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This is a very interesting video showing God keeping his Word to King David and it being proved by archaeology.

PLUS it being proven in Babylon has to have some meaning from God.

Then I thought about it and realized that the king of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, destroyed Jerusalem almost 3,000 years ago and the king of Jerusalem, Jesus, will destroy Babylon in about the next decade or so and that ain't no coincidence.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you," and that others includes God doing unto you. Jesus is going to do unto Babylon as Babylon did unto Jerusalem. Think about it.

Eyes Opening

Remember that I have been telling you that God is opening eyes and people are reacting accordingly?

This video shows this is very true with increasing numbers of people fighting back against the corrupt upper class trash leaders.


Remember that I told you that the royals learned thousands of years ago to gain control of the land to control the people?

What the royals do is control enough of the land so you have to live on the land they control so that, if you do or say anything they don't like, they will kick you off of their land and you won't have any place to live. With this system, most people will do and say whatever they are told, giving the upper class trash absolute control over them.

This video shows you that the upper class trash are doing that in the US RIGHT NOW! There is no doubt about it being what they are doing buying up all of the land. They are working to control the land to control you.

The people are waking up to this and starting to fight back.

But that video does not address the fact that the upper class trash started buying up residential property years ago for the same reasons and are driving the prices of homes so high that fewer and fewer people can buy homes.

If they keep this up, it won't be too much longer before you will be forced to live in their homes on their land AGAIN!

If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

Keep an eye on this.


I am seeing news where the left is surprisingly mocking the Queen's death so I am wondering why.

Is this to distract from King Charles being so unpopular with the Brits or to make people think he will be better?

I do not stand with these lefties but you should remember that the Queen spent decades funding George Soros and others like him through her British Lords as middle men for her so she should be a lefty hero. This has me wondering why the left is mocking her.

Also remember that she had final say on everything the British Government and the British Common Wealth like Canada did and it caused a lot of harm to a lot of people, while she was Queen, by doing things like starting wars in Tunisia, Libya, and Syrian and toppled governments in those countries plus Egypt, Georgia, and Ukraine, while supporting tyrants like Trudeau.

I don't care what the media are telling you, the Queen of England was no angel and not even a good person.

I am wondering if the left attacking her for doing the things they thought were good is because she wouldn't nuke Russia to get Russia out of their way in setting up their beloved communist global dictatorship?

I am keeping an eye on this because it looks like the left is up to something here and it could be getting lefties to support King Charles in nuking Russia or in getting rid of her puppets and middle men so they can be replaced by King Charles' puppets and middle people like Liz Truss replacing Johnson?

Then I found this video stating the fact that Charles and Truss are both avowed globalists and undoubtedly wanted to get the Queen and Johnson out of their way because she was failing.

At one point he told you that Charles proclaimed himself to "be the defender of faiths" (plural) stating that he is pagan and he also told you that he is a friend with evil Klaus Schwab. Britain just went from the frying pan into the fire.

Keep an eye on this.

Days later, the media seem to have changed their tune about ye ole Queen and I am noticing something interesting about the Queen's death and the media, especially the US media. The royal worshipping is sickening. The media are playing up the Queen as a Heavenly Saint (and also the rest of the British Royals), who did no wrong, and making too many stupid Americans think that they would love to have a queen too. They are going overboard with how wonderful, magnificent, and saintly the Queen was, when she really wasn't.

They are making it look like a horrible crime if you dare tell the ugly truth about her.

Did they start out saying bad things about ye ole Queen as a sucker punch to draw out and silence the royal critics?

"Why, it had to be paradise to live under her rule!"

People, she was human and had plenty of flaws. She caused harm to people for power and wealth while doing everything she could to make herself look saintly. Always remember that she financed George Soros and his accomplices, who caused harm to a lot of people.

Is this the left prepping the stupid people to want Meghan to be their president and then later become their queen? Are they also prepping all of the West for accepting an open monarchy?

"I mean, after all, she is a Disney princes, right?" (She worked for Disney for a while and is a British princes so you know what the stupid people are going to think.) "Hey, a Disney princes can't do no wrong, baby."

It sure looks like it so keep an eye on this. The timing is so very impeccable. You know the royals will get everything they can out of this.

People, with as openly terrible, oppressive, corrupt, and evil as most of our politicians are, it wouldn't take much for the left to convince most of the people that we would be better off with a monarchy again. Most of them don't know anything about how terrible it was to live under the absolute rule by the royals and they have been watching too much Disney, where the royals are all so wonderful.

