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Chinese Sleeper Cells

Remember that I have told you that China uses government/military run businesses to set up businesses or buy land in the US and hire soldiers to work those businesses as sleeper cells?

This video tells you that COSCO was one of the first such businesses and it is one of the biggest. It buys ports, businesses, and land all over the world and then it hires employees who just happen to be Chinese soldiers.

Years ago I read about one such acquisition by China in Idaho in which no one but Chinese "employees" can go that has more than 50,000 employees living there. That is a pretty good size military base.

My conservative estimate is that there must be hundreds of thousands of Chinese soldiers in sleeper cells all over just the US and possibly millions. It is a massive Chinese army inside the US gates waiting for orders.

Remember that I told you that China has a lot of sleeper cell troops in Los Angeles and that God showed me in several dreams that He will destroy LA?

Notice that is one of the 3 major ports China owns part of on the West Coast.

Gee, what a coincidence.

EU vs US

Remember that I have been telling you that tensions are growing between the EU and the US/UK?

This video shows that those tensions are greatly increasing and could turn the EU away from the US and even provide the EU with an excuse to jump ship and join the Eastern Alliance.

And you think it is Putin who is in trouble? Really?

The lefty upper class trash plans are failing really bad and you can bet that, with the traitor Commierats expected to lose control of Congress, the EU may also abandon the lefty upper class trash globalists.

Man plans, God laughs.

Keep an eye on this. We may not have to have a nuke war with the Eastern Alliance after all.

Keep Praying because it looks like it may be working.

I told you that the lefty upper class trash should not have picked a fight with Christian Putin and Russia.

Man plans, God laughs.

BTW, Afghan Joe has not called Netanyahu to congratulate him on regaining power but his staff did call the Muslim Palestinian leader to show support for a Palestinian state on Israeli soil, betraying Israel.

Remember that I told you that, in 2012, the lefty upper class trash and their supporters converted to Islam?


Iran just launched a "satellite" into space. I keep waiting to find out that their satellite has one or more nuke missiles on it to just drop on an enemy, you know, like Israel or the US.

Keep an eye on this.

New Age

If you want to see how satanic the New Age cult is, just watch this video because she tells you a number of beliefs that are also taught in Satan worship. Gee, what a coincidence.

First, she was taught she is a god, which is exactly what Satan worship teaches but the Bible says there is only one God and you ain't it.

Second, she believed that she was among the "spiritual elites", which is another thing Satanists are taught. They are taught that everyone else is beneath them, you know, just like the royals.

Third, she believed that ghosts are supernatural and a good thing, which is another thing Satanists are taught. After all, Satan's people worship death, which is what the Halloween skeletons are really all about, they are symbolic of death.

BTW, ghosts and spirits are really just demons, you know, Satan's people or troops.

Overall, what she described about New Age is satanic.

Replacing Afghan Joe

Remember that I told you that the left has been talking about replacing Afghan Joe with someone who can't be impeached by the GOP, you know, they never were a corrupt politician? Remember that I said that, in order to accomplish this, they have to get rid of Afghan Joe, Kruella, and Pelosi?

More and more the left has been talking about getting rid of Afghan Joe and Pelosi and I have explained why.

Today, lefty George Will, said that Afghan Joe AND Kruella MUST not run in 2024, in other words, they both need to bow out or quit. They are finally telling you that they need and plan to get rid of all 3 just like I have been telling you, especially if the GOP gets control of both the House and Senate.

I told you the left was going to get rid of all 3 and replace Afghan Joe with someone new to politics like Meghan, daughter-in-law of King Charles III. The reason for all of the "infighting" between Meghan and Harry vs Charles is to distance themselves from Charles to fool the stupid people in the US into believing Meghan and Harry are rebels and not family of the crown taking back ye ole colonies.

This tells me that it will happen soon, probably right after the election.

It looks like Pelosi is using the attack on her husband as an excuse to not run for office again plus she knows that the GOP will take the House so she will no longer be able to abuse the power of the Speaker of the House to make lots of money. Gee, what a coincidence.

Watch her resign soon.


The US Military has changed our nuclear strategy to staging a preemptive strike against Russia, "if all else fails", whatever they decide that means. Well, it actually means they are planning to start a nuke war and preemptively strike to take out Russia so they can set up their global dictatorship.

All that is going to do is push Putin to attack first and sooner with a nuke strike.

The upper class trash lefties are determined to start a nuke war because they actually believe they will survive (but not you peasants) because of their expensive luxury basements they think are nuke shelters. They are idiots.

Then I just heard that suddenly our war mongering government is sending ambassadors to talk to Putin's and Xi's people about peace, especially nuclear peace. They are not talking about peace in Ukraine, just nuclear peace between the US and Russia.

