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I have been telling you that what the lefty upper class trash royals are doing just doesn't seem to make sense, you know, with them working to destroy our economies, military, culture, and nations, which will permit China and Russia to take over and probably kill them. They even seem to be helping China and Latin America destroy the US, you know, by helping China and other nations infiltrate sleeper cells into the US and place them near US military bases.

Do you think I am wrong about the lefty upper class trash royal traitors making the US weaker so it will be easier for our enemies to defeat us and kill them?

This video shows how the left is making the US weaker, while strengthening our enemies.

What are they doing and why? Why would the British Royals help the Eastern Alliance destroy the nations and their militaries the royals need to protect them from those other nations, especially like China?

The best I could figure out was that they made a really stupid deal with China and other nations to overthrow the world, expecting power mad China to share ruling the world with the royals, which you know would never happen.

Are they really that stupid? People, China murders her own billionaires and she isn't going to murder ours?

This morning I woke up at 2 am, was praying and thinking about this and asked God to show me what is going on. He brought it together a little at a time so that, a little before 4 am, I realized the ONLY THING that does make sense.

Look, when the royals and Vatican bought land to build new palaces in Mystery Babylon from which to rule the world, they were telling us that they do not plan on ruling the world from Europe, the US, Canada, Australia or anywhere else but Babylon in Iran. They were planning to leave all of those places behind and turn to living in and ruling from Babylon so they won't need those nations and their militaries to protect them.

Now, if you are greedy and power mad royals, are you going to want to just leave those nations behind with intact cultures and economies that built the last greatest militaries in the world to build powerful militaries to oppose and overthrow your global dictatorship over them?

No, of course not.

The British Royals don't plan to stay in the US and UK so they won't depend on those nations' militaries to protect them from nations like China and, after they leave and set up their evil global dictatorship, those nations, their economies, their people, and their militaries go from being protection to being a threat. They are turning the lights out when they are leaving the room.

You are going to want to destroy those cultures, economies, and militaries and kill off as many of the people and leaders (government puppets and other royals) as you can, while taking what you can of the US and UK militaries and military industry with you to Babylon to keep you in power over the "other Muslims" (remember they converted to Islam in 2012) so the rest of the world cannot oppose you within even half a dozen generations.

The more you destroy every aspect of all of the other nations and their leaders, you know, with WWIII, the longer it will take for them to rebuild their nations and militaries to oppose your global dictatorship.

How do you do that?

You push Russia and her allies into invading and destroying Europe, the US, and Canada to stop "their aggressive actions against Russia", while encouraging China to do the same, while you take as many of the US and UK troops, weapons, and munitions along with the military industry to Mystery Babylon to join forces with some of their allies, you know, Shiite Iran, Iraq, and other Shiite Muslims (which you converted to in 2012, while continuing to pretend to be Christians), to form the Caliphate to seize control of everything after the rest of the world, including Russia and China, have been destroyed in WWIII (they destroy each other for you) and the planet has been heavily depopulated, making it much easier to control the planet longer.

Note that the US and UK already have a significant military buildup in the area so the royals would not have to take too much more of the US and UK militaries with them; just beat a hasty retreat after you lit the global fuse for WWIII.

That is the ONLY THING that makes sense and, when you connect all of the dots, it has to be what the royals and Vatican are doing. The royals don't care what is going to happen in the US and Europe because they won't be there and need to destroy them before the royals set up their global dictatorship.

Hey, wipe out almost all of the rest of the planet with WWIII, leaving only you and your little Babylonian Empire and you rule the planet for a very long time. THAT is what their depopulation is really all about. They are "saving the planet" for themselves.

People, it should only be common sense that these greedy, power mad royals do not want to share ruling the world with millions of other royals. THEY want to rule the entire planet; not just part of it or have to worry about other royals overthrowing them later, which history says they will. They probably even already know about other royal groups, you know, like Obama, plotting against them. Almost all of them are nuts. The fewer other royals, the better, baby.

You can bet they plan to murder off better than 90% of the royals on the planet because, after all, after they murder off better than 90% of ye ole peasants, why are they going to need all of the rest of those royals? To rule what, gophers?

Remember that there are more than 10 million royals globally and 10% of 10 million is still one million royals, which is still a lot of greedy, power mad royals to overthrow them. I doubt they will keep that many alive, maybe a hundred thousand.

These upper class trash are not just stupid, they are also very evil.

You see, they plan on doing like their ancestors did after ye ole flood; start out ruling just the Middle East from Babylon and then grow from there, only "do it better". Hey, they just know they are smarter than their ancestors in spite of the fact that, unlike their ancestors, they have been inbreeding for more than 3,500 years, which decreases intelligence and increases insanity.

The rest of the royals and peasants who believe the lie that they are going to share power and loot are just dead idiots, stooges, and fools walking towards their graves.

