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I got this from Fox News by Brie Stimson:

"Meghan Markle toppled Spotify king Joe Rogan this week to become number one on the platform in six different countries, including the U.S., with her new podcast 'Archetypes.'

The Duchess of Sussex welcomed her longtime friend and tennis champ Serena Williams as her first guest on the podcast Tuesday. The two talked about how the word 'ambition' has become a 'dirty, dirty word when it comes to women'."

Get the picture yet?

I am wondering if they sent it to many more people to increase the viewership to make her look more popular. They are all getting ready to make their moves.

One thing to keep an eye on is that China said they will take Taiwan in November so don't be surprised if they all make their move as surprise preemptive attacks before November.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I told you that you will have to take control of the major corporations and break them back up into the businesses that the main corporation purchased to develop a monopoly?

This video shows that concerning the meat packing corporations that will have such control over your food that you will be forced to do as they say, if you want to feed your family. For you to regain this control, you must gain control of these corporations and split them back up so they must compete for your business.

Do you believe me yet that we no longer have a free market capitalist economy?

This economy is an oligarchy or crony capitalism and doesn't even come close to being a free market capitalist economy because very few people control everything. That has to stop or you can never be free again.

It is just like I told you, no business should be allowed to buy out competitors or providers for those competitors or you end up with this mess, you know, the upper class trash controlling everything you do.

Constitutional Republic

Remember that I have been telling you that the left has destroyed our Constitutional Republic, it just has not finished kicking yet, and they are finishing it off now?

Everything the left is doing right now is unconstitutional and they are just ignoring the US Constitution. If the Constitution is not adhered to or enforced, then there is no constitution and there cannot be a constitutional republic. That is common sense.

With Zuckerberg ratting out the FBI concerning unconstitutional censorship by the government, don't be surprised if Zuckerberg ends up dead soon to prevent him from testifying about this crime by the FBI.

Keep an eye on it.

BTW, this video shows you how corrupt and evil these upper class trash are and that THEY REALLY DO CONSPIRE AGAINST YOU!!!! These people are so arrogant and agenda driven that they believe they have a right to control what you think to control what you do, you know, just like all royals have for thousands of years.

There is no longer a conspiracy theory because it is now a conspiracy fact.

These big media working with the government to censor you in violation of your First Amendment rights is unconstitutional.

Biden buying votes by giving people with school loans free money is unconstitutional. You will enjoy this video. This is also a very good video about this. People, anyone who supports Marxism under any name should go to college and study economics because Marxism cannot work because it does not take into account human behavior and greed, which always destroys the economy under any form of Marxism.

The warrant they used to raid Trump's home was unconstitutional. This video is quite telling.

A federal court refusing to adhere to a Supreme Court ruling is unconstitutional. You will see in this video just how badly the court and states are refusing to adhere to a Supreme Court ruling.

Cops changing the definitions of words so they can seize weapons is unconstitutional. As the Illinois state cops were given permission to do in this video.

Newsom, Grisham, and others ignoring the US Constitution to set up and manage their commie dictatorships is unconstitutional.

Fauci seizing control of our nation and the people with lies, misinformation, and propaganda is unconstitutional.

Any members of our upper class trash and corrupt political puppets being above the law is unconstitutional, you know, like Hillary, Pelosi, and other lefties.

They are BLATANTLY ignoring and refusing to enforce the US Constitution, therefore, we cannot have a constitutional republic and it should be extremely obvious that the left is making their final grab to replace our Constitutional Republic with their commie dictatorship just like I have been telling you and they don't have much time left to finish the job. They are working to get that job done either before this election or before the lefties voted out would have to leave office.

How many more times do they have to break the laws of the US Constitution and refuse to uphold and enforce it before you realize what is going on? And you still think you have an effective constitution?

The upper class trash just keep grabbing more and more power a little at a time but faster and faster to set up their dictatorship.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.


This video provides massive intel, especially early in the video where he tells us that Russia is providing Belarus with nuclear capable missiles and planes. You can bet that means that it also came with at least tactical nukes or they will soon get tactical nukes.

