Prophesy 4

I have been watching videos put out by a group of "Christian" profits (yes, I know I spelled it wrong) on YouTube. I have been warning you for years about these people. Their favorite trick is to take a verse completely out of context from the book of Revelation to use in conjunction with some current event and say, "Prophesy is being fulfilled!" with lots of hype.

NO...IT...ISN'T!!! Not one of those Tribulation prophesies has ever been fulfilled.

Get this straight, everyone of those prophesies in the book of Revelation are for very specific, one-time events which MUST take place during the seven year period of time, by the Jewish 360 day calendar, called the Tribulation and the Great Tribulation is the last 3.5 years of that. God told us down to the exact number of days the Tribulation will last. God specifically gave us details so we would know when those prophesies were being fulfilled and gave us a time line for them being fulfilled.

The very first thing which will take place at the beginning of the Tribulation other than the Rapture, regardless of whether you are a pre, mid, or post Trib rapturist, is the Antichrist will be reveal and the very first thing he will do at the beginning of the Tribulation, on DAY ONE, will be to sign a seven year, non interference, mutual defense treaty with Israel to keep Israel from interfering in the Muslim conquest of the planet, which will be broken by the Antichrist at mid Trib.

Gee, has Obama signed a mutual defense treaty with Israel for seven Jewish years?

No, then I guess he can't be the Antichrist and the Tribulation can't have begun so that none of those Tribulation prophesies can even begin to happen.

The fourth horseman of the apocalypse will kill 25% of the people on the planet with the sword (war), hunger (famine), death (various other types of death), and beasts of the earth.

In the history of the world, has there ever been an event where 25% of the people of the world were killed by war, famine, a variety of deaths, and animals within just one or two years?

No, the only time in history when 25% or more of the people of the world were killed within a few years was the Black Plague in which about 30% to 40% of the people on the planet died from the Bubonic Plague. They did not die as a result of war, famine, and animal attacks AND this did not occur within seven Jewish years of all of the other punishments listed for the Tribulation AND more people died than the Bible said would die. THEREFORE, the Black Plague CANNOT be considered to have fulfilled this prophesy.

Concerning deaths by war, neither WWI nor WWII caused the deaths of 10% of the people on the planet. The current terrorist war against the world has only resulted in about half a billion people being killed in the last 15 years or about 8% of the global population of almost 8 billion people.

So, could this be the Tribulation?

It couldn't even come close.

There has never been a time in history in which 25% of the people were killed primarily in war, then also in famine, by animal attacks and other deaths. For that to happen today, almost 2 billion people would have to die within one to two years and this must occur early within the seven year period of time called the Tribulation ALONG WITH all of the other judgments listed in the Book of Revelation for the Tribulation, all within the same seven years. If this has not happened or is not happening right now, we are not in the Tribulation and none of the subsequent prophesies could happen, therefore, those subsequent prophesies cannot be fulfilled at this time.

In the first judgment of the second set of judgments or the trumpet judgments, there will be a massive global storm of hail and fire mixed with blood in which 1/3 of the trees and all of the grass in the world will be burned.

NEVER in the history of the world has all of the grass in the world been burned at once and NEVER in the history of the world has 1/3 of the trees been burned at once, much less both at the same time.

Let's look at the science for this prophesy happening to tell us what it will be like when this judgment is delivered on earth. This fire will generate so much heat that there won't be a place on the planet where it won't be hot and miserable 24/7 for at least a month or more.

Many people will be killed directly because of this global fire, they will be burned to death.

The fire will generate so much carbon monoxide that it will overwhelm everyone's blood so that their blood won't be able to carry much oxygen and they will all hyper ventilate constantly until the vegetation turns enough of the carbon monoxide into oxygen so it will stop destroying their blood. Many people will simply die from asphyxiation, especially at higher altitudes because carbon monoxide is lighter than air. At some point above 5,000 ft, pending how much carbon monoxide is produced, everyone will die.

