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Remember that I have been warning you that the lefties are brutal savages?

This video shows just how evil they really are. The Canadian evil college professors have taught the doctors to WANT to murder children and babies to save the government money so the upper class trash, including those evil college professors, can put that saved money in their greedy pockets.

Note that, when they save the government money, they never return it to the tax payers, the money always magically disappears into their greedy pockets, you know, just another way to steal from you by saving the money by not spending it on you.

Do you believe me yet that these pagan monsters and human demons don't care about ANYONE but themselves and their bank accounts?

These evil things today, almost make Nazis look like saints. No wonder they are supporting the Ukrainian Nazis.

I am convinced that the lefty upper class trash are absolutely the worst criminals in history and hanging would be too good for them but great for the world. I can only believe that these evil things absolutely deserve eternal damnation in the Lake of Fire, known as the second death or separation from God. They deserve nothing less.

Words just cannot describe how evil these things are and they just keep getting worse.

Hey, if you criminals want to depopulate the planet, lead by example and depopulate yourselves first. You would be surprised at how fast that would solve all of our major problems in this world.

Have you noticed how Satan's spawn get one thing they want that is evil and then start working to get the next most evil thing. They NEVER stop because only death can stop them. They will always dream up something more evil they will want.

BTW, I have to believe that at least part of this thing about butchers calling themselves doctors murdering children without parental consent is to make it legal to murder those children as child sacrifices to their pagan god, Satan.

Nah, they wouldn't be evil pagan satanic witch doctors, would they?

They infuriate me. They just can't leave other people alone.

Murder Vaccine

I am keeping an eye on the increasing deaths among the vaccinated and there seems to be increasing numbers of them dying younger than normal from cardiac arrest but we need to see more information.

Mark even sent me a link to an article on it but they are intentionally not doing the right research on it, you know, like they are hiding something. They know what research needs to be done but are not doing it.

The murder vaccines do not keep you from being infected or spreading the disease, which are the only two reasons to get the vaccines, but are showing increasing numbers of cardiac arrest, even among young, healthy people. Basically, the vaccines don't protect you and will kill you so only ignorant and stupid people will get the vaccines that just quadrupled in price.

Hey, if they don't work and do kill you, they must be worth more money, right? Do you believe me that the upper class trash can't steal enough from enough people fast enough?

I dare anyone to convince me that the top people involved in this mess shouldn't be hung. Go ahead, I am waiting.

Why should they live when they know they are murdering other people for money?

If they stop living, they stop murdering other people for money.

Remember that I have been warning you that the lefties who think they will get to enjoy special rights, freedoms, and power sharing when the lefty dictatorship is established will also be mostly killed off, you know, purged?

At the beginning of this video they tell you about a Commierat governor whose daughter was probably killed by the murder vaccine. The lefty upper class trash are already killing off even lefty politicians just like I told you they would because, with no people left to govern, the upper class trash won't need those governors even they can't trust any more.

And you can bet that most of the people who got the murder vaccine are lefties and, therefore, most of the people being killed by that murder vaccine are lefties.

When you get the shot, they are not asking whether or not you are a traitor. They just give you the shot and kill you regardless of whose side you are on.

Hey, that is one way to get rid of traitors.

Keep an eye on this.

Then I found this video about the murder vaccine. It makes it very clear that they are using these vaccines to depopulate the planet and they are also making a lot of money murdering you all off.

People, if the experts keep covering up for something that is obviously not protecting anyone but is killing many, they are on the take from those making the money from murdering people and are accomplices in the crimes being committed.

Do you believe me yet that this is a murder vaccine? Do you understand why I called on God to use a plague to get rid of and stop these evil things, you know, to protect children?

Eternal damnation is the RIGHT punishment for these evil things because they are determined to murder you all off. God knew what He was doing when He set up their punishment.

I can't wait until Judgment Day when we will finally be free of these evil things forever.

At least we know that most of the people they are murdering right now are the stupid lefty voters who support and follow their evil leaders. They are paying with their lives. Be careful who you vote for because they may want to murder you, you know, like the lefty upper class are openly telling you they do.


Does this video tell us that they have finally found something for taking down the evil Dr. Dracula Fauci?

When they depose these evil things under oath, there is no telling what else they will come up with as crimes committed by these things and others.

Keep an eye on this.

Climate Con

Remember that I told you that, with them cutting down so much vegetation for these solar and wind farms they were going to cause a big increase in CO2 because the plants convert CO2 to O2 for animals to breath? Remember that I also told you that these farms would cause heat waves because they are causing sunlight to hit more ground and the energy devices, especially the black solar collectors, generating more heat?

This video tells you that they are already having massive increases in "greenhouse gases" and heat waves. Gee, what a coincidence.

Both will keep getting worse until they start doing away with these massive green energy farms and start planting plants to replace what the geniuses have destroyed and is making these things worse.

They didn't really have a problem before but they sure have created a really big one.

Just remember that Satan is their pagan god, he wants to wipe out mankind and the occult are stupid enough to help him wipe out themselves.


