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Mass Shootings

Have you noticed that since the Supreme Court rulings for 2A, the mass shootings are worse than ever with one or two a day?

The shrinks are sending their doped up shooters out as terrorist attacks to get the people scared enough to demand the government take everyone's guns.

Do you believe me yet that the lefty shrinks are terrorists waging war against the people so they can get your guns so they can finish setting up their glorious dictatorship?

They are proving it right now by sending out their killers to terrorize you. It is not a coincidence that mass shootings increase when it benefits the left's agenda.

People, if you are going to stop these mass shootings, you must investigate these lefty shrinks who are doping and brainwashing the shooters and then sending them out to murder on orders from the upper class trash, which means, you have to also stop the upper class trash. They are all terrorists staging regular terrorist attacks against the people when it benefits them.


Did you know that a constitution is a contract between the government and the people and that, right now, our governments are in breach of contract?

Kiev, Poland

I keep waiting for someone to provide video proof that the Kiev, where Zelensky is at, is really in Poland and Putin could easily do that with their spy planes and satellites.

When that happens, everything the West has been telling us about Ukraine suddenly falls apart.

Police and Military

When the police and military help impose the tyranny of a government on the people, they are aiding and abetting the upper class trash in committing treason. When they try to justify that with the excuse, "I am just doing my job", they are telling you that they believe that committing treason against the people is their job.

Think about that.

That is why they hung all of those SS soldiers following the Nuremberg Trials who used the defense, "I was just doing my job". They were saying that they thought that committing crimes against humanity was doing their job so they got hung for doing their job or crimes against humanity.

Therefore, when today's cops and military are tried for helping commit treason by forcing a dictatorship on the people, they will get hung for doing the job of committing treason against the people.

That is why "just doing my job" or "just following orders" are not valid defenses for committing crimes. It is not your job to commit treason or any other crimes against the people and, for your superiors to order you to commit treason against the people is a crime because it is a crime to tell someone to commit a crime.

If all of law enforcement and the military would agree to make a commitment that they will not commit the crime of treason against the people by enforcing a dictatorship on the people and, when ordered to commit that crime, they will arrest the criminals who gave them that illegal order, that would do more to stop all of this evil crap than anything else because the upper class trash would know that they are not above the law.

It is the job of law enforcement and the military to uphold the law and not to break the law by committing treason against the people by forcing tyranny on the people.

US Military

This video is interesting. Pay close attention to words and terms being used because they are telling you what they are preparing for.

First, note that they keep talking about "littoral" units and littoral means coastal for amphibious landings.

Second, they tell you that they have revamped these units for functioning in Asia, you know, like China and North Korea, which are about the only Asian nations they might have to stage amphibious landings against right now.

Then they explain why the Marines did away with their tanks and traded them for other weapons systems.

Are you getting the picture?

They are ramping up for war with China and North Korea because they read the writing on the wall.

Do you see how paying attention to something like this can tell you a lot?

In just that one little video, the Marine Corp told you a lot about what they are preparing for and they are preparing for the wars I have been warning you about. They KNOW who they are going to be fighting soon.

Remember that I have been warning you about us going to war with Russia and that we will lose? Remember that I have been warning you that we only have a one front military that cannot win this war?

In this video a retired military office, who is clearly not a member of the military industry, tells you very much of the same things I have been warning you about for years plus other reasons why the US will lose this war.

He flat tells you that our current military cannot defeat Russia and why.

He flat tells you that Europe is nothing before Russia but target practice.

He flat tells you that it is only a matter of time until Russia goes to war with the US and we will lose.

He flat tells you that our upper class trash don't know what they are doing or talking about just like I have been telling you and they are proving.

He flat tells you that, if we go to war with both China and Russia, we will lose.

Then he starts talking about a two front war like I have been warning you about, though it looks like he is still missing most of the Eastern Alliance picture and them trying to stop the Western upper class trash globalism. He doesn't tell you that we will also have to fight North Korea, Iran, Africa, and Latin America.

