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Nuclear War

This video sets up an important lesson everyone needs to learn and shows how ignorant everyone is about life functions and nuclear war.

First, the biologically ignorant wealthy are more concerned with having all kinds of luxury items in their nuke shelters and nothing about balanced biosystems to support life for prolonged periods of time. It shows me how ignorant and stupid most rich people are. Hey, as long as they have their luxury, they will die happy.

Notice that the ads for those nuke shelters is about spas, art galleries, and such but not showing and explaining biosystems to support life functions.

Instead of balanced biosystems, they show things like lots of tanks full of oxygen, which will run out and then what?

When it comes to science, most rich people are not intelligent enough to pass freshman college level courses and depend on other people solving such problems for them.

Then the hosts show their ignorance about nuclear warfare and that all they know is the doomsday crap they saw on TV.

"Why try to survive because everyone is going to die?"

No they won't. Most people will actually survive. Almost everyone will be really surprised when they wake up the day after a nuke war and life goes on. Life will have been changed but it will go on for most people.

Afghan Joe

This video is interesting and I am wondering if they are going to prosecute the people involved to get Afghan Joe to accept a plea deal to leave office early the way they did with Nixon so they can replace Afghan Joe.

The timing is very interesting, you know, just before the elections.

You have to understand that, with the information they have, if the GOP gets control of both houses in Congress, Afghan Joe will be impeached and possibly go to jail so the left brings charges against Afghan Joe now to get him to leave with a plea deal so the Commierats can replace him before the GOP takes control of Congress and the Commierats can put the replacement they want in office.

Keep an eye on it.


Russia just staged a big attack on Kiev so I will be watching to see if, in any future Zelensky videos, there will be any signs of damage to "Kiev".

Russia hit a number of buildings, including a deserted German embassy, so there should be at least some signs of damage including scars on the pavement, especially since the attacks seem to be continuing.

BTW, Germany won't respond because Russia would clean her up.

You can see some of the damage in this video so watch for any signs of damage in Zelensky videos.

I also want to know why Putin didn't get Zelensky; didn't Putin know where Zelensky was hiding?

Oh yeah, Putin didn't attack England...yet.

I just saw a video (it was more than 2 hours long so I only watched about an hour of it and won't post it) where they were speculating as to why Russia is moving large numbers of weapons and troops into Belarus, you know, the entry point for invading into Poland.

Gee, I wonder why, don't you? Gee, you don't think that maybe they are moving their best troops there plus the troops they have been replacing in Ukraine, do you?

They are wondering if Belarus is getting ready to invade Ukraine.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

Every day, we get one day closer.

Remember that I have been telling you that Russia has been preparing for this war for years?

This video tells you that Putin has been "building a civilization state for the last decade".

Gee, what a coincidence that Putin has been working with other Eastern Allies to prepare for this war for more than a decade just like I told you.

Gee, he also told you that Putin is on a Christian crusade to destroy the Satanic pagan West just like I told you he is doing because the Western nations are being run by lefty satanic pagans and Russia is now the only Christian run nation.

Guess whose side God is on in that fight?

Note that, with the Eastern Alliance winning this war against the Western globalists and stopping their globalism, the Eastern Alliance will be saving the lives of billions of people by stopping the global depopulation by the Western upper class trash royals.

This also means that Putin may not have to invade Europe and the US so keep an eye on that but also keep in mind that he may still have to invade one or both.

The Western leaders are idiots. They just can't leave other people alone and have to have control and power over everyone.

The Western idiots attacked the bridge to Crimea, celebrated for a day and then Putin hit 100 to 150 targets in Ukraine with pin point accuracy and, strangely, the celebrating stopped again. They never learn.

What Putin did show is that he knows where every important target is in Ukraine and that he can hit any and all of them any time he wants. He took out every target he went after. They are calling it the heaviest attacks since the war began.

But hold it, I thought Russia was running out of missiles and was getting her butt kicked? Have they been lying to us? Have you noticed that every time Putin goes on the attack, he makes the liars look bad?

Then Zelensky started begging the West, meaning the US, for more help and money, you know, your tax dollars. Hey, the military industry can't steal enough from you fast enough.

After the recent missile strikes by Russia in Ukraine, Zelensky is begging for SAM systems to knock down missiles and planes so Germany sold Zelensky some of their weapons, leaving Germany even more exposed to an invasion by Russia.

This means there will be fewer German SAM missiles to stop Russian missiles and aircraft staging a pre-invasion strike so those missiles and aircraft will hit and destroy more German targets.

Putin must be laughing his butt off.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash are inbred stupid?

Also, Putin doesn't just know where all of the key targets are in Ukraine but also the exact GPS location for every key target in Poland, Romania, Germany, France, Britain, the US, and the rest of the Western nations. His spies have made sure of that.

BTW, at the start of the war, Ukraine only had 94 fighter and attack aircraft, Putin destroyed about 65% or about 61 in the first few weeks, leaving Ukraine with only about 33 combat aircraft, and has destroyed more since. Putin has thousands of combat aircraft and absolute air superiority in this war.

I doubt that Putin has used even 20% of his combat aircraft in this war.

Ukraine CANNOT win this war. For Ukraine to win this war, they would have to quickly get thousands of combat aircraft AND trained and experienced pilots and no one, not even the US, can give them that and it would take them several years to train up the pilots. Do the math.

It is like I have been telling you from the start, Putin has not even started to fight this war and has absolute control over it. When his troops pull back, it is probably to pull the Western troops into a trap or cauldron because his missiles and aircraft could destroy any ground forces moving against his troops.

