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I was reading news and just realized an irony. Russia is Christian Orthodox and Afghan Joe says he is a devout Catholic. That is the Church of Rome fighting the Church of Rome again but the Orthodox Christian is winning because Afghan Joe is just a poser Christian and a closet pagan.

Bad Judges

Remember that I have been telling you about bad judges?

This video shows just how corrupt some judges are and the harm they cause. Those evil, corrupt judges should be removed from the bench and disbarred for life. They are not practicing law, they are practicing corruption and are failing to keep their oaths to uphold and enforce the US Constitution. They are tyrants, traitors and insurrectionists.


Something I have been watching, thinking, and praying about is the many people who are not paying attention to this rapidly approaching disaster the upper class trash are forcing on us. They are just happily going about their lives working towards or enjoying their dreams just like the young couple in this video.

Suddenly, all hell will break loose on them because of the upper class trash. Their lives and dreams will be shattered, some will be carried off into slavery, and many of them will die because of the greed and lust for power of the selfish upper class trash, who only care about themselves and their bank accounts.

The nightmare will take them by surprise and, for many but not all, the cause will be the upper class trash they have been supporting. Some will be in the middle of things like rebuilding that boat or a house or just traveling around when the upper class trash will spring their hell on them. Some will leave for work or home and never get there. It breaks my heart.

Billions of people are going to be hurt and impoverished because of the insane upper class trash. They just can't leave other people alone. The world will be a better place when they are burning in Hell, where they can never again cause anyone harm.

I regularly pray for the salvation of the people.


Remember years ago when I told you about the City of Neom that Saudi Arabia was planning to build in the Gulf of Aqaba just off from the Red Sea for running oil and gas pipelines to load tanker ships without them having to go through the Strait of Hormuz, you know, protect their gas and oil industry from Iran? Remember that they were also planning on using their wonder city to compete against the Shiite Muslims using Babylon to become the economic and religious capitol of the world, making Babylon the most holy city in Islam?

They never got the funding for it and never laid so much as one brick so now they are trying to raise the funding for something much larger with the same name of Neom (Nay-ome).

"Hey, let's do more of what failed."

Saudi Arabia has selected an area in Northwest Saudi Arabia covering tens of thousands of square kilometers right on the Red Sea near the Strait of Tiran south of the Gulf of Aqaba they are now calling Neom. It is now a region instead of a city and they don't tell you exactly where it is to be located. I think it is probably somewhere just northwest of Medina along the coast.

In it they are planning to have 3 main areas for super modern living, a very wealthy resort, and industry that you can find at this site and note that this is a marketing site to get investments for the project that looks like it won't be mostly finished until sometime around 2030 to 2040, if at all. It is a pipe dream they are trying to lure mega wealthy people into paying for.

From what I can tell, they have not even started construction on it. It is just a bunch of very expensive great sounding ideas to get rich people from other nations to invest in Saudi Arabia and her industry and economy.

They still plan to pipe their gas and oil there but are also investing in a variety of other industries to diversify their industry and economy, something I thought they should have done half a century ago.

When you make the money they make from something like oil and gas, it is stupid to not invest at least most of that wealth in other industries and instead of just spend it all on super duper palaces to live in. They have spent too much on luxury, you know, just like all upper class trash, and not on investing in their nation's future. They may have missed their boat because of their greed. You know, they just can't resist buying solid gold cars.

It looks like they finally woke up but I am wondering whether they will get others to invest enough in their pipe dream and their nation's future, when they previously had the wealth to make that investment themselves.

Most humans can be really stupid when they get lots of money. We have a tendency that, when ye ole cash starts flooding in, to think it will always flood in so there won't be a bottom to ye ole well, when history teaches that all wells have a bottom.

Basically, the Sunni Muslims of Saudi Arabia, whose most holy cities are Mecca and Medina not too far from Neom, are competing with the Shiite Muslims of Iran and Iraq to keep the Shiite Muslims from making Babylon, the most holy city in Shiite Islam, the financial, economic, and religious capitol of the world and, therefore, the most holy city in the world, and we know how that will end.

Socio-Economics 101

Last night God showed me something that I had to think about before I could write about it. The local news had an item about animal control having such an abundance of dogs they were going to be forced to put 4 down by this morning BECAUSE increasing numbers of dog owners are abandoning their dogs just like I told you would happen.

This is because medium to large size dogs are expensive to feed because they eat so much, the price of pet food is going up because of this inflation caused by the upper class trash and the government they own (a certain cat food I use has quadrupled in price and very hard to get), the food is increasingly more difficult to get, plus people are having to spend more and more money on other things because of price increases.

Oh yeah, and did I tell you they are recalling dog food right now?

The abandoning of pets I predicted some time ago has already begun and is increasing but it gets worse.

My daughter and I have been talking about how too many people still have too much to lose to fight a rebellion but God is using the ignorant, arrogant, simple minded, dope smoking upper class trash lefty college professors to take care of that.

Those idiot college professors are the ones who dreamed up and planned out all of this stuff but they are incredibly ignorant, simple minded, and out of touch with reality, which is why their plans are ALL failing.

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash are using this inflation and other problems they are causing to starve people into selling all of their guns to the government so they can buy food?

There is a big problem with that stupidity that the same college professors created because of the upper class trash greed and we are now seeing the symptoms.

To be able to steal more from more people faster, the upper class trash taught their own flawed financial management to the people.