Have their bluffs failed again and they realize they just might actually start a nuke war and lose it? Or are they trying to get Putin to lower his guard so they can stage the first strike or preemptive strike?

Something that has me concerned is our idiot leaders have arranged a meeting in Indonesia between Xi and Afghan Joe and, when Xi sees how screwed up and feeble Afghan Joe is, it will probably encourage Xi to go on the war path. Keep an eye on that.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash are stupid from too much inbreeding?

It is no coincidence that the West is suddenly trying to talk peace with both Putin and Xi at the same time.

BTW, they are finally saying what I have been telling you for some time, the US is NOT ready for a war with China and Russia. Wow, it took them long enough to figure that one out.

Yeah, their bluff has been exposed and now everyone knows.

Stupid Lefties

How stupid are the lefties?

They are protesting Musk laying off a lot of lefty employees and are getting lefty advertisers to withdraw their advertising, causing Twitter to lose money and have to lay off more lefty employees because they are not making enough money now to pay those lefty employees.

Smart move, fools. Hey, why don't you shoot yourselves in the other foot?


This is a very good video oncerning the science of nuke EMPs. This guy knows what he is talking about.

He tells you what I told you about EMPs not being like what Hollyweird tells you. Yes, Hollyweird and Teebee really are full of crap. If you believe just 5% of what you see on TeeBee or out of Hollyweird, you are grossly misinformed.

Note that, at the very first, he points out what I told you about surface range and power of an EMP is dependent on the throw weight of the nuke in relation to the altitude of the detonation. Note how he shows how the affect or power of the EMP decreases rapidly to a relatively small area at ground zero and its actual shape is distorted by the Earth's magnetic field.

No, one EMP will not wipe out all life on the planet or even the entire electrical power grid like Hollyweird makes it look. Pending the strength of the EMPs generated, it could take half a dozen or more nukes to generate enough EMP power to take out even most of the US grid.

He does tell you that we have things in place that will minimize the effects of an EMP for taking out certain things like the power grid but doesn't tell you about such things as "hardened devices" or "shielding", which he may tell you about in his next video.

For example, if you use electronic devices with hardened components or have a room in which you keep your electronic devices that is shielded, they will be much less likely to burn out or even be damaged. You could shield a computer room and the garage to protect your computers and vehicles.

During the Cold War, we used hardened components and shielding to protect our weapons systems like aircraft, ships, tanks, and other things.

After the Cold War, the greedy upper class trash saved money on such devices by no longer using them so they could launder that money into their greedy pockets putting our national security at risk, the butt holes. They may have resumed hardening and shielding some time ago and I sure hope so.

Yes, we developed counter measures for EMPs a long time ago that Hollyweird or TeeBee do not know about. When it comes to science, they are incredibly ignorant people just like I have been telling you.

Another thing he did not tell you about is that an EMP will cause "current flow" or an "energy spike" generating heat in ANYTHING through which electrons can flow, including electronic components in an open circuit or not even attached to a circuit, you know, just sitting in a drawer, that can burn those components out and even cause fires. An EMP can burn out electric motors, generators, alternators, batteries, wiring, and other devices so that even your electric powered tools probably won't work so you won't be able to fix things without manual hand tools and your electric bikes and cars will probably burst into flames unless they are shielded.

It is very likely that your house, car, workshop, or any other object that even just has wiring for lights will catch fire and burn down, pending the strength of the EMP and your position in relation to the EMP.

Can an EMP destroy our entire power grid like Hollyweird shows you?

No, but a group of EMPs done right can destroy most of the grid but that is not very likely because they have to get all of the right size nukes to the right altitude in the right places at the right time without any of them being shot down by our nuke defenses.

Will a nuke war be as bad as our ignorant Hollyweird and TeeBee tell you?


Will it be good or fun?

No, but most of you will probably survive it so prepare to survive.

Are you beginning to see how complicated a nuke war is and that it is not the simplistic bull crap Hollyweird and TeeBee tell you?

There is much, much more to a nuke war than they tell you and there are limitations to all nuke weapons just like any other weapons.

I am curious to see what that guy will tell you about EMPs in his next video. That will be interesting.

Election Results

I was waiting for the final results to see whether they rigged the elections and how much and how many stupid people there are in the US.

The final election results are not in but, either the Commierats rigged the crap out of this election or more than half the people in the US are beyond brain dead stupid. With all of the talk about the "Great Red Wave" or the "Red Tsunami", it never happened. This nation is dead and is giving us its final kicks.

Then I saw this video showing that, in many ways, the GOP did very well. In other ways, they did not do so well. He shows that, once again, the media always trying to hype everything instead of just reporting the news, they had everyone thinking it was going to be miraculous.