I keep seeing Christians arguing whether or not they should practice the rituals for Halloween or how they can enjoy Halloween.

Why their kids are just so cute in their little outfits so who cares that they are worshiping and teaching their children to worship Satan by being involved in this satanic holiday and festival? Besides, they are stupid enough to sell their souls to Satan for free candy; kind of cheap, huh?

I know I told you that in my 3 salvation dreams, Satan used attractive things to entice me to be his. In all three dreams, he had the gates of Hell looking like a very attractive white garden rail fence that was surprisingly tempting because it was so beautiful and, in the last two dreams, he showed up himself to offer me everything he could, you know, like great wealth, ruling the world, sex with all the women I wanted, fame, and much more. 3 nights in a row, I rejected his offers and enticements but, when I Jesus offered me His love at the end of the last dream, I accepted that.

To me, God's love is worth more than the entire planet, including free candy and cute Halloween costumes.

Why would I insult God by worshiping Satan and his demons on Halloween? What other pagan religious rituals are you going to worship in to honor some other pagan god next?

This video tells you why you SHOULD NOT have anything to do with Halloween. If you love Jesus, you should abhor Halloween and not want to have anything to do with it.

Listen, the main themes of Halloween are witches, goblins, ghouls, ghosts, and such, which are all purely satanic so that Halloween is a satanic religious holiday and ritual. Participating in Halloween in any way is like attending a satanic church and participating in their satanic rituals. No Christian should want to do that or have their children do that.

I believe that one reason for this nation being judged and failing is because of too many Christians worshiping Satan on Halloween and that is what you are doing, worshiping Satan on Halloween, a satanic religious holiday. Jesus said you must choose between Him and Satan, you can't have both, and too many of you choose Satan every year.

Note that he said that only 13% of Christian preachers tell their people NOT to worship on Halloween so that means that 87% don't care whether their people worship Satan on Halloween.

Gee, you think that might be part of why God is punishing this nation?

People, if you participate in any pagan religious ritual, you are inviting Satan and his demons into your life and they will stampede in as fast as they can. It often leads to demonic possession, with most people not realizing it.

All of those crazy lefty pagans going around doing really insane stuff are almost certainly demon possessed with those demons causing them to do that insane stuff. Go ahead, convince me that transies are not demon possessed, you know, with many of them wearing those satanic Halloween costumes year round.

If you think they are not demon possessed, just put yourself in place of the children they want to destroy those children's bodies with trans surgeries that will screw up your body for life.

How would you like to be living in a body today that the trans nuts destroyed when you were a child?

Just watch the far left and everything they are doing is demon possession based. They are evil because they opened themselves up to being possessed by evil and Halloween opens you up to being possessed by evil by inviting demons into your life by worshiping Satan and his demons.

European Invasion

Do you still not believe me that Russia is ramping up to invade Europe?

Watch this video about Germany preparing for their citizens to survive an invasion and bombardment by Russia.

Gee, they sure are spending a lot of time and money preparing to protect their citizens against something that is not going to happen, aren't they?

They know that Russia is ramping up to invade through Poland and Germany into France just like I have been telling you. He even points out that 42% of Germans fear a war with Russia is coming.


This video tells us that Putin is still not wanting to fight a war, much less escalate the war. He is still offering Zelensky a chance to negotiate peace but Zelensky is still refusing to do anything but fight.

The Western upper class trash royals are determined to force Putin to invade the US and Europe because they don't think he will and think he will eventually back down.

They don't think too well, do they?

EU vs US

It looks like the split between Europe and the US is happening right now. I am looking for confirmation on this video but it looks really well done, which shows that the two biggest, richest, and most powerful nations in the EU, France and Germany, are at odds with the US and working together against at least some US policies.

This in conjunction with other cracks in the Western Alliance such as Italy, Hungary, Serbia, and others tell me the Western Alliance is falling apart and, hopefully, that will prevent WWIII but may not. It may even encourage nations like Iran, China, and North Korea to go on the war path against the US and Europe.

It is interesting that this split between the US and EU is happening just before the US election.

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, Hungary is now buds with China and probably a member of the Eastern Alliance so they are already jumping ship just like I said they would.

BTW, the US, UK, and EU are using sanctioning Russian oil to force people to accept their over priced and unreliable renewable energy to make the upper class trash more wealthy at the expense of the people.

Pelosi Attacker

I feel it necessary to post here who Pelosi's attacker is because the media are trying to make it look like he is a conservative Republican. He is anything but a conservative as this video shows. He is briefly and quickly identified at about 3:26 in that video as a homeless man with mental problems and he is involved in lefty behaviors. He is clearly not a conservative and definitely not a Christian.

Maybe he was looking for Pelosi because he blames her for him being homeless?

Then I later found out that he is a member of the far left Green Party and other lefty things. His insanity is likely caused by using a lot of drugs.


I am sure I told you some time ago that, for us to get our nation back from the left, rich conservatives must start buying up lefty media to get the truth to the people.