Why else would Russia provide them with nuke capable missiles and planes?

Note that He also says that an agreement was made such that, if Russia is attacked by the West, Belarus will come to the aid of Russia.

With Russia and her allies ramping up to invade Europe and the US, this is very telling and important information. It is critical information.

First, it confirms that Russia will be invading into and through Poland FROM Belarus and WITH Belarus and other allies just like I told you.

That is why Russia is making Belarus nuke capable right now so they can stage a surprise preemptive strike before the actual invasion begins AND that they will use tactical nukes and probably a few strategic nukes to weaken and break the enemy forces before engaging those enemy forces. Basically, they plan to take out the US and UK forces in the area with tactical and/or strategic nukes.

The reason for them putting these nukes in Belarus hands close to the Polish border is to decrease flight time so the US and UK forces will have less time to detect and stop those nukes, increasing the probability of those nukes completely taking out the US and UK forces in that area.

If they achieve that, the Eastern Alliance will surge through Poland and Germany and right into France so fast your head will swim. It will make the German Blitz Krieg look like a slow walk.

But it gets better.

Remember that Russia is selling her best weapons to her allies like Belarus, the African nations, and the Latin American nations, so are they all getting nuke capable weapons to use on Europe and the US?

Remember that Russia has better than 6,000 nukes and that is a lot of nukes to share with allies.

You BETTER pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load because this is getting very hot very fast.

Keep in mind that the significance of the timing for this tells me it won't be too much longer.

BTW, I am looking for confirmation that Germany has suddenly increased her investments in the Chinese economy from very low to higher than ever before, which could mean she is in the process of jumping ship from the West to join forces with the East.

Russia my not have to invade Germany and may be able to quickly and easily bypass Poland into Germany via the Baltic Sea and by flight to launch the Russian attack out of Germany directly into France and England. Keep an eye on this.

Also, if Germany flips, so will most of Europe and Russia won't have to invade Europe at all, maybe just the UK and US.

Do you believe me yet that the US needs to stage a strategic retreat from Europe to defend the US, especially with so much of Europe about to flip anyway?

Listen, Russia has nuke subs just outside of UK territorial waters that can have nukes "on target" in less than 3 minutes. Those missiles are close enough and fast enough that the UK and US forces in England won't be able to detect and react, much less stop those missiles before they take out the most significant US and UK forces in England.

This should tell you that, if Mexico and Cuba get nukes, we should stage a preemptive strike to take those nukes out before they can use them plus you know that Russia keeps nuke subs off of the US coast just outside of our territorial waters to quickly strike us. They did that when I was in during Nam.

That intel tells me that nukes are going to be used in WWIII unless the US and UK stop their aggression against Russia and give up on their global dictatorship, which should be obvious that the upper class trash will not do that.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load.

Yeah, I know that Putin said that he thinks we shouldn't use nukes but that could mean he won't use them unless he knows he has to or it was to throw us off so he could use them in a surprise attack against us.

But it gets better.

I was watching this video about "4 Reasons Gen Z is NOT Joining the Military (Marine Reacts)" to see why this Marine thinks today's kids are not joining the US Military.

Then I took a look at comments and decided to share a few with you.

"I joined the Infantry in the Army six years ago. I am 30 years old and how the priorities have changed is beyond me. Even in BLC which is Basic Leaders Course, they phased out Land Navigation and any tactical skills that a leader needs to be honing and every now and than put to test. But now you undergo extensive amount of Transgender training, SHARP, EO, any programs on how not to offend other personnel.. how to file certain paperwork. And it overrides any sort of tactical skills, this is why when a greater conflict comes about, we are probably going to see so many deaths. Some of my new privates tell me how they are allowed to have cellphones everyday now, stress cards, no such things as combatives, Marksmanship is a joke and half the time the scores are forged in order to meet the numbers. Us junior enlisted leaders walk on egg shells.