It is so difficult to get good news instead of bull crap and I wonder how many conservatives didn't show up and vote because of the hype causing them to think that it didn't matter if they voted, because they were going to crush everyone anyway.

I was concerned about that leading up to the election.

At least they regained partial control of our government. That will help some and hopefully limit the damage the left causes. Besides, the results are still not final and probably won't be final until tommorrow.

If the media would just quit lying and hyping everything to increase viewership to make more money and, if they are run by the government, it is just going to be government lies instead of news.

And God said, "Thou shalt not lie."

Fetterman won? Can you believe the morons in Commiefornia reelected tyrannical dictator Newsom?

Yep, I can really understand why God is going to destroy Los Angeles and no telling how much more of Commiefornia just like He did Sodom and Gomorrah. Do not be surprised if that super earthquake storm God told me would hit LA does significant damage in all of the bigger Commiefornia cities and even in Oregon and Washington State.

No question about it. For a large part, this nation has become an evil nation electing evil leaders. You should know by now that your nation is good, if good people run it but it is evil, if evil people run it.

Even after all of the damage these evil monsters caused in people's lives, the people still voted for the human demons who caused that damage? What is this, a nation of masochists?

"Here, make our lives even worse and start a nuclear war to kill millions of us off. We want to be your impoverished slaves and to be vaporized."

My farts are smarter than the lefty voters because my farts would never vote for such evil. The Commierats have to be laughing at the fools who voted for them after all the Commierats did to make those fools' lives worse. They really are the stupid people. They refuse to quit drinking the Kool-aid because the lies and promises sound so good in spite of the terrible results they are already getting.

Do you believe me yet that the Republic is dead and just has not finished kicking yet? Do you believe me yet that you are living the fall of Rome II?

Our Republic may have just finished kicking. God just gave you your last chance and many of you blew it. Now all Hell is going to break loose on you and you ain't seen nuttin' yet. The lefty insanity just got encouraged and it will get worse, much worse.

Think about it, the left was just told that they can still win elections even after destroying everyone's lives. The stupid people whose lives they destroy will still vote for them.

Why would they not continue to destroy everyone's lives to increase their power and wealth?

Turley tells about this division and obsession with their agendas in this video. They refuse to admit they were wrong and what they want caused their terrible problems. "Why, no, it can't be that what they want caused those problems. It must be that they didn't do enough of what they want and doing more of what didn't work will make it work." They are terminally stupid.

One thing this shows is that the people have made their choice between good and evil, God and Satan, and eternal Paradise and eternal damnation. The left's stand on abortion being the second most critical issue for this election is a proof for this. They have chosen which side of God's line they will stand on so that part is over.

The left made it clear that they won't even change to improve the economy and feed their families. The Commierats proved they are a fanatical religious cult worshiping Satan and death.

In this video Tim points out that the lefties do not even know who they are voting for, they don't care, and they are low information voters who just vote for their religious cult, the Commierat Party. They are clearly religious fanatics supporting Satan's agenda of death. Tim even calls them a cult.

Listen, when you attack the Democrat Party, you are attacking their church and they defend it without thinking regardless of anything it does or doesn't do. They are not going to change because they have made up their minds and hearts to support their satanic cult regardless of anything and Tim points that out.

I told you years ago that God was making us all choose between Him and Satan and it is now clear they have made that choice so now we move onto God taking action against those who chose Satan.

God MUST judge this nation now. If He doesn't, He will have to apologize to all of the other evil nations He judged in the past. They want evil, they voted for evil, they will get evil and they won't like what they get.

You lefties voted for a nuke war, enjoy your nuke war and, while you are waiting for it, just think of Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, and Afghan Milley running your side of that nuke war. Remember that I taught you that no army can be better than its leaders.

By voting for Commierats, you lefty voters just encouraged Afghan Joe to start a nuke war with Russia. Smart move. Hey, at least most of the dead will be in your large, blue cities so that most of the dead will be you.

Mean while, everyone is claiming victory in the election.

Look at New Mexico. It was already one of the poorest states in the US, Grisham made it even more impoverished, destroyed a lot of local businesses and jobs, and the idiots who have moved here in mass from places like LA, Chicago, and New York still voted for her so she is now encouraged and it will only get worse. Satan's daughter will now devastate this state.

This explains to me why I keep seeing signs that God is about to judge this state really bad soon. Don't be surprised to see the migrants from lefty states who have ruined this state flee to other states to get away from the mess they made here just like they already fled the messes they made somewhere else. They are a lefty cancer, destroying and killing everywhere they spread through this nation.

My heart is broken. My state and my nation are dead, murdered by the left, and now I must attend their funeral.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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