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Upper Class Trash

I saw a meme that said it pretty much like it is. It said, "We need to stop calling them elites and start referring to them as what they actually are, the parasites".

That is what they really are because that is how they get rich, by living lives of luxury on your hard working backs, not because they are smarter than you but because they are lazier than you.

They are not superior to you because they don't really contribute anything to this world with their lies, stealing, and murdering. All they do is destroy everything they touch.

They are a drain on this planet, hold the planet back and the reason why it took us thousands of years to finally make it from walking, riding animals, riding animal drawn wagons, and riding in sailboats to a high tech world, flying in jets.

Under their brutal heels, this planet didn't progress much for thousands of years until we, the people, got out from under their brutal upper class trash heels, were able to get educated, started innovating a few hundred years ago and built the world we have now, with them regularly stealing what we were building until they finally own it all again and things are getting worse for all of us again.

And they want back in control because they know what is best for us?

These evil human demons are right now taking this planet backwards so they can control, oppress, and steal from us.

The upper class trash are the worst thing that ever happened to this planet and history proves that to be true.

Food For Thought

If China and Russia along with their allies start an invasion of the West, especially the US, in November, the lefty government can declare a national emergency, declare martial law, suspend the election results, suspend the US Constitution, Congress, and the Supreme Court and temporarily set up a dictatorship until the crisis has passed with the lefty controlled Pentagon making sure they end the dictatorship, when the crisis has passed, which you know will be never.

You know that will work well. Prepare for the worst and pray for the best.

Another thing to keep an eye on is that I am seeing that China and North Korea might be sending from thousands to more than 100 thousand troops to Russia to invade Europe and probably also the US.

Then I found out that it is worse than that. China, Russia, Belarus, Tajikistan, India, Mongolia, North Korea, and other nations are having "war games" in northeastern Russia, you know, near Japan and Alaska. You know, while Russia is preparing to invade Europe and the US and China is preparing to invade Taiwan and the US.

So, how long are these war games going to last and how long will those troops stay there; until November, when China said she will take Taiwan and when Europe is expecting Russia to cut off gas to Europe during her first cold spell? Isn't the timing interesting, with Iran and North Korea also ramping up for war and more than 2 million aliens coming across the US border with who knows how many sleeper cells?

Gee, what a coincidence that our enemies are all ramping up for war on all six fronts I warned you about and to think the US only has a one front military. I pray we still have a functioning black closet.

Nah, it is just another magic coincidence. /sarc

I want to add for your assurance that there are other things that I am certain the conservative militia/military have prepared for this but I don't feel free to talk about them because I know the lefties read this blog and, what they don't know about, they can't prepare for.

I am watching for war games that will include Africa and Latin America. We still have a few months before November.

Then I found this video that, in the first part, mentioned both Latin America and Africa to next discuss China visiting and having discussions with Saudi Arabia to get them on board with the Eastern Alliance and leave Israel standing alone. Oops!

Remember that Xi and Putin recently made trips to Latin America and Africa and that Russia is selling her best weapons to other nations like Latin America and Africa. They are quickly ramping up for war against us right now. You can thank the upper class trash royals for this war.

Are you getting the picture yet?

The Eastern Alliance is ramping up on ALL fronts right now, you know, against our one front military.

BTW, Putin knows that, when the Eastern Alliance starts this military action, Ukraine will stop getting weapons, munitions, and mercenary soldiers from the West and will quickly collapse. Putin isn't worried about Ukraine.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load. You just might want to join a conservative militia that is working with the US Military.

Keep an eye on this.

Liz Cheney

What it looks like Liz Cheney is doing by running for president is that she will try to take enough votes from Trump to cost Trump either the nomination or election plus look for them to try to use open elections in as many states as possible so Commierats can vote in the Republican primary to cost Trump the nomination.

The left is always up to something. They are never honest and forthright.

They need to kick Liz out of the GOP and, if she runs as a third party candidate, it will pull more votes from the left than the right.

Keep an eye on this.

Why did Liz lose her election?

Because she is arrogant and out of touch with reality because she spends all of her time in her rich lefty bubble listening to other upper class trash lefties instead of her people. She thinks she is smarter than she is and that the people are dumber than they are.

She really believed the lefty crap that, if she led a fake tribunal to get Trump, it would save her political butt. It didn't work just like everything else the left has been trying because they are all out of touch with reality.

People, ALL of the lefty upper class trash are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN they are the only people on the planet who can think in spite of the fact that the unthinking people keep beating them.

You never over estimate yourself and under estimate your enemy.

US Constitution

I am pretty sure I told you that the US Constitution is a contract between the people and the government to protect the people from the government and, right now, our government is in breach of contract.

The Republic

Remember that I have been telling you that the Republic of the US is dead but has not finished kicking yet?

In this video he tells you that this is a bureaucratic run state or "administrative state" and no longer a republic. He tells you that he feels that the probability of returning the US to being a republic is less than 50%. At this point, the US is more likely to remain a dictatorship than return to being a republic unless the people take her back.

He gives you an example about how confident the bureaucrats are concerning them holding onto power permanently.

He explains in detail how this mess began in 1912 and has grown since then to the mess we have today. The upper class trash have been planning and working on this for more than 100 years, very quietly and very slowly, one step at a time.

They talk about how the upper class trash grew the state by increasing its funding into the beast it is today. Note that they could not have done that with the only allowed tax being a Biblical 10% flat tax on income. They had to keep increasing our taxes for more than 100 years, you know, "to do good things", to finance this super government that is a dictatorship in the final stages of making.

They speculate on whether the FBI raid of Trump's home was about Trump saying he is going to fire 50 to 70 thousand bureaucrats out of 2 million.

Were they looking for Trump's hit list concerning who he is going to fire first?