Putin is trying to win this war with minimal force and will be forced by the West to eventually go to all-out war against the West because the West has already proved they will not quit their hostilities against Russia.

Get it straight that Putin is not worried or stressed about losing the Ukrainian War. He does not "have his back to a wall" and is not desperate. It is the West that is desperate and lying their butts off to keep you supporting the upper class trash crimes.

I just found out that Putin and Belarus are telling people that the combined Russian/Belarus forces on Belarus' western border with Poland I have been telling you about is being called a "defensive force" because "Belarus and Russia are concerned the US might invade Belarus" in spite of the fact that there are not enough troops in Poland for an offensive force and they are trying to build up an adequate defensive force to stop an invasion by Russia.

Is Putin calling it a defensive force because he is going to use it to defend Russia by invading Europe?

This should tell you that both sides are building up forces along that border because they both know Russia and Belarus are getting ready to invade Europe to stop the left's crap against Russia by stopping weapons and munitions to Ukraine.

What I expect is that Putin will stage troops for the invasion, try to sucker punch the West into committing an act of war against Belarus and Russian troops to justify the invasion, and then stage an attack against Europe. It is obviously getting close.

Then I just found out that the US Military is doing construction on their Cold War underground nuclear shelters I have told you about a number of times. They pretty much let these facilities go following the fall of the Soviet Union with just minimum maintenance and occupation and now they are suddenly doing significant construction on these facilities, you know, like they are preparing for an imminent war using nukes. Gee, what a coincidence.

Do you see all of the dots that are telling us that we are about to be attacked by the Eastern Alliance?

There is no question about it or they would not be taking all of these steps right now.

One reason why they are probably planning to pull back into these nuke facilities, from which they can wage full scale war, is to protect themselves from the many sleeper cells the Eastern Alliance has in the US right now. Those nuke shelters will be much easier to defend and more difficult to defeat.

Green Energy

Here is an easy prediction. As they keep increasing the number and size of solar and wind energy farms, the heat waves will keep getting worse because they are destroying vegetation that provides ground cover to prevent the sunlight from being absorbed by the ground and turned into heat and the solar collectors are black, which will absorb more sunlight and turn it into heat and not just into electricity.

Keep an eye on this.

Spoiled Americans

Remember that I told you that we Americans are spoiled people and most people don't know it so they can't appreciate it?

At about 6:30 into this video he shows you why we are the most spoiled people in history. Even most poor people live lives of more luxury than the rich did in 1800. They didn't even have bicycles back then so you people who love bicycles are able to enjoy a luxury that even the richest people could not enjoy in 1800; you brats.

Isn't it wonderful being more blessed by God and spoiled than even the richest people were in 1800? Do you realize that Jesus, the Son of God, never got to ride a bicycle?

Think about that. Be thankful and appreciative of what you have and thank God.


The upper class trash arrogantly want to murder you off with their "depopulation" so they don't have to share the planet with you.

If they want to decrease the global population "to save the planet", tell them to lead by example and depopulate themselves first. Hey, show us how to do it, baby.

It isn't like the planet will stop turning when they die. They won't be any more missed than anyone else. They just like to think they are more important than they are.

Something you need to understand is that at least the leaders of the Eastern Alliance know that they are fighting for their lives because the Western upper class trash royals plan to murder them all off so, if they lose, they better die fighting.

Listen, they are not in this for power and control but for survival and they know it. The leaders of the Eastern Alliance KNOW that, if they lose this war, they die and the only way they can survive is if they win.

Also, the Western upper class trash royals started building nuke shelters in places like New Zealand at least 5 to 10 years ago.

What should that tell you?

They knew they were going to start this nuke war and have been planning for it for at least 5 to 10 years.

You better know that Putin and Xi know where the upper class trash are building their nuke shelters and how to take them out but the upper class trash are so arrogant and over confident, they still think they can survive this nuke war they are causing.

Do you believe me yet that they are inbred royal idiots?


The one group of criminals that always get away with their crimes are the academe. The evil members of the academe always teach their students to commit crimes against humanity and then, when those students commit those horrid crimes, the academe always get away with their crimes. The evil members of the academe have been getting away with their crimes against humanity for thousands of years and it needs to stop.

It is a crime to tell someone to commit a crime and teaching someone to commit a crime is telling them to commit a crime. Therefore, academe who teach their students to commit crimes should pay the same or higher price than their students do when the students commit the crime the academe taught those students to commit.

If you hang the students who committed the crimes, you should hang the academe who taught them to commit those crimes. If you hang a few hundred academe for their parts in their crimes against humanity, the rest will think twice before teaching/telling their students to commit crimes.

The academe and their great sounding stupid ideas are the primary cause of almost all major crimes, especially those committed by the upper class trash. You have to stop crime at its root by stopping the ideas concerning committing those crimes. After all, the academe teaching their students to commit those crimes is a form of conspiring to commit a crime.


This morning I realized that the best way to stop China's sleeper cells inside the US from destroying and taking over the US is to help Taiwan take Beijing and turn the entire nation into a true republic that will be on our side.

You take them over before they can take you over.

Rome II

Remember that I have been telling you that you are right now living through the fall of Rome II?

This video shows you quite a bit of that. People, a Constitutional Republic that is $31 trillion in debt is already dead and just not finished kicking yet. We will have to form a new nation to get out from under that debt and let the traitors have the Republic of the US so we can build a new republic without that debt.

Keep in mind that those thousands of people losing their jobs right now are increasing the number of people who have nothing to lose and everything to gain by fighting in a war or rebellion. They will be angry at the upper class trash and hungry. They will fight hard.

By destroying this nation, the upper class trash are building the army that will fight against them and sack their castles.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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