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I keep seeing the propaganda sites talking about one Ukraine "counter offensive" after another but they keep losing ground.

Maybe they should turn their troops around and have them face in the opposite direction?

I keep seeing these professional liars talking about how this new weapon system, that new weapon system and every other new weapon system is destroying Russian troops but Russia keeps taking more and more ground.

For example, the propaganda about the super duper wonder weapon HIMARS system was going to devastate Russia but Russia developed or used an already existing counter measure that has all but shut it down.

Let me give you a hint; the army that is being crushed doesn't take more ground, it gives up ground.

I am wondering just how many people are stupid enough they keep blindly believing this crap?

If the crap these liars are telling you were true, this war would have been over months ago and the Ukrainian forces would be in Moscow.

There is also a probability that they are using Taiwan as a distraction from Ukraine obviously losing its war so you won't realize that the left has been lying to you. "Hey, don't look at Ukraine and see that we have been lying to you, look at Taiwan."

They are also making a very big deal out of Sweden and Finland joining NATO, you know, like those two weak little countries will turn the tide in a war against Russia.

BTW, the real reason why the West has conned Sweden and Finland into joining NATO is to give NATO complete control of the Baltic Sea and its entrance from BOTH the north and the south because Turkey has control of the entrance to the Black Sea. The only other significant sea ports Russia has in the West are up north just east of Finland, Sweden, and Norway. Gee, what a coincidence.

Note that this decreases the ability for Russia to use the Black Sea to stage a naval attack against the UK and will get Sweden and Finland nuked.

Remember that I have been telling you that Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and others in the Eastern Alliance are coordinating their ramping up this war?

I found out that Russia publically stated that, if China goes to war with the US, Russia will fight in support of China, you know, against the West. Surprise, surprise, surprise; NOT!

And you can bet that, if Russia goes to war with the West, China will fight in support of Russia with the US only having a one front military.

Gee, which front do you think the US will fight on?

North Korea is considering sending 100,000 troops to help Russia in Ukraine, which will free up more Russian troops to invade Europe.

Remember that I told you months ago that Ukraine was positioning troops on and in civilian buildings, drawing Russian fire to those buildings to kill those troops and they were also killing civilians?

Guess who just accused Ukraine of doing just that?

Amnesty International is accusing Ukraine of positioning troops in civilian areas in violation of international law, you know, in and on civilian housing, hospitals, and schools, to draw Russian fire to those areas, killing civilians. This means that Zelensky and his people are international criminals just like I have been telling you.

Gee, it took them long enough to figure it out when I showed you video of Ukraine doing that months ago.

They just keep proving me right and everyone else wrong, don't they?

Hey, this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash cannot steal enough from enough people fast enough?

That is exactly what this new bill is for the left is trying to pass in Congress now, you know, to "fight inflation". They are trying to increase taxes on the people during rampant inflation and growing recession to steal more money from more people before those people are completely impoverished, you know, so you will own nothing and be happy they didn't kill you yet.

They are trying to steal everything you have left because they are so greedy they want EVERYTHING you have right now. They are sick and only care about themselves and their bank accounts.

One thing people keep missing with all of these evil, satanic bills the left keeps submitting is, who is writing these bills because it sure isn't the stupid politicians, not when the bills are hundreds of pages long. Those corrupt politicians are not intelligent enough to write those bills.

These evil bills are being written by evil attorneys belonging to corrupt upper class trash legal firms. These attorneys KNOW the evil they are intentionally writing into these bills to intentionally cause harm to you and they keep writing them. They are a huge part in this insurrection and the destruction of the US and need to be held accountable for their evil actions but no one is even talking about them.

Rigging the Vote

The left is doing EVERYTHING it can think of to steal the votes in this election. They have now created a "third party" called the "Forward Party" to try to steal independent or moderate votes from the Republicans. The head of the party is far lefty, Andrew Yang, and the lefty media are helping promote it, which should be a red flag.

Gee, what a coincidence.

They know they can't win much, if anything, but they believe they can steal enough votes to keep conservatives from winning and stopping the left insurrection.

The big question is: "How many people are stupid enough they will fall for this con instead of voting for Republicans against Democrats?"

The Commierat strategy is to get as many people as they can who are from left of center to right of center to not vote for Republicans, which will actually be a vote for the Commierats.

The left will use every trick they can to keep and, if possible, increase their control and power long enough to consolidate their dictatorship.

I keep telling you that the upper class trash will never quit and they keep proving me right.