Also remember that man plans, God laughs.

Do you see why it is important to be able to tell which dots are important and to connect the right dots to get the right picture?

If the picture doesn't make sense, you need to check to see if you have all of the important dots and possibly get more dots. When my picture didn't make sense because I was leaving out some important dots, I did the synopsis for Mystery Babylon, which reminded me of important dots I was leaving out of my picture and, now that I put those important dots in the picture, the picture makes sense.


Here is something to keep an eye on.

Remember that the FBI was looking to see where someone smuggled a nuclear device across the US southern border a year or so ago and a few months ago NYC had a warning about the FBI looking for a dirty bomb?

Now they say the FBI is warning about conservatives using a dirty bomb (nuclear device) and calling for civil war.

Is this to provide cover for the left soon using a nuclear device, while committing violent acts, you know, blame the conservatives in advance so people will be more likely to believe the lie?

Keep an eye on this.

Right now I would not be surprised if some FBI agents resign in shame.

Russia vs Israel

No one is showing that they understand the relationship between Russia and Israel, not even their own allies.

This video is excellent proof of that. He provided good, accurate intel but can't read and understand what the intel says. It is like God has him and the rest of them "blinded" to the truth.

Let's do some espionage math. You know I like math.

Israel publically condemns Russia for invading Ukraine while knowing it is in self defense. She does this to appease her Western allies she depends on for the resources to defend against Iran. She will provide Ukraine with defensive things like uniforms and body armor but will not provide her with weapons and munitions to use against Russia.

Putin condemns Israel for her attacks against his allies, Iran, Syria, and others, to appease Putin's allies he needs to help him defend himself against the West, knowing these are defensive attacks by Israel to protect herself from Putin's allies but Putin will not fire at her planes or missiles even though he has the weapons and munitions to do so.

What should that tell you?

Russia and Israel are allies with each other, while being waged war against by the other's allies. They both have to appease their own allies for survival, while not committing acts of aggression or war against each other. They are trying to stay neutral in relation to each other while being allies with the other's enemies. It is a game they have to play to survive.

It is a very fine line for both of them to walk and proves that Christian Russia will not send troops to invade Israel for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 the way most preachers think Russia will and the way Israel's Western allies will (irony of ironies). I don't care what your preachers tell you, Christian Russia is not Gog and Magog; Islamic Turkey is under Erdogan.

Keep an eye on this.

An easy prediction is that, after Erdogan and his Muslim pals and army are destroyed in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, significantly depleting the number of Muslims in Turkey and the Muslim resistance to Russia taking control of Turkey, the Christians remaining will welcome Russia in taking back Turkey to reestablish Turkey as a Christian nation called Byzantium and return her former Christian cathedrals to be Christian Orthodox churches with open arms.

Islamic Istanbul will once again become Constantinople, of the Christian Byzantine Empire.

Man plans, God laughs.


I got this interesting e-mail from Mark:

"Psalm 35 is about what David's enemies did when they went after him. Surprisingly, the Psalm outlines almost exactly how the left is going after Trump today. As Solomon wrote, there is nothing new under the sun (Ecc 1:9). The enemies of David were doing the work of Satan. Is the same thing happening today? Yes, it is."

Hey, Satan still works the same way he did 6,000 years ago but, since you are not 6,000 years old and can't recognize it, God gave us the Bible so you could recognize it thousands of years later. You should thank God for that.

Remember that I have been telling you that the Republic of the US is dead and just has not finished kicking yet?

Watch this video and then tell me about it.

Does that sound even remotely like the behavior of a constitutional republic? Do you believe me yet?

Remember that it is not my fault, it is the left's fault. I am just the one telling you about it, you know, the voice crying in the wilderness.

We are not that far from the left finishing destroying this republic and firmly establishing their dictatorship when the government is acting like a dictatorship. Remember that actions speak louder than words and their actions are saying this is no longer a constitutional republic but is a communist dictatorship, their communist dictatorship.

Note that, at the end, Tucker says that everyone needs to chill or cool off but he doesn't seem to get the whole picture.

What is going on?

The left is super determined to finish setting up their criminal dictatorship and the right is trying to stop the left from setting up their criminal dictatorship so the left is committing blatant crimes against the right to stop the right from stopping the left. Think about that.

What is causing this mess and the increasing anger of the right is the left destroying the Republic of the US to set up their criminal dictatorship and, as long as the left does not stop their crimes against the right, the right is just going to keep getting more and more angry AND the left is telling you they will NOT stop trying to set up their criminal dictatorship by committing more crimes against the right to STOP THE RIGHT FROM STOPPING THE LEFT.

That is exactly what the entire Trump thing is about. Trump is trying to stop the left and the left is trying to stop Trump from stopping the left.