Remember that I told you that God told me that better than 80% of the people in our government are good people?

He tells you that, out of the 2 million government employees, the number of people running this administrative state is in the thousands so that, according to God, it would be less than 400,000 total bad guys with a few thousand doing the actual management. Gee, what a coincidence. God was right again.

Then they miss it when they say that there is no coordinated head running this mess. That is absolutely false because I have been watching that head too long, for decades. The administrative state is just one cog in this evil machine and they are missing the rest of the cogs because they have focused too much on that one cog.

Now, these people are not acting completely on their own because the corrupt members of the upper class work very closely with and even own and control them. You know, after the bureaucrats retire, they go work for the upper class trash for really great pay plus they probably also take bribes to offshore bank accounts. Too many of the top government bureaucrats retire and go to work for major corporations owned by the upper class trash and you can see that happening all of the time.

What they are also not telling you about is the organized good guys working behind the scenes to defeat this administrative state dictatorship, you know, like the whistle blowers you keep hearing about and I told you about in the military a few decades ago, you know, the ones forming militias to fight this corrupt government.

Remember that I told you that I have seen that Trump is right now working with the good guys in the US Military?

You can bet they are using their military espionage system to find and list the people in our government bureaucracies that Trump needs to quickly get rid of and you can bet his firing of 50,000 will only be the beginning and first wave.

The proof of that is that it has been stated that the civilian organizations Trump is working with are already training people to take over those specific jobs for the people Trump is going to fire, which means that they have to know exactly which jobs those people will be taking over to be able to train them for those jobs, which means that they have to know exactly who is going to be fired. That list is almost certainly what the FBI was looking for in Trump's home but it looks like it wasn't there. Think about that and don't forget it.

BTW, you can bet that quite a few of those whistle blowers are working with Trump and the good guys in the US Military.

This is a first class power struggle between the lefty tyrants and the people working for the people of the US. Make sure you are on the right side.

Interestingly, he tells you what I have been telling you for years, "Question everything!" I have been preaching that for decades. Do not blindly believe ANYTHING.

He obviously has been watching and learning about this mess for far less time than I have and he still has a lot left to learn. I am seeing that with more and more of these younger people who are starting to get it but they still have quite a bit to learn. It takes time to learn about this crap unless you listen to an old fart like me.

I have been studying this crap for more than half a century and neither of them is half a century old or even close to it. They are still going to need a little more time.

Remember that the upper class trash started this mess a little over 100 years ago and I started studying it a little over half a century ago so that I have been watching and studying this for the last half of its growth and development, which is a very long time.

Interestingly, they are telling you more and more of what I have been telling you. They are getting there and proving me right more and more.

Towards the end, he said it is going to take time to reverse this mess because it took over 100 years to make it and it won't happen within a few election cycles, which I told you more than a decade ago but God has since shown me that there will be a war that will reverse this for most but not all of the nation very quickly. Remember that a remnant of the commies will get to keep a small area in the northeast of the US for a number of reasons.

Do you believe yet that you are going to have to build a new and better nation?

They may not realize it but they are telling you that you will.

Then, just like I have been warning you, he pointed out that Obama is really the biggest mover in this government right now. You better keep an eye on him.

By the time you finish that video, it should be clear that this is no longer a republic but is a dictatorship and they are right now making their final grab for power. It is going to get really bad very soon and a lot of people are going to die because of these criminals.

To think it is just the "administrative state" is very simplistic and ignores the rest of the criminals involved in this insurrection of our government and you have to get rid of the rest of those criminals too. You better know who they are. These bureaucrats are just a front for the upper class trash.

I was born in this nation, I grew up in this nation, I served this nation, I loved this nation, and we all lose loved ones, morn and move on. You better get ready to move on for the sake of the people, especially our children but, first, there is going to be a war you MUST win for the children.

Government Ineptitude

I know that years ago I taught you about why the government does not and will not get the job done right and it is simply because, if they do the job right, they cannot ask for more money to stuff in their greedy pockets because they had enough money to get the job done right.

The problem is the reward system benefits them only if they don't get the job done right so they can say they need more money to hire more people because the more people they manage, the more money they get paid so they will always look for an excuse to hire more people.

"Why, if we just had more people, we could have gotten the job down right."

This video shows the CDC doing just that. They admitted that they didn't do a great job during the fakedemic and then stated that they need more money so they can do a great job, which they still won't do so they can get even more money.

"Why, no, it could not possibly be because they are just lousy managers and need to be replaced. It has to be because they needed more money to hire more people to mismanage the job so they could get paid more."

Until they change the reward system to being results based, the problem will just keep getting worse and worse.

This is why you DO NOT want the government to take care of you. They always screw it up so they can claim they need more money. I remember reading accounts by former government employees about how they were told by management to not do a good job so they could get more money.

Commie Bus

Ye ole magnificent commie traitor, Brian Stelter, got his butt and the butts of his entire traitor crew stuffed under ye ole commie bus because they used up the fool and don't need him any more.

Keep an eye on it because that is what the upper class trash do to everyone. They make really big promises, use them up, and then throw them away without remembering ye ole promises.

Do you believe me yet that all the lefties care about is themselves and their bank accounts?

Trans Crap

Do you realize who is really pushing this trans crap on kids?

Just follow the money and you will see that the chemical or pharmaceutical companies and bad doctors are making a fortune from butchering kids for life. They don't care about the kids, they only care about the money.

Gee, I wonder why this movement has so much money and support behind it?

Not really, it is pretty obvious. The more of your kids they butcher for life, the more money they make.

Do you believe me yet concerning the corruption of the chemical companies?

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is beneath them, nothing. In my opinion, they are vile spawn of Satan who cause immeasurable harm for money in the name of doing good. You just know that Satan is so very proud of his evil spawn.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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