Yes they phased out a lot of the basic tactical components that makes NCOs lead their soldiers properly and give them the right block of instruction. Everything is fine for the soldiers now. You can't discipline them for not addressing you properly, or if they commit a mistake it automatically falls on you as a leader which at times I agree but, I grew up in the army where you destroy your soldier and than rebuild them to be suitable for combat, but even now if you do that it's considered hazing. And it's literally an Officer's playground now, not an NCOs world. You have a lot of my peers who only lead by theory and not practice and they get up in the ranks and lead their soldiers to failure during training events and actual combat. I'm getting out of the US Army this December. I've been told to adapt or leave, and I'm not adapting.. especially when we're close to a near peer war. We are in for some rough times. If we keep heading this way, we will soon become Rome on steroids after their fall."


"Absolutely spot on! But in terms of retention, we all know at ground level who should be promoted, but they aren't the ones. The ones who are promoted have perfectly squared away kit, get a job where they never have to sleep in a hole... and next minute they are leaders...meanwhile the real soldiers...because of a bad mouth or a rejection of at the previously mentioned "promoted" are held back. So they leave! Private security is recruiting so is the Israeli defence where is the motivation to stay? Lets not even mention the top brass; the generals...they are just politicians in a uniform!"

That should give you a little insight into the readiness for the US Military. It isn't even the military of just 10 years ago. I ain't going to sleep well for a while. Shades of Rome.

Then I found this video, which is really huge. Ignore the lies about preparing for hurricane season and helping Europe prepare for their energy shortages.

This is VERY CLEARLY the US stockpiling gas and oil for war that they know is about to go hot, especially when considered in relation to everything else that is going on.

As far as helping Europe, it will decrease their gas and oil supplies even more and increase the probability that they will flip over to join the Eastern Alliance. If enough of them flip over to join the East, they will insist we leave Europe to prevent Russia from invading so maybe this is God forcing us to stage a strategic retreat home to protect the US.

Keep an eye on it.

The Spiritual War

I want to share the ugly truth about paganism I have learned from more than half a century of studying it and what archaeology has taught me about it and I showed you some of that in my last essay.

We are on the front lines in a war between God and Satan with Satan waging this war trying to defeat God and having failed for 6,000 years already but he arrogantly thinks that some day he will eventually win but he knows he is right now running out of time so he MUST win soon and is desperate.

A lot of people don't take this war seriously and tend to dismiss paganism as being terrible. "Why, it is just some people practicing their religion, no worse than Christianity." Except that Christianity forbids human sacrifice, lying, stealing, and murder.

Based on what I have studied and especially read what pagans have written about their own cults and practices, this video is a pretty good but not great view into their lives and practices. Their paganism is much, much worse than what this video briefly shows but the important thing you see is that it is real with some pagan people showing and telling you how real it is to them and not just stories or exaggerations about them. They tell you with their own words that they love Satan and think he is good.

Did you know that it is common for pagan women to get pregnant to have a baby that will be used as a human sacrifice to their gods and this is especially true for Satanists?

I don't know how many times I have read reports about that happening within different pagan cults. They literally create a child to murder it in honor of their pagan gods. That is what abortion is really about; they want to make that murder of their children to their gods legal.

Now, let's talk about the penalty of sin or hating God, His Laws, His Word, and rejecting His payment for your crimes against His Laws.

If "you die in your sins" or without repenting of your crimes against God's Laws and accepting the payment Jesus made for your crimes on the cross, then you MUST pay for those crimes yourself.

It is just like a human amnesty program. If you are found guilty of your crimes and the court offers you amnesty for your crimes, you MUST repent of your crimes and accept that amnesty or pay for your crimes.

How will that happen?

When you die here on Earth, your soul will immediately go into Hell or God's holding tank to wait for the Judgment Day or your court appearance before God. The Bible tells us that "Hell will give up everyone in it" on Judgment Day and we will all stand before God in judgment for our actions here on Earth, both the eternally damned and the saved.

The first step on Judgment Day is that "the books will be brought out" that the angels wrote in them everything that you did, said, and thought from birth until death.

According to Biblical Law, there must be at least two witnesses for a crime or a person cannot be tried for that crime, which means there must be a minimum of two angels with you from birth until death for every second of your life and they write everything you do, say, and think (If you look onto a person to lust after them, you have committed adultery in your heart - that thought is a crime) into your books that will be brought out on Judgment Day and be read by those angels before God and all existence so that "everything will be made known" to everyone about everyone.

