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I have already shown you some of the truth the left won't show you such as better than 90% of homosexual males are bisexual so that they MAKE A CHOICE every time they have sex whether it will be heterosexual or homosexual sex and better than 50% of lesbians are bisexual.

We let them con us into being "tolerant" of them and their behavior and, now that they have gained control of this nation, they are not being tolerant of us and are working to force their culture on us and our children as this video shows.

Maybe we should have listened to God about homosexuality being an abomination.

The West, especially the US, has become the Sodom and Gomorrah of today, praying on our children, while murdering their own children, and God is getting ready to destroy us to force the survivors to build new nations. You just might want to pay attention, learn from this, and not make the same mistake again because, after they gain control, Satan's spawn will never be tolerant of anyone or anything else. They will always force their wickedness and insanity of us.

Notice how Satan's spawn always word things to make their evil crap sound good and wonderful. It is a Satanic lie and Satan is the father of lies so everything they say is a lie.


This is hilarious because they realize this about living in your cities but not about them cutting down trees for those black solar collectors.

In this video they show you that it is 133 degrees F on black asphalt with no trees but forget to tell you it will be about the same on those black solar collectors without trees.

I warned you about this before, how having those massive farms of solar collectors and having cut down the trees will cause a massive heat wave in Europe, you know, like they are having right now, after cutting down massive numbers of trees and putting up massive numbers of black solar collectors. Gee, what a coincidence.

Plus, it doesn't just increase heating but also decreases the amount of vegetation to convert CO2 to O2 so the CO2 problem will just get worse because of their solution to the increased CO2 problem. That is right, the arrogant, greedy fools making money from this green thingy are making the problem worse, not better.

How long will it take the greedy fools to figure that out?

I have come to the conclusion that these lefty upper class trash are too simple minded and stupid to do anything right.


You have to understand the strategic significance of what is going on with Taiwan and China right now.

Note that I had not been able to get intel concerning the size of the Chinese force surrounding Taiwan until after I had written most of the Below with all of the news sources over sensationalizing the size of the force to make it sound like it was a full invasion force with invasion immanent.

Normally, for China to invade Taiwan, they would have to move ships and troops over 160 kilometers (about 100 miles) across the open sea from China to Taiwan, under heavy fire from Taiwan, to get where those ships and troops are right now without any losses because "it is a protest". China has gotten away with completing half of their invasion without any losses, which greatly increases her potential success for an invasion.

You know that it has to be extremely tempting to finish the invasion from where her ships and troops are right now so I am thinking there is a big probability that China will suddenly explode against Taiwan to quickly overwhelm Taiwan and I am keeping an eye on this.

It is not possible for China to have an easier invasion of Taiwan from where her troops are now and China knows it.

One thing that I don't see anyone talking about is that, while all of this hostility by China is going on to intimidate and gather intel for invading Taiwan, you can bet Taiwan is gathering intel about China's weapons and tactics to figure out how to beat China bad enough for China to pull back a stub and go home. Taiwan has every one of China's ships, planes, and missiles targeted with lock on and China knows it. Just one wrong move and at least most of China's ships, planes, and missiles will go swimming.

Taiwan has to hit China hard, fast, and constantly until China backs down. If Taiwan can quickly knock China back on her heels, Taiwan can beat her. There are probably about one or two dozen key ships and subs Taiwan needs to quickly sink and then take at least some of the fight to China's shore to force more of the fight in China and not in Taiwan.

You can bet Taiwan is tracking those ships and subs and other weapons systems she needs to quickly take out and I have not seen one expert say a thing about it.

What, they think this will be a one sided war without Taiwan fighting?

Remember that I told you that, after China takes Taiwan, she is going to take everything else she can as fast as she can?

This video has an interview between an Australia journalist and a conservative former US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense and note that at about 1:30 into the video he said that he thinks, when China attacks, it will be very big and quick just like I have been telling you China is going to do in coordination with Russia in an all out global war and he goes on to explain why. He believes that China is preparing for an all out surprise attack against all of her enemies at the same time and not just against Taiwan.