US President

There is currently a 3 way power struggle for Commierat president. Afghan Joe is trying to hang on long enough to get their dictatorship established, he is being challenged by AOC, who is being supported by more lefties, and is now being challenged by "brave warrior" Pelosi. There are other hopefuls but they are really long shots at this time.

That is what Pelosi's trip to Taiwan was really about. She was trying to become the strongest contender as the Commierat presidential candidate for 2024 or to replace Biden now.

I am already seeing signs that this is being turned against Pelosi in a number of ways. Don't be surprised if this great sounding stupid idea backlashes against her just like all of the left's other failures.

Man plans, God laughs.

BTW, one of the reasons she went to Taiwan is because her husband recently bought stock in a company there because of this new computer chip bill, you know, greed. They were trying to kill two birds with one stone.

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, Meghan has been getting a lot of bad press in this power struggle, which should tell you that the infighting by the royals for control of their global dictatorship is already well under way even though they don't have their dictatorship consolidated.

I have told you that, even after their dictatorship is consolidated, the royals will turn on each other for control and power and they are already doing it, you know, just like they have done for thousands of years.

If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.


The one thing that is required most to be a successful politician today, other than dishonesty, is to be able to speak in such a way that you can speak for very long periods of time without saying anything, while causing people to think you actually said something good, which is in of itself dishonesty.


Remember that I have been telling you that this trouble is being caused by the British Royals using the US as their front and that Putin knows it?

I just found out that a top Russia government official openly said that, if Russia goes to war against the West, the "very first thing Russia will do is nuke London", you know, to take out the British Parliament or government, which is almost all top level British Royals.

What, they don't plan to nuke the Pentagon first? Maybe they know that they have to kill the people causing the mess and not their military puppets, who do what they are told?

Do you believe me yet?

Russia knows and you better bet they will not stop with London. They will probably nuke every English castle and other residence used by the British Royals to take them all out starting with Windsor Castle just like I told you before.

Besides, they have to get Zelensky in Kiev, England to stop the fighting in Ukraine.

Question: If you are Putin and you see the US beefing up Poland to stop a Russian invasion, what do you do, keeping in mind that Putin loves ye ole Russian cauldron?

You pull a standard flanking action by doing several things at once. You are obviously going to stage an amphibious attack against the UK to stop their evil so you just add to that attack and have part of it break off and attack into Germany, getting past and behind the Polish troops and putting them into a Russian cauldron.

You also attack into Lithuania and then into Poland from the north to get behind most of Poland's troops cutting them off and putting them into a Russian cauldron. Hey, they will now be surrounded on 3 sides.

You also airlift entire battalions over or around the Polish troops during your artillery barrage to get behind them and put them into a Russian cauldron.

At the same time, you use bombs, artillery, missiles, and tactical nukes to weaken the Polish troops.

Remember that by the time Russia starts her invasion, Poland won't have 1,600 tanks left and Russia will have better than 10 times as many tanks just like when the Soviet Union defeated Germany.

End game, Russia.


What is China doing with their "war games" completely surrounding Taiwan, while firing live missiles over Taiwan and sending planes into Taiwan's air space?

They are gathering intel for an invasion by monitoring where everything like radar, air defenses, air bases, and such are, reaction times, monitoring communications, counting weapons systems like aircraft and, if Taiwan is launching any munitions, they are disarming Taiwan without risk of damage to their own weapons.

China is also testing her own weapons for accuracy, range, and getting targeting bearings for those weapons. She is testing different ways for deploying her weapons against Taiwan.

It is a freebee ultimate gathering of weapons intel and no one is trying to stop it. China gets to test an actual invasion without harm or what we would call a dry run.

It is like the Allies getting to actually practice landing on the beaches for D-Day for 4+ consecutive days without suffering any losses. That is exactly what China is doing to Taiwan.

China has severed communications with the US, is doing everything but actually striking targets on Taiwan, and the US just canceled an ICBM test to appease China. China OWNS Afghan Joe and the US just gave Taiwan to China.

China is getting ready to actually take Taiwan soon, maybe on the third day of their "war games" but I have found out that China has extended their military operations until Sunday. China has escalated the intensity of their weapons firing and all they have to do right now is change their aim to start hitting Taiwan and the invasion is on. I have to believe that the actual invasion will begin soon. This is the greatest opportunity for this invasion China has had.

I sure hope that Taiwan is holding back at least her %10 best weapons to surprise China AND stages a preemptive strike just before China launches her attack.

