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The military industry leaders are so greedy that they don't realize Putin is using them. All those arrogant fools can see is their lies causing you to buy more of their weapons and make them more wealthy.

While Putin is staging an attack against Ukraine with his missiles and jets to destroy the power and water to drive out civilians to clear the area for an all-out invasion, he is very slowly pulling his troops back to fool the morons into believing he is losing the war, while destroying more of Ukraine's forces. This is causing the Western leaders to become over confident and get stupid, dropping their guard, and making Putin's offensive a complete surprise.

The idiots are going to get caught with their pants down scrambling to react, while losing a lot of ground and troops very quickly.

One thing that will happen with this is that, with the highways and rails tied up with fleeing civilians because they don't have water to drink, when the Ukrainian forces try to flee the advancing Russian Army the way they did the first time, they will run into a road block of civilians so they will be forced to turn and fight, making it easier for the Russians to wipe them out, or surrender to Russia.

Then I found this videothat tells us that 1,000 communities are now without power and water, which is going to cause a massive exodus from Ukraine. They have to get to water to drink.

Then they tell you that Ukraine and NATO forces are openly planning a big attack on Kherson, which is just all-out war against Russia by the West and proving that they got over confident like I just told you. Don't be surprised to see one or more tactical nukes used in this fight, which is probably why Putin is evacuating civilians from that area.

It should be blatantly obvious that the West is forcing this war to escalate to an open war between the West and Russia.

Pay attention to the escalating violence they talk about in Europe at the end of the video. Europe is about to blow itself apart. They are going to be too busy fighting their own people to fight Russia. Everything the upper class trash are doing is failing.

You can bet that the rich all have their own power sources for their mansions so that, when the people are in the dark and cold, the rich will be using lights and be comfortable.

Never, ever, ever underestimate your enemy and over estimate yourself.

Remember that I have been telling you that all of this stuff about Ukraine and Russia was planned out and pushed on everyone by the US and UK?

This video shows you again and again how it was the US and UK and it was all planned, staged, and put together by them.

They even show Ben Stiller and his people showing up and meeting Zelensky to begin their propaganda campaign. That video gives you quite a bit of detail concerning the use of green screens and everything concerning Zelensky being phony.

They even tell you about the phony war videos I have been telling you about that the left uses to make it look like Ukraine is crushing Russia.

They didn't say anything about it but do you believe me yet that they built a fake Kiev, probably in England, to show the mighty warrior, Zelensky the Great, in the streets of Kiev?

At the end of that video they finally stated that Zelensky probably isn't even in Ukraine just like I have been telling you. I keep waiting for someone to expose where Kiev II is.

I still think that, because of Johnson being able to go back and forth between Kiev with Zelensky and the British Parliament in one day, it is probably in England near 3 of Zelensky's rich properties in London.

They expose quite a bit about the left's propaganda and lies and show you some examples.

You can't believe a thing the left and military industry tell you.

Then I found out that the EU is "scrambling for rare earths" because China is cutting off rare earth metals to the West. Russia and China are systematically destroying our economies to weaken us for invasion.

I can't wait until we are in Paradise with God and without any of these greedy, power mad criminals starting wars for money and power or any other forms of corruption. There will be eternal peace and that is what this test called life is about. We are being tested to see who will chose right and who will chose causing harm and death to others for money and power.

The ones who choose what is right go into eternal Paradise with God and the others go into eternal damnation with their god, Satan, to protect the good people from those evil spawn of Satan.

Court Case

The further I get into this court case, the more I learn, and the more furious I become at how much the upper class trash and their academe have corrupted our legal system to make themselves above the law and deny you, the people, justice. Our legal system is almost infinitely more corrupt than anything I had ever imagined.

Do you believe me yet that the top people are corrupt royals who are imposing their absolute rule over us just like they have for thousands of years?

The legal system is NOTHING like what they teach you in school or on TV, NOTHING!