Remember that I told you that they all only actually own about 10% of what they claim they are worth because they take out loans on what they own to invest to increase their wealth more and more and more so that, if their wealth decreases by about 10%, they are broke and the banks own everything?

They taught you to live the same way so that you owe money to the corrupt banks on everything you own, well, except for your guns because most of them are paid for, and only have enough extra disposable income for things like food and cost of ownership for what you own, well, if the economy is doing well and it ain't.

So, what happens with almost all of those people when the economy goes bad, you know, like it is now?

The only thing that can happen. They start cutting on cost of ownership by dumping pets, giving things away and defaulting on the loans so the banks are losing money and will go broke, while increasing their own disposable income. I have been seeing that in the boating industry with increasing numbers of boat owners, selling, giving away, or just abandoning their boats to eventually sink.

This is driving down the price of used boats and making them harder to sell and then will drive down the price of new boats, causing increasing numbers of boat makers to go broke, which will increase the number of people without good paying jobs and this is happen in every industry.

I have also noticed that the housing market had started declining and that is because more homes are for sale than there are people who can or are willing to buy them, with increasing numbers of people trying to sell their homes or just walking away from them with the banks putting those homes up for sale to get their money back so the supply is increasing in relation to demand, driving down the prices even more.

When things get bad enough, wives have been taught by the upper class trash lefties to leave their husbands and go on Welfare the government set up as a poverty trap so the husbands won't even have families to stay home from the war to take care of. The only thing those increasingly angry husbands will have will be themselves and their guns so they will have much more to gain than to lose by storming castles to stop this upper class trash insanity.

Oops, ye ole smarty pants college professors didn't figure on that, did they?

It seems that ye ole simple minded, stupid, inbred, doped up upper class trash think that the number of those people have to be more than half or 50% of the people have to reach that point and the number is rapidly increasing, which is one more reason the lefty upper class trash are getting desperate. Time is running out for them. They are getting those men broke and angry and they still have their guns but it is much worse than those arrogant fools think.

You don't have to get 95% or even 50% of the people broke and angry with their guns before they will start storming the castles to stop the upper class trash treachery.

Remember that I have taught you that only about 3% to 5% and, in rare cases, up to 10% of the people will fight?

All the arrogant fools have to get broke, angry, with guns, and knowing they have more to gain by storming ye ole castles than they have to lose is 3% to 5% of the people and you will have a rebellion. All it will take will be on "trigger moment" or catalyst to set that war off. We are increasingly close to that number right now. Oops, and those people didn't have to sell their guns to buy food because their families left them and are living on Welfare. They don't even have their families to lose but they do still have their guns.

It looks like these upper class trash, stoned, out of touch with reality, arrogant lefty college professor fools flunked blue collar economics and sociology.

Maybe they should spend more time not stoned and in touch with reality?

5% of 360 million people is 18 million angry, poor, armed people to storm castles and I don't think the upper class trash can fight off that many, even with their personal body guards, many of whom will realize it is time to put ye ole resume on the market to look for other work the way they did for Bastille.

I have realized that we are not that far from ye ole rebellion and the upper class trash are still stirring the pot by making things worse. It is coming sooner than most people think, especially the upper class trash, and you can see that happening in other nations taking their upper class trash by surprise because they figured wrong and didn't question what their idiot college professors told them.

The lefty evil plan to starve the people into selling their guns to the government won't work and will backfire just like all of the rest of their simple minded, evil plans because they are causing the people to lose all of their wealth, luxury, and toys so the people will still have their guns but will have less to lose and more to gain by staging a revolution. Their evil plan is doing the opposite of what they thought it would do.

Man plans, God laughs.


Oh yeah, did I tell you that my daughter is very impressed by how all of my predictions keep coming true, especially when no one else is even making most of those predictions?

Most people don't even see the stuff coming that I see coming because I listen to God. It is like being able to see into another dimension that is about to run our butts over. I am seeing a stampede of boiling death surging towards us because of the upper class trash and most people don't see it or even want to know about it until it is too late.

She just sent me a couple of e-mails with confirmations about what I have been telling you about China buying up US land, especially near military bases. You just might want to start thinking of that Chinese owned land as Chinese military bases on US soil. Think about that because that is what the land really is and I have been trying to warn you about it. China is building Chinese military sleeper cell bases on US soil to conquer the US from within and we are letting her.

I know these things have to happen because God tells me they are going to happen and they keep happening like God has been telling me because we turned our backs on God but it isn't fun to always be right about such predictions, especially knowing that a lot of people are going to die because of the upper class trash insanity. I know some of those people who are going to die and they don't want to believe me either. I am just a voice crying in the wilderness (I really do live in a desert or wilderness.)

Being a prophet of God can suck, especially when the people don't want to hear and turn back to God. That is very frustrating. I fully understand how Elijah felt hiding in that cave. You know what is going to happen to them and they don't want to know to try and prevent it. I have to just stand and watch them pay for not listening to God and me. I want my own planet but I keep reminding myself that, somewhere, some are listening and God will save their butts because they do listen.

God does show me some people are fighting back and it is growing so there is hope.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load. This is getting uglier by the day because the arrogant lefties just can't leave other people alone.

I have decided to write and pass around links to an article to stop the creeping tyranny here in Alamogordo and, if exposing and shaming them won't cause them to behave, maybe it will help me find an attorney to litigate them into behaving. It will also be a good lesson for the rest of you.

I have decided to title that essay "Creeping Tyranny" and it is going on in all of your cities, counties, states, and the US in general. It will show you what to look for and why it is unconstitutional.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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