Then he went on to explain one of my concerns in that the actions of the US and UK are not us preparing for this war the way we should be preparing and they are forcing the war before we are prepared to fight the war, you know, the intellectually inferior natural elites.

He also states that intelligence is telling us that China will go to war soon, which I have been warning you.

Note that his statement about America "being all hat and no cattle" means they are talking the talk but not walking the walk just like I have been warning you they keep bluffing even with people like Putin calling our bluffs. He said that they bluffed Russia and Russia called our bluff; they bluffed Iran and Iran called our bluff; they bluffed China and now China is calling our bluff. That bluffing so they can launder our defense money into their greedy pockets is going to get a lot of people killed.

The arrogant fools never learn because they think they are smarter than they are and that everyone else is dumber than they are.

Then I finally got a video with some descent intel concerning the forces brought against Taiwan by China. Everyone else made it sound like at least 100+ ships, you know, a full invasion force.

She only brought 14 ships and 66 fighter planes to the Taiwan area. There is no way China would have tried to invade Taiwan with that few ships and planes, absolutely nothing less than 100 ships. They would have all been sunk or shot down in 15 minutes.

I am so angry how we were deceived to increase their viewership and profits by making it sound like China had a massive invasion force ready to pounce on Taiwan. I looked and looked and looked to find out the size of the Chinese force and couldn't find anything but people talking about how this might be it, China might be about to invade telling me that China had at least 100 to 200 ships with hundreds of planes.

What did they think, that China was going to invade Taiwan with 14 ships and 66 planes?

It turns out that China still had almost all of her forces necessary for an invasion at least 100 miles away over open waters.

I was so concerned for the people of Taiwan and prayed for them quite a bit. I kept waiting for the US Navy to make a move to at least threaten China but it turns out it wasn't necessary because Taiwan had it under control.

When you consider that she only had 14 ships and 6 areas for her naval games, that only comes out to about 2 to 3 ships per area. China is not going to invade Taiwan with less than 100 ships and will probably use at least 200 ships for the invasion.

This tells me that China is not ready yet to go to war with the West and it was all show, terrorism, and, most importantly, massive intel gathering for a future attack by China. It was a dry run gathering intel for an invasion, probably not in the too distant future. You still better keep an eye on China.

Then I found this video giving a better analysis of the China/Taiwan situation than any single report or video I have seen before. This finally gets us some descent numbers concerning Taiwan's fighting force. It does a very good job but leaves out some important information.

One thing he does point out is that, as far as numbers of troops, they have near parity, with China having a potential force of 2.5 million and Taiwan having a potential force of 2 million, which gives the defender the advantage. You also have to keep in mind that what China is doing by drafting men, training them, and giving them two years service before releasing them, China is setting up a secret militia or reserve of tens of millions of trained troops that can be quickly called up and sent to the front lines to fight.

Remember that he said that the force required for an invasion is figured that the invader has to have a 3 to 1 advantage in numbers but in military science that is taught as being a range pending the relative abilities of the forces and that range is from 3 to 1 up to 5 to 1. He probably told you the 3 to 1 because China doesn't even have that but he is forgetting China's secret militia.

Plus he didn't tell you that China has too many of those 2.5 million troops committed elsewhere such as in Tibet against India, in the Xinjiang province, in the South China Sea, supporting North Korea, and in various bases spread around the world so that China may not even have a 1 to 1 parity with Taiwan with her standing force. I would not be surprised to find out that China can only bring one million or fewer troops to bare for an invasion of Taiwan without calling up her reserves. Then, when you throw in the US, Japan, Australia, and other allies, China couldn't survive an invasion of Taiwan without her reserves.

I am wondering how many weapons China has to arm her reserves and remember that she has trouble keeping half of her tanks running.

Then he also tells you that Xi is keeping his military weaker because he is afraid of a military coup to topple his evil butt and that makes a big difference. A lot of his troops don't even want to fight for him. They would walk away or surrender at the first chance they get.

What do you expect from your troops when you treat them the way China treats her troops and people, 100% loyalty?

Just like I have been telling you, China is having many significant internal problems that will weaken her and probably bring her down during a massive war.