If you cannot afford an attorney or get an attorney to take your case on consignment, you can't get justice and the judges have rules that say they can't even listen to any testimony you provide if you don't have the right degree from the right university and you would be amazed at how much ignorance and corruption is written into our laws because of that. You mean nothing in our legal system unless you are rich, you know, just like royals.

I am convinced that this system has become so corrupted by the upper class trash that God has to use the Eastern Alliance to destroy our Western nations so we will be forced to rebuild from the ground up. Every time I learn more about how corrupt this system is, I am stunned to where I have trouble thinking. Their evil corruption is mind blowing.

I am finding that the government can do as they please, make up any laws they want regardless of the Constitution or science, especially at the city level, and get away with their crimes against the people because none of the attorneys care. All they care about is money. No one cares about stopping the corruption or enforcing the US Constitution.

I am even more certain now that the Republic is dead and just has not finished kicking yet. You better pray long, pray hard, pray often.

Get this, I have studied all of the hard sciences but don't have a degree in them so I cannot testify in defense of myself concerning science but the obviously scientifically ignorant judge, DA, and code enforcement person can make charges against me supposedly about science that are clearly scientifically wrong. Their charges were so ignorant that, when they first started making their charges against me, I couldn't help but laugh at what they were saying so the judge called me down for laughing and said I was supposed to be serious.

I will debate all 3 of them at the same time concerning any science with a Ph.D. in science as the moderator and easily win. I will crush them but I can't testify in defense of myself because my word isn't valid in a court of law but their ignorant words are.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

Their procedural rules mean more than our Constitution, your freedoms, your rights, and the truth. The truth means nothing to them, not one thing. They hate the truth and the light but love the lie and their evil darkness.

I can teach the science to prove that Fauci is a liar and criminal but, because of their rules, in a court of law, my word means nothing and, therefore, science means nothing. Fauci's word is law because he has all of the right credentials and is a "government expert" regardless of the fact that he bragged about being a liar on TV and his word should mean nothing.

So it is not possible for me to take down the great lefty god, Fauci, because my word means nothing in a court of law, if any MDs testify against him, the government will pull their license, and, if a Ph.D. testifies against Fauci, they won't get any more government research grants to pay their salaries, so they are all financially silenced. With their system, you can't use true science to take down Fauci; he is above the law and knows it.

Justice for me but not for thee.

We, the people, mean nothing to our rulers, not one thing. It is atrocious.

I now understand why God has had to destroy so many nations in the past; because they all became so corrupt that God had to destroy them to force the people to build new and less corrupt nations from scratch for the sake of the people. God is the only one on your side.

You people don't know enough to overcome their evil corruption so God has to destroy their evil corruption to free you from their evil corruption.

Plus you also have to understand that I MUST fight this fight for myself and other poor people like me because, if I just pay their fines, they will just keep fining me until I cannot pay the fines and then use me owning them fines to seize my property to make a nice profit selling my property to the rich people fleeing California and make me homeless, which, with my health, will kill me. I am fighting for my home and my life.

I have no choice in this because I must fight to the death to save my home from their unconstitutional and illegal racket. God will have to save my butt somehow.

I see why God gave us His Law to live by and protect us from this corruption.

Remember that I have warned you about the situation that the upper class trash and chemical companies have created that is much, much worse than the situation that caused the Black Plague 700 years ago?

I am wondering if God is about to use that to spread the Black Plague through our nations to punish us and the upper class trash and help bring our nations down. They used a fakedemic to bully, oppress, steal from, control, and terrorize the people so it would only be right and normal for God to use a real pandemic on them to stop their evil. Keep an eye on that.

I pray that God will deliver us out of the hands of our internal enemies and deliver those enemies into jail or Hell where they cannot cause harm to people any more.

You also have to understand that God is patient and long suffering, giving these people a chance to repent of their sins and crimes against us before He passes judgment on them.