The left is refusing to stop and telling you with their criminal actions they are refusing to stop their crimes against the right, therefore, the left is telling you that they will continue to commit those crimes until either the left gets their criminal dictatorship over everyone, and not just the right but also the left, or until the people rise up and stop the left permanently.

The left is going to cause this war because they are not going to stop their insanity. You see, you have to fight this war because the left is forcing you to fight this war or be their slaves.

In this video Turley tells you about the increasing movement for a divorce that God told me will happen with us conservatives having safe zones or red zones but I keep warning you that won't bring the peace most people think it will because the left will just use their blue zones as sanctuaries from which to stage attacks against the red zones, which is why I keep telling you to secure your red zones.

He also explains the conflict between our two cultures that causes the lefties to hate conservatives because the lefties want to force everyone to live the way the lefties want us to live so they can have control over everyone. The left is not going to stop and they are telling you that they are not going to stop. You just might want to listen to them about that.

Commierats and RINOs

Here is something to watch.

After these traitorous Commierats and RINOs get voted out this November, they will have nothing left to lose and plenty to gain by voting really terrible bills into law between the election in November and when they leave office in January.

Right now, they are doing everything they can to steal control of this nation and set up their commie dictatorship without them going to jail and are even pushing the going to jail part. Dey gots tuh habs der dictatorship!

You are going to see their absolute worst happen really fast and they will show you just how evil they really are. They will do their absolute best to finish this nation off as quickly as possible so they can finish setting up their commie dictatorship BEFORE they leave office so they won't have to leave office in January. They will risk going to jail.

They will probably do it for "some good cause" so the stupid people will support it.

It will be one last massive power grab so you better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones and lock and load. You are about to see just how evil and vile these subhuman demons and spawn of Satan really are. They will show you their worst and true selves. You can bet they are planning this right now because they know they are going to lose.

That is an easy prediction. I wouldn't start celebrating too soon.

Remember that I told you that you will have to build a new nation after the left finishes destroy this nation? Remember that I told you that God told me that a small group of lefty commie traitors will survive this growing war and will form their own small country in the northeast US? Remember that I told you that, if you are smart, you will let them keep the official name of the United States of America so they will legally retain the responsibility for the massive debt they are running up so your new nation won't be encumbered by it?

Yeah, they will also keep the mountains of taxes they are forcing on you right now, you know, like with this latest tax bill they are forcing on you to steal more from more people faster, you know, from you.

They have legally, financially, economically screwed up the United States of America and, if they officially keep that national name, they keep all of the debt, taxes, and other things they have caused for the United States of America. Think about it.

You will be dumping what they have forced on you back on them.

Hey, how about the United Christian States of America?


Remember that I have been telling you about how bad the German military is, largely because they also have the largest and strongest economy in Europe and should have the best military?

This video REALLY does a good job of showing you 1) how bad their military is, 2) how long it takes to rebuild or ramp up a military (7 months later they are still negotiating prices with no order placed yet), and 3) how expensive it is and why. He really breaks down just what is involved in Germany buying just 35 F-35s.

Notice that he stated that the German government had been farting around for years not spending money on their military, you know, stuffing that money in ye ole pockets, until Russia invaded Ukraine and then their idiot government panicked and suddenly jumped their military spending up to $100 billion per year.

Got scared, did they? Did reality burst their upper class trash bubble world? Do you still think they are smarter than you because they stole more than you can earn?

See, the US doesn't have the only bad politicians in the world.

Notice that they are still flying the obsolete Tornado and probably only half of them can fly, still. Just like I have been telling you, Germany is still very weak and vulnerable but, since they have sold some of their weapons to Ukraine and not been able to replace those weapons yet, they are even weaker now with Russia threaenting to invade. Smart move, whackos.

Then he explains how Germany is only buying 35 F-35s for combat and I think 15 Euro Fighters for electronics warfare or ECM. Then he very adeptly shows you the true costs and logistics and that you don't just buy an airplane and fly it. This ain't 1914, people.

Everyone involved from the pilots to the ground crew have to undergo special training to do their jobs that takes time, they have to buy special support equipment, spare parts, and other costs.

Remember that Germany is STILL negotiating and has not placed an order yet, which may not happen before the first of next year, after they place that order, it will take a lot of time to build everything, and then they have to ship all of that to Germany and Germany has to take the time to set up everything. Those weapons probably won't be operational for about a year or two giving Russia plenty of time to invade weakening Europe.

As a matter of fact, Russia is going to have plenty of time to further economically weaken Europe for invasion before Europe can start actually increasing their ability to fight Russia. For the last 7 months Europe has been weakening herself by selling what weapons they do have to Ukraine for Ukraine to sell to other nations like Africa to use to invade Europe.

Remember that the Euro, Pound, and US Dollar are all declining in value and the longer they wait to place their orders, the less they will be able to buy for the same price. Hey, soon everyone will be using Russian rubles, which, right now, is the strongest currency in the world.