The one hope that China does have is her allies around the world like Iran, North Korea and Russia helping spread out the Western forces to weaken them plus our leaders being idiots.

You have to understand that, with our allies in the area, the US can defend the West Pacific because we have strong allies who can do most of the work in that fight.

The weakness of the US is in two parts, both caused by the lefty upper class trash. The first is that Europe is too weak for the US to defend, especially with the other fronts we will have to fight on because our European allies have weakened their forces because of their upper class trash greed and the US is going to have huge problems in defending our own nation because our upper class trash have helped enemy sleeper cells that are Muslim, Latin American, and Chinese to infiltrate and set up in key areas, which ANY nation would almost not be able to defend against.

Plus you have to remember that the US only has a one front military that can fight on one front and our idiot lefty commie traitor leaders are getting us into a fix that will require at least a 5 or 6 front military to survive. Yeah, we are just a wee bit short on troops. Our lefty commie traitors have set it up so that we will have to fight one front in Europe, one front against Iran, one front against China, one front against North Korea, and fight an internal war within the US while being attack from outside the US, which will require at least a 1 to 2 more front military for 5 to 6 fronts and we only have one front. Do the math.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often that we still have our black closet.

At about 2:45 into this video he explains that the US is facing 3 possible wars (he leaves out North Korea) and clearly states, "you know the United States can't handle that," just like I have been telling you because we only have a one front military.

In this war, the US is going to fail and lose badly, barely able to save her own butt because of what our corrupt leaders are doing so that our allies will have to make up the difference. The European allies can't pick up squat because of their corrupt leaders so that only Israel, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan are the only allies who can save themselves because their corrupt leaders were not stupid enough to weaken their militaries for their own greed with some help from us, while we fight to keep our nation.

If you cannot win all 3 battles at the same time, you pick the one or two you can win or you will lose them all.

That is why we MUST stage a strategic withdrawal from Europe to help save what we can help save and not waste well needed troops saving corrupt governments that can't help save themselves because of their corruption plus we are going to really need those troops to save the US.

The day after the Chinese war games ended China announced that they will continue with new war games focusing on naval ship and submarine warfare (probably because of the US subs in the area watching China) and that those exercises will last at least a month. This tells me that Xi is really pushing it and probably over estimating his forces.

"Hey, we got away with 14 ships and 66 planes within close, rapid attack distance, let's see how many ships and planes we can get away with having within close, rapid attack distance before they stop us. We will just gradually buildup our force off the coast of Taiwan over a few months."

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load.

If I were in charge of US forces, what would I do concerning Taiwan?

First, get rid of Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, Afghan Milley, and the rest of their Afghan clowns in the government to put intelligent people in charge. Stage a strategic withdrawal from Europe and make peace with Russia or at least leave the EU to make peace with Russia to prevent that invasion. That will encourage Europe, even the UK, to behave.

Then I would draw China into an invasion of Taiwan so we could chew up her forces significantly.

But you say, "Hold it, if Russia is taken out of the fight, how will you get China to invade Taiwan?"

That is easy, you use psychological warfare to pull a sucker punch on China's leaders. You stage your strategic retreat from Europe to look like you are a coward, you got scared, and you cut and ran from Russia. China will believe that you are a coward and will cut and run from her too because human nature says she will want to believe it. Believe me, she will invade Taiwan.

As what is left of those Chinese forces beat a retreat back to China, chase hot on their heels so their land defenses won't be able to differentiate between her retreating forces and our advancing forces so our Marines and Taiwan forces can establish beach heads in the Fujian, Guangdong, and Zhejiang provinces so Taiwan's forces could chase the depleted Chinese forces north and west into China.

This will open the door for some of those unhappy Chinese forces to jump ship and help free their nation from their communist tyranny to be under the rule of the Republic of China, a democracy. You can bet that, by that point, quite a few of China's forces will join with Taiwan's forces to free the people and set up a Republic, especially after the last few dozen years of tyranny.

