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This morning I woke to the realization that, if you are supporting a Commierat or RINO who is an evil globalist, you are supporting them in committing premeditated murder because they are openly telling you that they plan to depopulate the planet by better than 90% or murder off better than 90% of the people on the planet and you are aiding and abetting them in their crimes by supporting or voting for them.

That is the same as you belonging to a criminal organization where you employ and finance criminals to commit crimes for you including murder. You are an accomplice in their crimes.

You will be judged for aiding them in the commission of their crimes as an accomplice on Judgment Day; period.

Since they are already murdering people and know they are murdering people to set up their global dictatorship, you are aiding and abetting them in premeditated murder right now, you are complicit in their premeditated murder right now, and you are an accomplice in premeditated murder right now.

You are also aiding and abetting them in crimes such as stealing from the people, you know, with your socialism/communism/Marxism/progressivism, lying or committing fraud, and other felonies. You are a felon and you are doing it for free stuff; that is how cheap your soul is to you. You sold your soul to Satan and his human demons for free stuff. Think about that.

You are a member of the worst criminal organization in history committing the worst crimes in history on a global scale and you will be judged for all of that on Judgment Day and the angels will testify against you, when you stand before Yahweh.

All of you law enforcement and military people who are supporting these inhuman, demonic things in the commission of their crimes are also complicit in their crimes and you WILL find that out on Judgment Day.

Be careful who you vote for or support. A vote for Satan's spawn is a vote for Satan.

Do you better understand why most people will be incarcerated in God's eternal penal system for the horrible crimes they have committed on this planet?

Most of those criminals will be punished for aiding and abetting the evil upper class trash in the commission of their crimes because the upper class trash cannot commit those horrid crimes without the support of enough of the people. Those people supporting those spawn of Satan make it possible for the spawn of Satan to commit those horrid crimes.

If you stand by and do NOTHING and permit them to commit their crimes, you are aiding and abetting them in the commission of their crimes and you are a passive accomplice and felon.

You are either with God or against God and you are either with Satan and his spawn or against Satan and his spawn and Jesus told you that. There will be no innocent bystanders on Judgment Day, not one.

One way or another you will pick a side so, which side will it be; Satan or God?

That is your choice and test so choose wisely because it is an eternal choice and God is about to make that decision final for most of us. Your test is almost finished.

Trump Raid

The lefty run US Government has crossed the line and the right is many times more angry. The crimes being openly and blatantly committed by the left are backfiring on the left.

This brief video really shows how mad the people are getting and how obvious the government corruption and crimes are.

The government is not exactly acting like a republic, is it? Remember that actions speak louder than words.

This video shows how serious this move is and that it could be at least a key in separation of the states, if not a civil war. In desperation and fear, the left screwed up really big.

Note that Tim is brainwashed to be a pacifist and believes that violence does not solve problems and "that violence is the problem". He ignores the obvious fact that tyrants are using the violence of government to keep their absolute power and it takes violence to remove those tyrants from their absolute power. History proves that to be true and conservatives and the lefties understand that.

God showed me in a dream that the conservatives will use violence to put an end to this tyranny over most of the US and God Himself told us in His prophecies that He will use violence to stop this crap by Satan's spawn. God tells us that there is a time for war and a time for peace.

Notice that Tim is guessing and can't figure out where this is going. That is why God has prophets like me telling you where things are going. You don't have to guess, you just listen to the messages God sends you.

God showed me in several dreams years ago before Obama was president that this nation will be divided into different areas or blue and red zones before the war breaks outs following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. He showed me that the commies will keep a small part of the nation in the Northeast and the conservatives will take the rest of the nation back to form a new nation.

Here is another video showing the backlash the FBI and left are getting from this unconstitutional crime against Trump. I could post dozens more videos showing the same things. This is one more plan by the left that is already failing.

Man plans, God laughs.

Then I found this video with an interview of a former FBI assistant director explaining how bad and wrong this search was.

It is blatantly obvious that the FBI was sent in to find ANYTHING they could use to prosecute Trump for a crime to prevent him from being able to run in 2024. With them being that desperate, there is even the possibility that they planted evidence. They have turned the US into a third world banana republic or very close to being a communist dictatorship with the commies openly and unconstitutionally oppressing opposition.