He also warns you that our leaders don't know what they are talking about concerning China and Russia but that China and Russia have been studying us the way I have been studying them and he is right. Remember that I predicted almost everything Putin would do.

Our upper class trash leaders are some of the most ignorant and arrogant fools in history, while thinking they are the smartest thing since God in spite of their string of constant failures, meaning they are too stupid to learn from their own mistakes and realize they are not as smart as they like to think they are.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash have been inbreeding too long?

Also, he shows you just how conservative I have been in my statements about this except that he seems to not be aware of the Eastern Alliance allies, who will also join in on this fight making things much, much worse.

Do you believe me that the US should stage a strategic retreat back to the US and Western Pacific to defend our nation? Do you better understand why?

But, hey, just like the idiot European leaders, our US leaders got rich laundering our military money into their greedy pockets. At least they will get to die rich.

Gas Rationing

Remember that I told you that the Eastern Alliance will cut off oil and gas to Europe and the US to weaken our economies and militaries before they invade?

This video shows that the UK, major cause of this mess, is preparing for gas rationing even for their businesses for this winter. They are even saying there will be a shortage of hot water.

He even said that "national security is out the window". They know that they won't be able to defend themselves.

He tells you that Germany is in an even worse mess and completely dependent on Russia for gas and oil.

Then he said that Boris Johnson, a son of Satan (my opinion), is lying when he says the West is winning the Ukrainian War.

He then told you that "at any moment" Russia can reduce or stop gas coming into Europe, which will devastate Europe. Remember no oily, no fighty.

And the UK already told everyone else that, when they run low on gas because of this mess they have caused, they are going to cut everyone else off from UK gas. You watch just how fast the rest of Europe makes buds with Russia to get gas.

And the upper class trash are still pushing to start WWIII? And you still think they are smarter than you because they said they are? Really? Do you believe me yet that you are watching the fall of Rome II caused by the greed, power madness, and inbreeding of the upper class trash royals?

The upper class trash stupidity and arrogance make my brain hurt.

This will do it. Using the weapons the West, especially the US is providing, Ukraine just staged a series of attacks on Russian soil killing Russian people. Putin will not tolerate that. Now it is just a matter of time until Russia begins an assault against the West starting with rockets, planes, and missiles and some will include nuke warheads. The idiots running the upper class trash just can't leave anyone alone.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.


Remember that I told you that the cruisers were at least contributing to the depletion of aquatic life around the tropical islands and it was only a matter of time until the conservationists started turning against them, especially since most cruisers are rich?

This video shows you at about 5 or 6 minutes into it that it is already starting to happen on at least one island and it is turning into a conflict between the cruisers and conservationists.

Most of the depletion of the aquatic life is from either the cruisers fishing or locals doing increased commercial fishing to provide for the cruisers at local restaurants. What these islands will eventually find is that they must begin to regulate, control, and limit the amount of tourism in any form to protect the local aquatic life because, the more tourists they have, the more fish they will eat, regardless of who catches the fish.


Keep an eye on what is discussed in this video because this is God purging 1) our nation and 2) our red zones of satanic pagans before this war within the US escalates. God is busy cleaning house to get evil pagans out of everywhere Christian or where God wants us Christians to be safer.

I have been hearing that increasing numbers of true Christian preachers are preaching the message that not everyone within even true Christian churches are true Christians but many are poser Christians because pretending to be a Christian benefits them in some way. This will convert some but drive most poser Christians out to poser Christian churches. Again, this is God cleaning house and sorting things out.

I have also been hearing more and more about how people are getting angry enough to fight for their freedoms.

The lefties are choosing and forcing everyone else to choose between God and Satan and soon God will take out groups of these Satanists to decrease their numbers for the accelerating war between Satanists and Christians.

Turley mentions that the US has become two nations within one nation and an easy prediction is that the left won't be happy with this because they just can't leave anyone else alone because they can't stand to see anyone else with anything and anyone they can't control. Once the left gets its blue nation established, they will just continue to wage war against conservatives and escalate that war in an attempt to conquer and subjugate the red nation.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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