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What the upper class trash are doing in sending more and more and better and better US weapons to Ukraine for them to sell better than 70% of them to other nations is that they are disarming the US Military while arming the nations that will invade and fight us in a weapons/money laundering racket to make the upper class trash rich and you dead.

The upper class trash are making money selling weapons to nations that will use those weapons to conquer us. The more weapons the upper class trash are sending to Ukraine, the fewer weapons our military will have to use for self defense and the more weapons our enemies will have to use against us and you can bet they are buying as many as they can. It is more pure evil by the upper class trash and they are now selling them some of our best stuff.

BTW, if you think I am wrong about the upper class trash killing off most of the royals globally, do you really believe they are going to want more than 10 million spoiled royals living in Mystery Babylon or more slaves and servants to wait on them?


The conservatives are organizing and fighting back against election corruption. They show this in this video about how they started out focusing on some key states but are now organizing on a national basis.

God has His people working just like He told me and I told you. There is hope and our hope is God.

You upper class trash royals fooled us once, shame on you, but we are not going to let you fool us twice.


I just saw a short video about how Commiefornia is going to cover a few of their water canals with solar collectors with part of it being explained by university academe working on it.

They said it would decrease land usage, which tells me they are realizing they are wasting land by covering it with solar collectors.

Less vegetation means less conversion of CO2 to O2 just like I told you and increasing the heating of the land, which is increasing the heat waves and droughts.

Then they said the water heats up more slowly than land so it won't heat up the solar collectors as much, which would increase the energy production, telling me that they are having trouble with the solar heated land heating up the solar collectors via heat radiation and decreasing energy production.

This is all telling me that they didn't properly think through the science of solar collectors and are finding out their mistakes the hard way because it amazes me how many scientists are too simple minded to think such things through right, especially college professors. They now know what I told you about not having vegetation on the ground causing sunlight to heat up the ground, which creates hot spots and deserts, and they don't seem to have figured out yet that having some of that land covered by black solar collectors just increases the heating much more so they need to quit smoking their dope in their white palaces and do more uninhibited thinking.

This is being dreamed up and put together by university academe who are not really that bright. Remember that I told you years ago that most college professors get jobs as college professors because they are not bright enough to get real jobs in the real world. They are proving it.

That is only going to be part of the heating problem, with the rest caused by the BLACK solar collectors. Those solar collectors absorb most of the sunlight hitting them and turn quite a bit of it into heat, which creates hot spots and decreases the energy production like I told you. Therefore the bare land is only part of their heating problem and probably not even half of it but it sounds like they have not figured that part out yet.

Their logic is still flawed because they are thinking that, since the water doesn't heat up as quickly or as much as the land, it won't heat up the solar collectors as much via heat radiation but they are not paying attention to why the water doesn't heat up as quickly as the land.

They make my brain hurt.

The water heats up more slowly because it REFLECTS most (better than 90%) of the sunlight hitting the water back up into the sky instead of absorbing it and turning it into heat or, in this case, back up to the back of those black solar collectors, which will absorb more of the light than the lighter colored ground, generating much more heat within the solar collectors so the solar collectors will heat up even more decreasing the energy generated by the solar collectors even more. They are going to make the problem worse by bombarding both sides of those black solar collectors with sunlight.

Wow, are they smarty pants or what?

They are saying that having the solar collectors covering part of the water will decrease the evaporation of the water, which will help with their drought, but water only reflects light and does not reflect heat so those hot solar collectors just above the water will heat up the water even more than the sunlight, increasing evaporation and making their drought worse.

Do you see how simple minded academe can be? Do you understand why all of the glorious plans for the left are failing when they are dreamed up by lefty academe?

You have to really think through every potential aspect of a problem in science to solve that problem or just do the job right and they clearly are not doing that.

Keep an eye on this because this is just going to be another failed lefty project paid for with your tax dollars.

Hey, they don't have to pay for it so why do it right?

The best place to put solar collectors is on the roof of the building.


Remember that I have been telling you that everything the left believes is wrong?

This video gives you a little glimpse into that but the people in the video miss the bigger picture.

In the video, he gets some lefties to tell you what they believe and then shows the same lefties the truth by showing videos of him interviewing Muslims in the West Bank of Israel disproving what the same lefties had said they believe about Israel and Palestinians.

They clearly changed their minds and opinions but, what the journalists missed is why do they all believe the same things that are wrong?

I first started as a Democrat moderate in college believing some of what they believe but knowing some of it was wrong because I grew up in touch with reality more than lefties do. The more I learned, the more I realized they were wrong and I quit being a Democrat, while still in college, because of what I learned and couldn't stand being wrong any more.

Then I went into the military at the end of Nam in early 1972 and found out that almost everything the lefty media and Hollywood were telling us about Vietnam, the military, and the communism was wrong. So I spent decades questioning the media and Hollywood and studying why the lefties were wrong, especially for 10 years in Los Angeles in dealing with lefties all of the time.

You have to understand that almost all lefties get their information and what they believe from their lefty professors, friends, family, Hollywood, and politicians, who all get almost everything they believe and repeat to each other from the lefty media. The lefty media are owned by the evil lefty upper class trash and the lefty journalists tell you what they are ordered to tell you by their bosses, who own the media, and they say it or get fired.