This video shows you that is what is now going on and this is only the beginning. I think that what they might be doing is waiting until the lefty media destroy themselves so the rich conservatives can buy those media out cheap, causing the rich lefties to lose a lot of money so they can't use that money somewhere else against the people.

Don't be surprised if you find yourself being waiting on at MacDonald's by lefty journalists.

"Hey, you want fries with our lies?"

Just one more great sounding stupid idea of the left that is failing.

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, Zuckerberg has now lost $100 billion and is now down to less than $30 billion, which may not last him the rest of the year. I am wondering how much more he can lose before the banks own it all and he is shopping for a box in an alley.

I also found out that Bezos just lost $1 billion and is expected to lose another $23 billion by the end of the year.


When I started studying biology in the late 1960s, I developed a hypothesis I have been keeping an eye on since, you know, for more than half a century now.

That hypothesis was that I thought that the chemicals we were exposing our bodies to where causing an increase in cancer so I have just been keeping an eye on this.

At that time, they only expected one in 100 people to get cancer.

I watched as we kept exposing ourselves to more and more chemicals that cancer rate kept getting worse with it being one in 50, then one in 30, then one in 20, and today everyone is expected to get at least one type of cancer.

I also noticed that, as we expose ourselves to more chemicals, increasing numbers of people have been having allergies and becoming sterile.

Molecular biology tells me that those chemicals getting inside our cells is almost certainly causing those problems. Those chemicals are having random chemical reactions inside our cells that are causing our cells to malfunction and cause those problems.

Keep an eye on this.

God showed me in a dream that He will have to supernaturally heal most of the Christians after this war is over.


Remember that I told you that, if Taiwan invaded China and secures ground, some of the military divisions would probably jump ship, join forces with Taiwan, and help set up a republic? Remember that I also told you that, most likely, Taiwan knows who those officers are?

This video shows you there is a lot of hidden hatred in China for the CCP and you can bet there are officers in China's military who quietly hate the CCP.

If those officers see a chance to bring down the CCP and set up a republic in China, they will.

Keep an eye on this.

Upper Class Trash

It seems that the lefty upper class trash royals are so greedy and power mad they didn't think through their depopulation thingy very well.

They are beginning to realize that the depopulation thingy is beginning to destroy the economy.

Of course it will because, if you decrease the number of people you are also decreasing the number of customers, which will decrease business revenues, which will decrease the economy. When you wipe out 95% of the global population, you are wiping out almost all of your customers and economy and that will bankrupt their businesses.

Then you have to understand the effects of depopulation on the value of your currency. If you decrease the number of people, then you are decreasing the demand for your currency, which will crease the value for your currency, which will cause inflation to explode so the rich upper class trash royals will end up much less wealthy.

If you put both of those factors together, you should realize that many of them will go broke and lose everything they have.

On the other hand, the more people you have, the greater the demand for the currency and the greater number of customers you will have so your wealth will increase.

Why do you think there are so many mega wealthy billionaires today with 8 billion people as compared to in the past when there were many fewer people and customers?

For them, the depopulation thingy is the worst thing that can happen to them.

Do you believe me yet that having more money does not mean you are more intelligent, it just means you have more money? Do you still think they are smarter than you because they have more money than you?

Almost all of them started with more money than you and all they did was increase their wealth because they could invest more.


I disagree with this Marine's statement about how well the Ukrainian Military is fighting because it has become known that many of them are not even Ukrainian and are even US and UK soldiers but what he says otherwise is very true and interesting in this video. Note that he says that the mortality rate greatly favors Russia with 10 to 15 Ukrainians dying for every Russian soldier killed, unlike what the lying media are telling you.

Then he warns you about what I have been warning you about the US and Europe expending weapons and munitions faster than we are making them so that we are decreasing our ability to defend ourselves. I told you that it takes time to build today's weapons and you can't just pump them out every 15 minutes.

Do you believe me yet that Russia is buying weapons from other nations like Iran so they can stockpile their own weapons to invade the US and Europe?

Putin knows that we are disarming ourselves so that the longer he keeps this war going the weaker the US and Europe will be so he will be able to more easily be able to successfully invade us. Our own evil upper class trash plans are backfiring on them big time.

The US and Europe are trying to weaken Russia that way but Putin has flipped that around weakening us while building himself. It is just another great sounding stupid idea of the upper class trash failing.

Also, remember that I have been telling you that Russia is NOT losing this war but is winning it?

In this video the same Marine tells you that Russia is winning the war and will win the war and why. Note that he points out that it is RIGHT NOW a war between the West and Russia, he points out that the UK and US are keeping this war going.

He also tells you that Putin won't settle with things being the way they are such as Ukraine being used by NATO to continue to wage a proxy war against Russia. He says Russia is getting ready to finish this war but he seems to think that only means Russia will finish destroying the Ukrainian Military and he doesn't seem to realize yet that means WWIII like I have been warning you.

Putin isn't just going to finish by destroying the Ukrainian Military but by destroying NATO's military because he knows this is really a war between NATO and Russia. Therefore, he will fight to defeat NATO like I have been telling you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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