That defeat and the remaining Chinese forces losing ground and jumping ship will draw the remaining forces out of Tibet and Xinjiang to do battle or also jump ship, which will permit India to invade Tibet to free those people and help them set up a Republic while the Muslims in the neighboring nations will be able to free their people in Xinjiang.

At the same time, the US and Japanese forces should land in the Shandong and Liaoning provinces to stage a pincer attack against Beijing to finish off the Chinese Communist Party, freeing all of China and its military forces.

Suddenly North Korea would find itself facing South Korea, Japan, and the US to the South and a freed Chinese Army to the north. At that point, North Korea's military leaders would stage a coup, freeing their people.

Then you throw a big necktie party for the CCP and North Korean governments.

Then Russia and Europe, including the UK, would behave, Iran would behave, and we would have peace.

Do you get the picture yet?

First, you have to get rid of our corrupt traitor leaders and their stooges because they cause all of this crap. If you get rid of the Western upper class trash royals and make Europe behave, then everything else becomes much easier.


I have been watching and anticipating something for a while that looks like it is starting to happen. The left has intentionally caused all of these problems to set up their dictatorship but they are falling short, angering most people and turning most people way from the Commierat Party and, having watched them work for decades, I am watching to see if they diminish these problems enough that their lying lefty media can make them look like our saviors in order to get them reelected so they can finish the job.

"Oh, how wonderful, they are solving these problems they caused. Aren't they wonderful?" I have learned that too many people are stupid enough to believe that.

I am wondering how many people are going to forgive and forget to keep voting Commierat, allowing the Commierats to finish setting up their dictatorship. We are about to find out how many stupid people we have and just how stupid they are.

Common sense should tell you that, if the left stays in power, these things that got bad and the lefties are now making better, will get worse until the lefties have their dictatorship and then they will get severe. Unfortunately, not too many people have common sense.

Keep an eye on this.

Then I found this video from Australia proving that, after the left caused these problems, they are now boasting about the problems they caused are getting a little better, you know, "We are your holy saviors who destroyed your lives so we could rescue you from our destruction."

I keep watching and waiting for more shoes to drop.


Remember that I have been warning you that it will take time to ramp up our militaries for war and it CANNOT happen over night because it takes time to build weapons and to train soldiers?

The normal ramp up for a war to just fight for the first 6 months is about a year plus half a year to one year to move troops to theater for the fight, IF you already have a good standing army.

I always try to be conservative in my estimates so it is always worse than I tell you but this video gives you a very good idea of why and how long it will take. Note how fast he estimates armies tend to lose weapons in battle so it is very critical to take out as many of their weapons as fast as you can. Their destroyed weapons can't destroy your weapons.

You will see why it is criminal and treason for our corrupt upper class trash, politicians, and bureaucrats to launder our defense money into their greedy pockets, limiting the size of our military and increasing the time required to ramp up our military for war.

According to what he tells you, the US MIGHT be able to assemble a 2 front military within a year or more but we are going to have to fight on at least 3 to 4 fronts within a few weeks with a one front military and the Eastern Alliance has planned it that way.

The mess the EU leaders have gotten their nations into is much, much worse than the US. Europe is extremely vulnerable and won't have time to ramp up for war and Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and other members of the Eastern Alliance have been ramping up for decades. That is critical.

Also, that doesn't count how long it will take to get troops "in theater" or where you are going to fight. It will take 6 months to a year to get significant forces in theater to fight.

That is why you MUST maintain a full combat ready military capable of fighting on all fronts all of the time. You have to be ready to take on all threats at the same time all of the time and the idiot and ignorant pacifists and greedy upper class trash don't get it so we are not ready for this war right now and the Eastern Alliance knows it.

After Pearl Harbor in December 1941, the people who joined the military over the next 6 months did not see combat until 1943 or later. It took them more than a year to get the troops trained up, armed, and in theater ready to fight. We had to fight that first year with what we already had before Pearl Harbor.

Do you get the picture yet?

That is why Ukraine lost that war in the first few weeks of the war. She can't recover from what Russia did to her with the war still taking place on her land and destroying her military industry.