More Corruption

This video shows you even more corruption within the cattle industry. Satan's corrupt people have taken over and corrupted every part of our nation.

It is clearly going to take the hand of God to clean up our mess. I am trying to help and the corruption is crippling my efforts. It is such a struggle.

If it were not for the good people I see also fighting, I would just give up on this nation and tell God to destroy it so we can start over again. The good people still fighting give me hope.

Why did the government set up such procedural rules?

Because they are ignorant concerning science and too stupid to understand science and to be able to determine the difference between science truth and science lies. Therefore, they set up silly, ineffective rules concerning credentials so that, if a person does not have those credentials, the judges are not even allowed to listen to what the person says but, if a person has those credentials, they MUST believe whatever that person says, Fauci knows this and has put together all of the best credentials so he can get away with telling any and all lies he wants. He can even change what he says and they will still believe him because of his credentials. They worship the credentials and whoever has them.

Fauci's credentials won't do him any good burning in Hell or on Judgment Day when everything will be made known. He will no longer be above the law and be the law but will be judged by the Law of God. I can't touch the pagan god, Fauci, but God can and remember that "God sets up whom He sets up and brings down whom He brings down" and Fauci won't live forever but the Lake of Fire will. No one, not even Fauci is above God's Law.

What I have been told I have to do is get an attorney who will bring in people with those credentials to testify for me because the court won't listen to me.

I guess this is training for me because, during the Tribulation, I won't be able to touch or bring down the Antichrist either because only Jesus can bring him down at Armageddon. I have to learn to live with the wicked rulers and teach the people the truth. That is my job for God, a job that I spent 2 to 3 years trying to talk God into giving to someone else like you and I only do it because God wants me to do it, you know, God's will be done. I definitely didn't want it and, if He told me right now I did not have to do it, I would thank Him and go home to live happily with Him. It is a job I can't wait to get it over with and move on to a better life with Jesus.

If I am going to do a job, I do my best and God has to do the rest.

Because of their ignorance and stupidity, they have turned their government and rules into a fanatical religion or cult to where the people with the right credentials are infallible gods and the knowledgeable people without credentials are lowly peasants no one should believe unless those people are repeating the lies of the gods.

Your judges, DAs, attorneys, journalists, politicians and other experts are too ignorant and stupid to understand science but they can understand credentials so the people with credentials must be believed without question because they are too ignorant and stupid to even question them.

I have learned that all of my knowledge without the right credentials means absolutely nothing to them because they are too ignorant and stupid to understand the knowledge and that is dangerous.

When I first began studying science in college more than half a century ago, I was amazed and it gave me great hope for the future of this nation. That hope has been dash by the ignorant lefties getting in power and control and ruining everything. They have taken us back to the intellectual and scientific medieval times so that their government is their false religion and they cannot believe anything the government does not say or that contradicts what the government says.

This is what happens when the stupid people work their way into power and run everything. They destroy the truth so their word can become the truth.

That is why the people blindly believed everything the royals told them for thousands of years. You see, the royals were the only ones who got any kind of formal education until the last few hundred years and mostly the last century. Therefore, the people were forced to just blindly believe the royals about everything, which the royals used to lie to the people and turn the royals into the equivalent of gods and they have returned us to doing that again. Welcome back to the intellectual and scientific Dark Ages. Satan and his pagans screw up everything.


I am seeing increasing numbers of people booing and verbally attacking lefty politicians like AOC and Afghan Joe. This increasing anger is telling me that the people are almost angry enough to stage a violent rebellion to free themselves from the oppressive tyranny of the left. They are almost ready to storm the castles of the upper class trash.

God has opened enough eyes so that enough people have become angry enough to stage a rebellion and, if the GOP doesn't take back control of both houses because of a rigged election so that the system will have failed the people, then watch for the people to move outside of the system to regain control of their nation with a rebellion. When the system fails them because of corruption, they will stop trying to use that system and use whatever will work.

Keep an eye on this.