BTW, have you noticed how much William and Harry are "grieving for the Queen"? Every time you see a picture of them that has any relationship to the Queen's death, they are smiling, laughing, and having a good time. Keep an eye on it.

Replacing Afghan Joe

Remember that I have been telling you that the Commierats have to get rid of Afghan Joe soon to prevent him from being impeached and replaced with a conservative by the Republicans?

This video shows you that 52% of the Americans support the impeachment of Afghan Joe.

And you think the GOP won't impeach Afghan Joe if they gain control of Congress?

That will only encourage the GOP to impeach Afghan Joe and everyone knows it, which is why some of the Commierats have been openly talking about replacing Afghan Joe by way of the Speaker of the House so the GOP can't replace him with a conservative the same way. Listen, a significant number of Americans will vote for the GOP just to get rid of Afghan Joe.

I know the Commierats are really stupid and evil but I have trouble believing they are so stupid they don't plan on replacing Afghan Joe so the GOP can't replace him with a conservative, especially with the GOP promising that they will replace Afghan Joe.

When the GOP gains control of the House, they get to select the Speak of the House, who is second in line to replace the president and you can bet they won't elect Pelosi or any other Commierat to the job before replacing Afghan Joe.

This video shows just how bad the left has made everyone's lives, which will motivate most people to vote for the GOP to get rid of the Commierats and Afghan Joe.

The left knows all of this and is trying to turn the tide for this coming election with lies, misinformation, and propaganda but it only seems to be working a little and not enough. They are hoping there are enough stupid people who will believe their lies and vote for them and remember that an increasing number of rich lefties are fleeing this nation before this election.

And the left is not planning to replace Afghan Joe so the GOP can't replace him with a conservative? Really?

Keep an eye on this.

Nuclear War

There are a number of things that the lefty upper class trash just told you when they made it clear that, in order to win this war they started against Russia, they will use nukes and everyone applauded, you know, all of those arrogant fool royals. You have to understand that those upper class trash British Royals just made nuclear war inevitable.

You have to understand that, with the British Royals controlling the Commierats in the US, Putin knows those royals are just using the US and everyone else in the West as proxies to fight their wars for them or royal cannon fodder. You can thank your lefty politicians for that.

First, they are telling you that they know that everything they have been telling you about nuclear warfare for more than two thirds of a century to scare you into submitting to their military industry was a lie. They are telling you that they KNOW that nuclear warfare will not wipe out all life on Earth and not even all human life, you know, just like I have been telling you or they would not be so eager to start a nuclear war.

As a matter of fact, they are telling you that they have access to nuke shelters where they expect to survive but the arrogant, ignorant, fools are too stupid to realize that those upper class trash shelters will be Putin's number one targets and I know how to take out even the best of those shelters or at least seal them so nobody will ever be coming out of them alive.

You can bet Putin and his generals know that too.

Second, their green energy thingy is pure bull crap because a nuke war with Russia is not going to be good for our planet's climate. It may not wipe out all life but it will wipe out a lot of life and won't be the healthiest thing we humans have done on Earth. If they really cared about this planet's future, they would not be happily charging off to start a nuke war.

Third, they know and have no problem with a nuclear war killing off most of you because they have been telling you for more than one third of a century they plan to kill almost all of you off anyway. They were saying to you, "Sucks to be you" because of them.

Basically, the Brits are saying to Putin, "Surrender to us and we will kill you, your families, and most of your people or we will nuke you and kill you, your families, and most of your people."

Now put yourself in Putin's place with the only choices the upper class trash just left him and his people and then ask yourself, "What would I do?"

They have left Putin two choices, niegther of them good so you take the lesser of 2 evils, 1) sit on his butt doing nothing until the West nukes Moscow and kills Putin, his family, and his people or 2) stage a preemptive surprise nuclear strike against the UK and other pertinent nuclear targets in the West in hopes of preventing the West from nuking Russia.

Guess what he is going to do and the upper class trash are so arrogant and stupid that they obviously have not figured this out or they would not have made their intentions public except to try to bluff and scare Putin again, though Putin has not taken even one of their bluffs yet so you can bet he won't take this bluff. Putin knows by way of his spies what is going on.

The lefties are saying, "Hey, everything else we have tried is failing so a nuclear war is bound to succeed!" If they still want their global dictatorship, it is the only option they have left.

You have to understand some very important things about nuclear warfare. First, when dealing with ye ole Soviet Union, we knew they planned to do things like move 80% of their people to massive underground cities with industrial areas that are nuke shelters to save those people so those people could continue their economy to support the continued war effort because we knew a nuke war would not wipe out all life on the planet and there would probably be a continued war following the nuke war. They also planned to move at least their most important military units and equipment to nuke shelters.

