jenner to "revert back to being a man" and claim the car accident was Caitlyn's fault.

Has that guy totally screwed his life up or what?

For those of you too young to know, Brucey Boy's first wife very lovingly worked and supported Brucey Boy for 4 years so Brucey Boy could just train and compete for the decathlon so he could try to win an Olympic medal. Two weeks after he won the Olympic gold medal for the decathlon, Brucey Boy dumped his wife and ran off with some bimbo he had been banging on the side while his wife was supporting him. Brucey Boy didn't even wait until after the Olympics were over to dump his wife.

Right now, I bet Brucey Boy's first wife is glad he dumped her before he created this mess.

Be not deceived, your sins will find you out.


I just saw a very good saying on FB. "Jesus didn't say follow Christians. He said follow me." I like that. So follow Jesus and not Christians or churches. Read the Bible.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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