This video does a pretty good job of covering the details of why the US will probably lose WWIII. He is a former Marine and has a pretty good idea of what he is talking about.

I want you to pay attention to a clip at about 9:30 to 10 minutes into that video with Trump speaking and you need to pay attention to him saying, "We have weapons you have never seen or heard about." That is the black closet I have been telling you about and it tells me that it was still functioning less than 2 years ago but Afghan Joe and the rest have done massive damage to our military very quickly.

Now, I believe there is a strong probability that the military has not told anyone except Reagan and Trump about the black closet since Carter compromised our national security by making stealth technology public knowledge and, if that is true, they won't be able to damage what they don't know about.

One reason why I believe that is because we had a policy in the military that, for you to be told about anything classified in the military you have to have "a need to know" or had to know about that something to do your job and they may have just said that our bad idiot presidents didn't have a need to know.

Now, our conventional military has been destroyed and weakened by the left to keep it from stopping the left's global dictatorship so that it cannot win WWIII against the 4 nations he told you about and I have been telling you about unless it gets a lot of help from Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and the Philippines, which is why I feel strongly we need to give a few dozen nukes to Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.

Note that he tells you how they are right now destroying the effectiveness of our special operations units, which is critical. He shows you how insane the people are at the top in the Pentagon who have been promoted because of political connections and not because of military fighting performance and there are a bunch of them in the Pentagon.

BTW, concerning US nukes, the last I checked, we had thousands of our nuke warheads not even on missiles or bombs sitting in secure ammo dumps that will have to be mounted on weapons before they can be used and Russia has all of her nukes mounted. That is not good for the US.

Plus remember that we know the military has been quickly ramping up for this war because we found out that they restarted the 11th Airborne in Alaska as a special Arctic unit to stop an invasion of Alaska like I had been warning you about. We don't know how much they are ramping up because they are probably keeping most of that secret.

Those last 3 allies are very strong and can contain China and North Korea, especially with our help but, in Europe, I don't think our European allies are strong enough to defeat Russia, Belarus, other Russian allies from near that area, and the Africa Union, even with the UK forces, at the same time we have to fight China and North Korea. Plus it looks like the upper class trash are determined to cost us a few top units in Europe because we are probably going to lose Europe.

Plus I have warned you about the sleeper cells from different nations already embedded within the US and other forces that will be simultaneously attacking the US from outside. Those sleeper cells are a critical part of this war and could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

For the US to survive that part of the war, especially since the idiots at the top are not going to stage a strategic retreat of US forces back to the US from Europe, some really good field general or colonel will have to seize control of the small functional remains of the US Military in the US early in the fighting, kick the very dysfunctional Pentagon out of the way, quickly recruit all of the good US veterans and militia members who can still fight, open up ye ole black closet to let them out to play, and fight that war like a Berserker. He is going to have to hit every threat hard and fast before they can do much damage.

We are going to have to have God save our butts and God has shown me in several dreams that He will do that but we have to repent of our sins, turn back to God, and call on God's name to get that help.

To make things even worse, in this video, Turley shows you how our number one ally in the West and the nation whose royals are causing all of this mess, the UK, is falling apart and probably won't be able to save their own butts, much less our butts, while Russia is gaining in power.

Note that Turley tells you that Russia has been preparing for all of this since at least the last decade, you know, just like I have been warning you for years. It really does help to pay attention, which the upper class trash royals have obviously not been doing.

And you think the inbred upper class trash royals are more intelligent than you because they stole more money than you can earn? Really?

Then he shows that Turkey is joining the Eastern Alliance like I told you they would. Erdogan sees the writing on ye ole wall.

Remember that I warned you that our lefty pagan nation should not pick a fight with Christian run Russia and that we would get our butts handed to us because God will fight for the Christian nation against the pagan nation and that is happening.

What we need to do is repent of our sins, turn back to God, call on God's name, and take back our nation to make it a Christian run nation again before it is too late.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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