We did the math and very conservatively figured it would have taken the Soviet Union at least two weeks, probably longer, to prepare for a nuke war so we kept a very close eye on that to give us time to get our key people and military into nuke shelters and bases we referred to as Uncle Sam's Black Closet. Most Americans didn't know it, but we also planned on moving a lot of them to nuke shelters; besides, we knew most of those outside the nuke shelters would survive.

Putin and his spies know that and, since they have been threatened by Britain with a nuclear first strike, they know they cannot give away their intentions by doing those things because they have to stage a surprise first strike and two weeks warning ain't a surprise attack.

When Putin was positioning nukes over the last 6 months, he was already aiming those missiles for a surprise preemptive strike because he and his spies knew what was coming. Almost all of those missiles are programmed with key targets. All he has to do is give the command at about 2 am and things will suddenly get very interesting.

Do the nuke math and you will see what Putin is going to do. From the Western border of Belarus to London is only about 2,000 kilometers or 1,200 miles. A nuke armed hypersonic missile traveling at 5,000 mph would cover that distance from launch in about 15 minutes. That is not enough time for the British early warning systems to detect those missiles, put their military in motion, call the evil upper class trash to warn them, and the evil upper class trash to get their families up and to the bottom of the stairs, much less to a nuke shelter.

Plus Putin has all of Europe surrounded by ships and subs with nuke missiles and with aircraft and land based missiles that can be there from launch in 5 minutes or less and the idiot upper class trash want to telegraph a message to Putin, "Hey, we is are be goin' tuh nuke yuh, boy!"? Really?

In a preemptive nuke war like this, you have to kill from the top down to get rid of "command and control" first to cause chaos in the enemy forces. This means that the primary target will be all of the evil upper class trash royals and their rich cousins who own our governments. You can bet that Putin and his spies know the exact location of all of their homes, businesses, and any place they would hide or seek shelter and those locations are programmed into nuke missiles aimed at them right now with 2 to 4 missiles aimed at the most important jerks (he has over 6,000 nuke warheads.) Putin's nukes will storm the upper class trash castles for you and Windsor Castle is about to become smoldering rubble.

His secondary targets will be all of the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats causing this mess along with all of the key military targets he has to quickly take out to cripple Britain.

Hey, with the British Isle glowing in the dark, it will make a great night light for the rest of Europe.

Putin will also target key upper class trash, political, and military targets in France and the US because the only Western nations that have nukes are the US, UK, France, and Israel (the US forces in Germany have some tactical nukes), which is why I say that the US should give nukes to Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan to spread those nukes around a little to make it tougher for someone like Russia or China to take them all out but ye ole upper class trash are too power mad to share such power with key allies.

I am seeing shadows moving in the background that tell me that Meghan and Harry are about to make their move to "take back ye ole British Colonies." Keep an eye on this.

Too much is coming together at the same time.

Note that, if Putin takes out almost all of the British Royals in England, Scotland, and Wales, Obama won't have to take any of them out to have control of the Western forces. All he will have to do is seize control of the US. Plus it is going to make it much easier for Obama to blame Israel for nuking Chicago with Israel not condemning and providing weapons against Russia.


I am noticing that they are censoring the news sources that used to provide accurate information concerning the Ukrainian War. Now all I see are the fake news sources that were always putting out stories about how Ukraine was winning the war that kept being proved wrong and they are putting out much, much more fake news about how Ukraine is suddenly crushing Russia.

With what? When did they sneak at least half a million trained and armed soldiers into Ukraine?

If you believe their crap, you would believe that Ukraine is knocking at Moscow's door.

They are obviously prepping the psychological battle field for something so I am watching to see what will happen next.

Sailboat Cruising

Remember that I told you that, when ye ole fecal matter hits ye ole fan, these cruisers, especially from the West, will have very serious problems in at least some of the nations they are visiting?

I am already seeing more and more nations treating the cruisers worse and worse. That tells me that, after ye ole fecal matter hits ye ole fan, it is going to get really terrible. I would not be surprised to see some cruisers be locked up, robbed of everything, and murdered. They need to be aware of what is going on in this world before their head out to use the world as their playground.

One thing that will really hurt them is that most of the cruisers are rich people, with all of them being perceived as being rich by the people in those other countries and those people in other countries blame the rich Westerners for all of their problems so it will be revenge time for those people. It will be brutal.

Keep an eye on this because it is showing the changing attitudes towards the West by other nations.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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