You have to understand that, when carbon monoxide gets into your blood, it bonds with the hemoglobin in your blood so your hemoglobin cannot carry oxygen. If enough hemoglobin is destroyed by the carbon monoxide so that your blood can't carry enough oxygen, you simply die from asphyxiation. Those who survive will have trouble standing and walking and will be hyper ventilating constantly from just lying around until the plants destroy enough carbon monoxide for it to stop destroying your blood and that will take quite some time with all of the grass and 1/3 of the trees burned.

Also, such a massive fire will fill the air, land, and water with ash that will be constantly filling your lungs and impacting your sinuses. Everyone will be constantly fighting sinus infections and nasal breathing obstructions and hacking black phlegm up out of their lungs. You won't be able to do much of anything including sleep at night because it will be constantly waking you up and many people will simply die in their sleep.

You also have to understand that most of the smoke given off by a grass or tree fire is water vapor from the burning vegetation. This massive fire will put so much water vapor into the air which will rise, cool, and condense into clouds causing massive rain and hail storms with massive flooding and mud slides because there won't be much vegetation to hold the soil in place. Many more people will die from the flooding.

Such a massive global fire will cause one disaster after another for years after the fire. This judgment won't just happen over a few days or weeks and then it will all be over. The planet will be barely able to support life for at least months and probably a few years.

One of the false profits' favorite tricks is to take an event where a red algae causes a few miles of beach or a piddley little lake to turn red and these profits proclaim this is fulfilling prophesy of the sea turning to blood.

Buuuuut, if you read those verses, you find that the first event will be a meteor striking an ocean killing 1/3 of the aquatic life in the world, destroying 1/3 of the ships in the world, and turning 1/3 of the ocean waters in the world to blood. The other scripture tells us that, later on, all of the water in the world, even the springs coming up out of the ground, will be turned to blood.

Now, how can a few miles of beach or some tiny lake being turned red by algae fulfill either of those two scriptures?

They can't, yet these false profits persist in saying such events are fulfilling these prophesies because they willfully ignore the details of the prophesies. Every time some false profit ignores the details of prophesy so they can claim that prophesy has been fulfilled, they are calling God a liar and committing blasphemy. It is Satanic smoke and mirrors meant to discredit those prophesies and confuse people. Don't believe the lies and be part of their blasphemy.

Read the Bible and believe God, not the false profits.

You may have noticed that I have not yet mentioned the very hyped meteor the false profits are predicting will strike earth near Puerto Rico killing millions of people in mid September 2015. I have been just ignoring this until just now because it not only does NOT fulfill Tribulation prophesy, the way the false profits are telling you it does, it doesn't even fit in with prophesy.

Note that they are now saying September to October so they can milk it for another month of profits. They slipped that one right in on you, didn't they?

They are saying that this is fulfilling Tribulation prophesy but where is the Antichrist and his seven year treaty with Israel, where is the war that will help kill off 25% of the people on the planet or 2 billion people, where is the fire that will destroy all of the grass and 1/3 of the trees, and the other disasters which must precede the first meteor strike of the Tribulation? Gee, I guess it really does NOT fulfill Tribulation prophesy, does it?

NASA has said no meteor will even come near to earth at that time but the false profits are saying NASA is covering it up. Tell me about it on December 1, 2015. You can bet the false profits will have some lame excuse why the meteor didn't hit earth in September or October, while they laugh all of the way to the bank. You are being lied to for money.

Then, what is God doing with all of these increasing disasters?

God is doing a number of things which include but are not limited to: 1) warning us that we are running out of time and the Tribulation is getting close so we better repent of our sins and get right with God, 2) punishing us for our crimes and holding us accountable for our actions, and 3) giving us a tiny glimpse of what the Tribulation will be like so we will want to not be left behind. God is also doing a variety of different things with all individuals pending what God is working on in each person's life, trying to turn us back to Him and make us better people.

Concerning the saying I mentioned that I like so well, where it says that Jesus didn't say follow Christians but said follow me, please note that Jesus also did not say follow Jews, rabbis, the Pope, Muhammad, the false profits and healers, or any other humans but said follow me. Read the Bible and follow Jesus. Don't let anyone tell you what to believe but God.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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