Therefore, all of these lefties are going around saying what the lefty upper class trash want everyone to believe so the upper class trash can get people to support the lefty agenda to set up a lefty/communist global dictatorship. By 1990 I became convinced that, if you believe just 10% of what you see on TV or out of Hollywood, you are GROSSLY misinformed and that is where the left gets almost 100% of what they believe, which is why they are wrong all of the time.

Today, it is even worse so that I conservatively estimate that, if you believe 5% of what you see in the lefty media or out of Hollywood, you are grossly misinformed. I see that is true every day when searching through the news for this blog to see what is going on.

But you can't just tell the lefties they are wrong and why because they will just call you names. They have to see the truth with their own eyes and that is why God is permitting the left to keep doing what they are doing and showing their true colors so people will see the truth. God is using all of this lefty insanity to open everyone's eyes so they can make an informed decision between Satan's left or God's right before God cleans house and we are getting very close to God's house cleaning.

The lefties who choose evil will just do what you see them doing by calling the truth things like racist so they can continue to believe the lies they want to believe.

Student Loans

I have been watching the news on this and I believe this is a sucker punch by the left against the right for the coming election. I have seen them do this crap before so I recognize it.

First, Biden doesn't have the authority to pay off or forgive those student loans and even Nancy Pelosi said so.

Second, Biden said he is going to forgive those loans and you know the conservatives will take him to court and prove he doesn't have the right to forgive those loans so the greedy lefty voters won't get that free money.

Third, the lefty media, politicians, and others will use this to say that the GOP shot down Biden forgiving student loans he cannot forgive to make the GOP look bad for stopping the lefties from getting their free money and to stop losing so badly in this coming election.

It is a sucker punch that the left is hoping enough stupid people will fall for.

People, let me share some things that the lefty media and corrupt politicians are not telling you about student loans.

They started out from the very beginning with a number of programs to help people who can't pay the loans or are having trouble paying them that even most people with loans don't know about. You just have to do a little research.

They have a deferment system where you file for a deferment once a year to decrease or hold off on paying on the loan until you can pay the full monthly amount on the loan without interest increasing the size of your loan.

They have a system where you can file for or request a forgiving of the loan because of your financial situation.

If something happens to where you cannot pay on the loans for 25 consecutive years, your loan is forgiven.

Now, that is the nutshell version but there is assistance for people who cannot pay on their loans.

Now this system is not working too well, which is what has caused the student loan problem but the system not working well is not justification for giving everyone free money you take from other people. It is lunacy to just give people free money taken from other people because the system does not work well and not fix the system so it will start working right.

Why are the lefty media not telling you about this? Do the morons not know what they are talking about or is keeping this secret better for their political agenda?

I did my homework and, if you don't believe me, do your homework.

Space Aliens

I am seeing increasing numbers of "Christian preachers" teaching space aliens are real and that they are even living among us.

Yeah, what are they going to do when those fake space aliens tell them to submit to the absolute rule of the lefty pagans and they tell us that Islam is the only true religion?

I figure those "superior space aliens" will either be humans in makeup or robots.

You better keep an eye on this.


Over the last few decades the pagans have brought pagan worship alters to the US for a number of pagan gods including Molech, Baal, and Satan and this is a very important thing when considered in conjunction with the pagan madness about abortion.

This video gives you a tiny glimpse into pagan cults using child sacrifice and they actually show the remains of children who were brutally sacrificed to pagan gods like Baal and Molech, who the Canaanites worshiped along with other gods.

Decades ago I was reading about the archaeology of a Canaanite city in which they had found a large public building and they had only excavated about 20 to 25 percent of the building and had found the remains of more than 300 babies that had been sacrificed to the pagan god for that building and then enclosed their bodies in special stones in the walls.

You will find this true in pagan cults all over the world. The Maya Indians sacrificed from 1,000 to 3,000 children of from about 4 to 12 years old per day on their larger alters or pyramids at the height of their civilization.

You have to really dig to find out about this child sacrifice for most pagan cults but, if you just pay attention and have a memory greater than a gold fish, you should see evidence for child sacrifice for the more prominent pagan cults. Many of them are secretly sacrificing children and even adults today.

These are just a few of a number of dots you have to connect concerning this matter.

The next dot is that ALL pagan cults require human sacrifice, especially child sacrifice. Some have been doing child sacrifice secretly for more than half a century but, if they get caught, they face charges for murder so they want child sacrifice to be legal again.

The way they are trying to sneak getting laws passed to make child sacrifice legal is by legalizing abortion and the proof for that is that they have been trying to get "post birth abortion" legalized too, you know, so they can "post birth abort their children to their pagan gods".

That is the real reason why the pagan lefties are so adamant about getting abortion legalized and, with the recent Supreme Court ruling, the pagan plans got set back more than 50 years because, when abortion was legal, they had turned their focus on legalizing post birth abortion and now they have to fight to again get abortion legalized so they can return to getting post birth abortion legalized. Their pagan gods must be really furious about this setback.

It is amazing how many people don't see this.

When you have the same group of people bringing back the worship of pagan gods that require child sacrifice and they are also trying to legalize abortion and they are also trying to legalize post birth abortion; that is legalized child sacrifice.

Keep an eye on this because murdering our children is one of the biggest reasons why God is right now judging our nation. Hey, if you are going to spill innocent blood, God will spill your blood.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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