This is infuriating the conservatives to where many more of them are now ready to fight and any more actions by the left like this could easily cause ye ole pot to boil over.

Many more people are right now talking about "having a divorce" in the US between blue zones and red zones, which could be what causes the separation God showed me in a dream so keep an eye on this.

What the left has thus far managed to do is show just how corrupt they are and will be even more so, if they manage to set up their commie dictatorship and that is upsetting most people. The people are not liking what they are seeing concerning the left's corruption.

Now the law enforcement and military have almost no credibility left and their members will soon be forced to choose sides between the blue and red forces. This could even result in at least some fighting between blue and red zones to establish borders and control.

If this is the case, it will be God sorting out the good members of our government from the bad members of our government to form two separate governments, one good (red) and one bad (blue).

You can bet that the commies will not be satisfied with a divorce because they want to rule the entire planet and not all of the planet but the red zones. Satan's power mad lunatics do not want all but a little; they want absolutely all.

What I expect them to do is use their blue zones as sanctuaries from which to stage attacks against the red zones to systematically conquer the red zones one or two at a time. This will further open the eyes of the conservatives to the fact that they must militarily defeat the commie blue zones to have peace and will cause the war to resume and escalate until the conservatives defeat the commies.


Remember that I have been telling you that Russia, Iran, China, North Korea, and other Eastern allies like Africa and Latin America are planning and working towards escalating WWIII at the same time to spread out the US one front military as thin as possible?

This video provides some interesting information concerning this.

First, I had heard before and was seeking confirmation that China was planning to invade Taiwan this coming November and this video provides that confirmation and this is very important information.

Second, I have seen a number of reports that North Korea is sending 100,000 troops to Ukraine and I was figuring it was to relieve Russian troops to invade Europe but he tells us it is to get North Korean troops combat experience to prepare them for war, you know, against Western weapons about 2 to 3 months before November and he tells us that North Korea said so. Gee, what a coincidence.

All of these things I have been showing you are happening at this time are no coincidence. They are providing you with valuable intel about the coming global escalation of WWIII.

Remember that Russia is ramping up her troops to invade Europe from the East and North and relieving her best troops, equipment, and officers with reserves and her worst equipment from fighting in Ukraine to build that invasion force, while also ramping up to invade the US from the north and northwest, you know, Alaska and Canada. Russia is also cutting back on gas, oil, and other exports to Europe and the US devastating and weaken our economies.

Mean while, at the same time, by the strangest coincidence, Iran ain't cooperating with the West concerning her quickly developing nukes, while using her proxies to wage war against Israel and ignoring Afghan Joe begging for her oil.

Mean while, at the same time, by the strangest coincidence, China has been drafting, training, and releasing millions of troops building up a huge reserve force of trained military personnel, probably at least 5 to 10 million, she can just grab and put on ye ole front line, she has been expanding forces in the South China Sea, building bases around the world, and is trying to build bases throughout the Pacific Ocean, while telling us she plans to take Taiwan this November, probably at the same time everyone else is planning to go crazy. China also keeps having massive lockdowns shutting down factories and ports cutting into her exporting products to the West hurting and weakening our economies while using the military owned businesses to sneak sleeper cells into the US near US military bases and other targets.

BTW, I have seen information that the military drills China is staging in relation to Taiwan were planned months in advance and they are just using Pelosi visiting Taiwan as a cover for their increased military activity. She is just the excuse for China to get to test their invasion plans, while gathering intel concerning Taiwan's defenses.

Mean while, at the same time, by the strangest coincidence, North Korea, who has been testing more and more missiles, is sending 100,000 troops to gain fighting experience against Western weapons in Ukraine.

Gee, not planning to invade South Korea this November, are they?

Mean while, at the same time, by the strangest coincidence, a number of nations in Africa are taking sides with the Eastern Alliance and decreasing oil and gas to Europe with a number of European nations stating a concern about those African nations staging an invasion of Southern Europe, you know, through Spain, France, and Italy, 3 of the EU's 5 most powerful nations.