That is why you always want to take the fight to the enemy so you are destroying their military industry instead of them destroying your military industry and why it is so very dangerous for China and Latin America to have sleeper cells on US soil right next to our military industry. Hint, hint, hint!!!

You BETTER pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load. When ye ole fecal matter hits ye ole fan, you are going to have to fight or die.

Every time I think about it I pray that we still have our black closet and it is still operational.

People, the reason the US got into WWII so fast is because we had been secretly ramping up for that war for at least 2 years.

You have to understand that Hitler ramped up for that war from about 1933 until 1939 and, according to his generals, he should have waited until 1945 to start that war. He needed 6 more years to be ready for that war but his socialism had destroyed his economy so bad that he had to start the war in 1939.

Japan had been fighting throughout Asia for years so its military industry was in full gear.

In 1940 Germany quickly destroyed the British military industry with the "Battle of London" (the Brits didn't win that battle) so that the US and Canada, but mostly the US, were making all of Britain's weapons and munitions AND we were secretly "bleeding off" weapons and munitions into the US military ramping up for war because we already knew we were going to have to fight that war. We kind of sort of took everyone by surprise.

Germany also destroyed almost all of the Soviet Union's military industry in 1941 so the US was making their weapons.

Japan had destroyed all of China's military industry before 1940 so the US was making all of their weapons systems.

Plus the US was supplying weapons to Australia, New Zealand, and India so that the US military machine was up and running very well and we had bled off significant weapons and munitions into the US Military.

People, if you research it, when Pearl Harbor happened and the Japanese were still bombing Pearl, we already had replacement weapons in route to Pearl. We had more than a dozen B17s in the air heading towards Pearl, we had our latest fighter planes with munitions, and support crews in San Diego ready to fly to Pearl while they were bombing the place and the USS New Mexico battleship was passing through the Panama Canal heading to Pearl so that, as soon as she reached the Pacific Ocean, she was flagged as the new flag ship for the Pacific Fleet. Gee, what a coincidence.

They don't tell you about that, do they?

By the time Pearl Harbor happened, the US already had enough weapons and munitions to last for at least the next year or two of war on two fronts. We don't have that today unless we have that black closet and it still works.

That is why the US Military began forming and training US militias more than two decades ago. They knew this was coming and knew our upper class trash and corrupt politicians would not have us ready for it. I pray the US Military has us ready for it.

I hope and pray that the US Military is partly training up our militias to handle these Chinese, Muslim, and Latin American sleeper cells.


As we get closer to the Tribulation, my perspective on life has changed to where I realize that NOTHING here on earth is important except for your soul and the souls of others.

The Muslims and the hand of God will destroy almost everything we value and treasure for our short stay here on Earth during the soon coming Tribulation, all of our worldly possessions. Almost all of the nice cars, homes, boats, planes, cloths, and everything else will be destroyed by the time of Armageddon, in just a little over a decade. Almost everything the upper class trash, commies, and others don't destroy before the beginning of the Tribulation, the Muslims and God will destroy almost all of it by Armageddon. Very little will remain of the treasures on Earth.

You better look to your souls and the souls of others, especially those you love because that will be all that you will have left on Judgment Day so they better be taken care of. I pray for the souls of those I care about and the rest of the world numerous times a day knowing most of them will burn forever because of the choices they make. I even pray for the evil souls of those who seek to cause us harm, knowing very few of them will change from their choice for eternal damnation because of their love for their sins or crimes.

Yahweh/God/Jesus has me as a witness before Him to you that He is real, He lives, He exists. I teach that on this blog and proved it numerous times that He MUST exist. I bare witness that the Bible is His true Word and we MUST abide by His Law, which was given to us to protect us from bad people. Us living by God's Law is us not causing harm to good people.

The things of this world that most people value will mean nothing in the near future and on the Judgment Day. They will not save your soul, buy your salvation, and even still exist on Judgment Day. It will only be us, the angels, Satan, his demons, and God. All of our valued and prized worldly treasures will have ceased to exist, they will mean nothing to everyone as we stand before God facing our eternal destinations we chose here on Earth. Give more time to God than to that temporary worldly junk that will soon perish.