There will be no question as to your guilt for any crime you committed against God's Law or as to why you committed that crime, which is why all of your thoughts are also being recorded. You won't be able to tell any lies to save your butt.

Then, after all of the books have been read for all of the people who have ever existed, they will bring out the "Book of Life", which will contain the names of everyone who accepted the payment Jesus made for their crimes against God's Laws and we will be separated into two groups with "the goats" or eternally damned being ushered to God's left, and "the sheep" or eternally saved found in the Book of Life being ushered to God's right.

Then the angels will usher the eternally damned into the Lake of Fire, "where the worm never dies" or your soul never dies and you will burn in unimaginable agony forever to pay for your crimes against God's Laws because you rejected God's payment for your crimes and to prevent you from causing harm to others ever again, while the eternally saved will go into Paradise with God and the angels forever.

You really need to think about that eternally damned thing because it will be the most horrific thing that can happen to you, Satan, and the demons. The Bible says there will be "wailing and gnashing of teeth".

You have to understand that the Lake of Fire will be a bottomless pit of fire that is so hot that it will burn everything but your eternal soul, which means, the fire will be hotter than any sun in our cosmos so there won't be any light photons and it will be utter darkness that will be felt in your soul and you will feel the pain caused by the fire. The "wailing" will be you and everyone else screaming in agony forever and the "gnashing of teeth" will be everyone tightly packed together biting, hitting, kicking, and clawing everyone else around them to try to relieve their own agony forever.

I heard a preacher say something figuratively very true, which is that on the back side to the gates of that Lake of Fire will be written "No Hope", meaning there will never be any hope of the pain stopping or diminishing.

Just think about whether your temporary sins will be worth spending eternity in the Lake of Fire.

Let's say you live to be 10,000 years old here on Earth with really great health as the wealthiest person on Earth able to commit adultery with anyone you want, able to tell any lie you want, able to steal anything you want, able to murder anyone you want, able to commit any crime against God's Laws and other people you want and then you have to spend ETERNITY in the Lake of Fire. Even that criminal life would not be worth that punishment.

On the other hand, if you repent of your crimes against God's Laws, accept the payment God made for your crimes, and live a good Christian life for even just one day or 10,000 years, you will spend eternity in Paradise with God, the angels, and all other good people to never have to worry about any of Satan's people causing you harm again forever.

Your choice, choose wisely.

I thank God for my salvation all of the time, sometimes, many times a day, because just the thought of eternal damnation is beyond horrific but the thought of spending eternity enjoying God's love for me is wonderful.

This is an interesting video providing proofs concerning the Bible, God, and Christianity. Think about it.


I told you that, in one of my dreams, God told me that, following the war, we will leave a small area in the northeast of the US for the lefty commie traitors to use as a sanctuary from us.

What I saw was two areas with the first area being an extremely crowed area like New York City but much more crowded, where we could not get any communications or information about the rest of the nation and life was terrible with everyone but our commie leaders living in poverty and telling us that the rest of the nation was much worse off to assure us.

Then I found out that, if I headed south to a good sized but thin peninsula that we controlled the eastern half of but the West controlled the Western half of, I could see into the rest of the nation. So I traveled south and looked into the Western part of the nation where everyone prospered and lived well, telling me that the lefty leaders were lying to the people.

I looked at a map of the northeast US and only found two places where there are such peninsulas. One is on the southeastern end of New Jersey and just across the water from New York City and the other is on the southeastern corner of Delaware. For years I have kept an open mind about which area this might include and am now pretty sure it has to do with New Jersey and New York City because of what I am seeing the left doing with New York City today.

This video provides some of the information about how bad the left is making New York City and I am convinced that God is using this exodus to drive good people out of New York City to prepare for only the bad people or lefties to live in poverty and oppression following the war.

I am certain that area around New York City will be their sanctuary for the lefties following the war. The left is going to get what they want but only in a small part of the US and they won't like it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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