And Sweden and Finland actually joined this mess? Just how stupid are their politicians? What are these European upper class trash smoking? Do you get the picture yet that the EU probably won't survive this mess and, therefore, the US should stage a strategic retreat to protect the US?

Russia is not going to wait for all of the EU nations to ramp up for war. She is going to hit when the EU is weakest and most vulnerable, probably right after or during this winter, and she may not even have to invade.

Keep an eye on this.


China is starting up her "military exercises off the coast of Taiwan" again.

What I am expecting is that China will have a number of military exercises between now and their planned invasion in November and increase the size of the forces each time until she has a full invasion force safely about 10 to 15 miles off the coast of Taiwan for a very rapid and sudden surprise invasion to decrease China's losses and Taiwan's ability to defend herself.

Another effect this will have is that mentally, having so many exercises in a row will tend to cause the Taiwan forces to relax more and more so they will be less responsive when the invasion finally comes. You know, mentally wear down the enemy's forces.

Maybe Taiwan should surround the Island with special "popup mines" that sit quietly on the bottom out of reach of the ships and subs until the invasion starts, then someone pushes a button and they all pop up just beneath the surface to take out the invasion forces?

Keep an eye on this and pray for the people of Taiwan and China.

Latin America

Remember that I have been warning you that Russia and China are building up their Latin American allies to invade the US from Mexico and Cuba in the South?

I got this from Breitbart by Christian K Caruzo:

"Russian leader Vladimir Putin said on Monday that Russia is ready to provide the "most advanced types of weapons" to its allied nations, including the socialist regimes in Latin America, in a move to expand Russia's arms trade with its allies."

Gee, what a coincidence. Russia is going to make money arming these nations to invade with Russia and China from the South.

Maybe we should stage a strategic retreat from Europe to protect the US?

Every day, we get one day closer. This is not looking good and I pray that our black closet is still there and still works. We are going to need it very soon.

US and UK

Remember that I have been telling you that the US and UK are controlling the West and running things?

This video the person tells you that it was the US and UK calling the shots telling Ukraine what to do and say.

To the upper class trash, you and the people of this world are just expendable cannon fodder to be used to get what they want at your expense.

It is only a matter of time until the rest of the West realizes that, if they don't take a stand against this tyranny, they will lose everything, including most of their lives.

Stupid Humans

Stupid humans kill me. They have no common sense, especially the greedy and power mad, powerful humans, who usually got their power by force or birth and not because of intelligence but they manage to convince other stupid humans that they are more powerful because they are more intelligent.

Today's upper class trash are proving that idea ABSOLUTELY wrong because less powerful and less wealthy people are outsmarting them right and left, meaning they ain't more intelligent, they are just more willing to lie, steal, and murder and being born into a family of lying, stealing, murderers does not make you more intelligent.

People, less intelligent people work their way into power by lying, stealing, and murdering instead of thinking, designing, creating, and building their way into power.

Archaeology has shown that, as far back as the City of Ur thousands of years ago, rulers have had themselves deified or made to be gods and then died just like everyone else. Wow, that worked so well.

Today, almost all pagans believe they are either gods or their god will someday make them immortal gods. Talk about arrogance.

That is what the global dictatorship thingy is really all about. The upper class trash believe that their gods, whether Satan, Lucifer, Allah, or whoever, will return and make them immortal gods IF they set up a global dictatorship worshiping that god and they are stupid enough to believe it because they WANT to believe it because they arrogantly want to be gods.

They don't believe it because of facts or evidence but because they WANT to believe it, you know, just like today's lefty pagans believe what they want to believe in spite of the facts and evidence and even ignoring and hating the facts and evidence, which is really, really, really stupid.

If you look at the hierarchy of the original creation, you will see that there is one god being with seven spirits, of which the father spirit is the highest spirit. Then there are the angels, varying in intelligence and power, then there are us stupid humans, varying in intelligence but all with about the same physical power unless we workout more than the others, then there are the animals varying in intelligence, strength and power, and then there are the plants with no intelligence but smarter than the stupidest humans or pagans because they don't believe they are gods, meaning no intelligence is better than their intelligence.

My litmus test for stupid pagan humans who believe they are gods is, "Prove it, create just one habitable planet with all of the plants and animals by just speaking. Go ahead, I'm waiting."

They don't have to create an entire star system or even a galaxy, much less a universe like Yahweh did; just one inhabitable planet.

Stupid humans just kill me at what they believe because they want to believe it, especially today, when science openly disproves what they want to believe. My farts are smarter than those people because no intelligence is better than their intelligence.

You think I am wrong?

Name one plant that has caused just 1% of the problems stupid humans have caused. Go ahead, I'm waiting.

See, even plants are more intelligent than the upper class trash who are causing almost all of our problems today.

See, I told you so.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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