China isn't going to stop with taking Taiwan and will milk this cash cow until it drops dead. They will take Hong Kong next, invade the Senkaku Islands, help North Korea take South Korea, take Iwo Jima, take Guam, take the Philippines, then go to war with Japan, and start marching through the Pacific taking everything she can because our upper class trash are so stupid all they can think about is not losing the billions of dollars in profits they make from Chinese slavery, too stupid to realize that, when China gets to them, they will lose everything.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

Watch this video to see how bad it is. China owns Afghan Joe and, therefore, the US but, remember that the upper class trash own Afghan Joe and tell him what to do and say so that should tell you that the upper class trash have used Afghan Joe to sell out America for money. Hey, dey gots tuh keep der slave labor going in China, baby.

Do you believe me yet that no military can be better than its leaders and we are in really bad trouble now?

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often. We need it now more than any time in history.

You watch, the left will use this fear mongering and upsetting China to dump Pelosi, which makes me think they leaked her trip to cause this to happen so they could justify getting rid of her to not be so obvious.

Keep an eye on this.


You will love this. They started a meme that said something to the effect of "What I did this summer; 1. work", you know, complaining they had to work all summer and I put under it, "I wish I was well enough to work" and those memes disappear at the speed of light. I have not seen one since.

Maybe you should be thankful that you can work?

I just saw another post about the State of New Mexico buying a cheap motel to provide housing for the homeless, which is just hiding the problem.

The posts in the comments were really terrible showing why we deserve the Hell we are going through. One subhuman said, "Their problem is not our problem" and the arrogant fool has no idea how much it is our problem.

God said that we are our brothers' keepers. Jesus said that the poor are special to Him so how you treat them will determine how God treats us. We are not supposed to do what the Marxists insist on us doing, which is just let them live on our dime but we are supposed to help them try anyway we can.

The people making those comments showed that they don't care about others and they arrogantly and ignorantly believe poverty can't happen to them because they are just so wonderful. It is about to happen to them and you can bet that everyone making such comments about other people with problems in their lives, not always caused by them, will find themselves in a similar situation soon.

And God said, "Pride goes before the fall."

God is in part permitting the upper class trash to destroy our nations so that such people can find out what it is like to be homeless and it can happen to anyone.

I know why Pelosi went to Taiwan but I have also seen a number or rants on the "news" about how terrible Pelosi was because she inconvenienced us because it might take a few months longer to get their cell phones and other luxury items because now China is sanctioning us. "Oh, horror of horrors!"

They don't care that the people of Taiwan could end up dead or slaves any day now, all they care about is their evil selves and them being inconvenienced. "Hey, if the people of Taiwan end up working as Chinese slaves, that will just decrease the prices on their luxury items so who cares."

These vile, disgusting subhuman pagans DESERVE to be conquered by China and enslaved or murdered.

You want to know why we are being punished?

Just look around you at the spawn of Satan who are in control and are so evil and heartless that they don't care about anyone or anything but themselves and their bank accounts. Read the Bible and you will see that God despises such evil people, has always punished them and always will. They don't have their hearts right with God because they sold their hearts to Satan.

You watch them beg and whine for mercy on Judgment Day when they had no mercy for others today.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." And that includes what God will do unto you.

These evil, selfish people make me sick and I know they make God sick too; I have read it again and again in the Bible.

This planet deserves what it is getting because it caused what it is getting. They are getting what they wanted and are not liking it because it isn't turning out the way they were told.


Remember that I have been telling you that the left has destroyed the Republic of the US but it just has not yet finished kicking?

If you understand finance and economics, then this video should show you that they are right now financially and economically destroying this nation. Because of our corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, and upper class trash, we are now more than 30 trillion dollars in debt and you will never pay off that debt.

The best thing you can do is let a small portion of the lefty leaders survive, drive them into a corner in the Northeast, let them retain the name the "Republic of the US", and they will become responsible for the debt they have run up freeing you from that debt.

I believe that is almost certainly why God told me that He will permit a small portion of the Commierats to survive this war and have control of a small area in the Northeast, and it will cause them to live in utter poverty. God showed me how bad all of that debt will destroy their economy and livelihoods. It is either them or you and they drove this debt up for their greed in the name of the Republic of the United States of America so they should have to be held accountable for it, not you.

Besides, you can't rebuild an old nation or build a new nation with such debt and that is why they are driving this debt up, to cripple and destroy the US forever so they can have their global dictatorship.

You think I am wrong?

Pay attention to what he says this new tax bill will do to the US economy in this video and you will see that the left is intentionally destroying the US financially and economically. This is treason and an insurrection.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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