Mean while, at the same time, by the strangest coincidence, Russia and China have been making buds with most Latin American nations for staging their troops in some of those nations and infiltrating military aged Latino men who are well groomed like soldiers into the US as sleeper cells and we have known for decades that Mexico was sneaking sleeper cells into the US.

Mean while, at the same time, by the strangest coincidence, the Muslim sleeper cells that Obama snuck into our nation to form BLM are still there and are showing some signs I am watching of them increasing activity with terrorist attacks.

Mean while, at the same time, by the strangest coincidence, the Commierats are getting very desperate about the coming election in NOVEMBER (gee, what a coincidence) and increasing their unconstitutional behavior and hostilities towards the right, you know, by having the FBI raid Trump's home and passing their recent treasonous bill against you. People, the left knows that they only have until about the end of December to consolidate their commie dictatorship before they lose power and control so it will get really bad between now and then.

Ah, but it is all just a magic coincidence and not them planning to start hostilities against the West in November. All of those meetings they have been having, especially in Russia, Iran, and China mean nothing. They were just talking about their favorite cars and boats and maybe hunting and fishing.

Just in case you have not figured it out, you better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load. It is just a suggestion.

This is not looking good, people. If it looks like a fish, smells like a fish, and swims like a fish, it ain't no duck.

Do you believe me yet that they are about to force the one front US Military to either fight on 5 or 6 fronts, which will wipe out our military or pick the fronts she can win on and let the other fronts go for now?

BTW, China threatening to invade Taiwan is causing major corporations to pull their manufacturing out of China so that China is losing revenues. This is having at least some backlash on China but she is not worried about it because she plans on soon ruling the world and will own all of those companies.

Man plans, God laughs.

They are also saying that China invading and taking Taiwan will cause a global depression because so many nations depend on products from Taiwan. Keep an eye on this.

BTW, I have just seen evidence that the left is working to turn Australia into a communist dictatorship and I would not be surprised to find out that the upper class trash, who are working to turn the US and other nations into communist dictatorships, have made a deal with China to share the rule of a global communist dictatorship with China and some others. That would explain why the upper class trash love China so much and refuse to deal with China making moves to conquer the world.

"Why, China wouldn't dare betray us fellow commies and their comrades concerning our corrupt and evil deal, would they?"

Keep an eye on this.

Ukraine Corruption

Remember that I told you that a portion of the weapons we are sending to Ukraine are being sold on the international black market?

That should tell you several things. First, they know those weapons won't cause Ukraine to win the war because they know that war is already lost and they are using it to make money selling weapons.

Second, they know there are not even enough trained troops in Ukraine to use those weapons so they will just end up in another weapons depot for Russia to destroy so, hey, why not sell them and put some money in ye ole pocket?

This video tells you once againt that my statements and estimates are ALWAYS conservative because only about 30% of those weapons are making it to what they are calling the front line but are actually only getting inside Ukraine heading towards the front line. Most of those weapons will be destroyed or captured by Russia so not even 30% are actually making it to the front line and being used.

They tell you that 70% of those weapons are being sold outside of Ukraine via the international weapons black market and never make it across the border.

So, who is buying those weapons?

It depends on who makes the best offer and that includes ANYONE.

You can bet that Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea are going to buy some of them to study them for strengths and weaknesses, you know, while ramping up for a war against us.

You can bet that terrorist organizations are buying some of them. You can bet that European nations are buying some of them. You can bet that third world nations planning to wage war against us are buying some of them.

Don't be surprised when some of those weapons kill US soldiers because of the greed of the upper class trash and their agents selling those weapons.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

So, what Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, Afghan Milley, and their Afghan clowns in the Pentagon are doing is disarming the US (A.K.A. decreasing our weapons stores) and arming our enemies while making bad guys rich. Every weapon they sell is one less weapon for the US to use against her enemies and probably one more weapon for our enemies to use against the US. I think that is called treason.

If terrorists get those anti-tank rockets, don't be surprised to see them being used to blow up US cars, trucks, buses, trains, and boats to terrorize you into submission to them. If they get the stinger missiles, they will be shooting down US passenger planes.

I keep telling you this is going to get worse. I am so sick of these satanic jerks.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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