Choose wisely because your choice is eternal.

We humans have all sinned or broken God's Laws so we criminals deserve incarceration in God's eternal penal institution, the Lake of Fire, but God loves us all so much that He came manifest as the human, Yeshuah/Jesus, almost 2,000 years ago, lived a perfect life as only God could do so that He did not have to die to pay for His crimes against His Laws, then He died to pay for our crimes so we don't have to pay for our crimes but our test on this planet is whether we will choose His amnesty He paid for us in love or reject His love for us for our own worldly loves and lusts, which will give us eternal damnation. Our test is that we must choose between God's love for us and eternal damnation.

To a wise person, that is not a difficult choice. Your brief and temporary crimes against God's Laws are not worth eternal damnation, I don't care how much you love them.

An important thing is that the upper class trash are already murdering off hundreds of millions of people with their wars, pandemics, famines, and other things they are doing to the people. By the Battle of Armageddon in about a decade, they will have murdered off about 90% of the people on this planet so you don't have much time to enjoy those toys before most of you will be burning in Hell, where you will finally find out what is really important and it isn't the treasures of this world.

God said that to whom more is given, more is required and, to whom less is given, less is required. That means that, when God gives you something, especially a lot of something, He is giving you responsibility with that something but the upper class trash and their supporters ignore the responsibility God gives them and focus completely on the opportunity to control, oppress, enslave, rob, rape, and murder the people they are given authority over instead of protecting those people from bad people like themselves.

On Judgment Day, they will be held accountable for their crimes against God, His Law, and you. We will see if they are as wonderful as they think they are.

Here is a good video that explains the Law and Judgment very well.

You need to get right with God very soon because you don't want to be wrong with God on Judgment Day and end up with eternal damnation.

Terrorists Warning

The terrorists are using a new weapon that should concern you. This video tells you that they are now using anti-tank rockets like you are being told are so wonderful in Ukraine on civilian cars, trucks, buses, trains, boats, and, probably soon, planes.

This provides them with maximum potential mobility and surprise in their attacks. The people selling these must put some safeguards in place for keeping track of their use but, even then, with nations like Iran and China making them, this can get crazy really fast.

Keep an eye on this.

Kiev Videos

Remember that I have been telling you that the evidence is not in the videos of "Zelensky in Kiev" proving that he is in Ukraine and actually proves he is not.

I just saw a great video showing a bomb crater caused by an Israeli bomb in Gaza to show you what is missing from those fake Kiev videos but I want you to notice at the start there were about half a dozen professional photographers with cameras set up to catch that explosion live, which should tell you everyone there knew Israel was going to hit that target at that time to scare everyone away.

See how you get important information from little things most people miss?

Note that video is being used to spread propaganda to make Israel look bad for defending herself.

Have you noticed that the media NEVER tell you how many people were killed by the thousands of rockets fired by the Palestinians into Israel before Israel returned fire and only tell you about the few people killed by Israel returning fire?

Gee, I wonder why they had all of those cameras set up there to catch the explosion?

Now back to the crater they show at about 47 seconds into that brief video. That is a pretty good size crater caused by about a 250 to 500 pound bomb (we used to see pictures of those all of the time in Nam.) They leave a pretty good size hole in the ground and, after they have been filled and patched over, it will leave a scar on the ground, especially on roads and sidewalks. They are kind of obvious and hard to miss.

Look at the streets and sidewalks in the fake Kiev videos where it would be very obvious if there had been just one such crater because that crater would be covered by new material surrounded by obviously older material, which would be really hard to miss. It would be much harder to miss than the pothole patches we see on our streets in the US, much harder.

I have not seen ONE of those craters or the crater scars or any other evidence in those videos being filmed in Kiev in the middle of a war zone in the middle of a war in even one of those dozens of Kiev, England videos telling me that place has never been hit by bombs and missiles in the last 6 months, especially since they all have a warhead of 250 pounds or more.

BTW, pay attention to that explosion and I can guarantee you would hear it miles away so that, if such a strike were made within 30 to 40 miles of where they film those Kiev videos, while they are filming the videos, you would definitely hear it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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